Family History Center Computer Specialists

Family History Center Computer Specialist

  • These pages are for the purpose of supporting the Family History Center directors and computer specialists.
  • The opinions expressed here are not official church policy, but are from the experiences of the submitters.
  • These pages under construction - Please send material and suggestions to add to the page.
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  • Direct feedback regarding these consultant pages to Rick Klemetson <> (801) 636-5700.
  • Tips Links
  • A FamilySearch Networking Solution Using Windows 98 (Updated 3/26/200)
  • A Zip File of the PASNET directory
  • Problems & Solutions with Family Search
  • Running Library 17 and 18 at the same time
  • Running on Windows 2000
  • Running on a Linux Server
  • Running on a stand alone system
  • Space required to load CD's
  • Formatting 2 Gig Drive requires Win95B or later
  • Byte Sizes up to Yottabyte - NEW!
  • F-Prot Virus Software version 3.07 available
  • Running on a Windows NT Server - Need
  • Running on a Novell Server - Need
  • Dos Workstations
  • Dual Boot PAS Batch File - NEW!
  • Redirecting Printing to a text file
  • Installing Pedigree Resource File on a Hard Disk/Network - NEW
  • Contacts
  • Genealogy Software Web Pages
  • Link to FHCNET
  • egroups Community Page
  • Subscribtion/signin page to egroups
  • Subscribe to fhctech
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  • Overview Sample Files
  • My Understanding of Church Policy
  • Quick Overview
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