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Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 51

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 51 – Dec 13-20

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936


Max made the sweetest bride.

Pete & his cigar.



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Monday, Dec 14

[inserted at top: (What then?)]

Real swell day out but were the cole sores ever awful! Brought V-8 in because Dad had a sale. Went to Doctor. My throat is all swollen. Fever blisters & my gland. Feel pretty tough. Mom had a grand birthday dinner for me. (Cream pie). Made jacket for plaid dress. Got new pajamas & Aladdin lamp. Listened to Jean Harlow & Robert Taylor in “Madame Sans – Gene.” Really good. Pete's gloves came. Doing dishes at 9:30. Felt 10 yrs older!

SEE: Product detail: Alladin lamp

1936 Alladin kerosene lamb


Tuesday, Dec 15

Still quite warm but not as nice as yesterday. Sewed on jacket here at store in morning. Edna & Robert, & Dick S. in town. Edna went out home to dinner with me. Studied shorthand in pm. Mom finished jacket, washed it & I ironed it after I got home from work. Folks went to Bank Nite. I read & waited for Pete until 8:45. Rode around town. Our girls beat Manilla, Frenchy at Dance Hall but I didn't think I had better go so we parked car down at hall & listened & watched them for quite awhile. To heck with cold sores. Ignored them tonite.


Wednesday, Dec 16

Real dark day but not so cold. Curled & washed my hair before I came to work. Sat by fire in big chair reading Red Book. Subscribed to it. Pete came in for a little while about Noon. Decided I'd better go out with Lunds. Elmer, Don A., Orville & I went to wedding in Orville's car. Sat with Norma & Julia. Everyone looked so nice. Max made the sweetest bride. Black & tan dress, black hat & accessories. To wedding dinner & chivari afterwards. Had a keen time. Pete & his cigar. He really did look swell. Flower in lapel & everything. “Tell them we're chivariing them.” Pete bro't me home after we did dishes. 11:00. “Witch Hazel”

SEE: Magazine details: Red Book [v67 #5, September 1936] has contents:

Max and Orrin at 50th Anniversary of this wedding day!


Thursday, Dec 17

Finished Red Book story & started Laddie. Mr Van came at 11:00. He sat and talked for an hour – about flue siege and appendicitis. Busted the orange crate that he was sitting on. Got some good salve for my cold sores. Takes the seaks off. Had short letter from Opie & wrote one to here. Started reading Laddie. Kenny Beebe & Lela Mt. rode home with us. At nite listened to radio & helped Mom with her order. Mr. V

[no more, but, stuff written over at an angle… don't know what it is]


Friday, Dec 18

Colder out & started snowing about 11:00. Spent nearly all morning cleaning the store & Charley's quarter. Had letter from & wrote to Fritz. “Old woman is surely picking a big goose today.” Charlie. Read “Laddie” in pm. Pete, Leo, Edith & Buzzy here alternately during pm. Charley said he'd recommend me to a boy now, after he found out I could keep things clean – In walked the boy friend.

Leo went home with Charlie, I mailed packages & Buzz & I took V-8 home. Dad stayed in due to sale. I did separator & dishes & Mom knit on Edith's sweater. Listened to 1st nighters & went to bed early.


Saturday, Dec 19

Kind of a gloomy day but not very cold. Had Xmas card and letter from Sandy . Surely very nice. Figured up Garst's tickets, wrote letter & wrote in diary. Got cake cover for Mom. Cleaned house. Washed & set my hair. At nite Bussy & I to town. Bussy to show. I shopped, talked to Norma & Edith & we went home at 9:30. Got myself new print dress.


Sunday, Dec 20

Slept quite late. Got ready to go to Toots'. Pete came at 10:30. Wore my print dress. Took along skirt & sweaters. Went in Don's car. Norma & I got dinner: ham, potatoes, gravy, corn, beans, choc cake, cherries. Had more fun “Don dusting off the chairs.” More fun. At Smith's for supper & then to show “One Way Passage.” Hero & heroine were both killed Quite good. Home about 11:00.

SEE: Movie detail: "One Way Passage"



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