Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 31

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 31 – July 27-Aug 2

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936



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Monday, July 27

Cleaned the whole down stairs thoroughly.

[Short and to the point...!]


Tuesday, July 28

Washed in pm. Had stove pipes fixed & got dinner on it. I made chocolate cake. About supper time Robert, Edna, Gretchen came. Leo & I to bank nite. Sat with Helen, & Prissy, Mildred. Gene Raymond & Wendy Barrie in “Love on A Bet.” The Cleverest thing. Went in to town after dinner with Dad. Got 2 books & 12 Good Housekeeping magazines. Rode part way with Dave Davis.

SEE: Movie detail: "Love on a Bet"


Wednesday, July 29

Usual work. Walked home from town again. Helen Jensen & Edith came to ask me to go to the lake. We will plan more later. At nite went in to town with Leo. He got hair cut – Ida & I had car awhile. Talked to Helen B., Edith L. & Edith P. Home about 11:00. Cut out all of new outfits in pm. trunks, halters.


Thursday, July 30

Started sewing at 8:30. Sewed all day. Prissy came out in pm. for a little while. Grand Island man here & I hid. Naughty me! Worked on stuff ‘till 8:30 at nite. Washed & went to bed on yard. Leo still has his boils. Terribly cold.


Friday, July 31

Finished up all sewing. Leo in bed! I did all ironing. Finished about noon. Read awhile in pm. Took facial, cleaned up & went to bed oudoors [outdoors] again. Real cool! In pm took V-8 & Edith & I went in & talked to Helen J. & Olive Jean. Did some shopping. Home at 5:00.


Saturday, August 1

Went to town at 9:00. Rode with guy from Scranton . Got pajama material & made them. Walked entire way home. Did some working & ironing and worked ‘till nite getting stuff ready to go to lakes. Bussy spilt ink. Hit parade. Leo in to town.

H. Slaybaugh – K. Luckinbill [do not know what these names mean]


Sunday, August 2

Up early. Still getting ready. To Lund 's at 9:30. Left at 10:30 with Kenny L., Edith P., Harold S., & Edith L. Lauridson & Joe Shane there, too. Ate chicken dinner in community kitchen. Got cottage, went boating & swimming. Set my hair & went skating. At nite Olive Jean & Helen & I to Amateur contest. The little snot dancer got it. Edith's with boys to show.

Photos from Eileen's Photo Scrapbook:

Sent these photos to Erna Lund; she added (Feb 2005 letters) names and comments (see below photo):

Eileen is in front, of course, and Edith Lund right over her shoulder. [I knew these!]
Erna Lund is far right, behind the guy in overalls. Beside her, hand on chin, is Edith Parker. Lady on left, behind the other guy, is Irene Anderson, and, next to her is Helen Jensen. Erna does not name the girls in middle in back, has marked P but it must be Olive Jean, whoever she is. [A puzzle to solve!]

Erna said this relative to the guys:

"And the fellows were just guys we met over there. They had a boat and took us for rides! Not a fancy cabin, but fun!"

Erna's comment on Spring Lake:

"This is at "Spring Lake" near Jefferson. There were little cabins to rent - and a nice dance hall there we enjoyed - No air conditioning but they could open up some places on the sides for air." ..."I don't think there's even a lake there anymore." [True; it is on Natural Resources map, but not open to public any more, it seems]

Erna also added, generally:

"One summer a bunch of us girls rented a cabin for a few days - Had to be there on dance nite! They had good music - Big orchestras!"


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