4. Stephen LACY (1) was born between 1708 and 1710 in VA. He died in Oct 1772 in VA.

Stephen LACY and Sarah had the following children:

child+16 i. Sarah LACY.
child+17 ii. Matthew LACY.
child+18 iii. Charles LACY.
child+19 iv. Benjamin LACY.
child+20 v. Jesse LACY.
child+21 vi. Elijah LACY.
child+22 vii. Johnson LACY.
child+23 viii. Lucy LACY.
child+24 ix. Stephen Jr. LACY.

Stephen LACY and Mrs.Stephen LACY had the following children:

child25 i. Mary LACY(1) was born about 1731.
child+26 ii. Unidentified son LACY.
child+27 iii. Thomas LACY.

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