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The Flyer was published quarterly, dated January, April, July and October. The first four page issue came out in January of 1994. Subsequent issues were from six to ten pages. To a fair degree it was a progress report on Fifield research, with findings presented as they are discovered, along with associated theories. Later issues contained extracts from Civil War pension records. I am no longer supplying back issues, but can often email text from those issues. All issues were sent to NEHGS in Boston, the NH Historical Society in Concord and the LDS library in Salt Lake City.

The first issue gave the genealogy of Samuel Fifield who became Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin and for whom the town of Fifield, Wisconsin was named. Some of the material covered in subsequent issues was as follows:

July 1994 (I:3) The story behind the Oath of Allegiance required of William Fifield before he was allowed to leave England. A "Famous Fifield" from Vermont. A line of royal descent via Elizabeth (Leavitt) Fifield.

January 1995 (II:1) Two famous Fifield preachers who were brothers. The start of a study on some mystery Fifields who headed west in the early 1800's, a study which is still going on through The Flyer.

April 1995 (II:2) The probable ancestry of U.S. immigrant William Fifield in Littleton, England.

July 1995 (II:3) A famous Fifield family plus photographs from Littleton, England.

January 1996 (III:1) Featured Fifield - a successful basketball coach in Maine.

April 1996 (III:2) A historical fair and exhibit in Littleton, England. Some genealogical calculations.

July 1996 (III:3) The history of Edward Colcord, father of the wife of Benjamin2 from whom many U.S. Fifields claim descent.

January 1997 (IV:1) Flyer subscribers listed by lines of descent.

July 1997 (IV:3) The probate record of Benjamin2 who was killed by Indians.

April 1998 (V:2) A Fifield involved in the discovery of gold in California.

October 1998 (V:4) The wills of John Fifield of Kingston, NH and brothers Robert and James Fifield of New York State.

January 1999 (VI:1) The author William Fifield plus a few Fifields in Canada.

April 1999 (VI:2) Fifields recorded as no-name births in New Hampshire.

July 1999 (VI:3) Fifield surname distribution in England. Willard Merwin Fifield (Fifield Hall, U. Fla., Gainesville.)

January 2000 (VII:1) Fifield land holdings in Littleton, Hampshire, England.

April 2000 (VII:2) Extracts from Vermont Fifield probate records.

April 2002 (IX:2) Comments on many pre-1850 Fifield census records and their significance.

Issues from October 2000 on have presented extracts from many Fifield pension files. (Some extracts have also appeared in earlier issues.)

The Flyer was discontinued as of the last issue of 2003.

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