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Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 48

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 48 – Nov 23-29

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936


Thanksgiving Week



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Monday, Nov 23

Snowing out & colder. Had good warm fire & that & little sleep last nite made me want to sleep today. 3 people caught me napping in big chair. Norma here in pm awhile. Brought in V-8. Dad had Hooker sale. Norma wanted me to go up to nite school with her & Lund 's wanted me to go out to Ethel Bett's school program with them but I had back ache & was sleepy so I stayed home. Listened to Lux Theatre “Life of Louis Pasteur” – really good. To bed at 9:00. Real cold out. Erna rode home from town with me. Paul in at the bakery wanted to know how my red headed boy was ? [later added (Pete) – and, Paul Graves) and (Hook Smith's baby born)]


Tuesday, Nov 24

Still cold but nite and sunny. Brought in V-8 – Dad has Jno. Smith's sale today. Terriblest wind blew all day long. Studied shorthand all day long. Had backache all day long. Took Behrens boy home – so terrible to walk. After supper Leo took me over to Lund 's & I went to Gray-Coon B.B. game with them. Girls lost 22-25. Boys won 18-19. Really were two good games. Home at 10:00.


Wednesday, Nov 25

Colder out but not nearly so windy. Studied shorthand all morning and afternoon. Dorothy T. and Edith in after school. Did shopping with Edith. Had to wait till nearly six for Dad to get ready to go home. Listened to Fred Allen. Leo & Bussie [added zz tails…] went to free show. Went to sleep on cot & missed hit parade.


Thursday, Nov 26

Slept late. Leo & Ida went to Robert's & folks to Rasmuses. I stayed home. Lund 's insisted that I come over there but I stayed home & cleaned whole down stairs. Scrubbed kitchen, dining room, pantry & windows. Ate cold dinner at 4:00. Ida & Leo there at supper time. Pete came at 7:00. Harold & Edith went to Carroll [shorthand sign for “with”] us & Vera & Elmer [shorthand sign for “with”] Don. “In Pete's feet,” “Hugging Orrin at nite.” [below: “Junior's spoon”]


Friday, Nov 27

A little bit sleepy. Terribly cold in here for awhile. Sat in big chair back by stove - studied shorthand. Mr. Vandaworker here all day. Dad at Carroll to Ferne's trial. Studied all afternoon. Dorothy Thomas here in pm. I took Chevy home at nite. Leo & Buzz dictated shorthand to me – Edith & I took car in to Dad at 9:00 & Ferne brought us back home. Heard 1st nighters & then [shorthand sign for “went”] to bed!

[later added: Ferne Emery? Chet “divorce?]


Saturday, Nov 28

Real nice out. Cleaned whole house in pm. Mom washed. Ironed kitchen curtains & several other things. At nite Dad took me in to store. Charley gone. Stayed till 10:30. Got new skirt. Kenny B. & Linc F. bo't me a dish of ice cream. Went home with Leo.


Sunday, Nov 29

Real nice out. Got up late. Took all morning to get work done up. Baked ice box cookies. Took bath after dinner. Took V-8 over to Ger's. To Evt's. boots – Got knitting stuff. Studied shthand. Took dictation. Pete & I to “To Mary – With Love” – Real swell. Bett's road. “Who used to do this for you?” Drove out to Pete's in V-8 & turned shock absorber Saw H. Hudson !

SEE: Movie detail: "To Mary - With Love"



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