Pioneer Sketches
Charles Dolan Family

Compiled by Nancy Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.
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CHARLES H. DOLAN, son of James and Nancy (Harrison) Dolan was born 2 November 1839 in Watertown TWP Washington Co., Ohio. Charles came with his parents to Iowa --arriving on 20 April 1844. He lived with his parents at Gower's Ferry during that summer. The small town across the Cedar River was called Cedar Bluffs. His father bought land south of Tipton in Center TWP, and they moved there permanently on 17 October 1844.

His mother (Nancy) died in 1846. His older sister Malvinna and older brother Josiah helped care for Charles, Harley, and Charlotte.
On the 1850 Census Iowa, Cedar Co., Center TWP. , Charles, age 10, was living at home with father and brothers and sisters.
In 1851 James(his father) remarried Amanda Stratton.

On the 1860 Census, IA, Cedar Co. Center TWP, Charles is 20 years of age, and a farm laborer. His father and Step-mother had two new children Pitt 7, and Sally 2. Cynthia Stratton 13, a daughter of Amanda's first marriage, is also living with them.

There is no record that Charles ever served in the Civil War; although his older brother Josiah, and younger brother Harley, both signed up.

By the 1870 Census Kansas, Cloud Co, Ely TWP, Charles has already left home and was living in Kansas. This was 11 June 1870. His brother Harley, wife and 2 children are living nearby. Charles brother had been living in Iowa in the late 1860's. They must have decided to head for Kansas at about the same time. The value of his real estate was $500 and Personal Estate was $505. Harley was family #85, and Charles #58.
Charles had also been listed on brother Josiah Dolan census 1870 Iowa, Linn Co.,Franklin TWP. He is listed with half-brother Pitt as works on farm.

Charles H. Dolan married Susan Katherine Bland on 25 March 1875 Page 159 of Marriages Book. They were married in Concordia by the Probate Judge T.L. Sturges. Charles was listed as 31(?) years and Katy age 20 years. Susan Katherine Bland, daughter of James O.D. and Anna(Elrod) Bland, was born 6 March 1854 in Indiana.

On the Census of 1 March 1875 Kansas, Cloud Co, Buffalo TWP page 10, Charles has moved west of Concordia. He is 34 , a farmer with real estate value of $1600, personal estate value $342. He was born in Ohio and moved to Kansas from Iowa. His new wife Katie is 21 , a housekeeper, born in Indiana and moved from Indiana to Kansas. (His land was along a river. It is rolling hills and a very pretty area. I have pictures and have visited there.)

On Census 1880 Kansas, Cloud Co, Buffalo TWP, Charles has two daughters, Lizzie 4, and Nora 3/12.
On Census 1895 Kansas, Cloud Co. Buffalo TWP, Charles has a son Walter 8 and daughter Nora 15 is still at home. Lizzie has already gone.
On Census 1900 Kansas, Cloud Co. Buffalo TWP, Nora 20 and James W. 14 is the listing with mother and father.

Charles died on 4 June 1901 at home. See Obituary and Funeral home information.

Children of Charles and Katherine Dolan:
* 1. Lizzie M. born 25 April 1876 Cloud Co. KS, married Willie Vansickle, married 2nd John Rice, Married 3d Albert Donaldson,
died 14 Oct 1956
2. Nora Alma born 28 February 1880 Cloud Co. KS, married Ralph Cole, married 2nd Orin Rains, died
3. Walter James born 30 August 1886 Cloud Co. KS, married

LIZZIE M. DOLAN, daughter of Charles and Susan Katherine(Bland) Dolan was born 25 April 1876 Cloud Co. Buffalo TWP. KS.
Lizzie married Willie Clifton Vansickle on 17 September 1892 Concordia, KS. She was only 16 years of age, and Willie was 26 Years old. Probate Judge C.C. Stoner married them. (Marriage book Volume A,Page 22 Cloud Co.KS). Willie, son of Sanford and Mary (Sidenburg) Vansickle, was born 17 September 1866 near St. John, Michigan.
They went to the Cherokee Strip at the opening of the Oklahoma country.This was in the spring of 1894.

On the 1910 census Oklahoma, Grant Co. Saltfork TWP, they have three
children Walter 10, Francis 7, and Maud 1
On the 1920 census Oklahoma, they are still in Grant Co. Saltfork TWP. Only the two daughters are still at home (Frances A., and Maude K.)
According to his obituary Willie Clifton Vansickle departed this life January 11, 1920 age 53 years, 3 months and 25 days.

Lizzie's 2nd marriage was to John Rice. Nothing further is known about him. In 1938 she married Albert (Bert) Donaldson. and he died 18 Oct 1853. She had lived in Oklahoma for 59 years, when she went to live with her daughter Francis in Augusta, KS.
Lizzie died 14 Oct 1956, at Wichita Hospital. She was 80 years old. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in Lamont, OK. Burial was at Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Salt Fork, Grant CO, OK. She was survived by daughter, Mrs. Ed (Frances) Bounds of Augusta, KS, daughter, Mrs. Ted (Maude) Miller of Coffeyville,KS and one grandson, Kenny Miller of Coffeyville.

Children of Willie and Lizzie Vansickle:
* 1. Margie Alice born 28 July 1896 Oklahoma
* 2. Walter H. born 31 August 1899 Oklahoma
* 3. Francis born 19 Jun 1902 Oklahoma
* 4. Maude Kathryn born 1909 Oklahoma

MARGIE ALICE VANSICKLE, daughter of Willie and Lizzie (Dolan) Vansickle was born 28 Jul 1896 in Grant Co. Salt Fork TWP, OK. She died at the young age of 2 yrs on 3 Sep 1898. Her burial was in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Salt Fork TWP, Grant CO, OK.

WALTER H. VANSICKLE, son of Willie and Lizzie (Dolan) Vansickle was born 31 Aug 1899 in Grant CO. Salt Fork TWP, OK. He died also at a young age of 19. He died in the hospital at Enid,OK on 6 Dec 1918. His burial was in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Salt Fork TWP, Grant CO.,OK.
Short Article in newspaper 12/5/1918
"Walter Vansickle, who was taken to the hospital at Enid last week and operated for appendicitis, is not so well at this writing."
(He died the following day.)

FRANCES VANSICKLE, daughter of Willie and Lizzie (Dolan) Vansickle was born 19 Jun 1902 in Grant Co. Salt Fork TWP, OK. She grew up near Salt Fork, OK.
On 6 Oct 1922, she married John (Ed) Edward Bounds in Medford, OK. He was born 14 Jul 1893 in Hope, KS. The Justice of the Peace there married them. They moved to Augusta, KS and Ed was an employee of the post office at Augusta for 34 years, retiring in 1958. He was a veteran of World War I serving as an ambulance driver in the AEF. They moved to Cherryvale, KS in 1968; where Edward Bounds died 13 April 1969.
They had no children, but Frances was active in the Augusta Christian Church and a member of the Augusta American Legion Auxiliary.
Frances died 30 Jan 1985, at the Manor Nursing Home in Independence where she had been a resident since May 1984. Burial was in the Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS beside her husband.

MAUD KATHRYN VANSICKLE, daughter of Willie and Lizzie (Dolan) Vansickle was born 6 Jan 1909 Grant Co., Salt Fork TWP, OK. She grew up and attended school in Salt Fork. Maud married ---- Booker. No more is known about Mr. Booker.

On 9 Nov 1945 in Medford, OK., Maud married Theodore Russell Miller born 18 Sep 1901 at Billings, OK to Jim and Jessie (Birchum) Miller. He had two children from his 1st marriage.They moved to Coffeyville, KS. in 1952 and then to Cherryvale in 1965. Ted was a farmer and a dairyman.
They had one son Kenneth of Parsons,KS. She was still Mrs. Ted Miller in Oct 1956 when her mother died. Ted died 7 Jan 1977. He was buried with his 1st wife Billie (Wafford) Miller at the Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Lamont, OK .

After that time, Maud married Ernest McCants August 1977 in Cherryvale, KS. Ernest was born 29 Aug 1912. He died after Maud 13 Mar 1992. His last residence was Medford, Grant Co., OK.He is probably buried in Ok as he is not beside Maud in Fairview Cemetery in Cherryvale, KS. She worked at Broderick's in Parsons as a seamstress for several years.
She died 14 Nov 1986. She had been living in Cherryvale, Montgomery CO., KS. Her burial is in Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS near her sister Frances and Ed Bounds.

Children of Ted and Maud Miller:
* 1. Ken born OK or KS

KENNETH MILLER , son of Ted and Maud (Vansickle) Miller was born probably in about 1946 in (OK, or KS)

Ted's children by his first marriage.
1. Pat Tedow of Medford, OK 1977
2. Bill of Springfield, MO in 1977

NORA ALMA DOLAN, daughter of Charles and Katherine (Bland) was born on 28 Feb 1880 in Concordia, Cloud CO., KS. She married Ralph Cole on 28 Aug 1900 in Concordia, KS.He was born on 1 Apr 1879 In Cloud Co. KS.. His parents were William and Grace (Williams) Cole.

Their first son Clarence was born 15 Sep 1901 in Cloud Co., KS. Nora's father had died in June 1901. They moved to Grant CO., OK in about 1903 as Ralph purchased land on 24 Oct 1903. Son Vernon was born 6 Sep 1905 and died 17 Feb 1929.
On the 1910 Census Grant Co., Salt Fork TWP. Ralph is 31, and Nora is 30, Clarence is 8, born in KS and Vernon 4, born in OK. They had been married for 9 years and Ralph is a farmer.
Ralph Cole died 3 June 1915. He died in a hospital in Blackwell, OK. Cause of death was appendicitis. He was buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Salt Fork TWP, Grant Co., OK. He was only 36 years old. Nora was left with two small boys.

Children of Ralph and Nora(Dolan) Cole:
* 1. Clarence W. born 15 Sep 1901 Cloud CO.,KS
* 2. Vernon W. born 6 Sep 1905 Grant CO., OK

Nora next was married to Oran Wayne Rains. The marriage was recorded in Grant CO.,OK. They were married in Salt Fork,OK at the M. E. Church by W. C. Miller 11 January 1917. The witnesses were her brother Walter James Dolan and his wife Minnie.
They had a son together, Herschel A. Raines born in Oct 1918 Grant CO.,OK.
In the census OK Grant CO. Saltfork TWP. Saltfork Village. The three sons are all living with them. Clarence is 18 years, Vernon 14 years, and Herschel is 1 year 3 months.
Oran owned his home and it is free of mortgage. He is a farmer.

Children of Oran and Nora (Dolan/Cole) Rains:
1. Herschel A. Raines born Oct 1918 Grant Co. OK.

Nora died 22 April 1938 in Winslow. Arkansas. She had moved to Arkansas several years before her death. Her husband also died in Arkansas. but I'm not sure of when- as he is not mentioned in her obituary. Nora had resided in Salt Fork community before moving to Arkansas several years before her death. Her death followed an illness of about two weeks.
She was survived by her mother, Mrs. Katie Rhoades of Lamont;two sons, Clarence Cole of Salt Fork and Herschel Rains of Winslow, Arkansas; one brother, Walter Dolan of Lamont and one sister Mrs. Lizzie Donaldson of Salt Fork.

CLARENCE W. COLE a son of Ralph and Nora (Dolan) Cole was born 15 Sep 1901 in Concordia, Cloud Co., KS. He moved with his parents in 1903 to Salt Fork TWP, Grant CO.,OK. His father died in 1915 when he was only 12 years old and his mother remarried in 1917.
Clarence was married 17 Dec 1925 to Thelma Meece. He was a farmer and a member of the Methodist Church. They had a daughter Phyllis in about 1927.
Clarence passed away on 5 Mar 1969 at St. Anthony's Hospital in Oklahoma City Following a long illness. He was buried at Lamont Cemetery, Lamont, Grant Co. OK. Thelma died on 5 Dec 1995 and was also buried at lamont Cemetery, Lamont, Grant Co. OK.
Clarence was survived by his wife, Thelma, of the home;one daughter, Mrs. Lawrence O'Mealey of Enid; one step-brother, Herschel Rains of Springdale, Arkansas and nine grandchildren.

Children on Clarence and Thelma (Meece) Cole:
* 1. Phyllis born abt 1927 Grant CO.,OK

PHYLLIS COLE, a daughter of Clarence and Thelma(Meece) Cole was born abt 1927 in Grant Co., OK. She married Lawrence O'Mealey and they had nine children at the time of Phyllis' fathers death in 1969. They were living in Enid, Ok. at that time.
Children of Lawrence and Phyllis (Cole) M'Mealey:

VERNON W. COLE, son of Ralph and Nora(Dolan) Cole was born 6 Sep 1905 Salt Fork TWP, Grant Co., OK. He was living with Oran and Nora Raines on the 1920 census Salt Fork Village, Grant Co. OK. He was 15 years of age.
He died 17 Feb 1929 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Salt Fork TWP, OK.

HERSCHEL A. RAINES, son of Oran and Nora (Dolan/Cole) Raines was born in Oct 1918 in Grant Co. OK. In 1938 when his mother died, he is living in Winslow, Arkansas. That is also where his mother was. By 1969 when Clarence (his half-brother) died Herschel was living in Springdale, Arkansas.

WALTER JAMES DOLAN, son of Charles and Katherine ( Bland) was born 30 Aug 1886 at Concordia, Cloud CO., KS. A few years after the death of his father in 1901, the family farm was sold in Feb and Aug of 1904. Walter and his mother moved to a farm west of Lamont, OK and on 14 Mar 1906 he was united in marriage to Minnie Kirby. she was born 18 Apr 1886 daughter of Samuel J. Kirby and Caroline E. They made their home in the Lamont community after they were married.

On the census for 1910 they are living in Salt Fork TWP, Grant CO., OK. They had been married 4 years, Walter is 23 and Minnie 24.
On the census for 1920 OK , they are still living in Salt Fork TWP, Grant CO., OK. They were both 33 years of age. They owned their home with a mortgage. He was a farmer. No children were listed for either census.

Walter was a member of the Christian Church and faithful worker for more than 40 years. For his last five years he was in failing health. He died at St. Mary's Hospital, Enid, 24 Dec 1955.

Surviving relatives were his wife, Minnie of the home: one sister, Mrs. Lizzie Donaldson of Augusta, KS: two nephews, Clarence Cole, Salt Fork, OK., and Herschel Rains, Chester, Arkansas: two nieces, Mrs,. Maude Miller, Coffeyville, KS., and Mrs. Frances bounds, Augusta, KS. His wife Minnie died 8 Jul 1969. They are both buried in Lamont Cemetery, Lamont, Grant CO. OK.
Relatives of Walter and Minnie dedicated a stone bench to them in Lamont Cemetery, Lamont, OK.

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