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Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 37

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 37 – Sept 7-13

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936



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Monday, Sept 7

Did sep. & dishes & then took Buzz to school. There till 10:00. Gerry rode up to school & down town with me. Leo's fever lower. He felt better. Got new o'alls. Got Carl Scott to shock for us. Dad home in pm. Labor Day. Riling binding our oats. Both men here for meals. Warm at nite. To bed early.

[added later: (Gerry – Geraldine Patrick – Ida Marie's cousin)]


Tuesday, Sept 8

Carl Scott here again. I went to meet him. Kenny Betts here after dinner. Dad in Carroll all day so I took Buzz to school & went after him. At nite Jean K. & I went to “Their First Baby” – surely cute. Lady in Nebr. Name was called.

[Could not find movie: "Their First Baby"]


Wednesday, Sept 9

Leo still a little better. Bussy went to school with Dad. I cleaned the whole house. Buzz walked home from school. Studied Shorthand in pm & night. Listened to Lucky Strike Hour & then to bed.


Thursday, Sept 10

Did up work. Kinda took it easy. Went to meet Bussy. Rode to Mr. corner with a truck driver. Rode home with Clark . Bussy & I got cows & fed chickens & had everything done but milking when Dad came. Edith L. called & wants her hair fixed tomorrow.


Friday, Sept 11

Rained. Did up usual work. Cleaned up in pm. & went to town. Ironed navy dress at Lund 's & curled Edith's hair. Left my typewriter for her to use. Wanted to go over there at nite but couldn't because Dad had to go to town. Stayed home & went to bed.


Saturday, Sept 12

Did up usual work. Aunt Ger. bro't chicken & ate dinner with us. To town in pm. Louie E. out here. Real rainy. Had hnbg es (abbrev. sp?) for supper. Died [added later: (Dyed) (died) H. J.'s dress to navy blue & wore it to town. Didn't do anything at night.

It is interesting to note how Eileen's penmanship varies over time. Not real good right now.

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Sunday, Sept 13

Surely the 13th . Spilt and dropped everything all day long. Leo's fever way down & Mom scared. Mrs. Teter bro't S.S. gladiolas. Really pretty. Got Howard again. Ate plums. At nite Ida M. & Jean K. & I to Bob T. in “Private No.” Really grand.

SEE: Movie detail: "Private No"
[could not find it!]


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