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    Editor's Note: We have here a puzzling situation in which two visitors to the same cemetery have produced differing reports on three of the gravestone inscriptions. An asterisk [*] has been placed beside those entries. Two of the differences may result from a different level of effort at capturing details, but the third--relating to Marion Ammer Gable--seems to be a direct conflict.

    Gable Cemetery, Calhoun County, MS
    Section 4-Township 15-Range 1 east

    Jacob Gable
    born 27 July [illeg.]
    South Carolina
    died Nov. 19, 1872

    Dorothea Oswalt
    wife of Jacob
    born 10 Dec. 1796
    South Carolina
    died Oct. 26, 1858

    Christian Gable
    born 12 Feb. 1797
    South Carolina
    died June 5, 1882

    Mary Magdalene Rish
    wife of Christian
    born 25 Jan. 1803
    Died 16 Feb. 1881

    Mary Jane Gable
    born 25 Nov. 1800
    died Jan. 17, 1858

    John Betterton
    husband of Mary Jane Gable
    died 1867

    Wesley Gable
    born 11 Jan. 1825
    South Carolina
    died 31 Dec. 1854

    *A. E. Howell

    Joseph (Josie) Gable
    born 28 May 1833
    died June 24, 1908

    Jane Simmons
    wife of Joseph Gable

    *Amanda Pricilla Craig
    wife of Joseph Gable

    Lavina Gable
    born 27 Mar. 1839 Alabama
    died 29 July [illeg.]

    James David Edmondson
    Husband of Lavina
    died 29 Aug. 1877

    Rosanna Rish
    2nd wife of David Edmondson

    Elbert Christian Gable
    born South Carolina
    Nov. 10, 1833
    died [illeg.] 1879

    Joseph Wesley Gable
    died June 5, 1902

    Minnie Gable
    born 1874

    Andrew Marion Gable
    born 1860
    died 1880

    Mary Dorothea Gable
    born 1862
    died 1866

    Curtis Gable
    born 1896
    died 1904

    *Marion Ammar Gable
    born 1898
    died 1900

    Collected by James Walter Gable; submitted by Karen A. Hines, [email protected]

    Gable Cemetery, Vardeman, MS

    [double marker]
    Emly Davis
    Sept 4, 1849-1862
    Rebecca Davis, wife of A. Davis
    June 2, 1827-May 1862

    *A.E. Howell, 34 years old
    [no dates]

    [double marker]
    Father and Mother
    Wesley Gable Nov. 26,1822-April 4,1900
    Rebecca Gable July 26, 1839-Aug. 19,1880

    *Amanda, wife of Joseph Gable
    d. Nov. 22, 1880
    aged 38 yrs. 8 mos and 4 days

    Sallie J. wife of Joseph Gable
    d Feb. 2, 1878
    aged 39 yrs. 3mos and 15 days

    Mary Dolly, dau. of Joseph and Sally J. Gable
    Mar. 1, 1862-July 28,1866
    age 4 yrs. 4 mos and 27 days

    J. A., son of J. A. P. Gable
    d. 1880 aged 3 days

    *Marion Ammer Gable
    Mar. 19, - Feb. 8, 1901

    Collected (1984) by Elbert Moore, owner of the cemetery site; submitted by Linda S. Betterton, [email protected]

    Last Updated 7-22-99