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William Presson, Jr. family page

Pioneer Sketches

William Presson, Jr. Family - parents of "the Major"

Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.
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This story of our ancestory, as it appears here, now, has been established through individual contributions of Gene Preston, Elena Anderson, and Bill Smith during the May-June 1998 period, based, necessarily, on works of many others, largely anonymous, over the years. We, of course, are just beginning to assemble pieces of the true story, bit by bit, as we scrape away the sediment of time. The true story happened. We can but reveal as much of this truth as is still available, in the records, both oral and written, for us to find.
Bill Smith, Complier, 7 Jun 1998

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Introduction and Overview

William Presson, Jr. Family

Hannah Healey Background

Joseph Preston Family

William C. Preston Family


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Introduction and Overview

Generation No. 4 developed by Elena Anderson included William Presson, Jr., and his family, for which we are very grateful, but, for her, was primarily his brother, Capt. Edward Presson, born 11 Nov 1733, in Beverly, MA, third child and second son of William and Mary Presson.

Elena had listed the first five children of William, Jr., and Hannah Preston only: Molly, William III, Hannah, Mary and Benjamin (with no details beyond name). I then had the opportunity to do some searching of my own, using her information as a beginning. In the IGI files at Midcontinent Library in Independence, MO, I was able to locate six additional children, with birthdate and birth place for each.

Further, in the process of reviewing the births and marriages listed, it turned out that one of the children identified was a Joseph Presson - later listed as Joseph Preston. He married a Lydia, and six of their children are also listed. One of these children is William C. Preston, b. 16 Nov 1797, Strafford Twp, Orange, VT - the very same William C. Preston who died in St. Joseph Twp, William Co., OH, in 1869. I had been diligently searching for his origins for months. This confirms, of course, that he was a first cousin of William Preston, "the old sheriff" of Williams Co (not a son, as earlier speculated).

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William Presson, Jr. Family

William Presson, Jr. was born 5 Aug 1728 in Beverly, MA, the son of William (I) and Mary Presson. He married Hannah Healey on 12 Jun 1752 in Chester, NH.

"He owned a tract of land near the brick schoolhouse which he sold to Moses Underhill in 1761, and went to Rumney." [3, p. 576]

Children of William and Hannah Presson:

Molly Presson [5], b. 14 Nov 1752, Chester Twp, Rockingham Co, NH [4]

William Presson III [5], b. 6 Jul 1754, Chester Twp, Rockingham Co, NH [4]

Hannah Presson [5], b. 25 Mar 1756, Chester Twp, Rockingham Co, NH [4]

Mary Presson [5], b. 2 Feb 1758, Chester Twp, Rockingham Co, NH [4]

Benjamin Presson [5], b. 2 Jan 1761, Chester Twp, Rockingham Co, NH [4]

Alexander Presson, b. 11 Jun 1764, Rumney, Grafton Co, NH [4]

Sarah Presson, b. 3 Jul 1766, Chester Twp, Rockingham Co, NH [4] ??

Hitty Presson, b. 18 Jul 1768, Rumney, Grafton Co, NH [4]

Joseph Presson, b. 15 Jun 1771, Rumney, Grafton Co, NH [4]

Asuhel Presson, b. 1 Nov 1772, Rumney, Grafton Co, NH [4]

John Presson, b. 8 Jul 1774, Rumney, Grafton Co, NH [4]

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Hannah Healey Background

Hannah Healey was the daughter of William Healey. She was the eighth (of eight) child and sixth daughter of William and Mary Healey, of Chester, NH [3, p. 543-3].

William Healey was a grantee, and was the son of Samuel Healey, of that part of Hampton now Hampton Falls, and grandson of William Healey of Cambridge. He was b. 29 Jan 1689/90. He married Mary, daughter of Benjamin Sanborn, in 1715. He came to Chester about 1728, and settled on his home lot No. 7, since owned by Toppan Webster, Timothy Dexter, and now by Ephraim Orcutt. His will was dated 1767; proved 1772. (Additional information provided on the children, especially the two sons!)

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Joseph Preston Family

Joseph Presson/Preston, b. 15 Jun 1771, Rumney, Grafton Co, New Hampshire, son of William, Jr., and Hannah Presson. Joseph married Lydia.

Children of Joseph and Lydia Preston:

William C. Preston, b. 16 Nov 1797, Stafford Twp, Orange Co, VT [4]

Maria Preston, b. 8 Sep 1804, Stafford Twp, Orange Co, VT [4]

Lyman B. Preston, 22 May 1804, Stafford Twp, Orange Co, VT [4]

Lucinda Preston, 13 Jul 1806, Stafford Twp, Orange Co, VT [4]

David D. Preston, 1 Sep 1811, Stafford Twp, Orange Co, VT [4]

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William C. Preston Family

William C. PRESTON (see other format at Preston), b. 16 Nov 1797, Stafford Twp, Orange Co [4], Vermont; d. 16 Aug 1869, St. Joseph Twp, Williams Co, OH. He married
Nancy W. Clare, 11 Feb 1825, Manlius, Onouduga Co, NY [6]

Children of William C. and Nancy Preston:

Marion PRESTON, b. 1835; m. 26 May 1853 Daniel H. Strickland, Williams Co, OH.

Abigail M. PRESTON, b. 1839, New York; m. 3 Jan 1858 Augustus L. Geaque, Williams Co, OH.

Julie A. PRESTON, b. 1842; never married; d. 12 Jan 1906, Lucas Co, OH.


Marion PRESTON, b. 1835;

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m. 26 May 1853, Williams Co, OH.

Daniel H. Strickland

Abigail M. PRESTON, b. 1839, New York [7];

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m. 3 Jan 1858, Williams Co, OH.

Augustus L. GEAQUE, b. 1835, Switzerland [7]

Children of Augustus and Abigail Geaque:

Charles Geauque, b. 1859, OH [7]

Stephen A. Geauque, b. 1862, OH [7]

George W. Geaque, b. 1867, OH [7]

Schuler F. Geaque, b. 1869, OH [7]


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