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Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 21 – May 18-24

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1936 Orientation

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Senior, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Eileen's boyfriend of several years is at college in Mt. Pleasant


Valedictorian is the highest acedemic grade in the graduating Senior Class.



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Monday, May 18

Busy all day again preparing for exhibits. At nite I had charge of typing room. Snake & mouse in Lab. Arlene said she wish Huff was in there instead of the mouse. Came home at 9:30. Mom had varnished and all we hear all day was “Watch Out For Paint.”


Tuesday, May 19

Watched them play horseshoe awhile and then went to show with Dorothy & Madonna. “We're Only Human.” Stopped in and got ice cream at Bertha's & Kitty's. Sent invitations. Helen told me after Glee Club about my being Valedictorian. I was so shocked I could hardly walk home.

SEE: Movie details: "We're Only Human"


Wednesday, May 20

Wore my Culotte to school. Got my pictures at nite. Was coming home when Marian picked me up. We went riding clear over to Bayard & back. Road thru' underbridge is being black topped. Had blue ties put on my white slippers.


Thursday, May 21

Went to choir practice and then to “King of Burlesque.” Warner Baxter and Alice Faye. Read good. Walked home with Helen J. and her mother.

Martha gave me step ins.

SEE: Movie details: "King of Burlesque"


Friday, May 22

Didn't do much in school. I ran off stencil of Senior class play. Tom helped me. Rainy at nite. Went to play with Folks. Pretty good. Especially all the proposals. Edith R's. “I'm so nervous” got tiresome. Took a long ride & then had Sundaes at Textor's Café.

Fixed Jean K's hair, Opal sent me jewel cedar chest “treasure”

Fat Reid said he'd never touch a “drop” again in his life. Rather amusing.


Saturday, May 23

Had lots of work to do. Cleaned whole house. False report that Chet Emery died. Verna was here to have her hair fixed. At nite rode with Leo, Fritz & Andy awhile, wrote letters & went to bed about 9:00. Bussy went to show. Got Valedictorian speech.


Sunday, May 24

[Written in later, it appears: Cooley & “trespass” – Bugger & I held on to each others baby fingers after we marched in.]

SS & church. Went to Mrs. Christian's class. Neil's baby baptized. She surely was sweet. Leo, Fritz, Ida & I went to air show at Carroll. Sure dirty & dusty. Rather cold. Had to wait so long for bat man. Baccalaureate at nite. Walked with Happy. Lils & Del Grandma & we went to “Country Doctor” – Ida – stockings $3 – grandma carrages – Ruth

SEE: Movie detail: "Country Doctor"


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