Descendants of William Fifield (801) Journal Report

Generation Two

2. BENJAMIN2 FIFIELD (803) (William1) was born circa 1648 in Hampton, provincial N.H. He married Mary Colcord (804), daughter of Edward Colcord (15010) and Ann Warde (15013), on 28 Dec 1670 in Hampton, provincial N.H (Ibid., No additional information given.). He died on 1 Aug 1706 in Hampton, provincial N.H; Benjamin was ambushed by Indians in back of his home when starting for church on a Sunday and killed, aged 60 years. A man of note who served several terms as Provincial Representative to the Legislative Assembly, he belonged to the Militia, etc.

Children of Benjamin2 Fifield (803) and Mary Colcord (804) all born in Hampton, provincial N.H, were as follows:
3. SARAH2 FIFIELD (915) (William1) was born circa 1643 in Hampton, provincial N.H (Oesterlin, NH Court Records, Inferior Court Papers Vol 1; 28 June 1661, Sara Fifield aged 18 deposed.). She married James Hobbs (916) on 31 Jul 1673 in Hampton, provincial N.H (Sanborn, Hampton NH Vital Records V 1, Page 76.). She died on 18 Dec 1717.

Children of Sarah2 Fifield (915) and James Hobbs (916) were as follows:
4. MARY2 FIFIELD (1225) (William1) was born on 28 Nov 1650 in Hampton, provincial N.H. She married Samuel Haines (1226) on 9 Jan 1672 in Kingston, provincial N.H (New England Historical and Genealogical Register,: Vol 7 page 121.). She died in 1725 ( Vol. 9 page 367.); Mary died within two years of 27 April 1723.
She lived circa 1680 in Greenland, provincial N.H.

Children of Mary2 Fifield (1225) and Samuel Haines (1226) were as follows:
5. WILLIAM2 FIFIELD (805) (William1) was born on 1 Feb 1651 in Hampton, provincial N.H (Sanborn, Hampton NH Vital Records V 1, Page 544.). He married Hannah Cram (806), daughter of Benjamin Cram (11754) and Argentine Cromwell (15021), on 26 Oct 1693 in Hampton, provincial N.H (NHVR,: No further information in record.). He died on 8 Mar 1714/15 in Hampton, provincial N.H., at age 64 (NHVR,: Age 16,-,-. Apparently an error somewhere!); While Hampton records indicate an age of "about 16" for the death of William on this date, my suspicion is that some digits were confused or transposed. "About 61" would be more like it.
Settled in Hampton Falls, NH. He was constable in 1696. He left a will on 18 Feb 1714/15 ( January 2005, Vol. 22 #1 page 8. Discussion on William plus some of his descendants.); In the Name of God Amen - I William Fifield of Hampton in ye province of New Hampshire in New England being sicke & weake in body but at this present time of perfect understanding & of a disposing minde & memory commiting my sole in to the hands of Almighty God and my body to decent burial in hopes of Eternal Life doe thus dispose of my temporal estate which ye Lord hath gratiously given me. my Will is that all my just and honest debts be duly paid by my executrix here after named in convenient time after my deathe. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Hannah all my estate of what kind or sort soever be the same houses lands debt stock money, goods & utensils for husbandry all my estate whatsoever within doors or without named or not named Wheresoever or shat soever by her to be possessed & improved & disposed of. For ye bringing up my Children & other necessary uses during the time of her natural life or the time of here widowhood until she marry the which shall first happen & no longer; and my will is she dispose of all my estate among my children as she shall thinke meet by what parts of portions she shall thinke fit & convenient as to such or so many of my said children as she shall see cause, him, her, or them, to possess & enjoy the same immediately after her deceas or marriage as above mentioned. My meaning is what remains undisposed of at her decease or marriage as before said: And unto this my last will & testament I do appoint my beloved wife Hannah sole executrix, by this revoking all wills by me formerly made & sign & seal this with my hand this eighteenth day of February in the first year of King George his reign over Great Britain. ye Anno Dominney 1714/15 Signed sealed & declared by William Fifield to be his last will & testament in presence of ye Witnesses Robert Moulton Humphrey Sullivan Anthony Crosbie Thomas Haines Fourteen June 1715 Robert Moulton & Anthony Crosbie formally appearing before me, Richard Watoron Esq. Judge of Probate of Willis and Granting Letters of Administration made oath that they were present and see William Fifield signe seale and Declare ye above Instrument to be his last Will & Testament & at the same time he was of sound disposing mind & memory. Richard Watoron.

Children of William2 Fifield (805) and Hannah Cram (806) were as follows:
6. LYDIA2 FIFIELD (807) (William1) was born on 12 Jan 1654 in Hampton, provincial N.H (NHVR,: Parents given as William and Mary.). She was born on 21 Jan 1654 in Hampton, provincial N.H (Sanborn, Hampton NH Vital Records V 1, Page 546.); From Old Norfolk County records. She married Benoni Macrest (808) on 12 Sep 1681.
She lived circa 1670 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of Lydia2 Fifield (807) and Benoni Macrest (808) were as follows:
7. ELIZABETH2 FIFIELD (809) (William1) was born on 7 Sep 1657 in Hampton, provincial N.H (NHVR,: Parents are recorded as William and Mary, date as 7/9/1657.). She married John Tidd (810) on 12 Jun 1678 in N.H (Sanborn, Hampton NH Vital Records V 1, Page 576.); From court records in New Hampshire Province deeds. She died on 6 Oct 1732 at age 75 (Letter, to Peter F. Wells;, Information from Michael Tidd, Albany, N.Y. 1996.).

Children of Elizabeth2 Fifield (809) and John Tidd (810) were as follows:
8. DEBORAH2 FIFIELD (812) (William1) was born on 6 Feb 1660/61 in Hampton, provincial N.H (NHVR,: Parents given as William and Mary, date as 6/12/1660.). She married Thomas Crosby (813) on 29 Oct 1685 in Hampton, provincial N.H (Sanborn, Hampton Vital Records Vol II, Page 434.); Married by Seaborne Cotton. She died circa 1729.
Most of Deborah's 9 children were presumably born in Kingston, NH.

Children of Deborah2 Fifield (812) and Thomas Crosby (813) were as follows:

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