Pioneer Sketches

Pioneer Sketches

Compiled by Nancy Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.
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The following links are to the major characters in the sketches. You may want to use your Find feature to search for other names in the sketches that might be of interest to you.

Charles Dolan, son of James (also, Cloud Co, KS)
Harley Dolan, son of James (also, MO, KS, CA, WA)
James Dolan (1807-1891)(Washington Co, OH & Cedar Co, IA)
Josiah Dolan, son of James
Malvina (Dolan) Peacock, daughter of James (various states)
Charlotte (Dolan) Zerfing, daughter of James (also, CA)

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