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    Excerpts: Records of St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Lexington County, SC
    [St. Michael's Lutheran Church is located on Lake Murray
    near Irmo, Lexington County, SC]

    [p. 9]
    Godfrey son of John Gable & wife Mary was born the 23th day of January 1820. Sponsors Daniel Drehr & wife Rebecca.

    [p. 10]
    John Valentine, Son of John Gable & wife Mary was born September 13th 1822. Sponsors Frederick Gable & wife Rebecca.

    [p. 11]
    Sarah Barbara, Daughter of John Gable & his wife Mary was born the 13th day of June 1825. Sponsors Thomas Shuler and his wife Anna.

    [p. 33]
    Elizabeth Caroline Amelia, Daughter of John Gable and wife Mary, was born the 2nd day of July in the year of our Lord 1829. Her Sponsors were Henry Meetze and his wife Elizabeth Caroline.

    [South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, v. 4, pp. 131-8, 232-55 (Summer and Fall 1976)]

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