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Robert Beasley (I)

1694, Charles City County. July Court. Robert Besly, Will Petepoole, and others, on a grand jury.

1711, Henrico Co deed. From John Curtis of Henrico Co, planter, to daughter, Mary Besely, wife of Robert Besely, planter in Charles City County, 100 acres, part of 308 acres on Proctors Creek, conveyed to me by Richard Lygon, next to Capt. John Worsham. Witnesses - William Soane, Fran. Patram, Richard Ligon. Mary, wife of Curtis, relinquished dower.

1716. Henrico Co deed. John Elam of Henrico Co to Robert Beasley of same, 100 acres, part of a tract taken up by Martin Elam, on south side of Proctors Creek, bounded by Mr. Robert Hancocke. Witnesses - John Pride, Arthur Moseley Jr. Mary, wife of Elam, relinquished dower.

1720, Henrico Co. (Henrico Co Minute Book, 1719-1724, p. 49).

1726. Henrico Co deed. Robert Beasley of the County and Parish of Henrico, to Arthur Moseley Jr, 100 acres formerly taken up by Martin Elam Sr, on south side Proctors Creek, next to Robert Hancocke. Witnesses - James Akin Jr, Hen. Cha. Featherston, William Robertson. Mary, wife of Robert Beasley, relinquished dower.

1728. Henrico Co deed. Robert Beasley of Henrico Co to Kurtis cates of same, a tract granted by patent on March 24, 1725, bounded by said Robert and Jonathan Cheatham. Witnesses - Pet. Varnier, Abraham Womack, Arthur Moseley. Mary, wife of Robert, relinq dower.

1732. A neighbor to people on Horse Pen Branch, Henrico Co.

1733. Henrico Co deed. John Farley of Henrico Co to son, John Farley of Henrico Co, land he lives on, next to Robert Beasley and Kates, 140 acres.

1738. Henrico Co Court Orders, Sept Court. Robert Beasley to Curtis Kates, deed. Mary, wife of Robert, relinquished dower.

1751, Chesterfield Co deed. Sept 29, 1751, Curtis Cates of Amelia Co to Thomas Cheatham Jr of Chesterfield Co, 400 acres on the south side of Swift Creek, bounded by Robert Beasley and Jonathan Cheatham. Witnesses were Francis Cheatham, Thomas (+) Howerton, Benja (+) Beasley.

1756: Chesterfield Co. tithables list.

1762: died Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co, VA. Will mentions: wife Mary; the land he lived on, being land he bought of Curtis Keatt, and this land he gave to his son William. Executor: son William. Witnesses: Christopher Cheatham, William Farmer, Christopher Bass.

William Beasley (son of Robert) (II)

1756: Chesterfield Co. tithables list.

1762: see above.

1789 Will, Chesterfield Co. Gave to his sons, Robert and William, land in Lunenburg Co that he purchased of William Parrott, equally divided. To sons John and Archer - the land where he, William, now lives. To son Robertson, the rest of William's Chesterfield Co land. Other kids: Nancy, Frances, Polly. Executors: John Robertson, Jesse Cogbill. Witnesses - Edward Goode, John Cogbill, Thomas Daves.

Robert Beasley (son of William) (III)

1750, 1751, 1752, 1756 Amelia Co tax lists, below Flatt and Nibbs Creeks or between Flatt and Deep Creeks.

1757: Amelia Co, VA grantee - Lunenburg Deed Book 5, p. 44, November 1, 1757. Deed from Thomas Willingham and Daniel Malone of Lunenburg Co to Robert Beasley of Amelia County, 100 acres on the north side of Meherrin River, bounded by Ledbetters Creek, Garrald Willingham. Witnesses were George Walton, Lewis Deupree, Isham Malone. Mary, wife of the sd Thomas, relinquished dower. (This person is too old to be the 1762 bridgegroom of Betty Winningham).

1757: Lunenburg Co Order Book 5, p. 2, Nov, 1757.

1759: Lunenburg Co, VA witness - Lunenburg Co Deed Book 5 p. 390, June 5, 1759. Deed from Robert Malone to Edward Hatcher for 300 acres near Irbys Branch, Tussekiah Creek, Michaux. The 300 acres is part of a patent dated August 16, 1756. Witnesses were Jerrald Winningham, Robert Beasley, and William Robertson.

1762: Lunenburg Co appraiser, with Daniel Malone and Jarril Willingham, of the estate of John Nance.

1764: Lunenburg Co, VA appraiser - Lunenburg Co Order Book 9, March 1764 Court, p. 316. Robert Beasley, Anthony Fullilove, Frederick Nance, and James Haley are appointed to appraise the estate of Edward Haley, deceased. (Peter and Elizabeth Pettypool sold land to Anthony Fullilove in 1762. Elizabeth's maiden name was probably Journey).

1764 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list. Henry Blagrave list - Robert Beasley, 3 tithes, 500 acres. (Richard Crews Sr is also on this list, with son Josiah).

1766, Lunenburg Co. Robert Beasley is appointed surveyor of the road from the Charlotte Co line to Willingham's banks at the South Maherrin River. (Lunenburg Order Book 12, p. 23, December 1766 Court).

1767, Lunenburg Co. Robert Beasley was appointed overseer of the road from the Cut Banks on Maherrin River at Willingham's Bridges, to the Charlotte County line, and the following hands, to wit, the said Beasley's, James Williams, Anthony Fullelove, Anthony Hunley, John Ward, Benjamin Wilks, Benjamin Tatum, and James Haley, are appointed to work under said Beasley in keeping the road in repair. (Lunenburg Co Order Book 12, p. 70, June 1767 Court).

1769 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, 5 tithables, 250 acres. (John Journey is also on this list).

1770. Lunenburg Co, VA. Security for the executors of the will of Young Stokes.

1772 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, 4 tithes.

1773 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, 5tithes.

1774 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, 4 tithes.

1775 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, 4 tithes.

1776 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, 5 tithes.

1780. Lunenburg Co, VA. Robert Beasley and wife were executors of the will of Thomas Harding.

1783 Lunenburg Co, VA tax list - Robert Beasley, and under him, Stephen Beasley. Tax property = 19, 9 tithables, 27 souls.

1786. By 1786, sold 200 acres to Gustavus Hendrick of Charlotte Co, CA. (See Charlotte Co WB 1).

Member of the Tussekiah Baptist Church, Lunenburg Co (as were the Lunenburg Crews).

Robert C. Beasley (son of Robert, husband of Betty) (IV)

(Entries in blue may really be Robert Beasley (III)).

1762: married Betty Winningham in Lunenburg Co.

1785, Wilkes Co, GA deed. From John Harvey of Wilkes Co, GA to Robert Beesley of Lunenburg Co, VA, 537½ acres on Fishing Creek. Witnesses - Thomas Grant, Daniel Grant, Fanney Grant.

1790. Stephen Beasley and Robert C. Beasley Jr were executors of the Lunenburg Co will of John Hudson.

1794. Robert Ct. Beasly witnessed the Wilkes Co sale from John Whitlock to his children, Polly Jarold Whitlock, Betsey Willingham Whitlock, Betsy Willingham Whitlock, and Beasly Whitlock of said county, of 3 Negroes. Other witnesses were Josiah Cole and H. Mounger, J.P.

1794. Witnessed the Wilkes Co, GA deed from John Oneal of Lexington Co, SC, Gent, to James McLain (McLane) of Wilkes Co, GA. Robert Beasley signed his name with an X.

1800. Wilkes Co, GA deed from Jonathan Woodall & Elizabeth, his wife, of Wilkes Co, GA, and John and James Woodall, his brothers, to Etheldred Jelks of Green Co, GA, 79½ acres in Wilkes Co, adj. John King, Robert Beazley, John Woodall and others.

Do I have this about right? Was Robert Beasley (I) the father of daughters who married Richard Crews and James Bradley?

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June 29, 2002