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Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 15

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 15 – Apr 6-12

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1936 Orientation

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Senior, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Eileen's boyfriend of several years is at college in Mt. Pleasant


Eileen had just one living grandparent in 1936, her paternal grandmother, Nettie (Williams) Kinnick, age 66. She lived on 5th Avenue, a few blocks south of Main Street, where Eileen lived (400 Main Street, just west of 3rd Ave).


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Monday, April 6

No music practice. At nite listened to “Kick-In” – Lux Theater, Edmund Lowe and Ann Southern. Surely good. Dad at Council Meeting. Read play “Huckleberry Finn.”

SEE: Lux Theater info:

SEE: Actress detail: "Ann Southern"


Tuesday, April 7

Had car after school. Mom, Gertrude and Grandma to aid at church. Standard Bearer's at church. I didn't go. Stayed home and read “Little Women” for Mrs's Anderson .

SEE: Book details: "Little Women"


Wednesday, April 8

Played for Boy's Glee Club. Had car after school. Cleaned inside and out. Got milk. Slept after supper. Listened to Gracie & Fred Allen. Took down the Hit Parade.


Thursday, April 9

Raked yard after school. Choir practice. Real nice out. Anthem for Easter. Paul Textor home. Afterwards played for trio at practice. P. T. demonstration. Walked home with Bugger.


Friday, April 10

83 wds/minute for 9 minutes. Baseball game Manning. We won. Had car. Up to see Violet. Mumps. Went to Demonstrations long enough to play for trio. With Wallace in New Plymouth . Had grand time. Paul Textor with Dorothy Thomas – 10:45.

Wallace Arms photo
Wallace Arms

SEE: New Plymouth:

1933 Plymouth photo


Saturday, April 11

Keen Day. Cleaned house. Washed hair. Had black coat cleaned. Curled Venna's, Rosalee's, Mom's hair. Washed car in pm. Took bath. Listened to Hit Parade. With Wallace. Had grandest time. Park, garage, etc. Em pha sis on wrong syl la ble. [Cute reference to what they talked about]


Sunday, April 12

Easter. Keen day. Church. Lot there. To Aunt Louise's all day. Made candy. Hiked. Lots of fun. To Lil's for supper. Ger's there, too. Wallace, Opal, Marian, Paul, Norma, Leo & Ida here when we got back. Leo & Ida, Wallace & I to Scranton to pageant. Ice cream cones. Keenest time of all.


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