Haswell of Bennington

Haswells of Bennington, Vermont

by Todd A. Farmerie

The Bennington Haswell family descends from a navally oriented Haswell Family of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, and related to Lt. William Haswell, R.N. of Boston.  He was brought to America by his father, and apprenticed, his father then returning.

Anthony HASWELL (William,Anthony,William), born 6 Apr. 1756,  bap. 17 Apr. He was brought to America by his father in 1770, and apprenticed to a potter.  He developed a Revolutionary bent, and as printer's apprentice of Isaiah Thomas, was a member of the Sons of Liberty, composing songs for them, at the same time as his relative Lt. William was supplying the British with intelligence.  His politics were cemented by his witnessing of the Boston Massacre.  He served as publisher of The Massachusetts Spy while Thomas was in the Army, and himself served, but no record of this service has survived.  He later moved to Worcester, Mass., where he married as his first wife, 23 Apr. 1778, Lydia, dau. of Nathan and Lydia (Oakes) Baldwin, born Worcester, 22 Dec. 1759.  He set up briefly at Hartford, before being brought to Bennington Vt. to be its printer and postmaster of Vermont.  His first wife died 30 Apr. 1799, at Bennington.  Shortly thereafter, he was arrested, as one of several Jeffersonian printers, under the Sedition Act and charged with Seditious libel against the government and person of the president of the United States (John Adams).  He was convicted and sentenced to three months and fined $200.  He married second, Betsey, daughter of Silas and Lucy (Knapp) Rice, who died 1815.  He served as publisher the Vermont Gazette for twenty years before his death 26 Mar. 1816, at Bennington.[Spargo; Record of the Family of Anthony Haswell, Anthony Haswell, 1798; Family Records]There were two members of the Haswell family of Portsmouth, England whose descendants in America can be traced.  The first of these, Capt. William Haswell of Boston, had four children who settled in America.  Only one of these children had any issue, two daughters, with whom the Haswell name ended. (From one of these descends e.e.cummings.)  The other Haswell, founding one of the more prominent families of this name in America, was Anthony Haswell, patriot, printer, and postmaster of Vermont.  Born in England, he was brought to America by his father when in his teens.  There, he joined the Sons of Liberty, and became publisher of the Massachusetts Spy, with Isaiah Thomas.  Serving in the revolution, he went lived at Worcester, Mass., and Hartford, Conn., before being invited to Bennington, to be a printer and postmaster.  He was also involved in the Masonic party and Jefferson’s Democratic Republican party.  For this he was imprisoned under the Sedition Act.  He died at Bennington in 1816, leaving eleven surviving children.

Children of Anthony and Lydia (Baldwin) HASWELL: [FamAntHas,FamRecs,Clark Desc]
  1. William Pritchard, born 20 Dec. 1778, Worcester, Mass.  Died 19 Apr. 1781, Hartford, Conn.
  2. Anthony Johnson, born 17 Nov. 1780, Worcester.
  3. Elizabeth, born 20 Feb. 1783, Springfield, Mass.  Died 29 Nov. 1783, Bennington.
  4. David Russel, born 3 Sep. 1784, Bennington.
  5. Nathan Baldwin, born 20 Jan. 1786, Bennington.
  6. Mary, born 21 Jan. 1788, Bennington.  Died June 1800, Shoreham, Vermont.
  7. William, born 9 Aug. 1790, Bennington.
  8. Eliza, born 2 Dec. 1792.  Died 14 Aug. 1802, Bennington.
  9. Susanna, born 14 Feb. 1795, Bennington.  She married 14 Aug. 1814, Bennington, Darius Clark, b. 31 Dec. 1789, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., Mass., son of Solomon and Sarah (Turner) Clark. They resided at Bennington, where he took up the family printing business, until printing of the Gazette discontinued, and he returned to farming.  She died 4 Nov. 1869 at Bennington, while he died of apoplexy at Lansingburg, NY 9 Aug. 1873.
  10. Lydia, born 4 Jan. 1797, Bennington.  Died 4 Aug. 1802, Shoreham.

Children of Anthony and Betsey (Rice) Haswell:  [RiceFam,FamRecs]
  1. Betsey, renamed Eliza, born 13 Oct. 1800, Bennington. He married 13 Jan. 1830, Bennington, Hiram Harwood, b. 2 May 1799, Bennington, son of Perez and Lucinda (Fitch) Harwood.  They lived at Springfield, Mo., and went on to California, where he died 29 Jan. 1891, while she died at Ontario, Cal., 29 Nov. 1899.
  2. Benjamin Franklin, born 13 Feb. 1803, Bennington.
  3. Thomas Jefferson, born 19 May 1805, died 23 May 1806, Bennington.
  4. Thomas Jefferson, born 26 Sep. 1807, Bennington.
  5. James Madison, born 4 Feb. 1810, Bennington.
  6. John Clark, born 3 Sep. 1813, Bennington.
  7. Charles Salem, born 21 Mar 1815, Bennington.

Child of Betsey Rice, adopted by Anthony Haswell, taking the HASWELL surname:
  1. Betsey (called Anne in childhood following adoption), b. ______, m. James McMillan.

Anthony Johnson HASWELL (Anthony), born 17 Nov. 1780, Worcester. Died 10 Dec. 1856, Bennington. He was a farmer and spent his life in Bennington.  He joined the Bennington First Congregational Church in 1803, but later became a Baptist. He was married three times, first, 6 May 1804, at Granville, NY, to Lucy Hicks, born 27 Nov. 1779 at Richmond, NH., dau. of Asa and Zillah Hicks and died at Malone, NY, 18 Jul. 1809.  He married second, 11 Jan. 1811, Pottsdam, NY, Anna Jones, b. 28 Feb. 1785, at Worcester, Mass., daughter of Asa and Sarah Jones.  She died at Pottsdam, 25 Aug. 1825, being buried at Bennington. He married third, 26 Feb. 1827, Granville, Sibyl Parker Hicks, b. 24 Jan., 1793, at Richmond, NH, sister of his first wife.  As widow, she was living in Bennington in 1860, and died 5 Jan. 1874, Poultney, Vt., and also buried at Bennington. [WorcVR,Fam AntHas,1850 Census,BenChRec, FamRecs,BenCem]

Child of Anthony Johnson and Lucy (Hicks) HASWELL: [VtVR]
  1. Nathan Baldwin, b. 17 May 1805
Children of Anthony Johnson and Anna (Jones) HASWELL: [VtVR,1840,1870,1880, 1900 Census,BenCem,SearsFam]
  1. Lucy Ann, b. 16 Jul. 1812, Pottsdam, NY, m. 11 Apr. 1852 at Bennnington, Newton Lewis, b. 7 Jun. 1802, son of David and Lucinda Lewis.  He died 6 Feb. 1878, and she 30 Sep. 1893 at Madison, Wis., without children.
  2. George Orsamus, b. 6 Aug. 1814, at Pottsdam.
  3. Mary, b. 13 Apr. 1816, at Pottsdam. d. 4 Nov. 1816, Pottsdam.
  4. Zimri, b. 1 Sep. 1817, at Shoreham, Vt.  He married 19 Mar. 1845, Bennington, Delia Maria Sears, b. 25/6 Aug. 1821, Bennington, daughter of Jared and Betsey (Robinson) Sears.  She died 1 Aug. 1853, Bennington, and shortly thereafter, he followed his uncle John Clark Haswell to California, dying at Nicolaus, Sutter Co., Cal. 22 Apr. 1856, but having a tombstone at Bennington.
  5. Sarah Jane, b. 20 Aug. 1820, Bennington, she accompanied her brother Edwin to California, and on to Wisconsin, where she was still living with his widow in 1900.  She died at Windsor, Wis. 20 Aug. 1907.
  6. Edwin, b. 25 Apr. 1823, at Bennington.
Child of Anthony Johnson and Sibyl Parker (Hicks) HASWELL: [VtVR]
  1. William, b. 8 Dec. 1828, at Bennington.

David Russel HASWELL (Anthony), born 3 Sep. 1784, Bennington, he was one of the first in Vermont to be vaccinated for small pox in 1801. He married 6 Dec. 1807, Bennington, Lucinda Beaman, b. 17 Apr. 1787, at Windham, Vt., daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Davis) Beaman, who, owing to her father’s poverty, had lived as a servant with the Haswell family.  In 1807, he relocated to north-central Pa., later sending for his family.  He kept up a long correspondence with his family at Bennington.  He died 7 Dec. 1834, Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., Pa., where his widow died 25 Feb. 1861, having lived for a time with her daughter Lydia Moore. [VtGaz,VtVR,FamRecs, WPHSMag,1860 Census]

Children of David Russel and Lucinda (Beaman) HASWELL: [FamRecs,WebberBib, CoryCem,1850,1860 Census]
  1. Susannah, b. 11 Mar. 1809, Bennington, died 4 Jul. 1810.
  2. Anthony, b. 2 Jul. 1811, Columbia Twp., Pa.
  3. Adeline, b. 11 Aug. 1813, Columbia Twp., died 8 Jan. 1842.
  4. Emeline, b. 18 Oct. 1815, Columbia Twp., married 27 Apr. 1837 Ira Webber, son of William and Lois (Baldwin) Webber.  They lived at Columbia Twp., where he died 27 Apr. 1868.  She survived him, dying 20 May 1898.
  5. Lydia, b. 10 Nov. 1820, Columbia Twp., married 10 Oct. 1841, David R. Moore.  They lived in South Creek, Bradford Co., through 1860, but moved to Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., Pa., where she died 14 Jul. 1861 of inflammatory rheumatism.  He remarried to Lucy _____, and died 16 Apr. 1879.
  6. Lucy Beaman, b. 5 May. 1826, Columbia Twp., married 9 Sep. 1848, John C. Houtz, b. 20 Feb. 1826, NY, son of William and Martha Houtz. They went to Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa, where he died 24 Jan. 1868.

Nathan Baldwin HASWELL (Anthony), born 20 Jan. 1786, Bennington. He married 10 Sep. 1810, Sturbridge, Mass, Harriet Plimpton, b. 23 Oct. 1788, daughter of Oliver and Lydia (Fiske) Plimpton.  He became a Customs Inspector at Burlington Vt., and was Grand Master of the Vermont Masonic Grand Lodge during the height of the anti-masonic movement in that state.  He died 6 Jun. 1855, while on a business trip to Quincy, Ill., having survived his wife, who died 20 Aug. 1848. [PlimptonFamHist,NYMasonMag,FamRecs]

Children of Nathan Baldwin and Harriet (Plimpton) HASWELL: [PlymptonFamHist, JaneRootBio,IGI/LDS,CompAmGen,NoyesFamHist,1850,1860,1970,1880 Census]
  1. Jane Maria, b. 9 Jul. 1811, Burlington, she married 19 Oct. 1831, William Hawkins Root, who died less than a year later, on 3 Jun. 1832 at Ogdensburg, NY.  She returned to Burlington, where she lived with her father and sisters, and later her son, dying there 7 Aug. 1884.
  2. Oliver Plimpton, b. 31 Oct. 1812, Burlington.
  3. Harriet Baldwin, b. 26 Jul. 1814, Burlington.  She married, 13 Oct. 1834, Julius Otis Harris.  They went to Mobile, Ala., and New Orleans, La., where he died 22 Dec. 1870, his wife having died 20 Aug. 1848.
  4. Catherine Louisa, b. 3 Sep. 1816, Burlington, d. 8 Jan. 1820, Southbridge, Mass.
  5. Julia Ann, b. 3 May 1818, Burlington.  Married 15 Jan. 1846, as his second wife, Nathaniel Parker, son of Daniel and Nancy (Healy) Parker. An auctioneer, commercial merchant, and furniture dealer in Burlington.  He died 9 Dec. 1884, while she survived until 29 Mar. 1901.
  6. Nathan Baldwin, b. 28 Jan. 1820, Burlington, died 28 Oct. 1845.
  7. Catherine Louisa, b. 3 May 1822, Burlington, died 9 Jun. 1823.
  8. Catherine Louisa, b. 8 Mar. 1824, Burlington, married 7 Nov. 1849, Morillo Noyes, son of Breed and Sarah (Keelor) Noyes, a Burlington merchant.
  9. Caroline, b. 26 Feb. 1826 (twin), Burlington, never married, was living with her sister Julia in 1860, and was in Brooklyn in 1870.  She died in New York City, 27 Mar. 1893.
  10. Cornelia, b. 26 Feb. 1826 (twin), Burlington, married 2 May 1849, at Plattsburg, NY, Julius Milo Noyes, b. 25 Mar. 1827, son of David P. and Lucy (McKinstry) Noyes, a merchant in Burlington. She died 18 Sep. 1869.

William HASWELL (Anthony), born 9 Aug. 1790, Bennington. He married first, 21 Feb. 1816, Bennington, Sarah Robinson, born 8 Oct. 1791, Bennington, daughter of Samuel and Esther (Safford) Robinson.  She died 14 Dec. 1850, being buried at Bennington, and he married second Lydia Baldwin, born 22 Feb. 1822, daughter of John Stacy and sister of Henry B. Stacy, U.S. Consul to Russia. Joining the Bennington Congregational Church in 1820, he remained in Bennington, publishing the Gazette after his father's death.  He served there as postmaster 1813 to 1833, as town clerk 1821 to 1849, and as register of probate 1826 to 1847.  He also served as pension agent.  He died there 16 Dec. 1864.  His widow died 17 May 1891. [RobinsonFamHist, BennCemRec,VtGen Gaz, BennChRecs]

Children of William and Sarah (Robinson) HASWELL: [VtVR,BennCemRec]
  1. Maria Henry, born 1 Sep. 1817, Bennington, she accompanied her uncle to Bladen Co., N.C., where she was living in 1860.  She died unmarried 3 Dec. 1904.
  2. Hiram Robinson, b. 13 Dec. 1820, Bennington.

Benjamin Franklin HASWELL (Anthony), born 13 Feb. 1803, Bennington, he married as his first wife, Malona Haynes, b. 19 Dec. 1805, and relocated, with his uncles Benjamin and Abijah Rice, at Enosburg, Vt., where he was a farmer.  She died 20 Mar. 1843, and he married second, 30 July 1844, Clarissa Rice (probably his first cousin, daughter of Abijah Rice of Enosburg, brother of his mother). He died 27 Jun. 1881, Enosburg, Vt. [FamRecs,RiceFamHist, VtGenGaz,1850,1860,1870,1880 Census]

Children of Benjamin Franklin and Malona (Haynes) HASWELL: [1850,1860,1870 Census,FamLetter]
  1. Alvah Haynes, b. 26 May 1827, d. 15 Nov. 1827.
  2. Eliza Malona, b. 25 Oct. 1828, and married Lewis L. Fairbanks, but died childless.
  3. George Franklin, b. 3 Feb. 1831.  He studied law, and set up a practice, firs in Eau Claire, Wis. (by 1860), then Magnolia, Harrison Co., Iowa.  He is probably the "Judge" Haswell of Iowa who passed Carlin, Nevada on the way to Cal. on 17 Jul. 1872.  He never married, and died in San Bernardino, Cal.
  4. son, b. and d. 20 Aug. 1834.
  5. Jane Mason, b. 23 Sep. 1835, d. 19 Oct. 1841.
  6. Susan Maria, b. 27 Jun. 1839, d. 9 May 1841.
  7. Jane Maria, b. 25 Dec. 1842, d. 20 Nov. 1852.
Children of Benjamin Franklin and Clarissa (Rice) HASWELL:
  1. son, b. and d. 26 Apr. 1845.
  2. son, b. and d. 10 Sep. 1850.
  3. Sarah Loraine, b. 13 Mar 1853. She was the Jane, aged 7 and blind, with her father in 1860.  d. 11 Apr. 1862.  

Thomas Jefferson HASWELL (Anthony), born 26 Sep. 1807, Bennington.  About 1830, he was working as a clerk for Fasset & Seblen at Troy, NY.  He married 3 May 1837, Saybrook, Conn., Margaret B. Underhill, who was born, 17 Nov. 1813.  He became a Presbyterian minister, and moved with his family to Bradford, Simcoe Co., Ontario, Chester, NY, and finally to Rushville, Schuyler Co., Ill.  He died there 3 Jun. 1849, of erysipelas.  By 1855, his widow went to Geneva, Walworth Co., Wis., where she was a tailoress, raising her family, and briefly hosting her nieces, Mary Louisa and Susan Harwood.  She survived her husband by 50 years, dying 6 Oct. 1899. [FamRecs,1850 MortSched,1850,1860,1870,1880 Census,CalDAR]

Children of Thomas Jefferson and Margaret B. (Underhill) HASWELL: [1850, 1860,1870,1880,1900 Census,DenvCitDir,WisMustRoll,WalCoMar]
  1. Theodore, b. 30 Jan. 1838, Bradford, Ontario.
  2. Harriet J., b. 12 Sep. 1841, Warrensburg, NY, married 31 Mar. 1861, Geneva, Wis., James F. Whittle, son of George and Savilla Whittle, b. Oct. 1835, Chicopee, Mass. He was an express agent from Chicago at the time of their marriage.  They were living in Geneva, Wis., with her mother in 1880, and at Lake Geneva with her sister in 1900.
  3. William Sereno, b. 1845, Chester, NY.
  4. Mary Frances, b. 7 Jan. 1848, Rushville, Ill.  She married 22 Jul. 1873, Georgetown, Col., Robert N. DeMain, b. 22 Jul. 1840 at Charleroi, Pa.  He died in Oregon, 22 Sep. 1879.  She moved back to Wis., and was a seamstress living at Lake Geneva with sister Harriet Whittle in 1900.  In 1910 she was with daughter Frances in 1910, and living alone in 1920.

James Madison HASWELL (Anthony), b. 4 Feb. 1810, Bennington.  Converted while working as a clerk for Fasset & Seblen at Troy, NY about 1830, he studied theology and became a Baptist missionary.  He married 23 Aug. 1835, at Penfield, NY, Jane Matilda Mason, b. 28 Feb., 1815, Cheshire, Mass., daughter of Edward and Matilda (Redway) Mason, immediately before leaving for Burma.  He spent the rest of his life working there, only returning once to Fall River, Mass. for health reasons. (His family also returned occasionally, for example, Jane and their younger three children were living with her brother S. R. Mason in Cambridge Mass. in 1860.) He translated the Bible into the Peguan language. During his later years, he suffered from deafness and paralysis. He died 13 Sep. 1876, Maulmain, Burma, where his wife died 24 Mar. 1884. [AmBaptMiss Mag,1850 Census,FamRecs]

Children of James Madison and Jane Matilda (Mason) HASWELL: [IGI/LDS, AmBaptMisMag,FamRecs,Obits,1850,1880,1900 Census]
  1. James Russel, b. 4 Sep. 1836, Amherst, Burma.
  2. Julianne Eliza, b. 1839, Burma, married 1861, Rev. Justus Brainard Vinton, son of Justus H., and Calista (Holman) Vinton.  They served as missionaries in Rangoon, where he died 23 Jun. 1887 of a congestion of the bowel, while she continued the work into the next century.
  3. Susan E., b. 9 Jan. 1844, Maulmain, Burma, where she spent most of her life running a mission school and hospital.  During one return to the U.S., she lived in Garfield, Ark. with her nephew Frank Miller4 Haswell, and with her brother Alanson Mason3 Haswell in Pleasant Valley, Mo.  She appears to have adopted a daughter, Eleanor, b. Jan. 1885 in Burma.
  4. Alanson Mason, b. 29 Jun. 1847, Maulmain, Burma.

John Clark HASWELL (Anthony), born 3 Sep. 1813, Bennington, he was raised by his sister, Susan2 Clark, he joined the printing business, and also became postmaster of Bennington.  He joined the Congregational Church there in 1831.  He married first, at Hoosick, NY, 6 Sep. 1837, Samalvah Sherwood, born there 6 Nov. 1813, the daughter of Lemuel and Mercy (Rose) Sherwood.  She died at Bennington, 2 Nov. 1843.  He married second, at Hoosick, 17 Dec. 1848, Mary Wallace, b. there 19 Apr. 1820, daughter of David and Abigail (Wallace) Wallace.  Serving briefly with the Treasury Dept. in Washington, D.C., he resigned, and headed west.  On 6 Aug. 1851, he arrived, via Panama and Acapulco, at San Francisco, Cal. aboard the Carolina, bringing with him the future state’s first steam printing press. He apparently left his family behind, as his wife and child departed New York on the Illinois, bound for California, in 1855.  He served as the printer with Munson, Haswell & Co., and later with the A. Valentine firm.  He gave this up to set up a hotel and stables at Nicolaus, Sutter Co., Cal., the center of the gold rush, where he was joined by his family, his brother Charles2, and his nephews Edwin3 and Zimri3.  Going broke at the end of the gold rush, he returned to San Francisco, and there served as printer of the (formerly Sacramento) Times-Transcript as a member of George Kerr and Co., and later of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin.  He died 2 Mar. 1893, San Francisco, Cal., where his widow died 28 Oct. 1894. [CalDAR, BennChRecs,Ships to Cal, SacraCoHist,1850,1860,1870 Census]

Children of John Clark and Semalvah (Sherwood) HASWELL: [VtVR,SacraBee, CalDAR,1850 Census]
  1. Lionel, b. 26 Aug. 1838, Bennington.  Following his father to Cal., he died at Sacramento, 26 Feb. 1858.
  2. Fanny Semalvah, b. 11 Jul. 1840, Bennington.  She was living with her Sherwood kin in Ontario Co., N.Y. in 1860, and was married at Auburn, Cal., 12 Feb. 1868, to Israel Johnson, b. Logansport, Ind., 29 Dec. 1829 son of Peter and Lydia (Chalfant) Johnson. They lived at Santa Cruz, Castroville, and Watsonville, Cal. He died 22 Nov. 1896, at Watsonville, Cal., while she survived until 15 Jan. 1926, dying at Watsonville.
  3. Alvah Rice, b. 12 Oct. 1841, Bennington.
  4. John Sherwood, b. 31 Dec. 1842, Bennington, and died there 6 Apr. 1845.
Children of John Clark and Mary (Wallace) HASWELL: [CalDAR,1860,1870 Census]
  1. Mary Abbie, b. 1849, Bennington, she was a school teacher at San Francisco, dying there 6 Apr. 1915.
  2. Nellie Curtis, b. 21 Apr. 1856, Nicolaus, Cal., she was also a San Francisco school teacher, dying there 30 Mar. 1916.
  3. Lillie Chase, b. 27 Nov. 1857, San Francisco, she died there 10 Mar. 1897.

Charles Salem HASWELL (Anthony), born 21 Mar 1815, Bennington.  He was cared for by his sister, Eliza2 and later by a brother.  Joining the Bennington Congregational Church in 1831, he departed for Elyria, Lorain Co., Ohio in 1833.  He married 1 Jan. 1837, Amherst, Lorain Co., Ohio, Fannie Patchin, b. 19 Feb. 1815, at Ovid, NY, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (Cagwin) Patchin. He lived at Elyria, Lorain Co., he began studying medicine with Dr. John Mack of Shelby, Richland Co., Ohio, where he also worked as a druggist.  He also became an abolitionist, from at least 1844.  He set up a practice in North Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio before 1850, and entered the Medical College of Cleveland in 1851.  However, a few years later he left this for the California gold rush, joining his brother, John in Nicolaus, California in the mid 1850s, preaching to his fellow travelers on his trip across the plains.  He established a Temperance General Store, was a candidate for the Senate in 1856, but with the crash of the gold rush in the area, he settled in Sacramento.  He received an M.D. degree from Tolland Medical School in 1866, and in addition to being a practicing physician and druggist, he also became a member of the State Assembly, a State Senator, Grand Chief of the Good Templars of Cal., and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows of Cal. By 1870, he was living in Lodi, San Joaquin Co., where he had become a Methodist Evangelical preacher, formally giving up his medical practice in 1876.  He died of bronchitis 21 Sep. 1893, at the home of his daughter Emma3 in Oakland, Cal., being buried in Sacramento, where his widow later lived with their son Frank Eugene, dying there 4 Jan 1909. [CalDAR,IGI/LDS,WRUAlumnDir,Obit,1850,1860,1870, 1880 Census,BennChRecs,PatchinFamHist]

Children of Charles Salem and Fannie (Patchin) HASWELL: [CalDAR,1850,1860, 1870,1880 Census,ShelbyCem,SacraBee]
  1. Frederick Benton, b. 30 Sep. 1837, Amherst, Oh.
  2. William Penn, b. 27 Feb. 1839, Elyria, Oh.
  3. Charles Carrol, b. 17 Feb. 1841, d. 3 Oct. 1842.
  4. Charles, b. 1 Nov. 1843, d. 17 Nov. 1843, bur. Shelby, Ohio.
  5. Jay Smiley, b. 28 Nov. 1844, d. 3 Aug. 1845.
  6. Maria Elizabeth, b. 1846, Shelby, Ohio.  She married 5 Jan. 1865, at Alta, Cal., William Harrison Mills.  He was a printer, publisher of the Sacramento Daily Record, and ran for the U.S. Senate in ____.
  7. Emma Frances, b. 3 Mar. 1850, Blooming Grove, Oh. She married 25 Dec. 1870, at Sacramento, Cal., John Wesley Reeves, b. 1846, Ohio.  He was a carpenter, living in Sacramento in 1880, and later went to Oakland.
  8. Edward Finley, b. 3 Oct. 1851, Shelby, Ohio.
  9. Charles Clark, b. 27 Sep. 1853, Blooming Grove, Ohio.
  10. Frank Eugene, b. 17 Oct. 1859, Oakland, Cal.

Nathan Baldwin HASWELL (Anthony, Anthony), 2nd, born 17 May 1805, Bennington, he left to join his uncle, David Russel2 in Bradford Co., Pa. about 1825.  He married at Wells, Bradford Co., 15 Jan. 1829, Ruth Webber, b. 17 Feb. 1806, Columbia, Pa., daughter of William and Lois (Baldwin) Webber, and about 1836 moved to Starr Twp., Hocking Co., Oh.  His wife died 15 Nov. 1841, at Falls Twp., Hocking Co., and he returned to Bradford Co., Pa.  There he married 3 Oct 1843 to Harriet (Soper) (Havens) Howland, daughter of Solomon and Mary (Corey) Soper, and widow of Nathan Havens and of David William Howland, whose daughter Cynthia was living with the family in 1850.  About 1864, he moved to Eagleville (Marion Twp.), Harrison Co., Mo., and there was apparently enrolled in the 35th Mo. Militia.  (His wife Harriet did not accompany him, remaining in Rutland, Tioga Co., Pa.)  He accompanied his daughter Emma to Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., Ark., and finally to Florida, where he applied for a pension based on the death of his only son in the Civil War.  He died at Dade City, Pasco Co., Fla. 20 Jul. 1893, while his widow died 6 Sep. 1906. [WebberLetter,1840, 1850,1860,1870,1880 Census,Obit,Sign of Times,PensFil,MilRec]

Children of Nathan Baldwin and Ruth (Webber) HASWELL: [FamRecs,Sign of Times,1850,1860,1880 Census,IowaCivWar,PensFil,MilRec]
  1. Emma, b. 22 Apr. 1831, Troy, Pa.  She married 5 Jul 1854, Elmira, NY, as his second wife, Horace Fitch, b. 24 Jun. 1824, Milton, Ct., and they settled at Windsor, Iowa and Eagleville, Mo., where he became Lt. Col. of the 35th Mo. Inf. Regt.  They moved to Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., Ark., and later to Date City, Pasco Co., Fla. where he died 2 Jun. 1889, while she there 28 Sep. 1907.
  2. Viola Knapp, b. 26 Sep. 1833, Columbia Twp., Pa.  She married her first cousin, Levi Spruce Preston, son of Colburn and Sarah (Webber) Preston.  They moved to Clinton Co. and Marquoketa, Jackson Co., Iowa, and by 1869, were in Contra Costa Co., Cal. He died in Redwood City, Cal. 14 Oct. 1908, while she died in Stockton, Cal. 4 May 1918.
  3. Amanda Wakefield, b. 13 Jan. 1836, Columbia, Pa., d. 7 Jun. 1843, and buried in Bennington.
  4. Anthony, b. 3 Jan. 1838, Starr Twp., Oh. d. there Oct. 1839.
  5. James M., b. 4 Feb. 1840, Swan Twp., Oh.  After his mother’s death he was raised, in part, by his aunt/cousin Emeline (Haswell) Webber.  He later lived with his sister Emma in 1856, and from 1858, with his sister Viola in Iowa.  In 1860 he was also listed as a farm laborer across the river in York, Carroll Co., Ill.  From Jackson Co. in 1861, he enlisted in Co. B, 6th Iowa Infantry on 1 Jul., being mustered into service 17 Jul. 1861.  As a member of this unit, he died of diarrhea at LaMine Bridge or Otterville, Cooper Co., Mo., 26 Jan. 1862.

George Orsamus HASWELL, (Anthony, Anthony), b. 6 Aug. 1814, at Bennington or Pottsdam, NY, he was at Arlington, Vt. in 1840.  He m. 9 Oct. 1842 at Bridgewater, NY, Betsey Welch, b. 1814, NY, who apparently already had a daughter, Ann Augusta, b. 1840, presumably by an earlier marriage.  He was a tailor at New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY, where he died of consumption, 1 May 1849.  She was probably the Betsey Haswell, milliner,who was in Otsego, NY in 1860 and 1870.

Children of George Orsamus and Betsey (Welch) HASWELL:
  1. Edwin Anthony, b. ca. Dec. 1842, d. 18 Jul. 1844, bur. New Berlin.
  2. George, b. ca. Jun. 1845, d. 18 Dec. 1845, bur. New Berlin.
  3. Frances, b. ca. Jun. 1848 (tombstone) or ca. Jan. 1849 (death record), d. 25 May 1849, of marasmas at New Berlin.

Edwin HASWELL (Anthony, Anthony), b. 25 Apr. 1823, at Bennington.  With his brother George at Arlington, Bennington Co., Vt. in 1840, he married, as his first wife, 21 Jan. 1858, Jane Dodge, b. 22 Jun. 1825, Bennington, dau. Morris(Norris) and Margaret (Richardson) Dodge.  They moved to California by 1859, accompanied by his sister Sarah3.  Jane died at Nicolaus, Cal. 24 Feb. 1862, and he removed to Dane Co.  Wis.  He remarried on 13 May 1868, Burke, Wis. to Julia Alvira Lewis, who was born at New Haven, Vt., 9 May 1837, dau. Norman and Rachel (Russel) Lewis.  They settled at Windsor, Dane Co., Wis., where he died 20 Sep. 1878. His wife survived him, living with her sister-in-law, Sarah3 and son George4, before her death at Windsor on 21 Sep. 1916. [1840,1870,1880 Census,HAH AncTab]

Children of Edwin and Jane (Dodge) HASWELL: [1860,1870 Census]
  1. Catherine, b. 18 May 1859, d. 13 Jun. 1859, Nicolaus, Cal.
  2. Alfred Zimri, born 7 May 1860, Nicolaus, Cal., he married 3 Jun. 1884, Sun Prarie, Wis. Grace W. Jones, b. 26 Apr. 1861, Sun Prarie, dau. Carlos and Martha (Andrews) Jones, and was a furniture dealer in Madison, Wis in 1900.
  3. George Edgar, born 16 Feb. 1862 at Nicolaus.
Children of Edwin and Alvira J. (Lewis) HASWELL: [BadgerPharm,1870,1880,1920 Census,MilCityDir,DAR]
  1. Edwin Lewis, born 2 Aug. 1869, Windsor.
  2. Anna Jane, born 17 Dec. 1870, Windsor, she became a nurse at Downer College in Milwalkee, and later was superintendent of a hospital in Ashland, Ashland Co., Wis.
  3. Clayton Warner, born 18 Nov. 1876, Windsor.

William HASWELL (Anthony, Anthony), b. 8 Dec. 1828, at Bennington.  He was a farmer in Bennington, joining the Congregational Church there in 1858, and marrying 2 Jun. 1859, Bennington, Catherine Elizabeth Fassett, b. 24 Jun. 1834, Bennington, dau. Henry F. and Mary (Robinson) Fassett, a dress maker.  They died on 27 Oct. 1918 and 3 Jan. 1919, respectively, at N. Adams, Mass., and are buried at Bennington. [VtVR,BennChRec,BennCem Rec]

Child of William and Catherine E. (Fassett) HASWELL: [BennCemRec,VtVR]
  1. Mary Fay, born 27 Apr. 1860, Bennington, and lived at N. Adams, dying unmarried 1942.

Anthony HASWELL (David, Anthony), b. 2 Jul. 1811, Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., Pa., where he was a farmer.  He married 23 Sep. 1835 at Troy, Pa. to Martha Seely, who was born 23 Jun. 1811.  They lived in Rutland, Tioga Co., Pa., but he was handicapped by rheumatism, and was forced to sell his farm following the death of their only surviving son, David Russel4, who had been supporting them.  Martha later applied for and received a military pension on this basis. He died 13 Mar. 1883, while she died 22 Dec. 1884 at her daughter’s home at Owego, NY, both being buried in Columbia Twp. [FamRec, MilRec,PensFil]

Children of Anthony and Martha (Seeley) HASWELL: [FamRec,HistPennVol,1900 Census,MilRec,PensFil]
  1. David Russel, b. 4 Jul. 1836 at Columbia Twp.  He enlisted as a Corporal in Co. D, 16th Pa. Vol. Cav. on 29 Sep. 1862.  Shortly after serving at Gettysburg, on 16 Jul. 1863, he was captured at Sheppardstown, W.Va., was imprisonned at Richmond, paroled, hospitalized, furloughed, and died 12 Feb. 1864 at his home in Rutland, Tioga Co., Pa. of chronic diarrhea.
  2. Susan Clark, b. 22 Mar. 1838 at Columbia Twp.  She married 7 Jan 1871 Sylvenus Anderson, b. 1822, NY, son of Johnson and Annis (Preston) Anderson.  He died 30 Jun. 1889, and is buried at Candor, NY.  She died at Owego, NY 18 Jun. 1908.
  3. James Seely, b. 23 Apr. 1842 at Columbia Twp.  Died 21 Mar. 1843.
  4. Sarah Adeline, b. 5 Nov. 1845 at Columbia Twp.  Died 21 Feb. 1846.
  5. Mary Beaman, b. 29 Apr. 1849 at Columbia Twp.  She married 19 Jan. 1881 Emmet Gordon, b. Oct. 1846, NY, a farmer from Mansfield, Pa.  In 1900, they were in Wantage Twp., Sussex Co., NJ.  They died at Matamoros, Pa. 18 Apr. 1919 and 24 Mar. 1933, respectively.
  6. Frances Jane, b. 21 Sep. 1854 at Columbia Twp.  Died unmarried 25 Jan. 1927.

Oliver Plimpton HASWELL (Nathan, Anthony), b. 31 Oct. 1812, Burlington.  He married 2 Sep. 1840, at Catskill, NY, Harriet Augusta Day, born 9 Oct. 1820, daughter of Russell and Harriet (Gardiner) Day.  At the time of his marriage, he was already of Mobile Ala., and they returned there along with his Harriet.  He died 8 Feb. 1848, and his wife and daughter returned north, where she married Carolus Noyes of Burlington.  [IGI/LDS, Day FH,Plimpton FH,Noyes FH]

Child of Oliver Plimpton and Harriet Augusta (Day) HASWELL: [Plimpton FH, 1860,1870 Census]
  1. Florence, b. 2 Jul. 1841 at Mobile, Ala.  She was staying in Burlington in 1860 with her mother and step-father Carolus Noyes, and from 1870 through 1900 with Charles W. Woodhouse, her maternal uncle. She died unmarried Dec. 1927, Oshkosh, Wis.

Hiram Robinson HASWELL (William, Anthony), b. 13 Dec. 1820, Bennington.  Marrying there 24 Feb. 1847 to Delia Ann Sherwood, b. 12 Nov. 1812, dau. of Dr. Lemuel Sherwood (and hence sister of his aunt Semalvah, wife of John Clark2 Haswell) of Hoosick, NY, where Hiram moved, operating a store.  She died after 11 Jun. 1853, probably of the effects of tuberculosis, from which she had been suffering a year before.  He remarried, 11 Dec. 1854, to Marcia Ann Sweet, dau. of Arunah Hyde and Saphronia (Sherwood) Sweet, and first cousin of his first wife.  They settled at White Creek, Washington Co., NY. (Oddly, in 1870, he is listed alone as a store clerk in Shaftsbury, Vt.)  His second wife died 2 May 1902, while he died 17 Oct. 1904.  [VtVR,Letter,1880 Census]

Child of Hiram Robinson and Delia Ann (Sherwood) HASWELL: [VtVR]
  1. Sherwood, b. 18 Oct. 1851, Bennington.
Children of Hiram Robinson and Marcia A. (Sweet) HASWELL: [1860,1880 Census]
  1. Charles Sweet, b. 27 Feb. 1858, NY.
  2. William Hyde, b. 15 Jul. 1860, White Creek, NY, d. 23 Feb. 1864.
  3. Sedelia Maria, b. 7 Feb. 1862, White Creek, d. 18 Feb. 1864.
  4. Lucy Robinson, b. 26 Aug. 1863, White Creek.  She married 23 Mar. 1913, at Cobleskill, NY, Edward Everard Ward, son of Otis and Evelyn (Baldwin) Ward, a finish carpenter who was b. 20 Jun. 1860, Jamaica, Vt.
  5. Frederick Arunah, b. 30 Nov. 1871, White Creek, he was a farmer, and d. 19 Oct. 1901.

Theodore HASWELL (Thomas, Anthony), b. 30 Jan. 1838, Bradford, Simcoe Co., Ontario.  In 1855, he was in Salt Lake City, appearing as a laborer in the territorial census, but he returned east to Wis., where in 1859, he worked at Kenosha as a store clerk for Merrill, Kellogg & Co.  He soon went west again, and in 1860 was in Bullion City, Utah, while he lived in Nevada City, Gilpin Co., Col. when he enlisted for 100 days as a orderly in Co. L, 3rd Col. Cav., the regiment responsible for the Sand Creek Massacre.  After the War, he operated a pressing mill in "Colorado City" (near or identical with the modern Ward, Col.), and was elected to the Territorial Legislature, as a Republican.  He subsequently lived at Leadville, Pueblo and Denver, Col., where he was clerk in his brother William’s pharmacy, and in Idaho, Montana, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas, finally settling in Florida.  He died of Bright’s disease at Round Lake on 30 Dec. 1926. Physically, he was 5’8”, with a light complexion, hazel eyes, and brown hair, and he had been a clerk, merchant, manufacturer, and late in life, a preacher.  He married first, at his sister's home in Leadville Col. 17 Feb. 1881, Lucy Porter, who he divorced 28 Jan. 1889.  He married second 24 Feb. 1898, to Elizabeth Wright of Denver, b. 30 Oct. 1867, who died at Lynn Haven, Fla., 3 Nov. 1919.  He married third, 14 Jun. 1922, at Millville, Fla. to Fannie L. Carr, widow of A. M. Donn, who died shortly after him. [MilRec,PensFil]

Child of Theodore and Lucy (Porter) HASWELL: [PensFil]
  1. Lucy, b. Feb. 1882, died young.

William Sereno HASWELL (Thomas, Anthony), b. 16 Jan. 1845, Chester, NY.  He moved with his mother to Geneva, Walworth Co., Wis., where he was a clothier, and on 4 Nov. 1863, he enlisted in Co. F, 4th Wis. Cav.  He is recorded as being 5’6½”, with gray eyes, brown hair and a light complexion. In 1867, he moved to Nevada City, Gilpin Co., Col., and there married 28 Feb. 1872 Mina Jane Foster, b. Mar 1851, Canada.  He was a druggist in Georgetown, Clear Creek Co., Col. From 1878, but sold his Georgetown business in 1881, having already established drugstores in Leadville and Denver, where he continued in the business.  He died there 28 Jun. 1923, and is buried with his wife Mina in the Riverside Cem. She had been placed in the Colorado State Hospital for the Insane by 1920.  [1860,1880,1900 Census,DenCityDir, WisMustRolls,MilRec,PensFil]

Children of William Sereno and Mina J. (Foster) HASWELL: [1880,1900 Census, PensFil]
  1. Mina Frances, b. 26 Dec. 1872, Denver, Col. She married 1 May 1895, Charles F. Symonds, but was widowed without children in 1900, and she remarried at Denver, 3 Jun. 1903 to William J. Nicholl, b. ca. 1870.
  2. Margaret, b. 15 Oct. 1875, Georgetown, Col. She died 16 Apr. 1890, bur. Riverside.
  3. Lillian Mable, b. 20 Apr. 1878, d. 20 Nov. 1878.
  4. Ruth, b. 10 Aug. 1884, Col., married 19 Dec. 1906, Glenn G. Stonaker, a traveling salesman for a canvas marketer.  They continued to live in her father's house, even after he relocated to a separate house next door.
  5. inf., d. 29 Sep. 1890, bur. Riverside.

James Russel HASWELL (James, Anthony), b. 4 Sep. 1836, Amherst, Burma.  He lived with his parents in Burma and Mass., and followed his father into the ministry.  He attended Madison (now Colgate) University and Hamilton Theological Seminary, and after graduation, married 26 Aug. 1859, at Rome, NY, to Elizabeth Sarah Miller, b. 8 Sep. 1838, Middleton, Conn., daughter of Ichabod Asha and Mary (Coe) Miller of Rome, NY.  In spite of deafness, he worked with his father at Maulmain, Burma, where he died 20 May 1877 of cholera.  His widow and children returned to America, living with her father in Hamilton, Madison Co., NY.  She died 3 Jan 1895, while on a visit to her son at Springfield, Mo. [AmBaptMissMag,1880 Census,IGI/LDS]

Children of James Russel and Elizabeth S. (Miller) HASWELL: [1880 Census, MadCoVR,IGI/LDS]
  1. Frank Miller, b. 15 Nov. 1861, Mawlanmyaing (Maulmain), Burma.
  2. Charles Jesse, b. 15 Nov. 1865, Shelburne, NY.
  3. Eddie N., b. 1 Oct. 1872, Mawlanmyaing, Burma, crippled from a knee injury about 1880, he drowned in Woodman’s Pond, Hamilton, NY on 11 Aug. 1886.

Alanson Mason HASWELL (James, Anthony), b. 29 Jun. 1847, Maulmain, Burma.  He was returned to America, at age 11, and attended Madison (now Colgate) University.  Completing his studies in 1866, he visited aunt Eliza Harwood at Springfield, Mo., and settled there.  He was a land agent, both for the U.S. Government, and railroads, he was a member of the Mo. House of Representatives in 1887.  He was also a writer and historian, and lived in Aurora City, Lawrence Co., and Pleasant Valley, Wright Co., Mo.  He married 11 Mar. 1873, Lauretta C. Butler. [Who’s Who,1880,1900,1920 Census]

Children of Alanson Mason and Lauretta C. (Butler) HASWELL: [1880,1900,1920 Census,SSDI]
  1. Jane Elmeda, b. 26 Feb. 1874, Springfield, Mo. d. 14 Oct. 1875.
  2. Alfred Edwin, b. 30 Jun. 1875, Springfield, Mo.
  3. Susan Edna, b. 2 Jul. 1878, Springfield, Mo.  She attended Drury Col., and was a teacher in Pleasant Valley and Joplin, Mo.
  4. Elizabeth, b. 12 Mar. 1880, Springfield, Mo., d. 6 Mar. 1881.
  5. James Robberson, b. 11 Feb. 1882, Springfield, Mo.
  6. Harold Alanson, Nov. 1883, Springfield, Mo.
  7. another child, d.y.

Alvah Rice HASWELL (John, Anthony), b. 12 Oct. 1841, Bennington.  On 12 Oct 1861, he enlisted as a private in Co. G, 1st Vermont Cavalry.  He served until 17 Aug. 1865, including a term when his unit served as bodyguard and escort for Col. George Custer, including the battles at Winchester, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, and many others.   Serving through both illness and capture, at the time of his discharge, he had risen to the rank of Brevet Major.  He married first, Julia Frances Chase, dau. of George Chase. He lived, temporarily, at Galveston, Texas, and settled permanently at Hoosick Falls, NY, where he died 24 Jul. 1898.  [VtCivWar,CompWarReb,NatCyc AmBiog, CalDAR,1880,1890 Census,PensFil,MilRec]

Children of Alvah Rice and Julia Frances (Chase) HASWELL: [CalDAR,1880 Census,NatCycAmBiog]
  1. John Chase, b. 2 Nov. 1867, Galveston.
  2. Walter Alvah, b. 19 Apr. 1871, d. 3 Aug. 1882, Hoosick Falls, NY.

Frederick Benton HASWELL (Charles, Anthony), b. 30 Sep. 1837, Amherst, Ohio. He sailed for California in 1854, departing from New York aboard the steamship Illinois. He married 1 Jan. 1868, Sacramento, Cal., Viola Wyman, b. Apr. 1845, NY, and was Agent for the Central Land Company, and an attorney at San Francisco and Oakland.  He died 5 Oct. 1890, Oakland, Cal., of hepatitis. His widow continued to live in San Francisco, dying Apr. 1902.  [CalDAR,CalBioInd, SacraBee]

Child of Frederick Benton3 and Viola (Wyman) Haswell: [CalDAR,SacraBee,1900, 1920 Census]
  1. Mary Violet, b. 9 May 1870, d. 24 Oct. 1870, Brooklyn, Cal.
  2. Harry Clinton, b. 5 Nov. 1871, Brooklyn, d. 1 Jul 1876.
  3. Frederick Wyman, b. 22 Apr. 1873, Oakland, Cal.  He worked for the “saw department” of the railroad, and later as a clerk for a land company.  He m. 6 Aug. 1902, San Rafael, Cal., Bertha Rickard, b. 6 Jul 1878, Oak Harbor, Oh., and lived in San Francisco in 1920.  Bertha died 23 Apr. 1961.

William Penn HASWELL (Charles, Anthony), b. Feb. 1840, Ohio.  He married at Nicolaus, Cal. 15 Nov. 1868, Fanny Muse, b. 1849 in Tenn., he was a carpenter and gold miner, and lived at Oakland, and San Mateo, Cal. [1880,1900,1920 Census,CalDAR]

Children of William Penn and Fanny (Muse) HASWELL: [1880,1900 Census,CalDAR, Sacra Bee]
  1. Charles Raymond, b. 12 Sep. 1869, Sacramento, Cal. (? m. Luella)
  2. Clara Belle, b. 25 Aug. 1872, Nicolaus, Cal., she married _____ Bromwell, from whom she was divorced without children by 1900. She lived until 18 Oct. 1941.
  3. Lulu Musetta, b. 14 Nov. 1873, Cal., m. _____ Goodall, and living in Alameda, Cal.

Edward Finley HASWELL (Charles, Anthony), b. 3 Oct. 1851, Shelby, Ohio.  A saloon keeper in Sacramento in 1880, he married 10 Jul. 1880 in Sacramento to Lillian E. Anderson, b. 8 Aug. 1862, Cal.  He became a fruit grower in Yolo Co., Cal., where he owned a farm. [1880,1900,1910,1920 Census,CalDAR, SacraBee,DAR]

Children of Edward Finley and Lillian E. (Anderson) HASWELL: [1900,1910,1920 Census,SSDI,CalDAR,DAR]
  1. Edison Glen, b. 11 Apr. 1881, Sacramento, Cal. He lived with his father at Guinda, Yolo Co., Cal., working as a fruit grower, and later as a manager of a garage. He died 17 Jun. 1961. [1900,1920 Census]
  2. Ruth Edna, b. 12 May 1888, Yountville, Cal.  She married first, 17 Feb. 1917, Harry Ralph Hopps.  She married second, 21 Sep. 1929, Eugene F. Panario, b. 4 Jul. 1880 at San Francisco, and lived in Oakland. He died Oct. 1962.
  3. Russell Salem, b. 9 Feb. 1889, Rumsey, Cal.

Charles Clark HASWELL (Charles, Anthony), b. 27 Sep. 1853, Blooming Grove, Oh.  He married at San Francisco, 15 Dec. 1875, Connetta S. La Due, b. Apr. 1853, Mo.  He worked for Wells Fargo, as a messenger and clerk in San Francisco, and later became a clerk for the Harbor Commission in Los Angeles, where he was still living in 1931. [1880,1900,1920 Census,CalDAR]

Children of Charles Clark and Connetta (La Due) HASWELL: [1880,1900,1920 Census,CalDAR,SacraBee]
  1. William Clark, b. 9 Nov. 1876, Cal., married Grace Arriadne Whitcher and lived in Los Angeles.  He died 21 Aug. 1948.
  2. Daisy, b. 19 Nov. 1878, d. 21 Nov. 1878, San Francisco, Cal.
  3. Ralph L., b. 20 Dec. 1879, San Francisco, Cal., d. 1883.
  4. Charles Patchin, b. 18 Apr. 1883, Cal.
  5. Maria LaDue, b. 26 Oct. 1888(90), Cal., she married first _____ Sutton and then, as a widow, she married second Louis Mendel (or perhaps Jules Mendel, who was a boarder in the house in 1920).  She became an actress and as Marie Sutton, she and her son were living with her father in Los Angeles in 1920.

Frank Eugene HASWELL (Charles, Anthony),  b. 17 Oct. 1858, Cal.  As a clerk, he was living with his sister Emma in 1880.  He married at Sacramento 4 Nov. 1884, May Elizabeth Glead, b. 15 Jul. 1866, Debuque, Iowa.  He became a painter, and lived in Sacramento, with his mother, and was living in Oakland when he died 24 Dec. 1916.  His widow was living in Oakland in 1920 and 1931, and died 9 Apr. 1941. [CalDAR,1880,1900,1910,1920 Census, SacraBee]

Child of Frank Eugene and May Elizabeth (Glead) HASWELL: [1900,1910,1920 Census, Cal DAR]
  1. Frank Royce, b. 13 Jan. 1892, Cal.

George Edgar HASWELL (Edwin, Anthony, Anthony), born 16 Feb. 1862 in Nicolaus, Cal.  A farmer at Windsor, Dane Co., Wis., he married 7 Feb. 1895, Windsor, Bessie Irene Warner, born 27 Feb. 1873, daughter of Clement Edson and Eliza Irene (Noble) Warner.  [1900,1910,1920 Census,CompAmGen]

Children of George Edgar and Eliza Irene (Warner) HASWELL: [1900,1910,1920 Census,DAR]
  1. Clement Dodge, b. 9 Sep. 1899, Windsor.  m. 19 Dec. 1923, Windsor, Esther Schweps, b. 26 Jan. 1894, Sun Prarie, Wis., dau. Charles L. and Amelia (Hamlin) Schweps, having at least one son.
  2. Marion Noble, b. 1 Nov. 1901, Windsor.  m. 30 Dec. 1926, Windsor, Dr. Raymond Ludden, son of John B. and Belva (Stone) Ludden, b. 14 Jul. 1902, Bloomington, Wis., having at least two children.

Edwin Lewis HASWELL (Edwin, Anthony, Anthony), born 2 Aug. 1869, Windsor. He graduated with a Ph.G. from the University of Wisconsin in 1895, and was a druggist in Kimball, Brule Co., S.D., in 1900.  He married Sep. 1901, Kimball, Carrie E. Morris, born 18 Sep. 1862, Cedar Falls or Independence, Iowa, dau. William C. and Sarah (Pratt) Morris, and moved to Aberdeen, Brown Co., S.D., where he operated a drug store, and later served as auditor for the telephone company.  She died 30 Jun. 1933, Aberdeen, while he survived her, dying at Omaha, Neb., 24 Apr. 1949. [DAR,BadgerPharm, 1900,1910,1920 Census]

Child of Edwin Lewis and Carrie E. (Morris) HASWELL: [DAR,SSDI,1920 Census]
  1. Amy Morris, b. 11 Aug. 1902, Kimball, married 15 Apr. 1950 at Omaha to Ralph E. Parsons, and lived at Penca City, Oklahoma.  She died in Oklahoma City, Apr. 1974.

Clayton Warner HASWELL (Edwin, Anthony, Anthony), born 18 Nov. 1876, Windsor. He married 22 Dec. 1899, Windsor, Florence Sarah Loomis, born 25 Aug. 1877, Milton, Wis., daughter of Alba Levi Parsons and Frances Sarah (Peck) Loomis. He lived in Madison, Dane Co., Wis., where he owned a furnature store, and later was a real estate broker.  She died 17 May 1928, while he died in 20 Jun. 1960.  [HAH AncTab,LoomisFH,1900,1920 Census, SSDI]

Children of Clayton Warner and Florence Sarah (Loomis) HASWELL: [1920 Census,Loomis FH,Who’s Who,SSDI,HAH AncTab]
  1. Rachel Loomis, b. 28 Jul. 1901, Madison.  m. 27 Sep. 1924, Madison, Paul K. Robertson, b. 9 Dec. 1901, Evanston, Ill son of David and Hannah (Coates) Robertson, and had two sons.
  2. Helen Alvira, b. 7 Nov. 1902, Madison.  m. 7 Aug. 1926, Madison, Albert B. Tucker, b. 31 Oct. 1901, Des Moines, Iowa, son William Albert and Stella Mary (Belman) Tucker, a paper merchant.  They had two sons.
  3. Clayton Lyman, b. 3 Jul. 1910, Madison, married Jane Radley, he died Jan 1982 in New York.
  4. Homer Alba, b. 16 Jul. 1917, Madison.  He married Frances Ellis.

Sherwood HASWELL (Hiram, William, Anthony), b. 18 Oct. 1851, Bennington. He lived in Hoosick Falls, NY, where he was twice married, first 29 Sep. 1875, to Ella Rebecca Percey, b. 5 Apr. 1856 at E. Hoosick, NY, died 20 Jan. 1911, dau. of William J. and Sarah (Alexander) Percey.  He married 10 Sep 1912, Waterford, NY, as a second wife, Sarah Helena O’Dell, b. 13 Dec. 1885, at Waterford, dau. of Hiram & Elizabeth (Clark) O’Dell, and Sherwood died at Hoosick Falls, 29 Sep. 1922. [1880,1920 Census,DAR]

Children of Sherwood and Ella Rebecca (Percey) HASWELL: [1880,1920 Census, SSDI,DAR]
  1. Percey Sherwood, b. 9 Jul 1876, S. Shaftsbury, Vt.  A farmer, he died unmarried, 24 Apr. 1912.
  2. Loren Kenneth, b. 16 Jun. 1879, White Creek, NY.  He married 15 Sep. 1902, Lillian Rose Peek, b. 24 Jun. 1885, Little Falls, NY, and died at Bennington, 30 Dec. 1936.  His daughter Mabel6 (Haswell) Becker joined the DAR, while his son Maurice6 died in Clifton Knolls, NY in 1977.
Child of Sherwood and Sarah Helena (O’Dell) HASWELL: [1920 Census]
  1. Robert Sherwood, b. 28 Jul. 1914.

Charles Sweet HASWELL (Hiram, William, Anthony), b. 27 Sep. 1858.  He married 1 Jan. 1885, E. Hoosick, NY, Julia Isabelle Percey, b. 7 May 1859, E. Hoosick, daughter of William J. and Sarah (Alexander) Percey.  A workman in a wall paper mill, he died 20 May 1911.

Children of Charles Sweet and Julia Isabelle (Percey) HASWELL:
  1. Leslie Charles, b. 31 Mar. 1888, Bennington Center, Vt. He married 2 Aug. 1911, Hancock, Mass., Nellie E. Towne, dau. of Theodore Tinker and Abbe (Tenney) Towne, b. 30 Apr. 1887, at Hancock.  They lived in N. Wilbraham, Mass., having five children.
  2. Blanche Percey, b. 4 Jun. 1896, S. Shaftsbury, Vt.  She married 27 May 1922, Clayton Burdick Ramsdell, son of Isaac and Geneva (Burdick) Ramsdell, b. 26 Jun. 1896.  He was a shipping clerk in Indian Orchard, Mass, and had at least one child.  She died in Hampden Co, Mass. Apr. 1977.
  3. Grant, b. 1898, d. 1898.

Frank Miller HASWELL (James, James, Anthony), b. 15 May 1861, Mawlanmyaing (Maulmain), Burma.  Returning to New York with his mother following the death of his father, he became a Rail Road telegraph operator in Garfield, Benton Co., Ark., within a dozen miles of his cousin, Nathan Baldwin3.  (Possibly going there via Springfield, Mo., where his uncle Alanson3 and brother Charles J.4 lived.)  There he married, 29 Nov. 1888 Clara Shinn, b. Sep. 1867, Ill., daughter of John Demooth and Frances (Ingram) Shinn.  He died 12 Aug. 1919, leaving his estate to his widow, who survived until 3 Feb. 1957.  [1900,1910 Census,IGI/LDS,BentCoWills]

Child of Frank Miller and Clara (Shinn) HASWELL: [1900,1910,1920 Census, SSDI,IGI/LDS,BentCoWills]
  1. James Wallace, b. 2 Sep. 1888, Garfield, Ark., he worked as a telegraph agent with his father, and married Frankie E. White, b. 23 Apr. 1888, Mo.  He moved to Alameda Co., Cal. by 1920, when he was a rate clerk for an oil company, and died at South Pasadena, Cal., 10 Oct. 1974, his wife dying in 29 Jul. 1976.
  2. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sep. 1890, Garfield, Ark., d. ca. 1933.
  3. Julia Vinton, b. 27 May 1893, Ark. married Loyd T. Little, and resided at Rogers, Ark., dying 28 Dec. 1983.
  4. Frances Ruth, b. 16 Nov. 1897, Garfield, she married Almiron Parker Gardner Hall, who divorced 1932 or 1933, and she died 13 Jun. 1986.

Charles Jesse HASWELL (James, James, Anthony), b. 15 Nov. 1865, Shelburne, NY, he followed his uncle Alanson Mason3 Haswell to Springfield, Greene Co., Mo., he served there as a letter carrier.  He was hosting his mother when she died there in 1895.  He married 1891, Lulu Maus, b. Jan. 1870, Mo.  He later moved to Pueblo, Col.[1900, 1920 Census,AmBaptMissMag]

Children of Charles Jesse and Lulu (Maus) HASWELL: [1900 Census,SSDI]
  1. Sadie Elizabeth, b. Jan. 1892, Springfield, Mo, m. in Col., _____ Barnard, and died in Cal. 16 Nov. 1957.
  2. Russel, b. Feb. 1895, Springfield, Mo.  He died in Colorado in Dec. 1964.

Alfred Edwin HASWELL (Alanson, James, Anthony), 30 Jun. 1875, Springfield, Mo.  He married 30 May 1897, Ella Maud Wills, b. 9 Jul. 1877, Ill.  He appears to be the man of this name who served as a private in the Spanish American War, from Ill. She died in San Joaquin Co., Cal., 9 Dec. 1951.

Children of Alfred Edwin and Maud (Wills) HASWELL:
  1. Mildred, b. 31 Aug. 1898, Chicago, Ill.  She married Angus MacDonald, and had two children.
  2. Elizabeth married 1928, New York City, to Carl Bohenburger.
  3. Grace, b. 22 May 1905, married first, 25 Dec. 1929, San Antonio, Fla., Edward L. Coburn.  She married second _____ Lamb, and died in San Bernardino Co., Cal., 9 Feb. 1983, having at least one son by her second husband.

James Robberson HASWELL (Alanson, James, Anthony), 11 Feb. 1882, Springfield, Mo.  He married Maud Little, daughter of Kate Little, but was soon widowed, and moved to Los Angeles before 1920, where he worked at a cement works, while his daughter lived with her maternal grandmother and aunt.  He married, as his second wife, Amy Fryer.  He died in Santa Cruz Co., Cal., 10 Mar. 1975.  [1920 Census,SSDI]

Child of James Robberson and Maud (Little) HASWELL: [1920 Census]
  1. Katherine Laurette, b. Jul. 1914, Springfield, Mo.

Harold Alanson HASWELL (Alanson, James, Anthony), b. Nov. 1883, Springfield, Mo., living in Pleasant Valley and Joplin, Mo., he married 27 Aug. 1908 to Kanah Elizabeth Marcum, b. 18 Feb. 1888 at Washburn, Mo., daughter of Granville Pillar and Mary Elizabeth (Park) Marcum, a civic worker, teacher, and writer who died 16 Sep. 1969. [Who’s Who,1920 Census]

Children of Harold Alanson and Kanah Elizabeth (Marcum) HASWELL: [Who’s Who, SSDI,1920 Census]
  1. Robert Marcum, b. 1910, Joplin, Mo.  He married Maxine Liles.
  2. Harold Alanson, b. 23 Mar. 1912, Joplin, Mo.  He married Mildred Irene Liles.
  3. John Daniel, b. 20 Sep. 1914, Joplin, Mo.

John Chase HASWELL, (Alvah, John, Anthony), b. 2 Nov. 1867, Galveston.  He married 12 Nov. 1889, at Hoosick Falls, NY, Jennie Millson Brien, daughter of Thomas Joseph and Elizabeth Brien.  By 1900, he had moved with his family to Marion, Ill., where he was manager of an iron works.  He later moved to the area of Dayton, Ohio, living at Oakwood, Montgomery Co., Ohio.  He died at Dayton 27 Aug. 1936. [NatCyclAmBiog,1900,1910,1920 Census,CalDAR]

Children of John Chase and Jennie Millson (Brien) HASWELL: [Who’sWho,Nat CyclAmBiog,CalDAR,SSDI]
  1. Elizabeth Frances, b. 6 May 1893, Hoosick, NY.
  2. Lillian Eleanor, b. 15 Oct. 1897, Hoosick, NY.  She married 20 Nov. 1926, Dayton, Oh., Richard Gordon Fischer, having two children.
  3. Anthony, b. 19 Feb. 1903, Marion, Ind.  He married 23 Jun. 1928, Dayton, Virginia Rike and was an executive in the iron business, dying in 1977.
  4. John Brien, b. 30 Dec. 1905, Marion, Ind., he died there 19 Aug. 1906.

Charles Raymond HASWELL, (William, Charles, Anthony), b. 12 Sep. 1869, Sacramento, Cal. m. Lucille, b. 22 Mar. 1869, Ohio, d. 20 Feb. 1902, Alameda Co., Cal., following an operation.

Child of Charles Raymond and Lucille HASWELL: [Alameda Deaths]
  1. child, name unknown, b. 12 Jul. 1897, d. 19 Aug. 1897.

Russell Salem HASWELL, (Edward, Charles, Anthony), b. 9 Feb. 1889, Rumsey, Cal., he married 5 Jul. 1909, (14 Nov. 1919) Violet Guthrie, b. 2 May 1888, and was a farmer in Yolo Co.  She died 25 Sep. 1964, and he appears to have remarried to the Frances W. Haswell, b. 12 Mar. 1883, d. 1 Feb. 1974, Yolo Co., Cal.  He died there 17 Jul. 1975.  

Child of Russell Salem and Violet (Guthrie) HASWELL: [1920 Census,SSDI]
  1. Wesley Ray, b. 3 Jun. 1910, Cal., and died Placer Co., Cal. 29 Jun. 1972.  He would seem to be the husband of Thirza Birdsall Haswell, b. 17 Oct. 1910, d. 19 Aug. 1972, and father of Frederick Ray, Wesley Ray, Sharon Joy, and Barbara Jean.

Charles Patchen HASWELL, (Charles, Charles, Anthony), b. 18 Apr. 1883, Cal., m. Olive Evlyn (Higgins) Bennet, b. 10 Apr. 1883, Can.  They were living in Los Angeles in 1910, but she died in San Diego Co. 16 Jan. 1950, while he died 30 Mar. 1953 in Santa Barbara Co.  [1910,1920 Census]

Child of Charles Patchen and Olive E. (Higgins) HASWELL: [1910,1920 Census]

  1. Marian Connette, b. 1903, Cal., m. _____ Sundberg, and died in Santa Barbara Co., 4 Aug. 1993.

Frank Royce HASWELL, (Frank, Charles, Anthony), b. 13 Jan. 1892, San Jose, Cal.  He married Ethel M. Galbraith, b. 21 Jul. 1894, Merced, Cal., and in 1920 was living near his mother in Oakland, Alameda Co., Cal., and working as a clerk in a wholesale house. He died 27 Nov. 1950. [1900,1920 Census]

Children of Frank Royce and Ethel M. (Galbraith) HASWELL: [1920 Census]
  1. Vance Royce, b. 18 Jun. 1915, Oakland, Cal. m. Marion Bauman Force, and had two children, Frank Royce and Joyce Ann
  2. Beverly May, b. 14 Feb. 1918, Oakland, m. _____ Diggle, and d. 12 Jun. 1995.