Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 40

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 40 – Sept 28-Oct 4

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936

First dance with Pete, Sept 29.

First official date on Sunday nite.



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Monday, Sept 28

Went in to nite school at nite with Jean Kupka. Howard, Bussy, Leo went to the fair. Made yellow blouse during the day. Went to town & got new brown shoes & material. About 20 at nite school. Don't know whether to take it or not.


Tuesday, Sept 29

Finished making my yellow skirt. Ironed it & my jumper. Washed several things, getting ready for the dance. With Helen, Edith & Lenore. Saw women's exhibit & the animals. Leo came in & we went home early. At nite wore new blouse, met Edith, Lenore, Helen at Hmbgr. Shop. Went to dance. 1st one with Pete. Others, Squeak, with Carl, Orville, Bud, Dick, Elmer, strangers. To Café afterwards. Pete put me in the hi chair. Drank a coke. Norma, Don, Edith & Harold bro't me home. (With Inez awhile in p.m.)


Wednesday, Sept 30

Kinda tired all day. Dry cleaned my blue jacket & rust silk dress in morning. Pressed all of my clothes. In pm. Leo & I went in to town. With Edith, Helen & Lenore. Watched plane. (sp?) Real nice & warm. Cooled off a lot at nite. Dad, Howard, Leo & I went in. James McCuen got washing machine. Watched horse show & dance awhile. Went home early with folks. Squeak wanted me to come in & dance – No go!


Thursday, Oct 1 [– the date had fancy circle around it!]

[added later: (Drene & Dr. Ellis hair care)]

Did up work & then walked to town after Drene & Dr. Ellis. Quite cold. Fixed my hair, went to fair curled Dorothy Thomassa hair. With Edith, Norma, Lenore. Watched airplane & saw Bayard play. Home about 5:00. Louise's out here awhile. Leo & Howard & I went in at nite. Stopped for Helen J. Watched wedding & then went to the dance. Jack Everetts. Swell time. First & last dance with Pete. We took Grace & Betty home & then Pete bro't me home. Date Sunday nite. Rode between 46 & Sherbring's.


Friday, Oct 2

Tired all day. Cleaned upstairs & down. Moved bed back in. Washed my hair. Went to Bayard Ball game in pm. Bussy, Leo & Arnold & I went in V-8. Bayard beat 12-0. Our boys were spiritless. Did usual work at nite & went to bed at 8:30. Mom made 2 cakes.


Saturday, Oct 3

[added later – Lund 's produce station]

To work at Garst's at 8:00. Ate lunch at bank with Dad. Supper at Kitty's & Bertha's. Worked till 12:30. Over to Lund 's. Pete, Don, Elmer there. Sat in Lund 's car waiting to ride home with them. Elmer, Mrs. & Erna bro't me home about 1:00. Surely was tired.


Sunday, Oct 4

Slept ‘till 9:30. Washed out a few things, straightened up house & got dinner. Marian came out & had her hair fixed. Rained during day. Lil's & Del here. Curled my hair. Pete here at 7:30. Mom in bed. Dad wiped dishes. I had seen Coon show so we went to Carroll but it was full & we didn't go. Ball Park . Came home about 11:00. Wished my ring on till Christmas.




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