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This Project is dedicated to the collection of information on the Kinnick family in the world, who ever and where ever they may be.

Our first goal is to locate and contact
each and every Kinnick descendant by the year 2003 -
it is not that far away.

Our second goal of the Project is to produce a new publication of the family history of the Kinnick family by the year 2003, the 50th anniversary of the publication of



Descendants of

John Kinnick and Ann Kinnick

of Davie County, North Carolina


A reprint of this book can be purchased from Higginson Book Company, Salem, MA.

Over fifty persons have already contributed directly to this project which is being coordinated and compiled by William L. Smith, Ph.D. The current sponsor of the Project is Vision to Action Publishing and Consulting. Others are welcome. Contact Information.


Our third goal of The Kinnick Project is to identify as many living Kinnick relatives as possible and include them in the project. We start with the surname Kinnick.

Following is a tabulation of current best information:

There are about 230 Kinnicks listed in telephone books (per
Switchboard) and 182 (as of 1 Sep 2001) listed in Social Security records (deceased, received benefits), for instance. We are aware of two major family branches, both originating in Maryland about the time of the Revolution, presumably from the same ancestors (yet to be definitely established). One branch went to North Carolina, then to Indiana (as well as Tennesse, Arkansas, etc). The other branch moved to Ohio, then to Illinois, to Iowa and others places. Both had several families in Montana, for example, around 1900.

There are probably Kinnicks not affiliated with either branch. I would love to hear from you! Most descendants are not named Kinnick, of course. My mother was a Kinnick, for instance. The Progress Reports do each have a Surname List where every surname in the report is included. There are at least a couple hundred, already. Check back regularly. This Web site will grow...with your help.

Kinnick Mailing List

There is now a KINNICK Mailing List, Kinnick-L, which will automatically send a message to all active Internet Kinnick researchers. Instruction for use and free subscription information is available at KINNICK Mailing List.

Kinnick Surname Message Board

The KINNICK Surname Message Board at the combined Rootsweb and can be posted automatically by any of us, which is then indexed and available to a global search capability to new researchers coming on line. It is in the free area of but you may be asked to use a user id and password of privacy and security reasons. If you have an existing user id and password, you may use them. (Updated June 2001)

Find the KINNICK Surname Message Board here, with a click.

Contact information:

The KINNICK Project, c/o William L. Smith
P.O. Box 2003, Emporia, KS 66801
Phone (24 hour answering): 620-343-7989 (V to A), fax OK, also (same number).
[email protected] (Bill at work)
[email protected] (for genealogy work)
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Questions are welcomed. We strongly believe in sharing information. Copies of the Progress Reports are provided to local Public Libraries for free access and copying at normal costs at the library. Please send corrections, updates, comments and additional information on the family at any time.
Progress Reports are no longer for sale. They have all being loaded onto web servers, where they will be freely accessible by anyone around the world. Bill

Check out RootsWeb WorldConnect

Go to WorldConnect and Search Online, enter your favorite Kinnick family name to see it The Kinnick Project has it on record. If it does not come up under either smithwil, kinnickind or brightwellMD (for the very early years), please send an email to Bill Smith, to let me know!

Thank you!



A Brief Background on the KINNICKs in America

We are building two major sets of descendancies for the Kinnicks. They are based on what we now know of the early Kinnick families in the United States.

One descendancy is for
John and Ann Kinnick, who moved to North Carolina from Maryland in about 1795. Much of this branch of the family moved to Indiana in the 1820 to 1850 period (David's family moved to Tenn, of course). One of the largest families was that of George and his wife, Hannah. Several large families all had many children who lived to adulthood and also had large families. We have many people working of various lines. Let us hear from you. What line are you working on?

The other descendancy we work on is
John and Mary Kinnick. They moved from Maryland to Belmont Co, OH, in about 1820. They had one son, Walter W. Kinnick, b. 1803, who married Susan Schwyhart. They moved to Bureau Co, IL, in 1844. There were five sisters that married Dallas, Tracy, Lowery, Triplett and Bufkins. The Dallas and Tracys stayed in OH. The Lowerys and Bufkins moved to Henry Co, IN. Mary Kinnick married James Triplett and they moved to Monmouth, IL.

In June 2001, I have added the
brightwellMD database to WorldConnect which represents the research to date on connecting the early Kinnicks, William and Jasper. We now believe them to have been sons of Jasper Kinnick and Elizabeth Brightwell. Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Brightwell, a member of the landed gentry of early colonial Maryland, and a county officer at the founding of Prince George's county in 1696. For 20+ years he served as Captain of the Horse Rangers who patrolled (ranged) the land from the Potomac to the Putuxent River for Indian activity. He patented and developed several plantations in the 1690s.

In August 2001, we visited Maryland and spent most of our time learning in great detail the historical Colonial Maryland background of our Kinnick ancestors. This is posted as part of the The KINNICK 2003 Genealogy Book on line.

More details will be added as time permits.

Bill Smith, originated 23 Feb 1999, updated 4 Sep 2001

Progress Report Directory - these have been loaded onto web pages. We believe the greatest good will be accomplished by making our research available to every interested person in the world - at no additional cost - via the Internet.

1. "A Profile of the Walter and Susan Kinnick Family from the mid-1840s thru 1884, in Illinois." Prepared in June, 1996. On file at: Public Library in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois, and, Crawfordsville, Washington County, Iowa, also, the Wyanet Historical Society, Wyanet, Illinois.

2. "The Fletcher-Kinnick Connection: Bureau Co, Illinois, and Washington County, Iowa, 1850s to the present." Prepared in June, 1996. On file at: Public Library in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois, and, Crawfordsville, Washington County, Iowa, also, the Wyanet Historical Society, Wyanet, Illinois.

3. (in draft only) "A Profile of the Joseph Schwyhart Family in Ohio in the 1800s" As of July, 1996.

4. (in draft only) "Early Kinnicks in America - revisited" As of July, 1996.

5. (in draft only) "The Joseph Kinnick Family Moves West: Ohio to Illinois to Iowa to Montana: 1839 to the present" As of December, 1997.


Surname Index for Progress Reports

Check the Sketches, for latest additions.

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This page originally created on July 19, 1996. Last updated 4 Sep 2001. Maintained by William L. Smith thru [email protected]

What's New?

1 Jul 2001:

Posted a Decade by Decade Timeline of Maryland, 1630s to 1790s, with events relative to the study of earliest Kinnick family members - see What's New in KINNICK 2003 GENEALOGY BOOK .

30 Jun 2001:

Updated Message Board information and early family research information, along with some minor layout adjustments. Several new reports nearing completion.


13 Jun 2001:

A lot has happened in the past year, even if it isn't recorded here. Can't believe the year has gone by so quickly. Many families have been entered into the KINNICK 2003 GENEALOGY BOOK which progresses, slowly. The WorldConnect databases have grown. Each will be reloaded in the next month or so. Will make notation here when that is done. The primary research efforts in the last six months have been to supply the missing links in the family in Maryland in the 17th and 18th centuries. This analysis and new research will be available by the end of this summer. Bill

16 Jun 2000:

Began creation of the Rootsweb Internet Site for the KINNICK 2003 GENEALOGY BOOK data collection.
Added Higginson Book Company notation to 1953 Kinnick Book info.

15 Apr 2000:

Added link to WorldConnect where entire list of Kinnick family names on file with The Kinnick Project are available for review. These are the GEDCOM files from my PAF computer program. Please let me know if all your family is not listed!

5 Dec 1999:

Robert Hayden KINNICK Family Page added

August 1999:

New Pages posted at RootsWeb site: TheKINNICK Family Resource Page(s) include Descendancies of John and Mary and John and Ann - with links to current family detailed web pages of which I am aware. Please make suggestions for additional links, please!

In addition, I have included a page for research on some the families of Kennick, Kimmick and others that are close variations, to see if there is a connection to the two branches above, and/or if they can aid us in better discovering our earlier roots.

This site also has The SCHWYHART Family Resource Page, for those interestedin that line.
22 Aug 1999


New Page: John and Catherine KINNICK EASTBURN Family
21 Aug 1999 - with link on
Early Kinnicks - John and Ann Kinnick

Added W. B. Kinnick Historical Sketch to Richard and William Kinnick page
20 Aug 1999

New Page: John Thomas Kinnick Family
19 Aug 1999 - with link on
Richard and William Kinnick page

Added considerable detail to this section


July 1999:

The William Walter Kinnick Family Story
20 Jul 1999


June 1999:

The Alonzo Kinnick Family In Iowa
1870 to the present

29 June 1999

daughters of Walter Watson and Mary Estella (SIMMONS) KINNICK
6 Jun 1999

Walter Watson and Mary Estella (SIMMONS) KINNICK Family
5 Jun 1999

George H. Kinnick Family
2 Jun 1999

Home page reformated


March 1999:

List of KINNICK researchers added.
Additions to
Sketches and GenConnect Boards in the last week.

Two sons and two daughters families in Iowa
(Children of John and Sarah Ellen (MOCK) KINNICK)
18 Mar 1999

John Wishard Kinnick Family
14 Mar 1999

Sarah KINNICK, m. John B. SHEEK family
13 Mar 1999

Richard and William Kinnick Families in Lawrence Co, IN
12 Mar 1999


February 99:

1. There is now a KINNICK Mailing List, Kinnick-L, which will automatically send a message to all active Internet Kinnick researchers. Instruction for use and free subscription information is available at KINNICK Mailing List.

2. We now have KINNICK surname GenConnect Boards from Rootsweb where family information can be posted automatically by any of us, which is then indexed and available to a global search capability to new researchers coming on line. (We have about one a week, it seems, since the first of the year - have you noticed, the first thing we each do with a search is type in our names!! ;-) - well, now we can increase our availability of being found.)
Find the
KINNICK GenConnect Boards here, with a click.

Send comments, questions and information to the
contact listed below.
Thanks to those of you who have sent comments or questions recently. Keep them coming.

Sketches of family tree "twigs and branches" are being added weekly as more people get in touch with us and our own research proceeds. Family members are coming on-line regularly. Welcome aboard!

See the new
Tribute to Nile C. Kinnick, Jr., our most famous KINNICK.

There are still a lot of Kinnicks, and near Kinnicks, like myself (my mother is a Kinnick by birth), that we have not heard from yet. It really is helpful if you mention the Kinnick names you are related to: father or mother's name, grandparent' names, and great-grandfather's name, for instance. Sharing is free to us all. We are all part of the same big family.

Much of the research on this family is now available - free - on the Internet.
See below.

Bill Smith, Project Coordinator - 23 Feb 1999

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