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Walter and Susan Kinnick Family

Part of The KINNICK Project

Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.

A Profile of the
Walter and Susan Kinnick Family
from the mid-1840s thru 1884, in Illinois

(First published in hard copy form
as Progress Report No. 1 of
The Kinnick Project, June 1, 1996)

Part One is a Narrative
Part Two is a three generation genealogical listing
Full Name Index of names appearing in this Profile
Picture of Susan in later years, along with a picture of Walter's mother, Mary!

Part One

A Personal Note
The Story

Personal note: Walter W. Kinnick was the grandfather of my great-grandfather, Alonzo Palmer Kinnick. Stated another way, Walter W. and Susan Kinnick were my (William L. Smith) 3rd great-grandparents.

Background: In 1953, Nettie Edna Kinnick Waggener published "The Kinnick Family: A Genealogical History of the Kinnick Family of America," commonly called "The Kinnick Genealogy." (See The KINNICK Project for more on the book.) It purported to represent the Kinnick family in the United States from the first known, at that time, Kinnick to be recorded in America, who happened to be the author's direct line ancestor. She included, in the back of her book, a few pages on our branch of the Kinnick family, based solely on memory recollections of members of my grandparents generation.
Mrs. Waggener suggests that, "It is my opinion, after careful research, that this family is descended from Joseph Kinnick, the son of William I. and his wife Sarah, and was a brother of our John Kinnick I; these names appear in the same family as you will see by the record and it is probable that Joseph left Maryland and settled in Pennsylvania, while John migrated to North Carolina from Maryland (p.323)."
There is not another shred of evidence in the book to support this position. It may be true, or it may not, but such an assertion must be based on a preponderance of the evidence, not on an unsupported statement.
Review of my first two activities to seek further information may be instructive. First, recognizing that many scholarly studies have been published in the past 40 years regarding arrivals in the United States from the European continent, I did a brief review of a dozen of these lists. In about two hours, I had found three other Kinnicks who had arrived before her "first one." (To date, I have also identified at least five sisters of Walter (and their families), and, probably, his mother and father. They appear to have moved directly from Maryland to Ohio. In Ohio, Walter married Susan, who was born in Pennsylvania, and they moved to Illinois. The earlier families will be reported in a later presentation.)
Second, I began the search of census records for Illinois in 1850 and 1860 that formed the foundation for this report. Census reports since 1850 provide names of family members along with age and state (or country) of birth. Birth place for Walter was Maryland and for Susan, Pennsylvania. The first six children were listed as born in Ohio, the rest in Illinois. The names, with ages, of the children, were as follows (minor corrections later):

1860 census Name 1850 census
Mary E 15
Sarah A 14
John S 13
22 Joseph 12
20 Walter 10
Catherine 8
14 Jacob 4
10 Margaret 3/12
8 Susan
6 Evelina
4 Mary S

Finally, let me share with you the portion of the book, from p. 322, that related to Walter W. and Susan Kinnick (note the lack of detail, no dates, incorrect order of children, as well as other inaccuracies):

"This family settled first in Pennsylvania, moved to Belmont Co, Ohio, Buda, Illinois and Iowa.

Holland Dutch Decent


1. Walter Watson Kinnick, m Mary Estella Symonds; 5 sons and 7 daughters.
2. Jake (Jacob) Kinnick, no family, m Fanny Fletcher; no children.
3. Joe Kinnick; no knowledge of his family; married; 2 sons and 4 daughters.
4. John Kinnick; killed in action in Civil War; unmarried.
5. Sarah Ann Kinnick Richmond, m Thomas; 2 sons and 3 daughters.
6. Kate (Katherine) Kinnick Fletcher, m William Fletcher; 5 sons and 4 daughters.
7. Margaret Kinnick Wise, m Jacob Wise; 2 sons.
8. Sue Kinnick Lyon, m Jean Lyons; no children. (p.321-2)"

It will be shown below that this summary is full of errors, being based on second and third hand "family tradition" information only. A great place to START, only.

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Walter and Susan Kinnick Family

(Written June 1, 1996)
(much new updated information available)

This presentation starts with the arrival of Walter and Susan and family in Illinois l844.
It concludes with Susan's death in 1884.
Please remember, this is a work in progress.
New information continues to become available.

([x] refers to Endnotes)

Walter W. and Susan Kinnick lived on a farm in Dover Township, four miles north of Princeton, Bureau Co, IL, when they first arrived from Ohio (in 1906 the farm was known as the James Garvin farm - identified on a 1905 map; it appears they did not own the land, here, as they are not listed on the 1850 Agricultural Census as landowners [16])[1]. Their first child born in Illinois, Jacob, their youngest son, was born on this farm on 4 Jan 1846 [1]. (Catharine was the last of the six children born in Ohio, in 1842. The family was listed on the 1840 Ohio census in Wheeling Township, Belmont County [10]).
A daughter, Margaret, known as Maggie, was born on the Dover Township farm about 1850 [2].
Walter and Susan's oldest son, John S. (b. 14 Sep 1834 in OH), died, at age 16, on 5 Jun 1851 [4]. Cause of death is unknown.
On 2 Oct 1851, Walter purchased, for $185, one-hundred sixty acres of land in Concord Township, Bureau County, from John & Hannah Dodge, who had received their title to the land by Patent from the United States of America. This land laid about eleven mile west and two miles south of their Dover Township farm. Walter was not able to move his family to this land before he died seventeen months later [10,12].
Their youngest daughter, Fanny Susan, was born to Walter and Susan, at the Dover Township farm, Nov 1851 [3, 27].
Walter W. Kinnick died at the farm in Dover township 28 Feb 1853, at the age of 43 [1]. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet, IL, beside his first son, John S. When their father died, Joseph was age 14, Walter Watson, 13, Catherine, 11, Jacob, 7, Maggie, 3, and Fanny Susan, one year [3]. The children received their educations in Princeton [1].
The two older daughters married during the two years following their father's death. Mary E., age 18, in about 1853, married George W. Harrison [5]. They had two daughters, Evaline (b. 1854, m. Frank Hornby 22 Jan 1876) and Mary A. (b. 9 Nov 1856, d. 12 Apr 1880, age 23+). We know little more about either Mary E. or George W. except that they had apparently both died by the end of 1869 (when the land in Concord County was divided) [10]. (They probably died between late 1856 - child born - and the 1860 census - children living with their grandmother, Susan.)
Sarah Ann, age 18, married Thomas Richmond 11 Feb 1854 [3, 6,19]. They farmed and raised their family in Concord Township, in the mile south of the Kinnick land. Their first daughter, Almira, was born late in 1854 [17]. Their first son, William, was born 11 Jun 1857, but died 19 Mar 1858. He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet [18].
Susan did not remarry until 20 Mar 1859, at age 50, to Ephraim Yarrington, age 57 [5]. Her daughter, Catherine, had married John T. Fletcher on 18 Mar 1859 [5]. The other children, at this time, were, respectively, Joseph, 20, Walter, 19, Jacob 13, Maggie, 9, and Fanny Susan, 7. Joseph married Rachel Mercer on 26 Feb 1860. They are listed in the household with Susan and Ephraim in the 1860 census of Dover Township [3].
Joseph Kinnick became indebted to Ephraim Yarrington for $300 on 3 Jan 1861 on mortgage of land [13]. Further, on 14 Sep 1861, Thomas and Sarah Ann Richmond sold their interest (actually one-eighth interest) in the 160 acres (purchased by the older Walter, but left to the eight children when he died) to Joseph Kinnick for $115 [14].
In addition, at the time of the 1860 census, Evaline, age 6, and Mary A., age 2, are also included in the household of Susan and Ephraim. The were her grandchildren and their last names were Harrison, of course, although not so listed on the census [3, 6].
Walter Watson, age 20 at the time, enlisted 14 Apr 1861 at Tiskilwa in Co. I, 12th Illinois Infantry, part of the Union service. When he came home on furlough, he married Mary Estelle Simmons, of Tiskilwa, on 6 Feb 1862 [5]. While still at home from the war(apparently), Walter and Mary, on 15 Jun 1862, sold their interest in the 160 acres (Walter's one-eighth) to Thomas Richmond for $115 [15].
Walter re-enlisted 10 Aug 1862 in Co. D, Seventh Regiment, Kansas Volunteers, Cavalry [8](not 5 Regiment as reported in [7]). He took his bride with him to Corinth, MS, where she acted as nurse for troops in camp there [7]. He was discharged 2 Dec 1864 from St. Louis, MO [7,8].
On 18 Aug 1861, Joseph enlisted in Company D, Seventh Regiment, Kansas Volunteers, Cavalry. He served until being mustered out at St. Louis, MO, 10 Mar 1865 [8].
When Walter married Mary and went to fight in the Civil War, in 1862, this left at home with their mother (and her husband, Ephraim) only Jacob, now age 16, Maggie, 11, and Fanny Susan, 10.
Jacob James Kinnick enlisted Oct 1864, age 18, in Co. H, One Hundred and Forty sixth Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, as a private. During his (months) at the front, he saw arduous service. He was honorably discharged 8 Jul 1865, age 19, and returned to Bureau County where he farmed for many years [1].
Jacob married Hattie VanDram on 25 Nov 1867 [5]. They were divorced in early 1872 [9], no children. On 28 Apr 1872 he married Fannie Fletcher, a sister of John T. Fletcher (Jacob's sister Catharine's husband) [5].
Meanwhile, during the 1860s, more grandchildren were being born. Thomas and Sarah Ann Richmond had a daughter, Sarah Ann, in 1860, another daughter, Laura Altha, in 1862, a third daughter, Frances Belle, in 1865, and, then, two sons, John W. in 1867 and Aaron I. in 1869. Their last child, Frank E., was born 4 Nov 1872 and died 26 Aug 1874. He was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet [17,18].
Catharine and John T. Fletcher were the parents of two daughters and two sons born during the 1860s: Susie E., born 28 Mar 1862, Fannie E., born in early 1863, John T, born in 1865, and James W. born in 1867 [18, 20].
Walter and Mary began their family, all born in Buda, where Walter was in business, with a son, Joseph Erastus, born 13 Nov 1864 (born while Walter was still in military service), and then had three daughters born in the 1860s: Nora E (b. 4 Jan 1866, d. 10 Feb 1866), Emma Estella (b. 9 Dec 1866), and Margaret (b. 7 Dec 1868) [24].
Joseph and Rachel also had their first four children born during the 1860s, two daughters and then two sons: Amanda Elenora (b. 23 Nov 1860), Margaret Susana (Maggie) (b. 5 Jan 1863), William Walter (b. 15 Mar 1866), and John Leach Cook (b. 22 Mar 1868) [25].
In November and December of 1869, Joseph petitioned the Chancery Court for a partition of the one hundred sixty acres left by his father. Susan Kinnick did not contest the division based on her rights of dower, but, rather, reached an agreement with the other parties to the case. In essence, Joseph retained the five-eighths he claimed (his own, and those originally owned by Sarah, Jacob, Margaret (Maggie), and Susan), and one-eighth each by Catherine, one-eighth by Thomas Richmond (obtained from Walter) and one-eighth by the two Harrison children (granddaughters of the older Walter). It appears that a part of the agreement was that Susan, the widow, would continue to live on the portion of the land owned by the Harrison children, perhaps a life estate interest [10]. (Details still being sought and analyzed).
Ephraim Yarrington died 24 February 1870, age 68 [21]. Susan was age 61, with Maggie, age 20, and Fanny Susan, age 19, still at home. It can be presumed that Evaline Harrison, age 16 and Mary A. Harrison, age 12, were still in the home, also. Maggie married Jacob Wise/Weise about a year and a half later, in September 1871 [5]. Eveline married Frank Hornby 22 Jan 1876. Fanny Susan married William Eugene (Gene) Lyon, in Buda, on 30 Dec 1879. Mary A. Harrison died 12 Apr 1880, age 23, cause unknown.
In the 1880 census, Susan Kinnick, age 71, lived with Jacob and Fannie Kinnick, along with Fannie's mother, Susan Fetcher, age 82, and a 16 year old niece of Jacob, Lovina Weeden, going to school [20]. Susan lived to see many more grandchildren, before her death in 1884.
Joseph and Rachel were the parents of Mary Eppenetes (Mate) born 23 May 1870 [25]. Later, they moved to Iowa where their last three children were born: Joseph (b. 1 May 1874, Madison Co), Jessie H. (B. 5 Apr 1875, Madison Co), and George Butler (2 Aug 1878, Adair Co) [25].
Walter and Mary were in Stuart, Adair Co, Iowa, for a year, at the time of the birth of Alonzo Palmer Kinnick (b. 2 Nov 1870, my great-grandfather) [24, 26]. George Walter was born 18 Sep 1872, in Mendon, Missouri, where they lived for three years [24, 26]. Two sons and three daughters were born back in Buda, Bureau Co, during Susan's lifetime: Ira Odell (b. 20 Jul 1874), Katherine Susan (Katie) (b. 22 Feb 1876), Fanny Alice (b. 13 Mar 1878), John (b. 6 Nov 1880, d. 18 Nov 1881), and Mary Etta (b. 17 May 1885). Their youngest child, Gracie Irene, was born 30 Oct 1887 [24].
Catharine and John T. Fletcher had a daughter, Edna E., born 6 Nov 1869. Four more Fletcher children were born during the 1870s, all sons: Royal W. (b. 3 Oct 1872), Ora L. (b. 20 Oct 1874), Samuel Clinton (b. 19 Jan 1877), and Frank William (b. 9 Dec 1878) [20]. Nellie E. (b. 19 Dec 1880) and Clark Eugene (b. 6 May 1883) were born in Bureau County before the family moved to Iowa in 1884.
Margaret (Maggie) and Jacob Weise were the parents of two sons, Harry (b. 22 Sep 1872) and Roy (b. 12 Aug 1881) [6, 22].
Susan died 27 Sep 1884, 75y, 4m, 25d. She is buried beside her husband, Walter, at Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet, Bureau Co, Illinois [4]. She was survived by three sons (Joseph, Walter, and Jacob) and four daughters (Sarah Ann, Catharine, Maggie and Fanny) and numerous grandchildren. In 1877 she was reported affiliated with the United Brethern [23].

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Part Two

Walter and Susan Kinnick Family
(through grandchildren only here)

Written June 1, 1996
(much new updated information available)

Walter W. Kinnick, son of John and Mary KINNICK, was b. 11 Feb 1810 in Maryland; d. 28 Feb 1853 in Bureau Co, IL, and buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet, IL. He married Susan SCHWYHART in Ohio in about 1835. She was b. 2 May 1809 in Pennsylvania and d. 27 Sep 1884 in Bureau Co, IL, at age 75, and buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet, IL. Six of their children were b. in Ohio then they moved to Bureau Co, IL, where three more children were born.

Children of Walter and Susan KINNICK

B 2 JOHN S. KINNICK, b.14 Sep 1834, OH.
B 3 MARY E. KINNICK, b. 1835, OH.
B 4 SARAH ANN KINNICK, b. Apr 1836, OH.
B 5 JOSEPH KINNICK, b. 9 Mar 1839, Belmont Co, OH.
B 6 WALTER WATSON KINNICK, b. 11 NOV 1840, Belmont Co, OH.
B 7 CATHARINE KINNICK, b. 20 Apr 1842, OH.
B 8 JACOB JAMES KINNICK, B. 4 Jan 1846, Bureau Co, IL.
B 9 MARGARET KINNICK, b. 2 Feb 1851, Bureau Co, IL.
B 10 FANNY SUSAN KINNICK, b. Nov 1851, Bureau Co, IL.

B 2 JOHN S. KINNICK, b.14 Sep 1834, Ohio. He d. 5 Jun 1851 on the farm in Dover Twp, Bureau Co, IL, at age 16, cause of death unknown, buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Wyanet, IL.

B 3 MARY E. KINNICK, b. 1835, OH; m. George W. HARRISON

Children of George and Mary HARRISON:

C 11 i Eveline HARRISON (much new updated information available), b. 21 Dec 1854, Wyanet, Bureau Co, IL; m. Francis (Frank) HORNBY 22 Jan 1876, IL; d. 2 Jan 1934, at home, Estherville, Emmet Co, IA.

C 12 ii Mary A. HARRISON, b. 9 Nov 1856, Bureau Co, IL; d. 12 Apr 1880.

B 4 SARAH ANN KINNICK (much new updated information available), b. Apr 1836, OH; m. Thomas RICHMOND (b. 1835, probably Canada, d. abt 1910) 11 Feb 1854, Bureau Co, IL (divorced); d. abt 1914. (Some detail on this family now on line.)

Children of Thomas and Sarah RICHMOND:

C 13 i Almira RICHMOND, b. 1854; m. Delos LAY; d. abt 1918.

C 14 ii William RICHMOND, b. 11 Jun 1857; d. 19 Mar 1858.

C 15 iii Sarah RICHMOND, b. 1860, MO; m. John HACKETT; d. abt 1935.

C 16 iv Laura RICHMOND, b. 1862; m. France Norton SCOTT; d. abt 1905.

C 17 v Frances Belle RICHMOND, b. 1865; m. George DINGMAN; d. abt 1895.

C 18 vi John W. RICHMOND, b. Nov 1867, IL; m. Lydia Ann II HALL; d. abt 1939.

C 19 vii Aaron I. RICHMOND, b. Dec 1869; m. Evelyne May HACKETT; d. abt 1923.

C 20 viii Frank E. RICHMOND, b. 4 Nov 1872; d. 26 Aug 1874.

B 5 JOSEPH KINNICK (much new updated information available), B. 9 Mar 1839, Belmont Co, OH; m. Rachel Ann MERCER (b. 15 Mar 1839, Harrison Co, OH; d. aft 1917) 29 FEb 1860, Bureau Co, IL; d. 24 Sep 1917, Park City, Stillwater Co, MT.
(Some detail on this family now on-line.)

Children of Joseph and Rachel KINNICK:

C 21 i Amanda Elenora KINNICK, b. 23 Nov 1860, Bureau Co, IL; d. abt 1897.

C 22 ii Margaret Susana (Maggie) KINNICK, b. 5 Jan 1863, Bureau Co, IL; m. William H. (Bill) EDICK 13 Apr 1882, Greenfield, Adair Co, IA.

C 23 iii William Walter KINNICK, b. 15 Mar 1866, Bureau Co, IL; d. 17 Apr 1946.

C 24 iv John Leach Cook KINNICK, b. 22 Mar 1868, near Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Ida Elizabeth (Lizzie) MCAFERTY 25 Sep 1890, Billings, Yellowstone Co, MT; d. 7 May 1935, Laurel, Stillwater Co, MT. (Some detail on this family now on-line)

C 25 v Mary Eppenetes KINNICK, b. 23 May 1870, Bureau Co, IL; m. "Lute" JONES.

C 26 vi Joseph KINNICK, b. 1 May 1874, Madison Co, IA; d. bef 1923.

C 27 vii Jessie H. KINNICK, b. 5 Apr 1875, Madison Co, IA; d. bef 1923.

C 28 viii George Butler KINNICK, b. 2 Aug 1876, Adair Co, IA; m. Belle.

B 6 WALTER WATSON KINNICK (much new updated information available), B. 11 Nov 1840, Belmont Co, OH; m. Mary Estelle SIMMONS (b. 8 Aug 1843, Bureau Co, IL; d. 10 Jan 1909, Will Carper home, Buda, Bureau Co, IL) 6 Feb 1862; d. 10 Mar 1919, Buda, IL.

Chldren of Walter and Mary KINNICK:

C 29 i Joseph Erastus KINNICK, b. 13 Nov 1864, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 27 Jul 1925.

C 30 ii Nora E. KINNICK, b. 4 Jan 1866, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 10 Feb 1866, Buda, Bureau Co, IL.

C 31 iii Emma Estella KINNICK, b. 9 Dec 1866, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. William S. (Will) CARPER Jan 1894, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 4 Mar 1935.

C 32 iv Margaret Ann (Maggie) KINNICK, b. 7 Dec 1868, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Lee BREWER Jan 1891, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 10 Feb 1920, Buda, Bureau Co, IL.

C 33 v Alonzo Palmer KINNICK, b. 2 Nov 1870, Stuart, Adair Co, IA; m. Margaret Jeanette (Nettie) WILLIAMS 6 Jul 1891, Carroll, Carroll Co, IA; d. 27 Feb 1923, Coon Rapids, Carroll Co, IA.

C 34 vi George Walter KINNICK, b. 18 Sep 1872, Mendon, MO; d. 18 Dec 1942.

C 35 vii Ira Odell KINNICK, b. 20 Jul 1874, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Delda Mae MCCOY; d. WY.

C 36 viii Katherine Susan (Katie) KINNICK, b. 22 Feb 1876, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Levi HAMRICK 26 Jun 1895, Kinnick home, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 20 Jan 1929, Greeley, CO.

C 37 ix Fannie Alice KINNICK, 13 Mar 1878, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 26 May 1894, parent's home, Buda, Bureau Co, IL.

C 38 x John KINNICK, b. 6 Nov 1880, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 18 Nov 1881, Buda, Bureau Co, IL.

C 39 xi Mary Etta KINNICK, b. 17 May 1885, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Simon Garfield (Garfield) HORTON 31 Dec 1902, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 6 Dec 1939.

C 40 xii Gracie Irene KINNICK, b. 30 Oct 1887, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. John SEYLLER Jan 1907, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; d. 29 Dec 1945.

B 7 CATHERINE KINNICK (much new updated information available, also, See more on this family), b. 20 Apr 1842, OH; m. John Thomas FLETCHER (b. 14 Mar 1833, VA; d. 22 Jan 1920, Washington Co, IA) Mar 1859, Bureau Co, IL; d. 30 Mar 1927, Washington Co, IA.(See pictures)

C 41 i Fannie E. FLETCHER, b. 21 Jul 1860, IL; m. John E. WILLIAMS 28 Feb 1888, Washington Co, IA; d. 30 Jan 1930.

C 42 ii Susie E. FLETCHER, b. 29 May 1862, IL; d. 25 Feb 1879, Bureau Co, IL.

C 43 iii John Townsend (Jack) FLETCHER, b. 28 Nov 1863, near Sheffield, Concord Twp, Bureau Co, IL; m. Carrie May WHYTE 3 Oct 1888, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA; d. 30 Jun 1931, at home, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA.

C 44 iv James W. FLETCHER, b. 9 Feb 1866, Bureau Co, IL; d. 18 Mar 1951, University Hospital, Iowa City, Johnson Co, IA.

C 45 v Edna E. FLETCHER, b. 6 Nov 1869, IL; m. Frank HULL 25 Jan 1893, IA; d. 28 Oct 1946, County Hospital, Washington, Washington Co, IA.

C 46 vi Royal W. FLETCHER, b. 3 Oct 1872, Sheffield, IL; m. Alice GRIFFITHS 18 Jun 1891, Washington Co, IL; d. Dec 1948.

C 47 vii Ora Laton FLETCHER, b. 20 Oct 1874, Hickory Grove, Bureau Co, IL; m. Rose Ella HALL 19 Dec 1900; d. 29 Jul 1937, Gold Twp, Bureau Co, IL.

C 48 viii Samuel Clinton (Clint) FLETCHER, b. 19 Jan 1877, Bureau Co, IL; m. Delia Anna HULL 19 Dec 1900, Muscatine, IA; d. 22 Oct 1953, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA.

C 49 ix Frank William FLETCHER, b. 9 Dec 1878, Bureau Co, IL; m. Jessie Luella MITCHELL 6 Feb 1907, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IL; d. 5 Mar 1955, University Hospital, Iowa City, Johnson Co, IA.

C 50 x Nellie E. FLETCHER, b. 19 Dec 1880, Bureau Co, IL; d. 16 Feb 1966.

C 51 xi Clark Eugene FLETCHER, b. 6 May 1883, Bureau Co, IL; m. Mame CHERRYHOLMES; d. 16 Feb 1966.

C 52 xii Grace A. FLETCHER, b. 14 Dec 1887, near Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA; d. 13 Sep 1971, Rest Haven Nursing Home, Mt. Pleasant, IA.

B 8 JACOB JAMES KINNICK (much new updated information available), b. 4 Jan 1846, Bureau Co, IL; 1m. Hattie VANDRAM (divorced 1872); 2m. Fanny FLETCHER (b. 1832, d. 1920) 28 Apr 1872, Bureau Co, IL; d. 6 Mar 1923, Wyanet, Bureau Co, IL; no children by either marriage. (See Jacob and Fanny gravestones in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Wyanet, Bureau Co, IL).

B 9 MARGARET (Maggie) KINNICK (much new updated information available), b. 1850, Bureau Co, IL.; m. Jacob E. WEISE/WISE (b. 6 Jun 1845, German Valley, NJ, d.10 Mar 1911) 7 Sep 1871; d. 19 Feb 1903;

Children of Jacob and Maggie WEISE:

C 53 i Harry E. WEISE, b. 22 Sep 1872, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Ella Adell MARTIN 24 Dec 1899, Harvey, IL.

C 54 ii Roy E. WEISE, b. 12 Aug 1881, Buda, Bureau Co, IL; m. Lucy Elize WHITTEN (b. 4 Jul 1883, Wyanet, Bureau Co, IL; d. 15 Feb 1957, Harvey, IL) 25 Mar 1903, Buda, IL; d. 15 Feb 1957, Harvey, IL.

B 10 FANNY SUSAN KINNICK , b. Nov 1851, Bureau Co, IL. m. 30 Dec 1879, William Eugene LYON (b. May1851, OH); lived in Ness County, Kansas, in 1923, no children.

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Full Name Index

CARPER, William S. (Will)
EDICK, William H. (Bill)
FLETCHER, Clark Eugene
FLETCHER, Frank William
FLETCHER, John Thomas
FLETCHER, John Townsend (Jack)
FLETCHER, Samuel Clinton (Clint)
HACKETT, Evelyne May
HALL, Lydia Ann II
HALL, Rose Ella
HORNBY, Francis (Frank)
HULL, Delia Anna
HULL, Frank
JONES, "Lute"
KINNICK, Alonzo Palmer
KINNICK, Amanda Elenora
KINNICK, Catherine
KINNICK, Emma Estella
KINNICK, Fanny Alice
KINNICK, Fanny Susan
KINNICK, George Butler
KINNICK, George Walter
KINNICK, Gracie Irene
KINNICK, Ira Odell
KINNICK, Jacob James
KINNICK, John Leach Cook
KINNICK, Jessie H.
KINNICK, Joseph Erastus
KINNICK, Katherine Susan (Katie)
KINNICK, Margaret
KINNICK, Margaret Susana (Maggie)
KINNICK, Mary Eppenetes
KINNICK, Mary Etta
KINNICK, Sarah Ann
KINNICK, Walter W.
KINNICK, Walter Watson
KINNICK, William Walter
LAY, Delos
LYON, William Eugene
MARTIN, Ella Adell
MCAFERTY, Ida Elizabeth (Lizzie)
MCCOY, Delda Mae
MERCER, Rachel Ann
MITCHELL, Jessie Luella
SCOTT, Franc Norton
SIMMONS, Mary Estelle
WEISE, Harry
WHITTEN, Lucy Elize
WILLIAMS, Margaret Jeanette (Nettie)
WYHTE, Carrie May

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This page created 31 Jan 1998. Last updated 30 Apr 2000, by William L. (Bill) Smith.


About the compiler

William L. SMITH, Ph.D., is the son of the late Delbert Leverne SMITH and Mary Eileen KINNICK SMITH OLSON. Dr. Smith received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Iowa State University, his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Accounting from Drake University, and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Management from the University of Arizona. He also holds an Iowa certification as a Certified Public Accountant, not in practice.
Dr. Smith served as a personal assistant to Iowa Governor Robert D. Ray and as Deputy Commissioner of the Iowa Department of Social Services. He and his wife, Nancy, owned and operated a nationally franchised accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses for a number of years, first in Iowa and then in Arizona. Dr. Smith is currently on the management faculty of the School of Business at Emporia State University.
Bill and Nancy are members of several county Genealogical Societies around the nation and visit local libraries wherever their travels take them to acquire that one more bit of family history information that will fill in a gap in one of the many lines they are working on at the time.

Dr. Smith also serves as Director of the Center for Business and Economic Development, the outreach arm of the School of Business at Emporia State University. He invites you to visit the Web site for the Center at:

Electronic messages can be sent to:

[email protected]

Fax messages can be sent to Dr. Smith at 316-343-7989 or phone messages can be left, 24 hours, at 316-341-5729. Your comments are welcomed.

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