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Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 35

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 35 – Aug 24-30

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936


Interesting comment on Aug 28:
"At night rode in town with Dad after ice. Talked about going to school at Esterville and staying at Frances ' for board and room.'"

She didn't go do that, of course.

Just as she didn't go to Grinnell, or Iowa State or any of the others. Of course, if she had have gone, she would not have started going to dances with Pete Smith in the fall....



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Monday, August 24

Real warm out. Mom surely busy. Lunds came in pm and washed separator & helped with dishes. They were here ‘till 4:30 or so. My bowels moved & I felt better. Dr. Jewell came about 7:30 & looked at both of us kids. Convinced me that I didn't have appendicitis. Had a late supper and Lucille & Wilson came and stayed ‘till nearly 10:00. Pulled out cot for me. Slept good.


Tuesday, August 25

Hotter yet than yesterday. Edith came over in morning and did up house work. Cleaned whole house. Surely helped Mom. She stayed for dinner. She bro't her embroidery over and I did some stitches for her. I slept from 2:00 till 4:30. Leo went outdoors for awhile. Retta called and Paul gets to come home tonight. In better spirits than yesterday. May not have to be in bed two weeks. Cooley's came for awhile after supper. Dad after Paul. He got along fine. Dad home about 10:00. I slept fine. Leo didn't sleep at all well.


Wednesday, August 26

Edith here again. Real cloud & cool all morning. Leo kinda tired from not sleeping. He went out doors again. Wrote letters, read, and cleaned myself & fixed my hair. Slept awhile in pm. Listened to radio. Ate an early supper. Leo tired and little feverish. Listened to Gracie & George Burns & Stoopnagle & Bud. To Dr. Jewell. Leo may have typhoid. Took off tape. At Harvest Festival in car awhile. Home about 10:00. Poor Dad! One thing right after the other. If only I were up.

SEE: Medical definition: "Thypoid"


Thursday, August 27

Gave Leo sleeping powders last nite so he slept quite well. Edith walked over again. Real windy out. Listened to programs. Edith spilt water on rug in here. I ate dinner in kitchen and surely did get tired. Helen Jensen & Lunds here in pm. Got a card from Dick P. Read “Beverly of Granstark” and kids drew pictures after supper. An awful wind and it rained a little bit. To bed at 9:30.

Wore my garter belt most of the day and it helped.

Floyd R. Tues, Thurs, Sat., Mrs. Raff.

SEE: Book detail: "Beverly of Granstark" (great photo of book)


Friday, August 28

Real cool in morning. Listened to Gene and Glen play “Knock Knock”

Edith couldn't come over. She has 3 boils on her chin and they made her sick.

“Just Bein' Plain Old Me”

Up off & on during day. Manicured finger nails and brushed hair in pm. Made out wardrobe from catalogues. Leo a little better. At night rode in town with Dad after ice. Talked about going to school at Esterville and staying at Frances ' for board and room. To bed early. An uneventful day. Played piano a little.


Saturday, August 29

Real cool all morning. Edith came again with her face all patched up. I got up long enough to wipe dishes and wash and set my hair. Leo feels pretty good. Ate dinner in kitchen & stayed up most of the afternoon. Priscilla came out in pm. and I cleaned up & put on blue skirt & yellow sweater. Paul & Marian came out at night in their new Plymouth coupe. Ida here at nite to see Leo. Lil & Del stopped outside. Roberta was asleep so they didn't come in. Real cold at night.

1936 Plymouth Coupe
Extracted Feb 2005


Sunday, August 30

I washed the separator & swept front room rug then I played hymns & Dad played his cornet. In pm. Dad & Buss & Howie & I went down to Rasmuses. Paulie fine. Picked plums on way home. At nite we went into town & got ice & boxes of ice cream. Leo doesn't feel very well yet.

SEE: Musical definition: "cornet"

Extracted Feb 2005, from Google search page


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