Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 26

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 26 – June 22-28

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1936 Orientation

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Senior, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger


Grandma Kinnick died on June 24.

Funeral on June 26 (Dorothy's birthday!)



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Monday, June 22

Did work up in town. In pm. brought out all the curtains and hung bedrooms & front room ones. Opal & the rest at Cooley's to picnic dinner. I came & got supper. Listened to Herbert Marshall & Merle Oberon in “Dark Angel.” Surely grand. Then I went to show “Rose Marie.” Marvelous. Watched band practice and came home.

SEE: Movie detail: "The Dark Angel" - was a movie - 1935:
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0026264/ and, down page a bit, see:
Trivia: Lux Radio Theatre version starring Merle Oberon , Herbert Marshall , and Rod La Rocque aired June 22, 1936. In the radio version, Marshall played the role of Alan Trent instead of his film role of Gerald Shannon.

SEE: Movie detail: "Rose-Marie"


Tuesday, June 23

Brought out three rugs. I painted the one in dining room – Rollo finished everything. Grandma failing all the time. Dad went up to Carroll in morning for the operation. No better at all. At nite went to bank nite. “Millions in the Air.” Drove car around awhile. Got blouse & picture from Ferne Luce. Leo & Ida bro't me home.

SEE: Movie detail: "Millions in the Air"


Wednesday, June 24

Dad & Del called to Carroll at 4 am. Grandma died about 8:30. Dad came home about 10:30. She never regained consciousness. Decided we'd better move out here so we got Albert Deppman & Donald helped us. I went in to work for Bryan 's at 6:00. Made the beds when I got home & slept here. Have only 1 kerosene lamp & the lantern.

SEE: Map of town and farm location - Kinnick town house was right under the "oo" of Coon in Coon Rapids, of course. Grandma Kinnick had lived on 5th Avenue, just south of the railroad tracks, marked with a red G. (continued below the map)

The farm is the red rectangle, of course, 80 acres, on the Middle Raccoon River.
Going north from down town, on either 5th or 6th Avenue, was/is an uphill climb.
These two streets converge and become Stagecoach Road, turning northwest.
Velvet Ave/West St running to the north is commonly called the "Glidden Road."
The red M is the home of the Mountains, L is the home of Lunds.
The new Kinnick home, on the farm, was at the dot,
about a half mile west of the Lund corner.


Thursday, June 25

Up early. Hung curtains, dusted and got every thing fairly well straightened around. I was hanging down stairs bed room curtains when Uncle Will, George, Grace & Etta came. They ate and slept here. Will Reids came. Uncle Will & I did dishes. Adults went in to see the body at nite. Folks & I slept in Leo's room & boys on the cot. Real warm. Got stair mats & clothes hangers.


Friday, June 26

Etta & I took V-8 to town. Got groceries & mail. Got hair fixed at Louetta's. Got an early dinner. Cleaned up for funeral. Wore my blue, fur dress. Grandma looked nice. Large crowd. Mr. Clayburg preached. “Aunt Nettie,” “And it began to dawn,” “Gone up to heaven to housekeep for God.” Bussy felt so badly. We 2 didn't go to cemetery. Went over to the house. At Lil's at nite for supper. Everyone there. Rained a little.


Saturday, June 27

Did up work. Separator. Uncle Will getting car fixed. They went to Gertrude's for dinner. Straightened up the house & got ready to go to work. Took Chevy. Worked ‘till 12:00. What a crowd. Was I tired! Leo & I came home together. Mom had a blind spell. Better at nite.


Sunday, June 28

Scrubbed dining room, Dad hung curtains, I cleaned steps. Got picnic dinner & went to King's State Everyone there. Leo & George & I went swimming. Wore shorts home. Leo & I took V-8. Made lemonade & cleaned up. Went to “Lonesome Pine.” Ida & Leo out here afterwards. Folks home at 11:00.

SEE: Movie detail: "Trail of the Lonesome Pine"


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