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Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 27

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 27 – June 29-July 5

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936



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Monday, June 29

Did up work. Put my bangs up on curlers. Went in to town after dinner. I ironed what things we needed. Mom swept the rooms, we brought out the cats and a load of things. Fred Anderson brought out a new Coronado radio. Is it keen. We're gonna have a demonstrator washer tomorrow. Heard Jeannette McDonald in Irene. Read the paper and went to bed rather early.

SEE: Product detail: Coronado radio

Photo, from web site (Feb 2005):

Coronado - Gamble-Skogmo Inc.
Model 675
Dates from 1934

SEE: Product detail: Washing Machine

Photo, from web site (Feb 2005):

Representative Washer of the day


Tuesday, June 30

Got ready to wash. Leo went in after clothes line. Got machine about 10:00. Started wash at 10:30. I washed all morning. Was it a snap. Finished o'alls in pm. and good dresses. Bath robe faded brown on my anklets!

Finished about 3:30. Did I get sunburned. You can see just where my straps came to. Lillians went to Carroll & left us their iron to use. [gas iron – added later, on side] Was it a honey! Ironed till after six. Wore jumper & white blouse to Bank Nite. “Another Face.” Was it good.

Sat with Helen Bower. Guy from Templeton's name called. [As Bank Nite winner, I assume]

SEE: Product detail: Gas Iron

Photo from web site (Feb 2005):

Representative gas iron, c1935
Radiation The Rhythm model 375U

SEE: Movie detail: "Another face"


Wednesday, July 1

Ironed from 8:30 till 11:00. Ran out of gas. Had a little trouble with it after dinner. Ironed till 3:00. Finished everything. Cleaned the whole house. Mended my clothes & then rested till 5:00. Rasmuses here when I woke up. They gave me a dollar. I rode to work with them. Sunburn worse. Worked ‘till after 11:00. Got ice cream & came home.

Happened to think of Shirley Zumwaldt. I wonder where she is.


Thursday, July 2

Straightened up the house and then loaded over 12 qts of beans. Got them ready for can tomorrow. Heard Rudy & Bob Burns. Put on brown Culotte & Red blouse. Dug potatoes and then went over to band concert. Bussy, Mom & I went in. Home about 10:30.

["Rudy Vallee" added later]


Friday, July 3

Washed separator. Fixed up red shorts & halter neck. Went to town in morning. Got groceries, soft water, brown buttons & buckle for eyelet dress. Bussy bought firewks. Came home & fixed over, washed & ironed my eyelet & white linen dress. Went to work at 5:00. Fixed June Sauvago & Betty Coder's hair. Watched them swim. Saw Opal & Ruth A. They came after Helen. Saw Marian & Inez house. Paul W. coming. Worked till 11:00. Had ice cream. Home with Leo. Wore my eyelet. 110 degrees – terribly hot


Saturday, July 4

Cleaned whole house. Folks went to Louise's & Leo & Ida to Springbrook.

I slept awhile, then ate lunch, mailed an order & wrote to Sarah & Bugger and listened to radio. Terribly hot again. Folks home about 6:00. I went in to swim. Closed. Saw Paul & Marian. We went to Spring Lake & skated. Home about 11:00. Had one look at Wallace driving the Plymouth in Scranton .

New V-8. I drove from Scranton . [above the line]

SEE: State Park detail: Springbrook

SEE: Lake detail: Spring Lake


Sunday, July 5

Hot again. I went in town to S.S. Got groceries. W. melon. Ate cold lunch. Leo & I swimming. My back is peeling. Came home & washed hair, laid out on yard. Cleaned up. Leo & I went & got Ida. They went to show. I sat out in street in car. Otto, Renny, Leland, Dick came over. Got ice cream. Saw Lewis – that was all. Home about 10:00.



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