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  o I have "rescued" an old school album dated March 22, 1888

which belonged to Lena AWTRY of Creston, Iowa. I am not sure of

the last name as the handwriting is difficult to make out for

sure. This is a precious album full of poems from high school

friends, including notations from: Carrie ALBRIGHT of Creston,

Iowa and later of Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Hattie VAN IDERSTINE

of Creston, Iowa; Maggie MYERS of Creston, Iowa; Willie MURPHY;

Maud M. CLINTOCK; Ray MAXWELL of Creston, Iowa; Katie E. BEERKLE

of Creston, Iowa; Bertha DEVOE; Mattie PAYDEN; Bessie DOBBINS;

Guy BOGGS; Jennie L. SHIPLEY of Creston, Iowa; John R. KELLEY of

Creston, Iowa; Jessie SHIPLEY; Lottie SWICK of Creston, Iowa;

Myrtle HAMILTON; Ida DONALD; Ben NEWMAN of Creston, Iowa; Stella

SAIN; Lottie Mae RAE of Des Moines, Iowa; Clara B. LEONARD of

Creston, Iowa; Bessie MOULDER of Creston, Iowa; Essy SYREB;

Mabel CARROLL; Ada BARR of Creston, Iowa; Floie LEONARD of

Creston, Iowa; May YURGELL; Nettie HOLDERNESS of Creston, Iowa;

Nellie LEDGERWOOD of Creston, Iowa; Berta PHILLIPS of New

Sharon, Iowa (a cousin to Lena AWTREY); Maud FISHER of Creston,

Iowa; Ollie WHIPPLE of Creston, Iowa; Codie SHREVES; Battie

RUTLEDGE; Mirtie GRIGGS; Maggie CLARK of Creston, Iowa; Maude

LAMB; Lizzie FOSTER; Della ROBERT; Belle KILGORE of Creston,

Iowa; Effie JONES; Ada GENTTE; Ada B. VANDERBECK of Creston,

Iowa; Cora FRAYER; Alex ROSEBERRY of Creston, Iowa.

    I am hoping to be able to identify Lena AWTREY and seek to

return this precious heirloom to her family or to a family

member of one of the individuals who autographed the book. If

you are a member of one of these families or know someone who

might be, please contact me.

                         Shelley Cardiel  [email protected]


  o Found in Village Green Antique Mall in Hendersonville, North


  -- A small book titled Family Record of John BEAR dated the

9th of January 1750 by John BEAR and Emanuel HERSHEY.

  -- War Ration Books in the name of Forrest M. MINTON and Edna

E. MINTON of 109 Glencoe Road in Columbus, Ohio.

  -- A beautiful framed Communion Souvenir written in French for

Leon LORIOT who was born 16 December 1882 and made his Communion

in 1895.

  -- A 1963 phone book belonging to Mrs. Donald WRIGHT of 104 E.

Pottawatamie, Tecumseh, Michigan. On the inside back cover are

written phone numbers for the names STEUVER, BRADHEAD, CUHORN,


    If any of these things is of value to you, send an e-mail

with Antiques-Hendersonville in the subject and I will give you

the name, address, phone number, and contact person. The mall

is very large and there are booths on three floors. I have the

booth numbers for the above items.

                                        Patricia  [email protected]


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  o The following old photos were found in an antique store in

Vancouver, Washington, USA. I would love to return to any family

Members. Cost $1 each plus postage.

  -- James B. CLINTON "Jimmy" (Wescott Studio)

  -- Jim BOWERS or BAWERS, Son of Mary BOWERS 2/15/1896

  -- Gertie M. BRIGHAM ("Aunt Nellie to her niece age 22")

                                         [email protected]


  o I have two death certificates to give freely to any


  -- Carl DAVIDSON, born in Sweden, date unknown; age given

about 50; died in Chicago, [Illinois], 7 January 1928; Wife:


  -- Carl DAVIDSON, born in Sweden, 28 November 1856; died in

Chicago, [Illinois], 3 March 1938; Wife: Carolina; Informant:


                        Becca Davidson  [email protected]


  o While I was in a small town store in southern Texas I came

across a basket of old photographs for sale. Most of them did

not have writing on them but I purchased one on which someone

had handwritten "DODGE Family (Children) Grandma ROTH worked

for." It is an old picture (around late 1800s I'm guessing) of

four beautiful children, estimated ages six months to 13 years.

The picture is on a cardboard backing, with the name of the

photographer on the back -- KRIPS, Instantaneous portraits of

children a successful specialty. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It look to be two boys and two girls, although the baby could

be a boy also. The oldest boy is dressed in a dark suit, the

second boy is dressed in a dark outfit with large lapels, the

girl is also dressed in a dark outfit, but the baby is dressed

in a white or very light flowing gown.

    I would love to find a home for this picture. I paid $5 for

it and that is all I am asking.

          Leann Lehmann, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma  [email protected]


  o Since I had been helping my friend with her genealogy, it

was a natural thing to rescue the following items from being

thrown out at a Thrift shop where she works and give them to me.

The items are:

  -- A typed page, "EATON'S GENEALOGY--(Valetta Paine Darling's*

ancestors), that consists of her EATON connection going back to


 1 Fancis EATON b abt 1599 England & wife, Sara

 2 Samuel EATON b 1620 England (crossed on MAYFLOWER at age 2)

 3 Samuel EATON b 1663 Plymouth, Mass. & wife, Elizabeth FULLER

 4 Barnabas EATON b 1701 Bridgewater, Mass. & Mehitable ALDEN

 5 Samuel EATON b 1732 Middleboro, Mass. & Patience TINKHAM

 6 Daniel EATON b 1767 Middleboro, Mass. & Mariena or Mercena

 7 Olive EATON b 1802 Randolph Twp Orange, Conn. & Ebenzer PAINE

 8 Andrew Jackson PAINE b 1834 N. Woodstock, Conn. & Ruth BROWN

*9 Valetta Marion PAINE b 1862 Woodstock Twp, Conn. & Robards N.


10 Evalona Jessie Darling b 1903 Vermont & William James LANDEN

11 William James LANDEN Jr. b & wife Jean PALMER

  -- life insurance, retirement pension, insurance, etc., all


  -- A well preserved photo of a Union soldier in a frock coat

and hat with Goldsmith--374 Main St. Springfield, Mass. "Largest

& finest studio in New England" on the back. After further

research, I've thought the gentleman in the photo may be William

J. LANDEN born 1835 and was a jeweler in Springfield, Mass. He

also enlisted twice in Company H., 8th Infantry Regiment

Massachusetts, Oct 1862 to Aug 1863 and also on July 1864 to Mar

1865. Possibly some family member could identify the picture.

(I'll scan and send picture and typed letter if desired.)

     Upon doing some research, I discovered I have ancestors in

common back in the early settlers in Massachusetts.

     I would like to give this information and the subsequent

research to a direct family member who will cherish & preserve

these items. Please put EATON GENEALOGY on the subject line of

your message when you reply.

                                    Myrna M.  [email protected]


  o I have a spare death certificate for one of my ancestors,

that I will release to anyone who is interested for the cost

of the order, $10, with a SASE. The certificate is for Frances

Delilah FRYREAR, daughter of Levi KEMP and Kay STEMOTUBBY. She

was born 15 August 1880 in Oklahoma and died 20 November 1967

at USPHS Indian Hospital in Lawton, Tuttle, Oklahoma. She was

a widow at the time of her death. Her race is shown as Indian

Chickasaw 4/4 and her funeral was held at Sevier Funeral Home.

                                Tracey  [email protected]


  o I have a studio photo of two young ladies dressed in period

clothing. One is Charlotte HALE or HEAL, England I think, circa

late 1800s. She appears to be in her early 20s with her

companion. The studio was F. F. KERSLAKE, 62 Regent St. I bought

it primarily for the "Old" frame. Contact me with your family


    Regarding my earlier post on June BOYD, I have found she

married a Donald CLASPILL about 1936 or 1938. I am still

interested in a contact from this family. I have numerous

photos of June BOYD from the 1920s and 1930s.

                             Gene Stevens  [email protected]


  o I've recently posted several lists of genealogical treasures

found in an antique shop in Hampstead, England, but instead of

posting the rest, I have added a page to my Web site, with the

complete list, plus 1881-1901 census and other material to help

identify the people concerned. The names mentioned are: BAILY,













and WYLIE.

    Places mentioned are all over England, Wales, Norway,

Tennessee, Ohio, Australia, Cape Town, New Zealand, Virginia,

Tennessee, Arizona, and California. Use the search engine to

find your name.

                           Lindy Newman  [email protected]


  o I have portraits taken in the late 1800s of Earl A.

HOLDRIDGE, photographer Bogardus, New York, labeled on back New

Brunswick, New Jersey; Mr. Silas WIER, photographer Scott, New

Brunswick, New Jersey; Mr. WYKOFF, photographer Clark, New

Brunswick, New Jersey; and Fred COLLIER, photographer Forshew,

Hudson, New York, labeled New Brunswick, New Jersey, "Rutgers."

I believe these four men, all pictured in their 20s, probably

all went to Rutgers University. I would be happy to scan and

send a copy to anyone related.

                                                 [email protected]


  o I have a long article about Thomas P. HOLLAND from the

ELMIRA ADVERTISER dated 6 October 1864. A Prisoner of War camp

was located in Elmira, Chemung County, New York. The article

describes Thomas HOLLAND's life up until he became a prisoner

of war and the information would be helpful for someone working

on his family. Thomas HOLLAND was born 11 October 1836 in

Anderson C.H., South Carolina. The article mention that his wife

was the youngest daughter of the Rev. Russell RENEAU. They were

married on 5 March 1854 and had five children. This is not my

family but I hope someone can use the article. If you would

like to have a copy of this article, please contact me.

                                      Sherry  [email protected]


  o I recently received several death certificate copies from

the Ohio Historical Society. Among them are four which do not

belong to my ancestors and I would like to send them on to

descendants who might use them. I will include some of the

information from the certificates in hope that someone can

identify them, but there is much more information on each

certificate. They are:

  -- Charles E. HUGHES, Male, White, born 6 August 1891 in

Vinton, Ohio; died 30 December 1936 in Gallipolis, Gallia

County, Ohio; Occupation -- School Teacher; Father -- Nathan

HUGHES; Mother -- Eliza SWICK; Married to Grace GILLINGHAM

HUGHES; Informant – C. H. HUGHES

  -- Anton GRASSEL, Male, White, born 6 June 1885 in Hungaria;

died 18 January 1923 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio;

Occupation -- Bench Hand; Father -- Anton GRASSEL; Mother –

not known; Married to Beatrice GRASSEL (the Informant)

  -- Mary Ellen DUNN, Female, White, Widow; born 15 February

1863 in Subuke, Ir[eland] (?); died 9 February 1928 in Columbus,

Franklin County, Ohio; Occupation -- At Home; Father -- John

QUIGLEY; Mother -- Mary GIBBONS; Informant -- Thomas QUIGLEY

  -- William J. JOHNSTON, Male, White, Single; born 29 September

1879 in West Virginia; died 25 March 1913 in Columbus, Franklin

County, Ohio; Occupation -- Cabinet Maker; Father -- William

JOHNSON; Mother -- Mary HOPKINS; Informant -- Alice BARKER

     If any of the above belongs to you, please e-mail me and I

will be happy to send it on.

                    Christi Calvert Brogan  [email protected]


  o I have an original news clipping of a marriage taking place

Oct 9th (year unknown) by a priest at Freyburg. Mr. Lawrence

KINSTLE and Miss Ferol ENGLISH. Bride's parents: W. D. ENGLISH.

Friends attending: Polly and Ella COLEMAN of Urbana, Effie

McMICHAEL of Grover Hill, and many other COLEMAN's. Location of

wedding possibly Illinois, Ohio, or Wisconsin. Please contact

me if you have a connection.

                                          Ann  [email protected]


  o I have an 8 x 10 photo of Christopher U. KREIG, Jr. He is

not my relative and I will be glad to send this picture to a

member of his family. I found him in the 1920 census living in

Nashville, Tennessee. It looks like his age at that time was 43.

It shows him living with his father, brother, and sister. It

says that he was born in Texas and his father was born in West

Virginia. The back of the picture states: Chris U. KREIG,

Criminal Court Clerk, Nashville, Tennessee, friend of Mr. GOULD.

    I also have two photos of Harry M. GOULD which I will be

glad to send to his relatives. He is not my relative. The back

of the picture states: Harry M. GOULD, Pres. of Gould

Contracting Co., Nashville, Tennessee.

    Please contact me at my e-mail address. [email protected]

                                   Linda Chiles  [email protected]


  o I have a high school American Government book that was owned

by Walter Max LONG, Tot LONG, and maybe also Gin HAMILTON. I

believe most of the writing was done by LONG, who probably

attended or graduated in 1936 as there are lists of other names

for different years and his appears under 1936. Centerville,

Ohio. Contact me if you have a connection.

                                          Ann  [email protected]


  o Portraits of an unknown Army officer and what is presumed

to be his wife were discovered and purchased from an antique/

pawn shop in Virginia via an auction on eBay. The buyer

contacted me by e-mail on 12 October 2002, hoping that he might

find a clue to the subjects in the portraits in the Virginia

MITCHELLs. You may see the portraits at this link:

If you would like further information, please let me know.

           Betty Naff Mitchell  [email protected]



  o I have a book with the inscription Merry Christmas to Harry

MOHLMANN from the Sunday School. 1923. Given where I purchased

a lot of the books in the 1970s I would guess that Harry MOHLMAN

lived in the Dayton, Ohio area, Wisconsin, or Alabama. If you

have a connection, please contact me.

                                          Ann  [email protected]


  o MOODY-MARSH  Diary lot 1898-1911; Item # 916613683

Auction ends: Nov-03-02 16:30:51 PST; Seller: houseofmirth

Five handwritten diaries kept by the same woman. Two diaries,

1898 and 1901, were written when she was single and her name was

Millie MOODY of Acworth, New Hampshire. The other three diaries,

1909, 1910, and 1911, were written while she lived in Bellows

Falls, Vermont, and her married name was Millie MARSH. In 1898

she was 17 years old and lived with her parents. Peter, her

future husband, as well as other admirers, called on her often.

You can tell from those early diaries that she was quite sweet

on that Peter. She was very social, visiting relatives and

friends and going to see Moving Pictures and dances. Examples:

  March 10, 1898 - Pleasant. We gathered all the sap this

morning and tapped a few more trees. Lil came up after cream of

tarter. Cara, Sammie and I went over to Mrs. POTTER's to the


  Aug. 12, 1898 - Cloudy. Peter and I went to Alstead. Papa and

I went out to DODGE's to have the wagon fixed. May called this

eve and rode out to the dance with Cara, Sammie, Peter and I.

  March 22, 1901 - Warm, quite pleasant. Cara came over this

pm and we called at Mr. PARK's and at Uncle Fred's. Cara had a

telephone from Gladys about Mission Band. Everybody is being

vaccinated for the smallpox. A peddler called and I bought

paper of him.

  Sept. 14, 1901 - Warm and pleasant. I washed floor and cleaned

up. Pa & Ma came down this morn and we went to B. Falls. Peter

came back with us and got home about ten o'clock. President

McKINLEY died this morn at 2:15.

  Jan. 9, 1909 - Pleasant. I went down street early this morning

and left my upper teeth for Dr. CLARKE to put in a new tooth.

Came home, baked beans, swept, etc. and in the afternoon, mother

M. and I went down street again and I got my teeth. I sent for

more oxen remedies this morning.

  Feb 26, 1909 - Pleasant, but quite cold. I came down on 7:40

car this am and found Grace here. She took dinner with Myrtie.

They both came down this pm. We three went over to Hamen Shop to

hear phonograph records. Peter out to McNewells this afternoon

to work. Peter and I went to dance tonight at schoolhouse hall.

  Jan 9, 1910 - Pleasant. Cold. Mother M. was taken very bad off

in awful pain about 9:30 this morn. I went to 8 Paulding's to

telephone for Dr. MINER and then went down to the house to tell

Father M. to come up as he had just gone down. She is very bad

off tonight. Dr. gives us no hope. We telephoned about two to

Jen and to Carrie. Gus and Jen came about four. Gus went home

but Jen is going to stay. Have got a message from Carrie saying

she will be here at midnight.

  Nov. 6, 1910 - Pleasant. My 29th birthday. I washed floors,

cleaned up generally. Peter cleaned up out of doors, dug dalia

bulbs. Matt came up this forenoon. We went down there this

afternoon and this evening we four went to the Baptist Church.

  Jan 21, 1911 - Warm, cloudy. I cooked brown bread in my new

fireless cooker. Baked pies and tarts. Grace came over about

nine, spent the day. We went down street this pm and in to

Dreamland. Peter and I came up together on the five thirty five.

    Her writing is legible and in most of the diaries, she

wrote nearly every day. In 1911, she only wrote for about half

of the year.


  o 1887 MURCH Family Letters, New York and England

Item # 1782454176; Auction ends: Nov-04-02 11:35:42 PST;

Seller: atlantic-fox (Lake District, Cumbria, UK)

USA; Envelope addressed to Norfolk, England, franked by four 5c

stamps. Cancelled with CORK obliterator and with RHINEBECK

c.d.s alongside, enclosing two original letters and a document

from Mrs. Charles MURCH of Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York,

and Rev A. C. MOREHOUSE, pastor of Forsyth St. M.E. relating to

her marriage and family history in regard to heirs of her former



  o I often go to auctions held at our local auction house in

search of old books, pictures, and documents. I have found

several of my own family genealogical treasures in what are

known as box lots. I have also found old bibles, schoolbooks,

even an engraved family spoon. Knowing how hard it is to find

family treasures I couldn't just throw away what did not connect

to my family. When I found your newsletter I was thrilled. I do

not want any money for these things other than what it would

cost to mail them out. Here are some of the articles:

  -- Two Bibles (one is very large with births, marriages etc.)

belonging to the John Thomas PREHM and Kora Louise (DAVIS) PREHM

families; also a couple of cards that were sent to this family;

  -- a spoon engraved CASSELL 7-4-16 in the inside bowl of the

spoon, probably part of a wedding gift set;

  -- an Abbott's Webster selected dictionary belonging to a

Janet OGLE;

  -- an Algebra book belonging to Martha OGLE with personal

notes (like a diary) written on several of the pages and dates


  -- a few newspaper clippings & two photographs (one looks to

be 1930s era) belonging to the OGLEs. Somerset, Ohio and Dayton,

Ohio are mentioned in the papers.

    I wasn't sure of the way to go about getting these things to

their families or if they even want them. I thought your

newsletter would be a good place to start. I have other items

also but I thought I would start with these.

                                    Linda Acord  [email protected]


  o I have what I think was a high school English grammar book,

The Mother Tongue Book II, copyright 1908. There is much writing

by and the signature of the owner, Anna Louise ROBB, Portsmouth,

Ohio (920 Offmere?). Please contact me if you have a connection.

                                          Ann  [email protected]


  o I decided it was time to find homes for information I have

gathered that does not pertain to my research.

  -- Death certificate for Mary SCHMID, age 38 years, 22 days,

born 14 August 1859, Germany; died 6 September 1897, Oconto

County, Wisconsin. Wife of Frank SCHMID. (I found my Mary in

North Dakota.)

  -- Naturalizations: North Dakota. Attached to naturalization

information for my family members was information on:

    -- Ole Jenson MYHRE, naturalized 5 June 1890, born Norway

1833 (Eddy County)

    -- Annie SWANSSON, naturalized 5 April 1893, born Sweden

1867 (Eddy County)

    -- Kaus KALLESON, naturalized 8 July 1884, born Denmark 1854

(Stutman County)

    -- Thresa J. DAVIDSON, naturalized 3 June 1885, born Canada

1859 (Foster County)

  -- Found in an antique store on the Oregon coast, a studio

photo from Power Studio, Minneapolis [Minnesota], picturing four

generations of woman. On the back are listed: Grandma HARRISON

(approximate age 60 to 70 years); Muriel OTIS (20 to 30 years);

Abbie SLOAN (40 to 50 years), and Ona OTIS (infant). From the

clothing style, I would guess the picture was taken in the late

1800s or early 1900s.

    I will be happy to send any of the above to a related family

member. If there is more than one request for the same item, I

will made copies (except for the photo). In the subject of your

e-mail, please identify in which document you are interested.

                      Joanne Mack, Salem, Oregon  [email protected]


  o I have a wedding invitation that was sent to my parents in

August of 1923 for the wedding of Ruth SELWYN, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Will Selwyn HOLLIDAY to Marshall McILHENNY on 23 August

1923. If a member of their family will identify their

relationship, I will gladly sent it to them. it is in excellent


                                 Paul J. Walsh  [email protected]


  o I have a Jackson Township Commencement Class of 1910,

Montra, Ohio. It contains a list the class roll and program.

Edith STAHLER, Cleo STAHLER, Grace MAHAN, Lulu FALER, Clyde

ARNETT, Christina HEINTZ, Helen AILES, Florence HEINTZ, Marie

MITTLER, Perry HEINTZ, Mary BEAL, Ray LEININGER, class address

by Professor J. G. PARK. The small program lists some teachers

and Board of Education names on the back. Contact me if you

have a connection.

                                          Ann  [email protected]


  o I have a book by Mary Baker Eddy, published in 1917, with a

couple of newspaper articles taped in the front about the

wedding of Rose Hazel SULLIVAN (daughter of Mrs. Katherine

SULLIVAN of 315 Ellis Ave., who announced the marriage) and

Bruce SCHWERIN, who lived at 635 No. Topeka Ave. and owned the

Wichita Blank Book Co. I assume the marriage took place around

Wichita, Kansas. They were probably married in the summer as she

wore a "summer gown of deep cream georgette and silk lace made

sleeveless." Other names included: Rev. Kyle MURRAY of the First

U. B. church; Miss Melba PARKER, bridesmaid; Harold SULLIVAN,

best man; Miss Mildred HOVEY of K.C. [Kansas City], a guest;

Mr. and Mrs. O. C. SCHWERIN, parents; and Mrs. Delbert MEANS,

a friend.

    I would be glad to send this for the cost of postage.

                                      Dorothy  [email protected]


  o 1856 TAYLOR-BURR Family Bible; Item # 1575138364

Auction ends: Nov-03-02 13:21:09 PST; Seller: sadler66

Bible contains birth, marriage, and death records of a TAYLOR

family of New Preston, Connecticut. [Editor's Note: Images of

the Marriages and Births pages accompany this listing. They were

written in dark ink that does not appear to have faded. I read

them as follows:] MARRIAGE – Mr. Gideon TAYLOR and Miss

  Sally C. BURR was Married Aug 23rd 1807.

BIRTHS -- Esther TAYLOR Born Oct 4th 1808

George TAYLOR Born April 4th 1810

Emily TAYLOR Born April 4th 1810

Nelson B. TAYLOR born Jan 29th 1815

Henry TAYLOR born Sept 8th 1817

Henry TAYLOR [two Henrys recorded] born Oct 8th 1819;

Elias TAYLOR born Dec 28th 1821

Alma TAYLOR born Aug 8, 1824

John H. TAYLOR born July 28th 1826

Esther E. TAYLOR born Oct 24th 1828


  o I have a picture of a gravestone for Margaret TESSE, died

23 July 1894 at 35 years old. She's in the grave next to a

Catherine BRADLEY, who I believe is my great-great-aunt, in the

Cathedral Cemetery in Wilmington, Delaware. If you are related

and want a scan of the photo, please e-mail me.

    I also have a picture from the same cemetery of an enormous

obelisk erected for John BRADLEY and numerous members of his

family. Unfortunately it isn't "my" John BRADLEY (they never had

that much money). If I can find them, I have a list of some of

the names and dates. If you're researching the wealthier BRADLEY

family <g> and if you want a scan, please e-mail me with the

last name in the subject line.

          Beth Cherkowsky  [email protected] or [email protected]


  o We recently bought the contents of two storage units in

Carthage, Texas, and found these pictures and mementos. I'll be

glad to forward them for cost of mailing to anyone who can show

a valid connection to them.

  1. Commencement program for the 1997-98 Garrison (Texas)

I.S.D. eighth grade. (There are 57 graduates listed, four

administrators, and 15 teachers. If you want me to check for a

particular name, let me know.)

  2. Group picture (5"x7") made 20 July 1996 at Marvel Cave

in Silver Dollar City, [Missouri]. No names.

  3. Group pictures (5"x7") of the 1991-1992 first grade

class (Teacher -- MACK) and third grade class (Teacher -- GARZA)

of Wild Peach Elementary School. Principal of both -- Mrs.

HEFFERMAN. Stamped on the back of both is "Neil's Photography,"

and telephone numbers in the area codes 409 and 713 (vicinity

of Houston, Texas).

  4. Picture (5"x7") of large group of girls; printed on the

front is "Texas National Pre-Teen, March 1995." The girls are

wearing white shorts and blue t-shirts with white logo on the


  5. Group picture (8"x10") -- looks like maybe a high school

class 20th reunion; undated, no names, but the photographer's

return address on the mailing envelope was Hamilton Studio,

Angleton, Texas, and it was postmarked Nov. 22, 1993;

addressed to Ralph LaBETH in Brazoria, Texas.

  Put "Pictures, etc." in the subject line of your message.

                                                [email protected]


  o I found the following things at a yard sale in Michigan.

They are items from an antique shop that closed, owned by the

woman's son:

  -- WEBBER, Larry & Carole -- many records from Eastern Star,

including a 1947 80th anniversary book, photos of Carole,

postcards of Eastern Star temples around the USA, Troy,

Michigan High School certificates for Carole and Bob WEBBER

  -- RONCONE, Ralph -- High school diploma (class of 1943),

Senior year journal, senior and class picture

  -- STACKS, Nana May -- obituary notice (18 December 1954),

funeral register, Christmas card

  -- GIES, Flora -- Funeral register and notice, soil sample

results for property in Royal Oak, Michigan

  -- BRAUER, Harold Thomas -- many letters, notices and work

records, a telegram from his mother, school notebooks from

Oxford School in Pennsylvania (class of 1915), Ford Motor

Company work records and mechanics handbook (1904 edition)

life insurance receipts

  -- MANYOUN, Joseph -- High school commencement notice, 1915

  -- ADAMS, John T. -- Photo and black bordered death

announcement, Pleasant Grove, Pennsylvania, 1915

  -- BURGESS, Sara Stultz -- letters, pictures and Christmas


  -- REID, Isabella -- Hand drawn note and card to her

children, 1917

  -- WATSON, Harold -- Small book, Gospel of St. John stating

Property of Harold WATSON

  -- HERMAN, Clifford to Elsie -- letter postmarked 1948, Ionia,


  -- BANDLI, George Ernest - Pocket Dictionary stating property

of, etc.

  -- DAVIS, Rose Conant - Bible, pictures, letter from Pvt.

George DAVIS (early 1940s)

  -- WILDER, Joseph -- New Year's calling card

    I would love to see these items reunited with family or

someone researching lines. Will send for cost of postage.

    There are more items to sort through, and I will post

anything significant when I have finished.

    Please e-mail me if you have a family connection.

                        Michele Pomeroy  [email protected]


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  o 1857 AHLUM-KOOP Bible, Pennsylvania; Item # 1577726737

Auction ends: Nov-08-02 15:53:16 PST; Seller: lappfish

Full leather Bible in German published by the American Bible

Society, New York, 1857. It was the family Bible of Jacob H.

AHLUM and Fanny KOOP AHLUM, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

and covers the years 1830-1894; there are four pages of records

handwritten in red in fraktur calligraphy. Seller states he

"was told" this was a family in the Quakertown, Swamp area of

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, "although not sure." Images of two

pages of handwritten records accompany this listing.


  o Found in 1933 issues of AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazine:

  From January, cover photo of Dr. W. F. BILES of Frankfort,

Kentucky; photo of Ray C. BRACKEN of Columbus, Ohio.

  From February, photos of detective Michael J. BLACKWELL of the

Cleveland, Ohio police department; Chas. ASKINS, Jr. of Strauss,

New Mexico; Captain F. A. DUFFNER of the South Dakota National

Guard; Hans von KNORR of Brookline, Massachusetts.

  From March, cover photo of Mrs. Joseph S. WOOD of Anchorage,

Alaska; photo of the New York Police Pistol team of Charles

MIGLIORINI, Herbert W. KOEHLER, Adolph P. SCHUBER, Arthur V.


  From April, photo of Herbert C. NIELSEN of Neenah, Wisconsin;

Charles H. JOHNSON of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania; Paul LANDROCK

of Union City, New Jersey.

  From November, photo of Walter R. WALSH of New Jersey; the

New Jersey state police team of L. C. SALZ, Sgr. J. J.

ORZECHOWSKI, trooper F. JURY, trooper J. R. MILLER, trooper B.


Immigration Border Patrol team of Capt. C. C. COURTNEY,

Chief Patrol Inspector Carl A. CLYATT, Patrol Inspector Edwin

M. REDMOND; The Tampa Police Department team H. C. HAMM, Wayne

HAMILTON, and Smitty BROWN; The Provo Union Pacific rifle team

of George WILSON, Eugene NELSON, Reed COLVIN, Alton F. GRONEMAN,

W. R. RITA, Clifford ANDERSON, F. D. LOVELESS, Calvin BEE,

W. Sydney BOYLE, and Stanley JORGENSEN. There are also photos

of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. PEASE of San Diego, Callfornia; H. K.

SCHAAF of Seattle, Washington; Pvt. John W. BEALE of the

Washington National Guard; and L. E. WILSON of Cashmere,

Washington. Obituaries for Dwight H. McCARRIER of Butler,

Pennsylvania, survived by his wife, Dorothy; and Albert E. KENT,

son of Congressman William KENT of Marin County, California.

  From December; photos of Otto G. DINGFIELD of the Jersey City

Police; Robert W. HUGHES of Youngstown, Ohio; F. J. SAGE (no

city); Charles ANDREWS, Roger HUGHES (younger brother of Robert

HUGHES, age 19), and Joe CHAPEL of Youngstown, Ohio; Ralph

GASSMAN of Matamoras, Pennsylvania; George HEDDESHEIMER, John

DAVIDSON, and Robert J. ROSE of New York City.

  From March, 1934; Cover photo of Dr. H. D. WILBER of Loch

Muller, New York; photo of Elsie HELLWIG of New Haven,

Connecticut; and obituaries of James POTTHOFF of 1715 Longfellow

Ave., Bronx County, New York and Lt. Thomas E. DUNLEAVY, age 28,

of the Massachusetts National Guard, who had been married only

three months.

  From May, 1934; Cover photo of A. E. ELLINGER of Snyder, New

York; photos of Thurman RANDLE, Robert W. HUGHES of Youngstown,

Ohio; the Massachusetts State Police Revolver team of Sgt.

Joseph C. CRESCIO, Pvt. Norman SIDNEY, Capt. C. J. VAN AMBURGH,

Lt. James HUGHES, and Sgt. Theodore JOHNSON; Gilbert ANGEL of

Tennessee; Marshall MATHIS, William BRYAN, Harry ANTHONY of

Wallingford, Connecticut; the Quinnipiac rifle and revolver team

of New Haven, Connecticut consisting of Wm BREULER, Ward C.

HUNT, Edgar DOYLE, Eric JOHNSON, and James LACEY.

  From December, 1934; cover photo of Robert H. MATTHEW; Mrs.

Velma K. UMLANDT of Iowa; the New York City police pistol team

of Patrolman Charles MIGLIORINI, motorcycle patrolman Arthur V.

SACKETT, patrolman Herbert W. KOEHLER, patrolman Robert SCHMIDT,

motorcycle patrolman Adolph P. SCHUBER, patrolman John L.

WENDEL, Mrs. Charles ASKINS, Jr., and Charles ASKINS with all

of his medals; E. G. HARDESTY of Helena, Montana; Paul GOULDEN

of the U.S. Coast Guard; E. C. JONES of the U.S. Coast Guard;

and Sgt. H. T. GILMORE of the National Guard.

    I will be glad to share pictures for the cost of the copies.

Please put "rifleman" in the subject line.

                                        Linda  [email protected]


  o 1871 BATTEY Family Bible; Item # 1578754796

Auction ends: Nov-08-02 18:36:06 PST; Seller: keem0

Bible published by American Bible Society, New York, 1871.

This was passed down from mother to daughter it appears.

Mentions Joseph and Mary BATTEY as mom and pa, married in 1849.

Children Josephine, Susanna, Albert, William, and Adelia soon

follow, up to 1866. William dies in 1871 at the age of 6 or 7,

and Josephine dies at age 25 in 1875.


  o 1830 BEARD Family Bible; Item # 1578674338

Auction ends: Nov-10-02 16:58:10 PST; Seller: honeystreasures

Bible published by Philadelphia-Towar, J. & D. M. Hogan and

Hogan & Co. Pittsburgh-C. Sherman & Co. Printers, 1830. The

first two pages as you open the book have separated from the

binding. This page reads "Allen BEARDS Book." The center of the

book has several pages on which the family recorded births,

marriages, and deaths and family matters. There is one record

of a Charles F. BEARD killed in the army on November 16, 1863

at Camil Station in Tennessee. There is a birth noted of

Abraham Lincoln BEARD in 1860 and later his death is noted in

1936. I [Seller] found dates recorded from as early as 1831.



Item # 1580282657; Auction ends: Nov-14-02 06:31:38 PST

Seller: [email protected]

Bible published by William W. Woodward, Chestnut Street,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1816. This volume is leather covered

hardboard with the binding and spine in very good condition.

Births dated 1767 through 1781 are listed in the Family Record

Before the title page. Family names with birth dates are:

Edward BOSWORTH April 4th, 1767; Hannah QUIMBY 1768;

Hannah ROWELL 1778; and Hannah WILLIAMS November 1st, 1781.

These names are all written with a quill.


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Thanks for helping my search move forward."  Gemini

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  o Rescued from a shed that was about to be torn down near my

parents in Montana, a medical school graduation certificate for

Garretson CARHART. It was from a New York medical school and I

Believe it was dated 1848. From searching on RootsWeb's

WorldConnect, I can see GARRETSON served as a doctor in the

Civil War and practiced medicine in Iowa. My parents would like

this certificate to go to a descendant.

                       Denise Crawford [email protected]


  o The following pictures are listed for sale at Both are in very good condition

and listed in the antique category. Sale ends November 15th.

  -- Item #430423 -- 23" x 16" picture in oval frame with

bubble glass. Dated 1910 and "Ann CARLSON-NURSE, Aunt of Dales"

is written on the back.

  -- Item #430408 -- 11 1/4 x 11 1/2 picture in a swing frame.

1928 college picture of Florence FREDLE CARLSON.

                              Bonnie Fritz  [email protected]


  o While traveling in Connecticut in October 2002, I  located

the CLARKE-ALLEN family Bible in the Millerton Antique Mall in

Millerton, New York. The CLARKE-ALLEN family Bible, which booth

owner states he bought at a house sale in an adjoining town,

contains family marriages and births starting with Joseph ALLEN,

born 1790, who married Lucy CLARKE WARE, born 1791 in Cambridge

(Massachusetts?) on 3 February 1818, and continuing with each

generation until 1929. Also in the Bible were postcards of the

HANCOCK CLARKE HOUSE, built 1698 in which John HANCOCK and Sam

ADAMS were sleeping in 1775 when roused by Paul Revere. There

are also a church pamphlet and a family letter giving more dates

and family information. Inscribed in the front of the Bible is:

"To Lucy ALLEN from husband Joseph ALLEN, Christmas, 1841." The

booth owner, Roy, may be reached at [email protected] for

further information.

                              Joyce Batchelor  [email protected]


  o 1873 DAME Family Bible; Item # 1578453206

Auction ends: Nov-10-02 10:21:03 PST; Seller: [email protected]

1873 family Bible containing the names DAME, STERLING, BURROWS,

TUTTLE. Appears to be from the Dover, New Hampshire area.

Marriages include 1835 DAME to BURROWS, 1861 DAME to TUTTLE,

(undated) DAME to STERLING. Birth listings for DAME starting

1795 Newington (New Hampshire?). Total three marriages, seven

births, four deaths listed.


  o 1842 DARLING Family Bible, Rutland, Mass.; Item # 1579983994

Auction ends: Nov-13-02 13:14:21 PST; Seller: stonewillow

"Polyglot Bible" by Robinson, Pratt and Co., New York, 1842.

Family Bible from Rutland, Massachusetts. Belonged to Daniel

DARLING born on June 3rd, 1801. Contains four pages of family

records from 1801 through 1926. Other family names given are:


BARTLETT, and DENNIS. Contains a drawing of a gravestone, some

pressed leaves, and a newspaper article.


  o I have the contents of probate packets of George W. FOGG,

Wales, Maine, July 1894 and Alcander F. THOMPSON, Wales, Maine,

December 1882. This file also has a complete list of his estate

when it went up to auction. G. W. FOGG is my great-grandfather.

A. F. THOMPSON fits in somewhere too. They are buried in Wales,

[Maine] not far from where I live.

                               Joan Pease  [email protected]


  o I have the following photos taken in New York (Utica and

Little Falls), Chicago, and Montreal, Canada: John L. DAVIS,




(BARGELSKI). If you would like to view any of them please go to

Prices paid plus shipping cost if they fall within your tree.

                                                [email protected]


  o 1950s Maryon DAVIS Scrapbook/Diary/Journal; Item # 733415144

Auction ends: Nov-14-02 19:46:17 PST; Seller: diaries

Scrapbook/diary that seems to be the life story of a Maryon

DAVIS, who lived in Minnesota. I think someone was putting it

together for her, as she seems to talk in the 3rd person quite

a bit. I also believe that she might have polio, as there was

another handwritten journal that was with this piece that stated

something about her illness. I don't have the other diary, or I

would have sold them together, someone else at the Antique show

got to it before I did. She has made up a scrapbook/diary out

of an old Milk-bone box. All the pages are cardboard, and are

full of photos, cards, handwritten diary entries, clippings, and

all kinds of ephemera. The date of this diary is around the mid

1950s and goes into the early 1960s. It is a very thick

scrapbook, measuring about 6 x 8 ½ and is almost 4" thick.

[Images of four pages accompany this listing.\]


  o 1712 DEWEY-FOOT-NOBLE? Bible; Item # 1578938481

Auction ends: Nov-11-02 05:41:57 PST; Seller: cozz (Vermont)

Published in London, England, MDCCXII, this Bible is from a

Vermont estate. The names appearing in the family record are

DEWEY, FOOT, NOBLE ? [Editor's Note: An image of part of a page

of handwritten family records accompanies this listing.]


  o 1875 HAAG Family Bible, Mansfield, Ohio; Item # 1579220781

Auction ends: Nov-09-02 18:30:10 PST

Seller:  needful*things*from*ohio

Catholic Bible contains HAAG family history dating back to 1911.

There are also baptismal papers from St. Peter's Catholic Church

in Mansfield, Ohio, dated June 17th 1888. There is a handwritten

letter Christmas Greeting from daughter Nellie to her Mamma and

Papa dated Christmas 1885.


  o 1874 HATCH-PERKINS Family Bible, Maine; Item # 1579719806

Auction ends: Nov-12-02 19:38:01 PST

Seller: [email protected]

Bible published by Bradley, Garretson & Co., 1874. It has the

colorful marriage certificate of Mark E. HATCH of Castine, Maine

and Louisa PERKINS of Castine, Maine, married on November 1856

at Castine, Maine by the Rev. William J. WILSON. Some names

in the births and deaths are PERKINS, WILSON, NORRIS, and HATCH.


  o 1885 IZZARD Family Bible; England; Item # 920030620

Auction ends: Nov-12-02 10:07:09 PST; Seller: bcoving

British and Foreign Bible Society "Appointed to be read in

churches." Oxford: Printed at the University Press for the

British and Foreign Bible Society 146, Queen Victoria St, London

1885. Names of IZZARD family with birth dates written inside

front cover. [Editor's Note: In response to my request for more

information, Seller wrote: "We bought the Bible in Horsham,

England--a suburb of London. The earliest name is Edwin IZZARD

(1869). Others are Elizabeth IZZARD, Edwin Walter IZZARD, James

David IZZARD, Arthur, Beatruas May HALL (Adopted). It is a

church appointed Bible, also containing pieces of pressed flower

in some of the pages. I hope this info is helpful to you.

Sincerely, Brian  [email protected] ]


  o Rescued from a flea market table, a 1932 Mt. Lebanon Junior-

Senior High School Yearbook, referred to as THE LEBANON LOG. The

school was located in Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The

yearbook is in excellent condition, with the typical classmate

signatures. It appears as if this book originally belonged to

Mary E. LAMBIE, who graduated from there in 1932. All I ask for

this book is what I paid for it, $20 plus $4 to mail it.

                           Mickey Cendrowski  [email protected]


  o I have a group photo of the LONE STAR SCHOOL in Lonestar,

Arizona (Safford, Arizona) taken around 1933. My father and his

siblings went to school there. I will be happy to send anyone

related a scan. The names are: Elton MORRIS, Raymond GAUNA,

Flora MONTIERTH, Fairlane JOHN, Norma MORRIS, Lorraine MORRIS,

Lawrence GAUNA, Laura NELSON, Lola Ruiz, ?? MONTEZ, Beth

MONTIERTH, Lorene MORRIS, Merrill KEMPTON, Teacher: Ethna


Jack KEMPTON, Teacher: Ethelyn MONTIERTH, Madaline JOHN, Logean

MONTIERTH, Antonio LOPEZ, Paul JOHN, Pauline NELSON, Cance?


Marie NELSON, Lola LOPEZ, Anate? LOPEZ, MONTEZ girl, Lavoy

MORRIS, Bessie Mae NELSON, and some Hispanic boys and girls who

are not identified. If you are related, I will send a scan.

Please put LONESTAR SCHOOL in the subject line.

                                  Gena Raban  [email protected]


  o I have a Social Security application for Porter McCOLLOCH,

born 6 August 1890 in Viola, Tennessee. He is not a part of my

family. I will gladly send it to a family member.

                                 Sandy Boyd  [email protected]


  o 1859 McDANIELS-TOWNS Family Bible, New Hampshire, Maine

Item # 1578601692; Auction ends: Nov-10-02 23:00:00 PST

Seller: berrykin

Bible published by Jesper Harding & Son, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, 1859. On the family pages between the old and new

testaments there are some births and deaths recorded. There are

also a couple of loose sheets with names recorded. One loose

sheet gives information on the McDANIEL family; another piece

of paper has an 'S' added, McDANIELS. There is information like

the following in the Bible: Thomas M. TOWNS born in the town of

Manson (I think), State of Maine, June 27, 1830.

Martha McDANIELS, born in the town of Northfield, State of New

Hampshire, August 11, 1832. Then there are births of their

children (I assume) in Sanbornton, New Hampshire, and their

dates of death. Thomas TOWNS died April 12, 1914. It is possible

that this Bible had a connection to people in Grafton or

Danbury, New Hampshire.


  o 1890 MARQUART German Family Bible; Item # 1578448135

Auction ends: Nov-10-02 10:12:00 PST; Seller: wenh

German family Bible dated 1890, presented to William and Eva

MARQUART by Elizabetha MARQUART; William was born in 1864, Eva

in 1868. They had three children: Andy William, 1889; Eva

Elizabeth, 1891; and Carl Friedrich, 1894.


  o My daughter was at an antique store and purchased a marriage

certificate for $10. She would like to find the family it

belongs to and return it to them. The information is as follows:

Charles M. MARTIN married Anna E. FOLTZ on 8 November 1896 in

the State of Indiana, Vigo County. Both are from Oakland,

Illinois. Asking $10 plus postage. If this is your family,

please contact:

                                         Pat  [email protected]


  o 1882 MOONEY Bible, Woodsfield, Ohio; Item # 1578545993

Auction ends: Nov-10-02 13:02:07 PST; Seller: nanasturtle

MOONEY family Bible published by Hubbard Brothers Bible

Publishers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1882. This came from an

estate sale in Woodsfield, Ohio and is the original MOONEY

family Bible belonging to William Crittenden MOONEY and

Elizabeth DAVENPORT MOONEY, who were the son and daughter-in-

law of Colonial Samuel MOONEY. This Bible contains two separate

"Family Records" pages that note the dates of birth, marriage,

and death in the MOONEY family. Also included is the page out

of this Bible of the original Marriage Certificate filled in for

William Crittenden MOONEY and Elizabeth DAVENPORT, married in

Woodsfield, Ohio on the Twenty-first day of January in the year

of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Nine (1879)

by the Rev. RUDER.


  o 1844 MURPHY Family Bible; Item # 1578654426

Auction ends Nov-10-02 16:29:03 PST; Seller [email protected]

Bible published by Johnson, Fry And Company, 27 Beeman Street,

New York, 1844. Contains a record of the family of James MURPHY

and Mary POWERS that has been filled in starting with their

marriage on June 10th, 1865, continues through the births of

their children, and ends with the death in 1884 of William

MURPHY. An image of one page of records accompanies the listing.


  o 1874 PARKER-HATCH-BEAN-BROOKS Family Bible, Maine

Item # 1579677273; Auction ends: Nov-12-02 18:39:01 PST

Seller: [email protected]

Bible published by A. J. Holman & Co., 1874. Some of the names

mentioned are PARKER, BEAN, BROOKS, from the Castine, Belfast,

Maine area. [Editor's Note: This is my transcription from the

images of parts of two family record pages that accompany this

listing.] BIRTHS. Rufus Otis son of Ruf [cut off photo] PARKER

was born at Castine, May [cut off]. Elizabeth Stover HATCH,

daugh [cut off] HATCH was born at Castine, Ju [cut off] George

William PARKER was [cut off] September 28th 1865. [New page]

May 16th 1868. Isabel Nelson [cut off] July 12th 1871.

Joseph Thombo? [cut off] September 10th 187 [cut off].


  o 1759 RICHARDS-LINBURY-KIDDLE-COX Family Bible, England

Item # 1579905441; Auction ends: Nov-13-02 10:11:35 PST

Seller: newhat1 (Somerset, Bristol, United Kingdom)

A family Bible printed in two volumes in Aberdeen in 1759 by

Bruce & Boyle. Leather bound, front cover beginning to crack at

spine on both volumes. Most of the cover intact, red & gilt

stain to spines. Some foxing but interiors mostly in good

condition. Size 15" x 9&1/2". Previous owner's history on loose

page. Biographical information (abridged) that appears on loose

page in front of book, handwritten in old script: "B0. (born?)

in London Isaac RICHARDS May 29 1768 was married to Ann LINBURY

at Odcombe Church (Somerset) had one daughter died in her

infancy Jan 1 - 1775 was born Betty RICHARDS . . . Dec 5th 1824

Died Isaac RICHARDS at half past 5 Sunday afternoon aged 81

years. October 27th 1830 Died Ann RICHARDS . . . Jan 5th 1835

Died James KIDDLE . . . Oct 15th 1837 Died Joseph KIDDLE . . .

Nov 20th 1848 Died May COX . . . Nov 30th 1848 Died By (?)

KIDDLE . . ."


  o I have a certified copy of a marriage certificate for Mr.

J. W. ROGERS and Miss M. A. WILLIS, married November 3, 1884 in

Wise County, Texas. Unfortunately, this is not the couple I was

looking for. I would send this to anyone for $6, which was my

cost for the certificate.

                              Holly Homan  [email protected]


  o 1866 SCHWARZE German Family Bible; Item # 1578134802

Auction ends: Nov-09-02 16:08:02 PST; Seller: joyreaper(4172)

German family Bible with SCHWARZE genealogy. This is what the

title pages say: Bilderbibel fur die Katholiken ober die

heilige Schrift des alten und neuen Bundes von (by) Heinrich

Joadim Jaeck Leipzig, 1866 Baumgartner's Budhandlung. Contains

the official genealogy of arrival of family from Germany to

Ellis Island with Ellis Island official stamp. Genealogy of

Peter Wm SCHWARZE born Nov. 23, 1856 in Germany, and Mrs.

Theresa SCHWARZE, child Name Theresa WETZEL, born in Germany

On October 9th, 1859. Then their six children and birth places

(in the USA) are listed and then the statement "In my own hand

P. W. SCHWARZE." Arrival in New York dated Dec. 11, 1888 with

official Ellis Island embossed stamp. The children's names on

the genealogy record are: August Wilhelm SCHWARZE, Anna Suisa

SCHWARZE, Anna Katharina SCHWARZE, Adolf Arthur SCHWARZE,

Anna Carolina SCHWARZE, and Johan Albert SCHWARZE.


  o At an auction I bought a Land Grant, mainly for the frame

it was in. It is for E. D. SMITH, in Bear Creek, Waupaca County,

Wisconsin. It was signed by Thomas S. ALLEN, William E. SMITH,

and Charles R. GILL, commissioners of School and University

Lands at Madison on January 3, 1867. It has the Seal of the

State of Wisconsin on it. It was recorded by the Registrar of

Deeds in Waupaca county, Wisconsin on September 17th 1875,

Volume 39, p. 438. I would be happy to send it on to a member of

the family of E. D. SMITH.

                                   Pat Wegener  [email protected]


  o 1813 SMITH-BULLOCK Family Bible; Item # 1578705066

Auction ends:  Nov-10-02 17:40:59 PST; Seller: peachiecreamy

1813 Bible includes four pages of records [images of these

pages accompany this listing] for the John M. SMITH and Hannah

BULLOCK family of Wilmington, Delaware and Delaware County,

Pennsylvania, going back to 1787.


  o 1850 SMITH-COOK-GOODENER-BAYERS Bible; Item # 1578988224

Auction ends: Nov-09-02 09:01:42 PST; Seller: lostnspacek

SMITH family Bible, published by The Bible Association of

Friends in America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1850, contains

family records, little ribbons, clippings, and notes. The

following is a note found in the Bible: "This book was presented

to Elizabeth Cook SMITH by her father Wright COOK in 1864.

J. T. SMITH her husband kept it till death then her son William

kept it till his death. Then his wife gave it back to his sister

Martha Smith COOK as a memory of the family in 1922." I have

left 3 or 4 ribbons in place and clippings showing deaths, so as

not to disturb the position or location as to where those people

read. Marriage Records: John T SMITH and Elizabeth S COOK--1854;

John T SMITH and Catyann GOODENER--1864; E. SMITH and Martha B

BAYERS--1880. Birth records and death records were also kept and

recorded. A couple of other last names are mentioned. Please

note that some names may be misspelled within the records and

we've written them as they appear within the Bible, e.g. Catyann

GOODENER, as written in the Bible, may actually be spelled Katie

Ann GOODNER as is shown in an obituary clipping found within.


  o SMITH Old Family Portrait; Item # 731821658

Auction ends: Nov-10-02 17:36:45 PST; Seller: connie*s-closet

Formal family portrait of an older man and woman and two

Children, a boy and a girl. On the bottom of the matting it

says, "R. E. GREEN, Photographer Portland, Mich." On the back

of this picture is written: Will SMITH) husband & Ciny

SMITH) wife; Pearl & Milo children; Morris SMITH.


  o SMURTHWAITE WWI Family Photographs & Cane; Item # 732353201

Auction ends: Nov-12-02 03:59:22 PST

Seller: tsz-shan (Greater London, United Kingdom)

One photo frame; photograph of Frank William SMURTHWAITE (son)

in RAF in item 1;  cane as seen in photograph in item 2;

photograph from Frank sent 24/4/1918 [24 April 1918]; photograph

sent from Le Bourget Airport in France; business card with home

address; business card (C Binks (1920) LTD – Engineering firm);

and a photograph of father William John SMURTHWAITE, a Sergeant

Major in the Yorkshire Regiment dated 29/5/1915 [29 May 1915].

Research shows that the father, William John SMURTHWAITE, was a

clerk, served with the Engineers and was holder of the MSM

(Meritorious Service Medal).


  o 1800s SNELL Bible, Dover, New Hampshire; Item # 1578475757

Auction ends: Nov-10-02 11:05:03 PST; Seller: [email protected]

1800s family Bible with records for SNELL, LORD, HARMON?,

PERKINS, SANBORN, BLAISDELL. SNELL is the predominant name.

Dover, New Hampshire is listed several times. Dates range from

1822 to 1900. Two images accompany this listing, one of a page

with handwritten family records.


  o 1883 STAUFFER Family Bible, Pennsylvania; Item # 1580384800

Auction ends: Nov-14-02 11:18:56 PST; Seller: skiingtrixie

Holy Bible published by National Publishing Co. Nos. 724, 726 &

728 Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1883. Contains

family death records: John STAUFFER, Minor's Hospital, Ashland,

Pennsylvania, Oct. 12, 1891, 46 years; Sallie STAUFFER,

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, May 11, 1938, 93 years; Frank H.

STAUFFER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, April 1934, 66 years;

William STAUFFER, Union Deposit, Pennsylvania, June 30, 1878,

12 days; John STAUFFER, Union Deposit, Pennsylvania,

July 12, 1885, 2 years.


  o 1817 STOWELL et al. Bible; Item # 1578941905

Auction ends: Nov-11-02 06:02:02 PST; Seller: cozz (Vermont)

Bible published by J. Holbrook, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1817.

Some of the names in the family history are STOWELL, ELMER,


An images of one page of family records accompanies the listing.


  o I have some Canadian homestead papers that do not belong to

my family:

  -- From the Saskatchewan Archives: Declaration of Abandonment

for Robert TURNER, dated 13 Jan. 1893 at Estevan, Saskatchewan.

  -- From the National Archives of Canada: Dominion Land Grant

Letters Patent for John CANADA, dated 19 April 1927, Manitoba.

    I will send these to a family member free of charge.

                              Erin Kampf  [email protected]


  o 1796? WATERMAN-THOMPSON-JOHN Family Bible; Item # 1579890638

Auction ends: Nov-13-02 09:29:56 PST; Seller: susieqpart2

This is an old family Bible with handwritten recordings of

Births, marriages, and deaths that date back to 1796. I do not

know if the book if from that time or the history of the family

was recorded at a later date. [Editor's Note: In response to my

request for more information, Seller [email protected] wrote:

"It is WATERMAN marrying THOMPSON marrying JOHN. JOHN is the

last name. It is my maiden name. It is from my family. The first

recording states it is from Halifax. From then on, it goes to

Rhode Island. Then I would assume New York where my

grandparents, father and myself were born. The writing is faded.

That is why it didn't show in the pix."]


  o I recently purchased four photographs that I would like to

return to family members.

  -- postal type photo of a girl standing beside an ice cream

style chair. On the back is written: Wilma WICKEY, Three years


  -- two postal type photos made in 1910 by W. W. Monteith

Studio in Gilmore City, Iowa. These are addressed to Mr. & Mrs.

Jacob BRECHWALD or BREACHWELD, Holstein, Iowa. Both pictures

are of their son Andrew.

  -- studio picture made of a little girl with bows in her hair

standing beside a bench. On the back is written Uncle Jake

BRECHWALD, Holstein.

    If you are interested in these pictures, e-mail me with

"photos" in the subject line, and let me know your relationship.

                                 Audrey - [email protected]


  o Circa 1900 Unidentified Family Portrait with Dog, California

Item # 732865889; Auction ends: Nov-13-02 19:45:00 PST

Seller:  amyfish

"This is a wonderful family portrait of several generations

posing proudly on the front porch of their Victorian home. I

particularly love the dog who is seated on the newel post of

the stair rail. What a character! The photo dates to ca. 1900.

I purchased it at a flea market and the gentleman from whom I

purchased said it came from an estate in Sonoma, California."

[Editor's Note: It looks like three adult generations to me.

Seller is not exaggerating about the dog. Even if you have no

California connection, I hope you'll take a look just for fun.]


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  o 1875 BAKER-HEAAG Bible, Pennsylvania; Item # 1581047420

Auction ends: Nov-18-02 19:45:08 PST; Seller: sparcove

Bible published by A.J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, 1875. Family

history section lists marriages for Jacob BAKER, John HEAAG,

John Brainard BAKER. Births are listed from 1814 to 1875, mostly

BAKERs and HEAAG, all in Pennsylvania (Northumberland, Berks,

And Union counties). Deaths are listed from 1876 to 1898.


  o Huldah CARLSON, small bust-type portrait of a beautiful

young woman in a full white lace blouse. It looks almost as if

it has mutton sleeves. She has a long watch chain hanging around

her neck. The paper matting has two embossed medallions. The

first says: "sHs '08". The second reads: "Bosworth Studio

Springfield Mass." Found in Portland, Oregon. $3 plus shipping.

                          Saralie Northam  [email protected]


  o 1914 CHASE Handwritten Diary, Massachusetts; Item 921218504

Auction ends: Nov-17-02 14:00:00 PST; Seller: bubbasmomm

Diary of Jannette C. CHASE of Newberry, Massachusetts, whose

name is written inside. 4" x 6.75" and has 368 pages. Jannette

CHASE was married to "Howard," to whom she usually refers as

"H." His work involved hauling coal, gas coal, coke, hay,

granite, monuments, pipe, wood, etc. They have three children:

Ruth, Alice, and Donald. The oldest child is 12 years old.

Jannette was a very active and sociable person who enjoyed

visiting with her friends and neighbors. She was a lodge member

and tended the books. She also attended church, a sewing circle,

lodge parties, and lectures. She seemed to be in charge of the

family finances and did the book work for her husband's business

as well. Many names are mentioned, but she often used initials.

Some of the names include: Mrs. FIELD, Mrs. Ida GRAY, Mrs. Mable

GRAY, Mr. YOUNG, Mrs. Gilbert THOMPSON, Mrs. Geo. LORD, Nellie


Mrs. A. G. SWAIN, Mrs. EASTMAN, Mrs. Lucy DAY; Mrs. G. B. THORP,



Mrs. GORE, Charles BATCHELDER, Dr. NUTES, Mrs. KRUGERS, et al.


  o This is the last of the "stuff" I listed some weeks ago:

  -- Photo of a young couple dated Nov. 7, 1926 with this

handwritten inscription on the back: "With Best Wishes to my

dear mother and father from your daughter COUNTESS."

  -- A whole album of photos -- the only names on any of them

are three older gentlemen in an 8x10 picture: Bill HERBST,

C. G. CAMPBELL, J. J. MITTEL. The photo has a stamp on the back

stating Manning Bros. Inc. commercial photographers, Detroit,

Michigan. There are several photos with these same gentlemen in

them. A small snapshot has this on the back: "Here is the

picture I promised you: Jack ANSOLVISH and me. Another snapshot

says "Jackie--6 mos--May 28, 1940." Another says Jacqueline and

Mim--age 3 ½ months, March 8, 1940." Another says "Patricia Ann

& Peg, age 2 months, March 8, 1940." There are three photos of

houses -- two say KRAFT and one says BURGESS. They are cabin

types on a pier near water.

  -- Christmas Card booklet inscribed Geo. R. SIMS.

  -- Membership list for "The Home and Foreign Missionary

Societies of the Oxford Presbyterian Church for 1911.

  -- Small novel, LOST HORIZON, with name Norma KIZER inside.

  -- Ledger "Expenditures made for Mabel CARR" by Judith


  -- A directory of names and addresses for the Clawson,

Michigan Methodist Church dated JU 8, 1944. [June or July?]

  -- Beautiful hand made cards "To Sally & Skippy from Davy,

from Frankfort, Germany in 1945.

  -- First Communion remembrance card for Ronald MARCINIAK,

May 15, 1949.

  -- Handwritten/hand drawn invitation from Miss Leona GILLETT

to Miss Louise & Mr. Andrew BRENHAM.

  -- Souvenir booklet from BELOIT COLLEGE.

  -- NEW BALTIMORE NEWS from New Baltimore, Michigan, dated

1/8/32 [8 August 1932?]

  -- Death certificate for Edward R. SULLIVAN, 11/5/37

[5 November 1937?], Detroit, Michigan (I ordered it and it is

the wrong SULLIVAN.)

  In the newspaper and the various directories, there are too

many names to list, but I will answer any inquiries. Again,

there is no charge for the material, just postage to get to a

family member.

                          M. A. Pomeroy  [email protected]


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  o DECKER, REEVES, WHITFORD Letters, mid 1800s to early 1900s

Item # 734194506; Auction ends: Nov-15-02 07:05:57 PST

Seller: ephemeraplus

>From an old estate in Orange County, New York, a lot of more

than 150 mid 1800s to early 1900s family letters from DECKER,

REEVES, and WHITFORD estates of Orange County, New York. These

families were somehow related. There are also a couple of

pictures from the WHITFORD family. [Editor's Note: Accompanying

this listing is an image of many if not all of the envelopes and

two photographs.]


  o 1907 DeVANNY Family Letters; Item # 734424255

Auction ends: Nov-17-02 15:58:05 PST; Seller: dtw1945

Five handwritten personal family letters to Miss Delia DeVANNY

in Geneva, New York, from Red & Lott, or Red, or Lott. Four are

postmarked Washington, D.C. and one is from Syracuse, New York.

Weather conditions; trip to take in the Jamestown Exposition—-

"We expect the city will be the stopping place for nearly all

the people who come to the exposition;" wedding news in the

SYRACUSE POST-STANDARD; "Company building a machine after his

design for making lath and now that it is nearing completion he

has to watch it pretty close." All the letters have envelopes.


  o 1838-39 Fintan DUNN, mate, Diary, Voyage on the Brig HUNTER

Item # 921874285; Auction ends: Nov-19-02 17:59:15 PST

Seller: diaries

Handwritten diary/journal from the Brig HUNTER out of the port

of Charleston [South Carolina], I believe, written August 1838

through December 1839. It is about 10" x 15 1/2" and fully

written in, with about 110 pages. At the top of every page, for

example, is written "The Brig Hunter from Charleston towards

Boston, J. BONNEY Master." The HUNTER changes masters a couple

of times, J. F. CLARK and, at the end of the diary, G. COFFIN,

come on board to take over. Below the heading it says, "H - K –

HK - Courses - Winds - Remarks on Board - [and then the date]."

There are several dates per page, and a lot of writing in very

beautiful script. Some of the places mentioned are Nantucket,

Block Island, Cape Cod, Cape Elizabeth, Widgery Wharf, Civil

Bay, Charleston, Magwoods Wharf, Florida, Mantanza, Havana,

Island of Cuba, and I'm sure many more, I just haven't studied

it that closely. They also list all of the lighthouses seen.

The HUNTER seems to be a merchant brig (I think), as they are

always stopping to load and unload cargo. They also seem to take

on passengers. The writer also mentions many other ships, sights

along the way, and much more, [for example] "Took in 13 thousand

bricks . . . black man employed . . . Passengers got on board

. . . A ship in sight standing to the west . . . At 12 midnight

struck surroundings in 18 fathoms of water . . . All hands

employed painting ship . . . A number of vessels standing to

the north . . . Throughout the day, strong northerly winds and

pleasant weather, _____ the sails to dry and discharged 76 ____

of sugar. 3 men employed. At 3 PM when turning to I ordered the

crew up to furl the sail but James SIFTIN not starting aloft

when the others did I spoke to him at which he went aloft a

grumbling after he got on the top sail yard? I told him to hold

his tongue and furl the sail at which he gave me some insolence.

I then went aloft and collared him and told him that if he gave

me any more insolence I would flog him, he still being insolent

I slapted him once in the face. After they had furled the top

sail and fore sail and came on deck I ordered the said SIFTIN to

lower down the studding sail (which was tied? up to dry) and

make it up, but he refused to do it and attempted to go below

but I collared him and would not let him. BIBBER then coming

down from aloft interfered and said if I struck one I would have

to strike the whole for they was all clutched? together I

ordered him out to furl the ? and he went out. SIFTEN then went

below and packed himself and went ashore after which the crew

went to their dutys and there was no more defiancy." He then

goes on to say that he discharged EMERSON and put SIFTIN in

jail. There are many more passages like this one. It mentions

the names of the crew members, the cargo taken on, etc. There

were also several pieces of paper found between the pages of the

diary. One of them was an old envelope that says on the front

"The purse of Dummer SEWALE, great great grandfather of Dummer

SEWALE to whom this is presented, as a New Years gift by his

grandfather Wm D. SEWALE, 1st of Jan. 1865, with paid by coin

cut during the Revolutionary war, to make change." The downfall

is that the front cover is nowhere to be found and the pages

start at #33, but other then that all the pages are intact and

more than 110 written on with great historical content. I will

leave you with a great passage written at the back of the diary,

"Ends clear and pleasant this night, left the Brig being 2

months and 20 days, so good by old Brig HUNTER, Fintan DUNN,

Mate." [Editor's Note: four images of diary/journal pages and

some miscellaneous papers found in it accompany this listing.]


  o 1866 ECHARD-ECKARD-ECKERD Family Bible, Pennsylvania

Item # 1580862337; Auction ends: Nov-15-02 11:42:36 PST;

Seller: millsman1 ["Ray" at [email protected] ]

1866 Holy Bible contains five pages of handwritten genealogy –-

births, marriages, and deaths -– of the ECHARD family from

Pennsylvania. Covers dates from the 1830s through 1890s.

[Editor's Note: In response to my request for more information,

Seller, wrote: "The two main progenitors in the Bible recordings

are Frederick ECHARD born 11-17-1825 (17 November 1825) in

Fayette County, Pennsylvania, died 1-1-1883 (1 January 1883) and

Elizabeth McLEARY (not sure about spelling) born 11-9-1836

(9 November 1836) Denzgal Township (maybe supposed to be Donegal

Township) Pennsylvania and died 8-28-1911 (28 August 1911). It

goes on to list their children's birth and death dates, etc."]


  o I would love to see the following go to family members.

  -- Purchased at an estate sale in Buffalo Gap, Texas, a

picture of two young boys. On the back of the photo is written

"Elv and Herbert EGGERMEYER, Sophie's boys."

  -- From a flea market in Christoval, Texas, pictures of two

ladies: one of Lillie SHELBY and the other of Daisy BURNS.

  -- From an estate sale in San Angelo, Texas, a memorial

obituary for Mrs. Louise SMITH, who died in Stephenville, Texas

on October 13, 1967. Her husband was Charles W. SMITH. The other

memorial obituary is for Doreen HANNA, who died June 19, 1986

in San Angelo, Texas.

  -- From the George H. NOLES estate sale in Ft. Payne, Alabama,

three photographs. The first is of a man, woman, and young man;

on the back is written "Mr. D. R. BETHUNE, Groveoak, Alabama."

The second is a portrait of a family with several children. On

the back it says, as nearly as I can make out, "Mrs. J. L. (or

J. T.) Vethuna? on Glison Ave. 900 Block." The third a picture

postcard of three unidentified little girls.

  If you are a family member related to someone named above,

please e-mail me and tell me how you are related. I will be

glad to send them to you. Please put Somebody's Links in the

subject line.

                                              [email protected]


  o 1870 LEOLT Family Bible; family photos; Item # 1580849463

Auction ends: Nov-15-02 11:08:32 PST; Seller: pvt.sam

1870 Family Bible has 16 old photos in the back, two of them

tintypes. The only name I can find is on a photo--Harrison LEOLT

[Editor's Note: In response to my request for more information,

Seller, [email protected] , wrote: "No names in the Bible. One

photo has Harrison LEOLT on it, Sayre & Chase Photographers,

Newark, Ohio. Some other galleries are Fine Art Gallery,

Delaware, Ohio; Wm. H. Scribner Photographer, Granville, Ohio;

F. M. Carter, Granville, Ohio; Sedwick and Wilson Photographers,

Granville, Ohio; Beach & Bodurtha Photographers, Granville &

Delaware, Ohio; J. R. Brown's Photographic Gallery, Berlin,



  o On 10 November 2002, I found in an Estate sale box some

Sanyei America Rebate slips from 1986 [ZIP codes omitted]:

  -- Mr. S.E. MOSSHAMER 2664 Ardmore SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  -- Miss B.L. MOSSHAMER 3450 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois

  -- Mr. F.L. MOSSHAMER 34032 Moore Dr, Farmington, Michigan

  -- Mr. Jerry MATTACK 379 Tanview Oxford, Michigan

  -- Mr. Jeff FRIEDLE 2605 Saginaw St. Lansing, Michigan

I am willing to give these to the family.

                               Teresa Wagner  [email protected]


  o Civil War Diary, New Hampshire soldier; Item # 733999867

Auction ends: Nov-16-02 16:13:50 PST; Seller: bilra96

  Firsthand account of a New Hampshire soldier's life during the

Great Rebellion, the American Civil War. [Editor's Note: Seller,

[email protected] , wrote in response to my question about the

diarist's identity: "I have read through this entire diary and

never found a name for the writer; the opening page has written

on it that it is the diary of a New Hampshire boy, but I could

not find a name anywhere. This book came to me through an estate

auction in Plainfield, New Hampshire."] 287 full, handwritten

pages in great detail accounting this man's military life, first

in the U.S. Navy, and then in the Army as part of the first and

only light battery sent to the war from New Hampshire.

  The first 128 pp. are dedicated to navy life prior to joining

the army. The author spent a long time in the navy and then

became dissatisfied with naval service and left to join the

army. During his time in the navy, the author was involved in

several battles including the description on page 107:

". . . during my entire term of duty our vessel was detailed to

do guard duty opposite Bird Point some two miles below Cairo.

This was a somewhat lonely, disagreeable situation. All the

troops were withdrawn. All of the gunboats had proceeded up the

Cumberland River to invest Ft. Henry while we were left here

poorly manned and still poorer armed to contend with a powerful

foe consisting of ten very heavily armed iron clad gun boats

which it was said that the enemy had upon the upper Mississippi.

. . . The news electrified the Nation that Fort Henry had

fallen, that too, by the gallant exertions of the Flotilla alone

unaided by the army. The army under the direction of Grant

turned its attention to the investment of Fort Donaldson upon

the Tennessee river while a part of the fleet was obliged to

return to Cairo. The ESSEX had been disabled by a cannon shot

having taken effect in her boilers thereby scalding many of her

crew, among the number being her gallant Commander PORTER who

to escape its scalding vapors leaped overboard and must have

been drowned had not a noble man by the name of WALKER caught

hold of his hair as he were about to sink. Our boat was

immediately ordered to steam up to the scene of operations to

take part in the struggle there that was to be enacted. All

haste was made by our officers but ere we arrived at our

destination news came that the fort had fallen and that many

prisoners were taken. Soon we began to meet steamers descending

the river loaded down with prisoners also others with the dead

and dieing and the wounded. . ."

  Pages 129-288 are dedicated to the author's service in the

army. At the top of most pages are notes to remind the writer of

the details contained on that page. Some of these notes read:

"I am discontented and enter the Army;" "LEE makes a Stand;"

"HANCOCK begins to be uneasy;" "In position;" "Preparing for

Battle;" "The 10th Mass Battery attacks us in mistake." On page

148 is a section with the title "Diary and Incidents of the 1st

N.H. Battery in 1864 and 5."

  Jan 26, 1864: "A fine and pleasant morning. We were called

Upon to witness the painful sight of a Military execution of a

soldier who was hung for the heinous crime of rape upon the

person of a widow woman thereby causing her death. He was but a

young man and as it were but just commencing life if his future

should be as the commencement of life began it was better that

he should be hung as he were and as he so richly deserved."

  Writing about a battle at Petersburg, "June 17th, 1864, "At

dawn the first division of our corps made a charge upon the

first Rebel line of works but found them evacuated. Very sharp

skirmishing all along the line. During the forenoon we kept up

our fire upon the city. Toward night the enemy made a grand

assault upon our lines but got most handsomely repulsed by being

taken in flank, they fell back seeming to be well satisfied with

our strength. . ."


  o Antique pictures listed on eBay [as of 9 November 2002;

even when an auctions is over, in most cases the listing with

photo can be seen for several more months by searching for the

item number at ]:

  Item # 920714823  SOLOMON family picture: This is a set of

seven tin pictures. Seller purchased a picture frame and these

pictures were included. On the back of the frame names were

listed: Linnie, George, Josephine, Grandmother, Mary, Sarah,

and Grandfather SOLOMON.

  Item # 919572459  J. D. RAFFENSBURGER/Father of Gertrude. The

back is stamped H. J. Harman/York Springs, Pennsylvania.

  Item # 919576263  Lizzie WILSON, Henry MILLERSEN, and Katie

SEIFFERT taken at Pine Grove S.S. Picnic August 4, 1896

  Item # 919668300  Herman NICKEL with wife, older woman, and

dog at the family farm, Wausau, Wisconsin

  Item # 919671494  BEILKE Place, Aunt Esther's Grandpa and

Grandma BEILKE, rural Wisconsin

  Item # 919780168  William T. GRAY QM with the First Alabama

Cavalry USA. Photo taken in Corinth, Mississippi.

  Item # 919325893  Mary MINER & Raymond R. LAUGHLIN (small boy)

  Item # 732033669  Lester L. FLORANCY age 23 months (seller is

not sure of spelling)

  Item # 732236908  Photo of baby. On back is Mrs. O MEUDENHALL.

Washington Street, Flushing

  Item # 732368342  Jessie& Helen FORDYCE, daughters of David &


  Item # 731645958  Margaret LOVE from Strawberry Ridge. The

Photographer is M'Killip Bros from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

  Item # 731835414  John S. GREGSON wearing the uniform of a

Naval Secretary.

  Item # 731932407  W. W. WENDELL

  Item # 732147984  Dora GARY and relative. In pencil on the

back is also the name Mrs. S. BAKER. Taken in La Grande, Oregon.

  Item # 732209453  Edna and Lesley ANOSIER (?), Cuyahoga Falls,


  Item # 732383095  Sidney A. STOUR, D.H.S. '98 Capt. C.B.

  Item # 732474320  Carrie SOBY; taken in 1904 in Philadelphia.

  Item # 732474763  Bert CONNELLY. Photo was taken in 1903 in

Syracuse, New York.

  Item # 732475209  Maud BROOKS. Photo was taken in 1889 in

Bath, New York.

Item # 732475557  Seward HURD. Photo was taken in Watkins, New


  Item # 732476105  Ellie JOHNSON, age 2 years, 6 months. Photo

was taken circa late 1870s in Lambertville, New Jersey.

  Item # 732476690  Theodore F. OUGHTERSON, 3 years old. Photo

was taken circa 1905 in Nashville, Tennessee.

  Item # 732477185  Grace OUGHTERSON McGOWEN. Photo was taken

Circa 1905 in Geneva, New York.

  Item # 732477592  John W. THOMAS with boys John K. and Lester.

Photo was taken circa 1897 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

  Item # 732479251  Carl J. BALLWEG. Photo was taken circa 1906-

1914 in Syracuse, New York.

  Item # 732479714  Jesse SMITH (brother of W. S. SMITH) and

wife. Photo was taken circa 1890-92 in Zionsville, Indiana.

  Item # 732480069  Laura YARTER WRIGHT. Written below her name,

in the same handwriting, is "California." The photo was taken

circa 1905 in Syracuse, New York.

  Item # 733218619  Cabinet of Scottish Artillery Volunteers.

Identified is Frederick Matthew WILLIAMS (born 1830) Quarter

Master, Sergeant PERCY Artillery Volunteers 1864-1883.

  Item # 732902882  Lois White CAMERON. Photo was taken circa

1902-07 in Portland, Oregon.

  Item # 732904543  Captain David LITTLE, at the Oregon

Agricultural College (OAC) in Corvallis, Oregon.

  Item # 732904902  Jack HARVEY. Photo was taken circa 1905-12

in Grants Pass, Oregon.

  Item # 732905397  O. E. STANLEY (father) and Howard Burton

STANLEY, age 3 years, 4 months. Photo taken in Portland, Oregon.

  Item # 732905746  Chas BERNARD, Rosil BERNARD, and Hendry,

Andrew and Normy. Photo was taken circa 1899-1903 in The Dallas,


  Item # 732906107  Uncle of Morton PRICE in Corvallis, Oregon.

  Item # 733599940  Mrs. Joseph CLARK. Photo was taken circa

1902-08 in Butler, Pennsylvania.

                    Submitted by Mary W. Hurst  [email protected]


  o I have a booklet entitled "Young America Sings" which is an

anthology of poems written by students in 1948. If you think a

relative attended one of the following schools in Minnesota,

North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, or Washington during this

time, please contact me with their name and I will be happy to

e-mail a copy of their poem. Please put POEMS in your e-mail

subject line.

                            Marcy Hoover  [email protected]

  MINNESOTA: Blue Earth H.S.; Central H.S., St. Paul; Central

H.S., Waseca; Chisholm Jr. H.S.; Clearbrook H.S.; Foley H.S.;

Greenway H.S.; Henning H.S.; Hill City H.S.; Jackson H.S.;

Jasper H.S.; Lincoln Jr. H.S., Mankato; Lincoln Jr. H.S.,

Minneapolis; Lincoln H.S., Wrenshall; Luverne H.S.; Moorhead

H.S.; New York Mills H.S.; Ogilvie H.S.; Pipestone H.S.;

Rochester H.S.; Rosemount H.S.; Rushford H.S.; Ruthton H.S.;

St. James H.S.; Sleepy Eye H.S.; Southwest H.S., Minneapolis;

Tracy H.S.; Washington H.S., Brainerd; West H.S, Minneapolis;

White Bear H.S.; Wilder H.S.; Winona H.S.; Wrenshall.

  NORTH DAKOTA: College H.S., Valley City; Fargo H.S.; Minot

H.S.; Oakes H.S.

  OREGON: Albany H.S.; Ashland H.S.; Astoria H.S.; Baker Jr.

H.S.; Coburg H.S.; Coos River H.S.; Cottage Grove H.S.;

Estacada H.S.; Eugene H.S.; Grant H.S., Portland; Grants Pass

H.S.; Hermiston H.S.; Hood River H.S.; Jefferson H.S.,

Portland; Klamath Falls H.S.; La Grande H.S.; Newberg H.S.;

Roseburg Jr. H.S.; Union H.S.

  SOUTH DAKOTA: Belle Fourche H.S.; Brookings H.S.; Clark H.S.;

Hot Springs H.S.; Kimball H.S.; Mitchell H.S.; Mount Vernon

H.S.; Redfield H.S.; Spearfish H.S; Vermillion H.S.; Washington

H.S., Sioux Falls; Yankton H.S.

  WASHINGTON: Charles Francis Adams H.S., Clarkston; Coulee Dam

H.S.; Edmonds H.S.; Highland H.S., Cowiche; Highline H.S.,

Seattle; Lincoln H.S., Seattle; Monroe H.S.; North Jr. H.S.,

Everett; North Kitsap H.S., Poulsbo; Renton H.S.; Shumway Jr.

H.S., Vancouver; Tolt H.S., Carnation; Valley H.S., Menlo;

Washougal H.S.; West Valley H.S., Millwood.

































































                            Marcy Hoover  [email protected]


  o 1887-1924 Letters to REEVES-MERRITT-MAIRS, New York

Item # 735120919; Auction ends: Nov-17-02 08:07:06 PST

Seller: dtw1945

10 letters to Miss Jennie REEVES, Johnson, Orange County, New

York; or Mrs. Charles MERRITT of Utica, New York; or Sarah MAIRS

from family and friends. Some are from Cornwell, New York.

Health news; Elisabeth raising chickens; hemlock around the

pond; trying to persuade Jim to go to the Hot Springs where they

treat his illness; garden news; condolence letter [on loss?] of

a baby; farm news from Lansing, Michigan; genealogy questions.

Envelopes roughly opened.


  o I have a copy of the naturalization papers for Matthew SPOHN

who was born in the Kingdom of Wurtenburg in October 1828 and

immigrated to Guilford, New York about 1855 with his wife

Marietta and a son named Joseph. I would like to share this and

other related information I have with any person who is

researching this family.

                                              [email protected]


  o I have the original diploma or Dental Surgery License for

William H. WALKER, Doctor of Dental Surgery from the STATE

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, dated 5 March 1884. I would be glad to

forward to any family members.

                                                [email protected]


  o 1870 WATT Family Bible; Item # 1580977632

Auction ends: Nov-15-02 17:11:50 PST; Seller: ilihny

Bible is in rough condition. The first four pages are loose and

the front cover is the same as loose. But there is a lot of WATT

family history in this Bible. [Editor's Note: In response to my

request for more information, Seller, [email protected] ,

wrote: "It doesn't say where, anywhere in the Bible. But the

loose papers in the Bible hint that they lived somewhere around

Terre Haute, Indiana. William WATT was born November 1st 1810.

Annie MALCOMB was born December 25th 1828. William Henry WATT,

son of William and Annie WATT was born February 5th 1847. Sarah

Jane born July 1848, Mary Alice born 1853, Joshine Esuelice born

1858, Francis Marion born [no date], Mathias CURTIS born 1866.

There are some loose papers such as newspaper clippings,

receipts, and letters that pertain to the WATT family."


  o WILSON 150 Handwritten WWII Letters; Item # 734612703

Auction ends: Nov-17-02 20:33:31 PST; Seller: diaries

About 150 WWII letters dated from October 1942 to August 1945

written by Charlie WILSON and his wife Margot. They tell the

story of the newly married couple living in Washington. He is

drafted, spends the next several years overseas, goes from

private to corporal to Sergeant, and she has a baby girl,

Sharlee. They talk about such things as the Elks balls, life

overseas in the army, the war, fuel rationing, fashion, the

draft, family, USO shows, etc. For example:

  (Margot) "Every place was crowded. There were more soldiers

and sailors. Ed and Helen asked all about you. Dee was kicking

up her heels with a sailor. She is having herself a fling with

sailors now and has postponed her wedding several times. They

would fall over if they knew she was old enough to be the mother

of some of them" "Darling am I thrilled! No longer will I be

called 'Mrs. Yard Bird Wilson' how did you do it, and in only

two months?" "This blanketey blank draft board hasn't sent a

married man since you left" "Mother's belief is that you're in

India, North Africa or Italy, because of what you said about

filthy natives"

  (Charlie) "Tonight seems to be a big night for letter writing

here at the office because at last we can say where we are, but

of course 'North Africa' covers a lot of country" "Am having a

hard time concentrating on writing this letter as there are

about 10 little Italian kids hanging around" "Yesterday we moved

in by a swamp and as we were really dirty, we took a bath in the

nice dirty stagnant water with about a foot of mud, but just the

same, I enjoyed it. What you won't do under these conditions"

"Things are running along here about as usual with the days

rather quiet until the artillery opens up in the evening and

continues all night. The krauts have a shell that really screams

when it comes over, but then as everything else, you get more or

less used to it" "Just got thru taking a super deluxe bath,

which is a bath with 2 helmets of water as distinguished from an

ordinary bath where you use only one helmet. These are specials

for Sunday only." "At the present time we are in a building and

it is wonderful to get your feet on a floor again. We are

somewhat in out of the cold, but not the rain. Artillery shells

have taken most of the roof off, but in our room we have stuck

a couple of canvas tarps across the ceiling. The krauts used the

building before us and kindly left many double decked wooden

bunks and straw ____ which we are making good use of."

  He describes his surroundings, when he is allowed to. The last

letter is from Margot about the end of the war. Most of the

letters still have their envelopes and stamps. Some are also

filled with little mementos and newspaper articles, and most are

several pages. I believe he was with the 5th or 8th armies in

Italy, as there are many newspaper articles about them.


  o I recently bought some used books and inside one of them I

found a letter dated 1 September 1944, written by Roscoe WRIGHT

Jr. to his parents. He was stationed in England during WWII. I

would like to send it to a member of his family.

                           Irene DeBauche  [email protected]


  o On 10 November 2002, hoping to find family it belongs to, I

purchased a baby book in a "recyclable store." If you know any

of these people, please write so I can get this book to someone

in the family. I paid $5 for the book. That and postage is all I

would like in return.

  Robert George YOUNG, born 5 February 1930, Durand, Michigan.

Parents Clyde M. and Marian E. YOUNG. There are three wonderful

photographs in the little book. Robert George YOUNG had an older

brother, Floyd YOUNG, perhaps born in 1920. One photo shows

Floyd holding his 4-month-old son, Jimmie, and looking on are

the grandfather (Clyde M. YOUNG) and the great-grandfather

(unnamed) -– four generations of the YOUNGs.

          Nancy O. Anderson in upstate New York  [email protected]


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  o From July 1929 AMERICAN RIFLEMAN MAGAZINE, a photo of Miss

Winifred WINNARD of Portland, Oregon; the 1939 American

International free-rifle team of Chief Marine Gunner Calvin A.

LLOYD, Major Per RAMEE, Major Ralph KEYSER, Brig. Gen M. A.

REKORD, William L. BRUCE of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Sgt. Paul E.

WOODS, Sgt. Russell F. SEITZINGER, Sgt. Joseph F. HANKINS,

Gunnery Sgt. John BLAKLEY, Sgt. John B. SHARP, and Gunnery Sgt.

Morris FISHER. An obituary for Capt. H. H. LEIZEAR

  From April 1931, color enhanced cover photo of 12-year-old

Claretta EWING of Morenci, Arizona; photos of R. S. MARSHALL of

Lima, Ohio; C. B. LISTER; Mike ALTMAN of La Verne, Iowa; Obits

for Dr. Philip P. QUAYLE, Guy H. EMERSON of Fremont, Ohio;

Miss Cora E. HAGAMAN; and R. D. TAIT of Dunsmuir, California.

  From October 1931, photos of A. HEMMING of the Detroit police,

Rex MAY of the San Antonio police, C. E. WARD of the Los Angeles

police; officer R. J. NOWKA of Los Angeles, Othel E. CROCKETT of

Logansport, Indiana; F. O. KUHN of Stratford, Connecticut,

H. D. ALLYN of Springfield, Massachusetts, and the "Mighty West"

team of V. F. HAMER, H. J. ADAMS, Jr., J. C. BERGER, E. O.


Roger HUGHES, age 11 of Youngstown, Ohio; Ad TOPPERWEIN of San

Antonio, Texas, S. B. FANN of Pikesville, Tennessee; Capt.

Sidney H. NEGROTTO and Sgt. R. L. COSNER from Fort Washington,

Maryland; Lt. E. F. SLOAN, Sgt. Reginald A. HERIN of

Mississippi, Ralph F. IZARD, Cpl. William EASTERLING, Lt. Col.

J. J. DOOLEY; another larger photo of both R. J. NOWKA of Los

Angeles and R. S. MAY of the San Antonio police, Billie MAUPIN

of Lexington, Kentucky, St. Louis police team of Frank STUBITS,

Frank EVANS, Thamer HILL, Lt. Nick BOSCH, Jr., Paul SPAVOR,

Sgt. Nary PHILLIPS, and Oliver YANICK; Los Angeles police team


J. A. BARTLEY, C. E. WARD, J. E. DAVIS and S. S. STONE; a large

picture of Alfred HEMMING of the Detroit police and C. E. WARD

of Los Angeles; individual photos of Paul SPAVOR of St. Louis,

C. F. SHAYLOR of Portland, Oregon, WlT DESMOND of Boston, Rex

MAY of San Antonio, J. J. ENGBRECHT and C. E. WARD of Los

Angeles, A. W. HEMMING of Detroit, and J. H. JENSEN of Portland.

  From December 1931, Pete CRAWFORD, Bob SUMMERALL and "Slick"

JONES (a cowboy) all of Texas; F. C. NESS, Edward S. HILT of the

Geneva, New York police; and an obituary for Youle T. FRAZEE,

born in Brooklyn and president of the Montclair Mortgage Company

                                               [email protected]


  o 1800s-early 1900s BANKS Family Letters; Item # 737674609

Auction ends: Nov-23-02 06:53:49 PST; Seller: ephemeraplus

Group of 75 1800s-early 1900s C. L. BANKS family letters. BANKS

was the owner of the old Eagle Hotel in New Berlin, New York.


  o Purchased at a flea market near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:

  -- An autograph book from the 1932 era, belonging to Virginia

Elizabeth BENDER

  -- U.S. History schoolbook from the late 1880s with the name

May NORMAN, Carlisle, Pennsylvania written inside the front page

  -- U.S. History schoolbook from the late 1920s with the names

DeSales C. FEENEY, Eugene B. FEENEY, and Leo W. FEENEY written

on the inside cover

  Provide your lineage connection to these individuals and I

will send you the item.

                                     Mel G.  [email protected]


  o Bible presented to Ruth BLUE in 1971. Her parents were

R. A. LUNA and Mildred YOUNG. Apparently Ruth was an only

child, born in 1917. She wrote the birth and marriage dates

for herself and children and husbands. Free to good home.

                                   Evelyn Rard  [email protected]


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  o I have a nice photo of Margaret DEVOURS, who lived in

Merced, California. The picture looks to be about 1930s, 1940s.

The name of the studio is Du or Tu Pertuis. It was in a box of

my grandmothers photos. I'd like to send it to a family member.

Please send some identifying information. Thanks.

                           Sharon Carpenter  [email protected]


  o 1860 William DUNLOP Port Glasgow, Two Ambrotypes

Item # 737144115; Auction ends: Nov-24-02 08:02:03 PST

Seller: parolyn (Lyme Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom)

A pair of Ambrotypes in a folding case; each image approximately

2.25 x 1.75 inches. One subject is William DUNLOP, Port Glasgow,

1860. These two ninth-plate Ambrotypes are both in excellent

condition, beautifully presented with elaborate inner and outer

gilt frames. Both men's watch chains are also gilded. The

leather case is of good quality with a nice catch, but lightly

worn. The hinge is good. Particularly interesting is the fact

that we know who the right-hand one is, as attested by a

handwritten label slipped behind the image.


  o 1860s CDV Album [EARLY family including also SNOWWHITE,




Auction ends: Nov-24-02 16:21:38 PST; Seller: mizs

Civil War era gilt-tooled leather CDV album, "The Photographic

Album," Philadelphia, J. B. Lippencott & Co., approximately

6 1/8" x 9 3/4" x 2 1/4". Gilt-patterned end pages and "Index

to Portraits" page printed in gold lettering. Some names written

in pencil under the cdvs. There are 25 gilt-edge pages that hold

100 cdvs. There are 36 cdvs in the album and I believe each one

is identified (it appears there never were more cdvs in the

album). I listed the names I saw on the backs of the cdvs, most

written in pencil, and it appears the family was mostly from

Lebanon, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, and relatives

scattered in other areas. There is one gentleman identified as

"Captain Ernest H. A. SNOWWHITE," Lebanon, Pa., who signed the

cdv on the back in ink "Ernest H. A. SNOWWHITE." He is not in

uniform. Here is a list of the names I saw: John M. EARLY,

Annville, Pa.; David EARLY, Lancaster, Pa., Mr. Christ HEILMAN;

Henry LAUDERMILCH, Lebanon, Pa.; William EARLY, Lebanon, Pa.;

Cousin Joseph S. EARLY, Lebanon, Pa.; Miss Sue FITTEROLF?,

Lebanon, Pa.; A. B. BENDER, Lebanon, Pa. (taken in Des Moines,

Iowa); Mr. Sol MILLER, Lancaster, Pa.; Miss Annie FLEISHER,

Harrisburg, Pa.; Cousin Nancy BOWMAN, Warsaw, Indiana; Cousin

Michael BOWMAN, Warsaw, Indiana; Cousin Malinda BOWMAN, Warsaw,

Indiana; Miss Sue WOLF, Harrisburg, Pa.; Cousin Silas EARLY,

Harrisburg, Pa.; Miss Sallie LONGENECKER, York, Pa.; Cousin

Mary EARLY, Lebanon, Pa.; Ed. FRANTZ, Harrisburg, Pa.; Mr.

George KLOPP, Annvill, Pa.; Cousin Mary EARLY, Lebanon, Pa.;

My Father Joshua H. EARLY and Joseph PEAFFLY, Lebanon, Pa;

Brother Joshua EARLY, Annville, Pa.; Cousin Manerva of D. S.

EARLY, Annville, Pa.; Cousin Ida of D. S. EARLY, Annville, Pa.;

William SHAUFFLER, Annville, Pa.; My Father and Step Mother –-

Joshua H. EARLY, Sarah EARLY (born WEIDNIR) My Mother was born

Mary MAULFAIR, have no picture of her. Uncle D. W. EARLY,

Annville, Pa.; Cousin Clara of D. S. EARLY, Lebanon, Pa.; Geo.

BERK, Warsaw, Indiana; Mrs. BERK, Warsaw, Indiana; Great-

Grandmother Christina EARLY, Born KRUDER, Lebanon, Pa.; Aunt

Christina GETZ, Harrisburg, Pa.; Great-Grandfather William EARLY

Lebanon, Pa.; Uncle Thomas GETZ, Harrisburg, Pa.


  o 1845 Letters FALES Family (Boston, New York, St. John) (3)

Item # 737891547; Auction ends: Nov-25-02 17:42:20 PST

Seller: ronpb99

Lot of three letters written in 1845 by three members of the

FALES family. Two of the letters deal with the birth of a baby

and how well the mother is doing, and the other is a letter from

a child to her aunt thanking her for gifts and discussing family

news. [Editor's Note: In response to my request for more details

Seller, Ronald P. Blais  [email protected], wrote: "Letter #1:

St. John, Sept. 30, 1845, My Dear Aunt, etc. She mentions Mrs.

COOPER, Mrs. ROBINSON, Cousin Maria FALES, George in Wilmot,

signed: Henrietta BAYARD; Letter #2: New York, Wednesday,

15 October 1845, My Dear Uncle, etc. She mentions Eliza's fine

baby boy, Mrs. BRIDGHAM, Mrs. PURTIS (midwives), Ellen, Mrs.

PATCH, Coney Island Train, Maria (FALES). Signed: Georgianna

HUBBARDTON; Letter #3: Boston, Oct 18, 1845, My Dear Niece, etc.

He mentions Eliza Anne (who just gave birth), Mrs. PATCH, my

brother, Chester, Mrs. BRIDGHAM. Signed: Sam FALES."]


[Editor's Note: Thanks to Saralie [email protected] who

spotted the next item and wrote: "There are a lot of identified

cdv's on eBay this week, but this one is too good to take the

chance of his family missing it. I hope I'm in time for you to

get it into the next issue." I wondered what "a lot" meant and

so did an advanced search (includes the international listings)

for "cdv" and was rewarded with more than 1,200 hits. Not all

of those were identified, but it gives an idea of the volume of

such material that is available any given week.]


  o K. J. FORD 2nd, London, England, two cdv's; Item # 736480589

Auction ends: Nov-20-02 11:58:27 PST; Seller: wwgd

These are two cdv's of the same man, Kanis James FORD 2nd, taken

years apart. Written on the back of the younger Kanis is "Kanis

James FORD 2nd, father of John Stephen FORD. Photo 1817 taken."

Below that is "born June 21, 1792, married Anne TUDOR [or SUDOR]

June 25, 1820, died Dec 15, 1886,\." "25 years old" is written

Along the side, Pretty much the same thing is written on the

Other photo with one added line, "son of Kanis James FORD 1st."

Photographers are Albert Malkin London, Turner & Co Islington N.,

Honorable mention at the Dublin International Exhibition.


  o HANKS, GOOCH: Gleanings from old celluloid photo album of

Linn and Sullivan counties, Missouri. I bought the album on eBay

in June 2002 and there were no photos in it. I will be happy to

send it to anyone related to the names in the book for the price

I paid plus shipping. I have the receipt. Laura [email protected]

        Linn and Sullivan counties, Missouri Photo Album

Pasted into front leaf: (a) Cut-out paper hand and foot prints

of "Wayne" "Wayed 3 lbs. at burth"; (b) clipping: "McKinley's

First Words after He Was Shot 'May God forgive him.' His Second

Words. 'I feel a sharp pain here.' Pointing to his breast. His

Third Words: 'I trust Mrs. McKinley will not be informed of

this. At least try to see that what she must know of it be not

exaggerated in the telling.'"; (c) newspaper clipping: "Little

Kenneth HANKS dies from appendicitis. Kenneth J. HANKS, aged

one year, two months and four days, died in Bozeman yesterday

from acute subterranean appendicitis. The little lad . . . was

brought to Bozeman by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. HANKS,

from their home on the GOOCH ranch, and died a few moments after

they arrived in town, before they could secure medical attention

for him. An autopsy was held to learn the cause of death. The

funeral services will be held at the Salesville church Thursday

afternoon at two o'clock, with Rev. C. W. WORDEN officiating.

(d) newspaper clipping: "In Memoriam" [handwritten: "my father"]

Resolutions of Sympathy. At a Regular Communication of Biswell

Lodge No. 610 A. F. and A. M. held December 3rd, 1892 the

following Resolutions were adopted. Whereas, Our Esteemed

Brother Fielding S. HANKS a citizen of Benton Township Linn Co.

Mo., and a member of this Lodge departed this life at his

residence on the 23rd day of November, 1892. . . 3rd. That . . .

these resolutions be placed on record in the archives of the

Lodge, and a copy be furnished the Browning RECORD, and the

Linneus Bulletin with a request to publish. Fraternally

Submitted, John CARTER, G. T. HOPSON, H. W. CRAWLEY; (e) news

clipping: Obituary. On Friday morning Ma----[torn] W. G. GOOCH,

after an illness of thirty hours, passed peacefully from earth

to his reward in the beyond. Deceased was 86 years, 9 months

and 7 days old. Was born in Harrison county, Ky., and immigrated

to Pike county, Mo., in 1829, and in 1847 to Linn county, where

he resided until his death. He was the father of 14 children, 12

of whom are still living. Funeral services were conducted by

Eld. DOWNING at the residence of J. W. GOOCH, Saturday at 1:30

p. m., after which the remains were taken to the family burial

ground for interment. A large number of friends and relatives

accompanied the body to its final resting place. . ."

Names over photo inserts (all photos missing): Uncle Pink & Aunt

Lena GOOCH; Mother's sister Aunt Mag HAWKINS; Uncle Jim GOOCH &

Olie RIDDLE & Laverne GOOCH; Jack HANKS; Livy HANKS; Pet &

Wayne GOOCH CALHOON; Laverne & Forest GOOCH; May HANKS; Clara


                                 Laura Elliott  [email protected]


  o When my husband's aunt, Thelma Hansen Harkey, died, we found

among her possessions a family Bible of a GRIFFIN family with

entries from 1853-1921. GRIFFINs include W. E., M. E., Clemmie,

Callie, E. G., A. E., Anna, Laura, W. M., W. H., T. A., Mary,

E. L., Mailin, Joann, and H. W., also Callie FIELDS. I have

copied the pages and would be glad to send them to anyone who

might recognize a name.

                                    Jan Cook  [email protected]


  o Ca. 1850 GRIFFITH VAN WINKLE Ambrotypes; Item # 922517488

Auction ends: Nov-22-02 04:08:25 PST; Seller: jaccuse

According to a member of The Daguerreian Society, these are two

uncut 1/8 Ambrotypes, collodion image on full 8" x 10" sheet of

glass, which has been treated with a brown photosensitive

material which has jelled into open follicles. Head of Viola

GRIFFITH VAN WINKLE on right and an unknown full-length standing

woman on left. Very unusual in this form, and may have been used

in making Carte de Viste. Circa 1850, New England. May be as

late as 1870s.


  o GUYTON, HUCKLEBERRY family Bible, obtained at a swap meet

south of Los Angeles, California more than 20 years ago. It is

about 4" wide and very heavy. Scammell & Company Superfine

Edition--The New Encyclopaedic Pictorial Family Bible, published

in St. Louis, Missouri, 187?. It is in bad condition with the

cover pulled away and several pages loose, but the family

information is in perfect condition. It was "Presented to the

Family of M. W. GUYTON by M. W. GUYTON, father. Spring of 1882."

A marriage certificate in the center has—"M. W. GUYTON and M. M.

HUCKLEBERRY married in Mechanicsburg (Illinois) on the 9th day

of Jan., 1879 by Rev. R. GREGG of M. E. church." BIRTHS LISTED:

Mary Matilda HUCKLEBERRY near Dawson, Illinois, Dec.10, 1861

Marvin Wesley GUYTON near Illiopolis, Illinois, Dec. 27, 1857

Edith Elnora GUYTON Illiopolis, Illinois, Oct. 24, 1879

Eli Earl GUYTON        "            "     Aug. 23, 1881

Carl Earnest GUYTON    "            "     Aug. 23, 1883

Ralph Earmin GUYTON    "            "     Oct. 23, 1885

M. Leo Roache GUYTON   "            "     Oct. 17, 1887

Edward Owen GUYTON     "            "     Aug. 28, 1889


M. Leo GUYTON died Jan. 18, 1888 of congestion of brain

Marvin Wesley GUYTON died Jan. 31. 1890 of pneumonia

Ralph Earmin GUYTON


Carl Earnest GUYTON




Leo's funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. A. WARMSLEY

M. W. GUYTON'S funeral was preached by Rev. J. B. COLWELL

Both are buried at River Side near Illiopolis, Illinois.

  Also in an envelope were some poems and newspaper clippings.

They are discolored but readable. The clippings include

obituaries for Emily H. HUCKLEBERRY, mother of Mary Matilda


Abraham GUYTON, probably the father of Marvin Wesley GUYTON.

Also two wedding announcements for Ione CUNNINGHAM and

Edward BLANCK dated Feb. 6, 1929.

  There is also a list of HUCKLEBERRY family births and deaths:

Annie Elizabeth was born Aug. 18, 1857

Henrietta Susanna born Jan. 3, 1860

Mary Matilda born Dec. 10, 1861

Samuel Lewis born Mar. 14, 1864

Cora Jane born April 7, 1866

Hattie Mayes born Mar. 23, 1871

Nora Belle born Feb. 9, 1873

Annie Elizabeth died Nov. 30, 1861

Henrietta Susanna died Apr. 25, 1862

Cora Jane died Sept. 11, 1871

Nora Belle died Sept. 11, 1874

Emily H. HUCKELBERRY died Nov. 15, 1882

  I will gladly mail the Bible and other items to anyone who

can prove s/he is a descendant of this Marvin Wesley and Mary

Matilda (HUCKLEBERRY) GUYTON family for the price of postage.

                              Carol Harrison  Carol [email protected]


  o I purchased at a flea market a Tagebuch belonging to

Lieselotte (nee LUPPE) HOLZKAMPER. This book contains memories

of her early life in Germany, her life in the U.S., and marriage

to William HOLZKAMPER. I will be glad to send this to anyone who

can prove s/he is a descendant. This book should be valuable to

a family member as it has several letters/thoughts written in

both German and English and a picture of her home in Germany.

           Connie Siverly Ferguson, C.G.R.S.  [email protected]


  o While going through my mother's things, we found a

photograph of a young bride. In my mother's handwriting on the

back is the name Dorothy JOHANSSON. I estimate she was married

during the years of WWII. Also found in my mother's things were

gift cards from the many showers and teas given her before her

own marriage, as well as newspapers clippings announcing the

various events with lists of hostesses and guests. Through all

this I have determine that Dorothy JOHANSSON married James

STAPLES. I also learned her father's and sister's names. They

were living in the area of Orlando, Florida. With all this

information, you'd think I'd be able to find someone in Dorothy

(Dotty)'s family, but after sending letters to every Dorothy and

James STAPLES in Florida that I could find, I still have not

located anyone. I am hoping that through Somebody's Links, I

will find someone who will claim this lovely lady. I will mail

he photo to anyone who can prove s/he is related.

                                Christi Malone  [email protected]


  o I recently came across a Bible that apparently was given

to the family of Paul William LITTLEFIELD (born 5 March 1909 in

Ft. Wayne, Indiana, died 31 December 1988, Glendora, California)

upon his death. It does not look very used and does not appear

to have any other family information in it but I would be happy

to help get it to a family member if anyone is interested.

                             Charles C. Rich  [email protected]


  o I have the following photo. Lee Annie was the daughter of

James Donald McCURDY and Judy Ann KEIFER/KIFER. Looking to

place with the nearest relative. Daniel Boone HAMILTON, born

25 December 1858, near Springfield, Missouri, died 5 June 1935,

Denton County, Texas, married 16 September 1878 to Lee Annie

McCURDY, born 24 June 1863, Washington County, Arkansas, died

17 June 1920. Both are buried in Roswell, New Mexico.

                       Peggy McCurdy Seidler  [email protected]


  o 1818 McELWE / McELWEE Family Bible; Item # 1584268659

Auction ends: Nov-24-02 22:00:00 PST; Seller: a.ports

McELWE / McELWEE family Bible, printed and published by M. Carey

& Son, Philadelpia, Pennsylvania, 1818. Written on the inside of

front cover is "John McELWE, his book." There are entries on the

Family Record pages for marriages (earliest 1833), births

(earliest 1809), and deaths (earliest 1837). Other surnames

mentioned are BOUGHTON, PHILLIPS and WAKEMORE. Dates mostly in

the 1860s written next to some passages throughout Bible.


  o I have photos and a letter from cousins of my grandmother

that I would like to share with descendants. Two are studio

portraits of Sarah MARTIN (one shows her possibly in her 50s and

the other possibly in her 70s), another is a studio portrait of

"Mary E. MARTIN, June Class of 1900, L.A. Normal" (who looks to

be in her early 20s) and there is a snapshot with an inscription

on the back, "Camp at Warners Hot Springs -- the man standing is

my husband Isaac MARTIN, the woman is our youngest girl, the man

is her husband that is sitting." The photographer's studios are

in San Diego and Los Angeles; on the back of the photo of Mary

E. MARTIN, my grandmother wrote "La Costa, Cal.," and the back

of the snapshot is stamped "Pomona - Calif." The letter is

undated but refers to Sarah and her family as "California

cousins"; it is signed S. J. MARTIN. I believe Sarah was a

daughter of Amos NETTLETON and Sidney HODGE, who were born in

the Leeds-Grenville area of Ontario, CANADA. By 1860, they were

living in Ogle County, Illinois. I found Amos & Sidney NETTLETON

on the 1880 U.S. Census living in Kansas City, Missouri; on the

same census I found an Isaac MARTIN, his wife Sarah (born in

Illinois; parents both born in CANADA) and their daughter Mary,

living in Kansas City, Kansas; in the neighboring household were

Mark NETTLETON (born in CANADA; parents also) and his wife,

Emily. Sidney Hodge NETTLETON was a sister of Eliza Hodge

PETTIT, my great-great-grandmother. Sidney died in Rainbow,

California on Dec. 4, 1899, apparently having lived with the

family of her son-in-law Wm. J. GOULD since the death of her

husband in 1883. In a letter he wrote to cousins in CANADA, he

said she was buried "in our little home cemetery by the side of

her eldest daughter Mrs. ELLIOTT." Would love to make a

connection with descendants of this family, and share these

photos and letters.

                                  Liz Brown  [email protected]


  o 1856 MORGAN Letter "Heading West"; Item # 922682683

Auction ends: Nov-22-02 19:44:23 PST; Seller: diaries

Pioneer letter, dated Monday, Nov. 17, 1856. It is a three-page

handwritten letter from a husband, I.? F. Morgan to his wife.

She is in Fairfield and he is on the road driving teams west.

Right now he is in Iowa City waiting for the rest of his group,

family and friends. He tells her to forward her letters to

Montezuma and then to Ft. Des Moines, from which you can tell by

Looking at a map that he's heading west. [Excerpt] "Dearest, I

am yet in Iowa City and Will is not here yet, neither has the

box we sent from Alliance arrived. My health is excellent. On

Saturday morning I found Alex, who had arrived the evening

before. He brought two teams an uncle of his driving Will's team

and he brought an ox team. He did not get his load till this

morning and as Will had not arrived, I waited also. I expect to

take charge of Will's team and take what things of ours that are

here and go on in company with Alex and 4 or 5 other teams . . .

I do hope that the western air with care and pleasant

associations will restore you to a better condition of health

than you have enjoyed for years . . . I bought 25 yds of hemp

carpet at 3 shillings per yd so that when we do have a house we

will have some chance to keep the floor warm. Good bye, write

soon and direct to Montezuma and in a few days write again to

Ft. Des Moines. I remain your loving husband. Farewell dearest,

farewell, yours truly, I.? W. MORGAN." What I've written here

takes up about one page of writing, there is much more, and he

also lists many names of the people who are with the group and

showing up at various times. I don't have the envelope, but the

letter is in great shape and his handwriting very readable.


  o 1846 MORRIS Family Bible; Item # 1585306283

Auction ends: Nov-25-02 03:45:00 PST; Seller: we831

New York Bible Society 6th edition, dated 1846. Old and New

Testament, well used, still in good condition. Contains names

And dates of family members. [In response to my request for

details, Seller, Jason McCormick [email protected] ,

wrote: "the names that appear in the Bible are Mary G. MORRIS

with a date of March 1 1864, and Richard MORRIS. Mary's name

and date are written in pencil between the Old and New

Testament, and Richard's name is written in ink 3 times on the

back page."]


  o 1858 NORRIS Family Bible; Item # 1584331695

Auction ends: Nov-22-02 11:25:58 PST; Seller: [email protected]

Bible published by Jesper Harding & Son, Philadelphia, 1858.

"Hardings' Royal Quarto Edition," leather bound, remainder of

metal clasp. The owner inscription on the front flyleaf reads:

"Charles and Esther NORRISes Book given them by there (sic) Son

Edwin NORRIS. And may the Lord reward him for such a precious

Gift." The family records pages found between the Old and New

Testaments contain six handwritten records for the NORRIS family

(four births and two deaths). The births are for Charles A.

NORRIS, William M. NORRIS, Edwin NORRIS, and Eliza NORRIS, with

the dates provided between the years of 1832-1837. One death

entry reads "My dear daughter Eliza NORRIS Passed away from this

world to her home in heaven (date), age 19 years, 9 months, 16

days." Also a death entry for "Mises Charles NORRIS." These are

all the entries, and there is no mention of a location.


  o 1866 PICKFORD Family Bible; Item # 1584647272

Auction ends: Nov-23-02 06:16:16 PST; Seller: Nov-23-02

On inside cover page is written: "Presented to Arthur PICKFORD

July 9, 1895 on his 40th birthday by his father Benjamin

PICKFORD. Presented to Arthur Harold PICKFORD May 6th 1928 by

his father Arthur." On the next page is the inscription to:

"Mr. and Mrs. B. PICKFORD as a token of  . . . [some more names

and dated] ENGLAND April 11th 1866 on their leaving for the

United States." It also has a family register page with

Benjamin and Sarah PICKFORD married Feb 23, 1852 at the parish

church of Thirkburon or Thirkburton, Yorkshire, England. Their

children Shelly and Sheplay, Henry, Arthur, Louis (died 1857).

Charles, Amelia, and a couple more -- Rufus Benjamin and then

children of Arthur and Theo PICKFORD. A lot more names and

dates. This Bible was printed at the University Press and sold

in London with the address. All the pages seem to be there.


  o I am trying to identify the other soldiers in a picture with

my great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin STEWART, Sr. His diary

states the picture is of "Captain, myself, another Sgt and 8

privates" taken fording the San Domingo river on September 4,

1900. He was with Company C, 47th U.S.V. I have the photograph

on a Web site that I have dedicated to him and his service.

There are also two photos of him, his service record, and the

entries from his diary (which are not complete yet). Please

take a look and if you can give me any information on this

company or any of the men in the photo please e-mail me.

The URL is:

                               Lori Craiger  [email protected]


  o 1898-99 Journal/Handwritten Candy Store Ledger, Nashville?

Item # 1585275867; Auction ends: Nov-24-02 11:49:50 PST;

Seller: johnp.2

Ledger 7.5" x 12"; some recipes; name entries and what they

bought, for example: JW FORD, G Drops, coco gems, HH bar with

the amount in a column; and some pages of expenses such as

sugar, glycerine, freight, etc. with the amount in a column.

[Seller] believes it is from Nashville, Tennessee. Has lots

of names and names of companies and amount of costs.


  o I would like to find homes for the following photographs

that I purchased at an antique store in Stillwater, Minnesota.

  -- Helen Grace WALSH, 19 months, March 12, 1899, photographer

J. J. Fritz, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

  -- Lizzie J. DUNGAN, August 1890; photographer Lupton,

Burlington, Iowa.

  -- O. J. ROBINSON, husband of Alice FULLER; photographer

Skutt & Palmer, Painesville, Ohio.

  -- Donna LAWTON, age 16; E. G. Fellows, Vinton, Iowa

  --Mr. Harry HUERMANN, St. Louis, Missouri 1903 [about age 18]

The next photos all pertain to the same family of WALLACE and

THEXTON, who appear to be from Detroit, Michigan, then North

Dakota, and finally Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a record

for Clara WALLACE THEXTON listed in the Minnesota Death Index

and also a record for Wallace THEXTON listed in the Social

Security Death Index. The 1920 census for Minneapolis, Hennepin

County, Minnesota has a household consisting of Henry A THEXTON,

wife Clara, and son Wallace A., along with father-in-law Elmer

D. WALLACE, mother-in-law Ann L., and sister-in-law Fannie.

  -- Clara WALLACE, age 6 mo & 23 ds. weight 16-1/2 lbs;

photographer Powelson, Detroit, Michigan.

  -- Clara WALLACE, 1-1/2 years old; photographer Taylor &

Taylor, Detroit, [Michigan].

  -- Clara WALLACE, June 1899; photographer Geo. F. Blackburn,

Grand Forks, North Dakota.

  -- Wallace A. THEXTON, 1 year 4 months; photographer Shirley

V. Bacon, Long Beach, California.

  -- Wallace A. THEXTON, 8-1/2 years; photographer Lee Bros.

Studio [possibly in Minneapolis, Minnesota]

  -- Francis Ella WALLACE, 1885 (Ella F. WALLACE), sister of

E. D. WALLACE, died 1919; photographer J. E. Watson, Detroit,


  -- Mrs. CLOUGH, E. D. WALLACE's older sister; photographer

Hamilton's Art Gallery, Detroit, Michigan.

     If you recognize your family, please e-mail me with the

name of the person you are interested in as the subject line.

                       Lynn Chadek  [email protected]


  o Dana WARD's Handwritten Diary lot 1897-1951; Bible, photos,

address & date book, diaries of a grandchild; Item # 923180961

Auction ends: Nov-24-02 16:15:28 PST; Seller: houseofmirth

Large lot of diaries and personal items which were kept by

Mr. Dana WARD of Sommerville, Massachusetts. He was born on

October 3, 1874 in East Princeton, Massachusetts and went on

to work in the Boston Fish Market/Ward Fisheries. In this

collection, there are 29 of his personal diaries, an address

book, a Bible, a few date books and three 5-year diaries from

1967-1983 which I believe were kept by one of his grandchildren.

The years of his diaries are 1897, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923,

1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1933, 1934,

1935, 1936, 1936, 1937, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948,

1949, 1950, and 1951. Not only did he write every day, but also

he attached many newspaper clippings and photos to the pages

and kept many letters, notices, licenses and personal papers

between the pages. He also seemed to be quite a stamp collector

as there are several pages filled with different postage stamps.


  o 1860s CDV Album Full(WILSON, et al.); Item # 736680218

Auction ends: Nov-20-02 22:45:28 PST; Seller:   mizs

Gilt-tooled red and black leather Civil War era CDV album with

white milk glass "studs" on the four corners of the front and

back of the album, and also on the ornate brass clasps. Album is

approximately 5 1/8" x 7" x 2", with 25 gilt-edged pages holding

100 cdvs, and the album is packed full. There are cdvs and

ferrotypes here from the Civil War era and later -- about 76

ferrotypes and 24 cdvs. Some of the ferrotypes are portraits in

embossed oval mats. There are some great ones of children,

ladies and gentlemen with hats, and group scenes. [Editor's

Note: In response to my request for identifying names/places,

Seller (Flo [email protected]) wrote: ". . . some are

from Burlington, Vermont; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

Cincinnati, Ohio. I didn't look at very many, didn't see many

names. "Theodore WILSON 1864," another was "Toussant Cabana"?

Not really sure if there are many that are identified, but some

nice images in the album."


  o 1818 WING-LANCASTER-BRAGG Bible, Falmouth, Massachusetts

Item # 1789805384; Auction ends: Nov-24-02 19:28:24 PST

Seller: jrsports

WING family Bible, dated 1818 and printed by M. Carey & Sons,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This Bible contains the WING family

genealogy to 1744 Gideon WING born in Falmouth, Massachusetts

and his wife Abigail, born 1749 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

[Editor's Note: I transcribed the following from images of the

pages that accompany this listing: Gideon WING Born in Falmouth,

Mass. May 11 O.S. A.D. 1744; Abigail his wife Born in Duxbury

October 1 O.S. A.D. 1749; Married February 25th N.S. A.D. 1767.

(new page) MARRIAGES -- David LANCASTER born in Albion, Maine

February 15th 1806; Harriet his wife born in Albion, Maine

August 30th 1809; Married June 20th 1829. (new page)

BIRTHS –- Wm. WING Born July 11th A.D. 1768; Allen WING born

August 27th 1770; Abigail born Nov 20th 1772; Joseph born

Novr 14th 1780; Hannah born January 22, 1783. (new page)

DEATHS -- Gideon WING Died Feby 27th 1821 in the 77th year of

his age; Abigail WING Died July 2d 1837 in the 88th year of her

age; Stephen BRAGG Died December 21st 1819 in the 80 year of

his age; Hannah BRAGG Died February the 19 1870 Aged 87 years

and 28 days; Stephen BRAGG Jr. Died May 12th 1870 Aged 54?

years 1 month and 28 days.]


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  o 1889 ACURY Family Bible; Item # 1972074740

Auction ends: Nov-29-02 18:12:05 PST; Seller: lnantique

Bible published by W. J. Holland & Co. Springfield, Mass. and

Chicago, Illinois. The inscription on the front pages say James

F. ACURY, Emma S. Atkinson ACURY Family Bible June 5, 1889. The

family register contains family names as well as births,

marriages, and deaths


  o Seen at Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa, Americana Antique

Mall, an unused postcard, no stamp, with photo of a World War I

soldier. On the back: "Richard B. ADAMS, 1st Cook Co. F. 3rd

Infantry, US ?? Portland, Oregon, 3/22/17" I cannot read the

first ?, possible the second? is a G. It is possible this came

from the Dumont, Franklin County, Iowa area. Some family should

desire this fine condition photo card.

                          Wanda Spainhower  [email protected]


  o From February, 1932 AMERICAN RIFLEMAN MAGAZINE there is a

nice photo of J. A. WADE of Boise, Idaho; Lt. Charles G. RAU,

Col. Charles B. STONE and James F. McCUE of northern California;

James R. BEVERLY acting governor of "Porto Rico"; Lt. Lewis

RAEMON and H. A. CLAPP of Alabama; a photo and article about a

shooting involving patrolman Gilbert VIAU of Detroit.

  From April 1932, the NY police pistol team of Adolph P.


Thos. McGOVERN and Herbert W. KOEHLER; Bill STEMBLER and Bill

WATKINS; T. SAMSOE of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Sherwood T. MOORE

of Orange, New Jersey, and Leonard J. MILLER of Philadelphia;

and the back cover photo of R. E. FOWLE.

  From May, 1932, Charles H. JOHNSON, L. J. MILLER and H. M.

POPE of New York; Col. J. B. BARNES; an article and photo

celebrating the 100th birthday of Louis MAURER of New York City

who was employed by Currier and Ives; Col. Kenyon JOYCE, Roy

SWAN, and General Hanson ELY (no city listed); and the back

cover photo of Walter R. WALSH of Union City, New Jersey.

  From July 1932, the colorized cover photo of Colonel Townsend

WHELEN, the Columbus police team of Captain SMITH, Sam ERNEST,

L. W. MERICA, Guy DOWLER, C. H. COX, and Glenn HOOVEN. Robert

H. NISBET of South Kent, Connecticut; Dorothy Jean TRIPP aged 12

and the back cover photo of the California police team champions

from San Diego, C. B. FREED, Harry M. WATTS, R. J. OLIVER,

Rodney S. PEASE, and Ed. J. MOORE.

  From August 1932, Dr. Emmett O. SWANSON of Minneapolis,

Minnesota; Capt. Walter R. STOKES of Washington, D.C., Dr. E. D.

SHUMAKER of Steubenville, Ohio; Wm. P. SCHWEITZER of New Jersey,

Harold J. WOOD of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the back cover

photo of the St. Louis police team of Frank STUBITS, F. W.


and Oliver YANICK.

    I will be glad to share copies of these photos for the cost

of copy and postage. Please put "rifleman" in the subject line.

                                        Linda  [email protected]


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  o My father was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps shortly

after World War I and was stationed in Camaguey, Cuba. It was

in the early 1920s when his battalion was assigned duty at

Guantanamo Naval Station. However, the U.S. government misplaced

records of that battalion having been in Cuba, and eventually it

became known as the "Lost Battalion of Cuba." I have no record

of the dates or the designation of the outfit but perhaps

someone who reads this will have an ancestor known to have been

in the "Lost Battalion." I have two photographs showing the

Marines' camp baseball team. One photograph shows eight men and

the other shows 25 men. None of the men is identified, but I

offer a copy of the photos to anyone who has an ancestor who was

stationed in Guantanamo during the early 1920s.

                        Richard Ashley  [email protected]


  o BARR, BAR, BAER. I have a story by Lawrence BARR (Lorenz

BAER) of his family's coming from Germany to the United States,

settling in Tioga County, New York, moving on to Fillmore County

Minnesota, and finally on to Centralia, Washington, where he was

a merchant and banker. His parents were Georg BAER and Anna

Maria EICHENGER. They had 13 children, of whom nine survived:

Christolph, John Philip, John, Catherine, John (Hans), Margaret,

Nicholas, George, and Lawrence himself, the youngest. Georg and

Anna Maria BAER came to the United States in 1843 with their

four younger sons. [The voyage took] 49 days from Bremen Haven

to New York on stormy seas. Changed name to BARR soon after

arrival. John Philip BAER remained in Germany and there are a

number of his descendants there, some with extensive

genealogical information. I'll correspond with anyone

interested, and share copies of Lawrence BARR's story (about 10

pages) for the cost of copying and mailing. Please use "BARR"

in subject line.

                            Marianne Aarons  [email protected]


  o I have a photo of the Passing-Out Parade of the 2nd. Plat. H

& S. Co. 20th Engr. Bn. Fort Bragg, N.C. Capt. G. D. BOTTOMS

Comdg. 12-16-50 [16 December 1950]. Signatures on the reverse

are: Paul N. FARRELL, James C. EDGLANT, Harry G. LAWSON, Charles

TARJUSTIN, Russell L. De WATERS, Robert J. CARL, Alvin H. GOSS,

Russell WORSHAM, and Paul Wurm LANE, as near as I can make out.

Also in the photo: Arthur T. SABATO. I can scan and send photo.

                    Edna MacPherson Sabato  [email protected]


  o My son has acquired some materials that he plans to offer

for sale on eBay. They are apparently from the estate of Hattie

Etta BURCH, who was born 20 August 1890 perhaps in Person

County, North Carolina, and died in 1969 in Florida. She was

the daughter of Thomas BOWMAN and Biddie Catherine SCOGGIN

BURCH. Copies of family Bible pages with births and deaths are


  Hattie's sister Martha Caroline married W. T. MURRAY. The

1931 Durham City Schools report cards of Katherine and Carolyn

MURRAY, signed by Mrs. W. T. MURRAY, are included. There are

letters to Patsy Carolyn MURRAY while at Lees McRae College.

There are some other letters, also. There is the 1936 North

Carolina Teacher's Certificate for Alma MURRAY.

  There are two address books, with numerous birthdays listed.

Several photograph albums are included, as well as piles of

loose photographs, some very old and others more recent. The

birth announcement for David Langdon TAYLOR, born 19 April 1949,

shows his siblings Rusty, Alice, and Rick. I noticed a 1937

picture of Laura A. MIER and a picture of the Ben TURNERs.

There are numerous old postcards.

  I had only a short time to look through the items and make a

few notes, so I don't know what else may be included. What I

wouldn't give for such a treasure trove of items from my

family! If you recognize any relatives, you can e-mail me for

further information.

                              Sue Plaster  [email protected]


  o I have recently acquired some photos that belonged to an

elderly aunt. One was sent to my aunt, Margaret SCHOTT BUNN; she

is not in it. It is a group of nine young women. The inscription

on the back says: "Dear Marg, This is the only picture I had. So

send you this. It's the G.S.C. bunch when we went on our May

Walk to Allens Creek. from Florence. G" The young women are

identified on the front: Lulu S., Stella S., Laura K., Eva F.

(me), Gertrude W., Gert K., Lena E., Maybel M. I don't know what

GSC stands for, but would think the G is for Gates (a Rochester

suburb). Allens Creek is also in Rochester. Again, the photo is

circa 1900. If you know about any of these young ladies and

would like a copy, I would be happy to send one.

  One is a photo of my grandmother, Margaret APPEL SCHOTT, a

Mrs. MANN, and a Mrs. BROWN holding a child (about eight to 10

months old). Mrs. MANN and my grandmother appear to be in their

late 40s; Mrs. BROWN in her 20s. This photo was taken outside,

trees and fields in background. It was probably taken in the

early 1900s in Rochester, New York or nearby. I would be happy

to send a copy to MANN or BROWN family members.

                              Marilyn  [email protected]


  o My CONRAD ancestors arrived in Manlius, Onondaga County,

New York in 1834. In the area was a George CONRAD that I could

not connect to the other members of the family. On a visit to

Manlius last year, I found a reference to George CONRAD having

stated that he came from Montbronn, France. I felt sure that my

CONRADs came from Germany, so I tended to dismiss anything that

I learned about him. In another forum on the Internet, I read

that Mr. Joseph CONRAD had spent years in the Montbronn area

researching most records back to the time of the Thirty Years

War. He had published a book with 17,000 names of people who

lived in the Montbronn area starting around 1650 and up until

births before 1900. Montbronn is several miles from the German

border, in an area some people refer to as Bitche-land, from the

names of some of the villages, Bitche, Rohrbach-les-Bitche, St.

Louis-les-Bitche, etc. I checked with some others and found that

data in the book tied in precisely with what I knew about the

year of birth, names of husbands, wives, and children, etc. of

nine of my ancestors. I ordered a copy of the book from Mr.

CONRAD, and found in it the names of 94 of my direct line

ancestors. The book is very well organized with cross-references

by families and pages. Some names frequently mentioned in the


GREBIL, RIMLINGER and CONRAD. As best as I can tell, Mr. CONRAD

is my sixth cousin, and I have no direct interest in the sale of

the book. However, I will be happy to pass along information

about how to purchase (for about $55) the book to anyone whose

ancestors came from that area and is interested.

                               Pat Comiskey  [email protected]


  o I have uploaded 30 photos of unidentified persons that were

in the photo album of my grandmother Martha Wilson COURSON. She

was born and raised in the area of Mt Vernon, Jefferson County,

Illinois. Most of these photos were made by studios in Mt Vernon

and are possibly of her relatives in that area. Surnames could


cutting and pasting this two-line URL into your browser window:


    If you can identify any of the people in the photos, please

send me an-mail with Jeff Co. Photos as the subject or leave a

message in the guest book.

                              Gwen Coleman  [email protected]


  o 1868 DAYNES Family Bible; Item # 1973541544

Auction ends; Dec-02-02 17:30:24 PST; Seller: ljjb

Bible published by William Harding, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1868, contains birth (1846) and death (1910) dates of Mrs.

Eunice DAYNES along with Mrs Della MORRISON, Miss Flora DAYNES,

and William GALLOWAY.


  o DEVOURS Success. Just wanted to let you know that I had

two responses to the photo the day after I sent it to you!

[notice re DEVOURS appeared in SL 4:42, 20 November 2002.] Boy,

was I surprised at how fast the response was. My thanks to

Sandi in Merced, California for sending her neighbor's name,

address, and phone number. I had a nice conversation with the

neighbor and she said enough in casual talk to let me know that

is where the photo should go. Turned out it was her husband's


                           Sharon Carpenter  [email protected]


  o 1872 DYE Family Bible, Troy, Ohio; Item # 1973602355

Auction ends: Dec-05-02 19:04:03 PST; Seller: kemo1

Bible published by U.S.B. Publishing Co. No. 193 Summit Street,

Toledo, Ohio, copyright 1872, presented to Laura B. DYE by Her

Mother on July 22, 1884. The Bible contains the Marriage

Certificate of Sylvester DYE and Laura Belle SECREST who were

married at Troy, Ohio on the 18th day of January 1866 in the

presence of many witnesses by Thomas COLLIER, Pastor M. E.

Church. The Bible contains birth records for Clarence Thurman

DYE – 27 October 1867, Estella Virginia DYE, 28 August 1869, and

Eliza Dora DYE, 18 November 1874. In the Bible is a Family Photo

Album with about 20 photos including some tintypes. Found

between the pages of the Bible are several clippings, obituary

notices, locks of hair, and dried flowers.


  o I have two photos taken in a lumber camp in the Enterprise,

Oregon area, probably after 1900 and before 1920.

  -- On the back of one it says: "This is the logging camp where

I was working this Winter they are box cars so you can see about

how much snow there is. Write soon. With best wishes to all

F. M. JONES Enterprise, Oregon"

  -- On the back of the second photo: "This is where I was

loading sleighs at the same camp as other picture. John HASKINGS

my self, Charlie FOX, Frank PAPANALL. With best wishes


  I would be glad to share these with descendants of any of the

above mentioned people.

                                Liz DuBois  [email protected]


  o 1900 Ella KETCHPAIN Diary; Item # 1972612666

Auction ends: Nov-30-02 22:47:01 PST; Seller:  k98252

Handwritten mostly in pencil by Mrs. Ella KETCHPAIN of Hemlock

(state unknown), this readable diary covers the period January-

December 1900. Follow family, visitors and friends of the

KETCHPAINs as they struggle with life in the 1900s: clearing

land, sewing, apple cakes, animals and shuckin' corn, a horse

and sleigh accident. Read about the daily weather (in October

it "rained terrible . . . carried away part of Hemlock"),

school, Children's Day ("great turnout"). Bonus: 14 pages

transcribed from diary covering the period of January 1-April 2

in English on stock paper. [Editor's Note: (1) A search for

Hemlock in RootsWeb town/county locator

turned up one or more cities called Hemlock in Wisconsin, West

Virginia, Oregon, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan,

Indiana, Virginia, and New York. (2) In response to my request

for more information, seller N. Nyland [email protected]

wrote: "The only reference to a state that I have read so far

has been inside the front cover, very faint, "Wis." My guess is

Wisconsin. There were other references to Greenwood (mentioned

8+ times)(. . . have diphtheria in), Longwood (stayed at . . .),

Chicago (. . . went to), Withee (walked from . . .),

Neillsville. Many names are mentioned also: Mrs. Ida PECK,

Mrs. Nettie VARNEY, Ed PECK & wife, Marcel, Addie, The

SCHWARTZs, Floyd P., Denver V. SHANTY, Maud, Mr. BARKER, Herb,

Chris Brick, The SWEETLANDs."


  o 1871 KLEPPINGE-GEMMEL Family Bible; Item # 1971880636

Auction ends: Nov-29-02 09:52:11 PST; Seller: dragonlady6

Bible published by William Harding, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1871. Family pages filled. Joseph KLEPPINGE and Mary GEMMEL

married 1872, deaths 1903 and 1920; birth and baptism records

for 10 children 1874-1889; also nine deaths records; includes

original separate marriage certificate and Sunday School

certificate 1871.


  o I recently came into possession of a photocopy of "Family

History: A Sketch" typed and signed by Kenneth Scott LATOURETTE

from Oregon City, Oregon, dated August 1962. This is a 22-page

family history of the LATOURETTE family. The family names are:



Lyman Daniel Cornwall LATOURETTE; Lucy Jane Gray FISHER and

Ann Eliza FISHER; Williard Howard LATOURETTE and Rhoda Ellen

SCOTT; De Witt Clinton LATOURETTE; Lucy Adelaide LATOURETTE;


Nellie Edith LATOURETTE; Edward Everett LATOURETTE and Minnie


Kenneth Scott LATOURETTE; Carol Clinton LATOURETTE; Lucy Ruth

LATOURETTE and William Ross EATON; Perrin Lyman LATOURETTE;

Dorothy P. or B. LATOURETTE and Homer Errol HOLLOWELL; Charles


Chloe RIGGS; James SCOTT; John Tucker SCOTT and Ann ROLOFSON

and Ruth ECKLER; Rhoda SCOTT; Mary Frances SCOTT and Amos COOK;

Abigail Jane Scott DUNIWAY; Clyde DUNIWAY; Margaret Ann Scott

FEARNSIDE; Harvey Winfield SCOTT; Catherine Ananda Scott

COLBURN; John Henry SCOTT; Sarah Maria Scott KELTY; Paul KELTY;

Pauline ALDERMAN; Robert O. SCOTT; Beecher (changed to Charles)

SCOTT; Jacob and George STEVENSON; Aaron FISHER; Ezra FISHER

and Lucy TAFT and Amelia MILLARD; Ruth Eckler SCOTT; Joseph and

Orpha ECKLER; George ECKLER; Cassandra ECKLER and Jessie GEORGE;



Jessie GEORGE and Gwillym JONES; Bill GEORGE.

  Other names mentioned are Elkanah WALKER; Frank E. DONALDSON;

Ed LEEK; John BOCK; Hezekiah JOHNSON; David T. LENOX; George C.


FISHER; William OLDS; Theron COLTON and Gretchen COLTON.

  I would like to return this to the family. Please e-mail me.

                                   Debbie  [email protected]


  o I found two photos at work at Nebraska Book Co. in Lincoln,

Nebraska. They had been found inside a book.

  -- One is a Happy New Year's card with greetings in English,

German, and Hebrew. The couple is wearing possibly 1900s

Clothing: the man has a bowler hat and the woman has a large

white feather plume in her hat. Her dress is floor length with

a fitted waist and tight sleeves from the elbows down, and a

stand-up collar. The couple appear to be in their 20s or 30s.

The photographer is A. Warshaw, 23 Manhattan Ave., 349 Tompkins

Ave., Brooklyn, New York. The name on the front of the photo

says "Mom and Pop LESLENICK," I think. The last name is hard to

read. There is a post-a-note on the back that says "a New Years

card sent by Grandma and Grandpa Lao?"

  -- The other picture is a wedding picture of the same couple.

It shows her in a long white gown that is very full, looks like

there is a braided sash with tassels around the waist, and a

full veil. She has a full train. Her bouquet is large, possibly

white or light colored roses. He is wearing a single-breasted,

loose-fitting suit coat, maybe a white tie and a white flower

for his boutonniere. The couple looks very close to the same

age as in the New Year's photo. The post-a-note on the back of

this photo says "Grandma Eva and Grandpa Harry Lao?"

    Both photos seem to be reprints of older photos. I will

mail them to the family they belong to.

    There may be some more photos of this same couple at work.

When stockers find pictures in books, many times they get

posted in the bucket drops. That's how I found out about these.

                           Lydia Waserstein  [email protected]


  o As a former Marine, I would like to send to the proper

Marine a book found in garbage. It's from Marine Corps Recruit

Depot Parris Island, South Carolina for Series 4030, 29 July

1988 - 17 October 1988. The name Crystal D. LOTT is underlined.

The book is in very fine shape. I will want you to cover cost

of postage.

                              D. Scott Jones  [email protected]


  o I was surprised to receive five e-mails this morning

[25 November 2002] relating to my article that you published

["Czech Adventure" in MISSING LINKS, Vol. 7, No. 47, 24 November

2002], especially those that thanked me for sharing with them.

Two people asked for the e-mail address of the genealogist. One

who asked was from Israel and he asked to reprint the article,

which I agreed to share. Of course, I copied the genealogist in

the Czech Republic in my replies.

  All this prompted me to make available the following to anyone

who might like to have it. During my research at the Lavaca

County, Texas courthouse, I collected copies of death

certificates for two persons and records of application for

citizenship for three persons.


  -- Cornelia McDERMOTT, born 12 June 1832, Washington County,

Texas, died 22 February 1925, Lavaca County, Texas. Parents:

Peter McDERMOTT and wife Annie were born in Ireland;

  -- Bertha DIERKSEN, born 16 June 1884, Austin County, Texas,

died 22 May 1924, Lavaca County, Texas. Parents: Fritz ROGGE?

and Bertha FRIEPENKERL?, both born in Germany.


  -- Martin CASTIEKA, citizen of Austria, age, 55, arrived

New York, 1 December 1885.

  -- Frederick BAUMANN, age 24, citizen of Germany, arrived

New York, 1 April 1884.

  -- Joseph STASNY, citizen of Austria, age 44, arrived

Galveston [Texas], 15 March 1890.

                                   Larry Lowe [email protected]


  o MENGES Bible. I got a reply from the seller regarding a

family Bible that had no names listed on the auction site. There

is a marriage certificate for Emmanual MENGES of Allen County,

Indiana and Mary Ann TODD of South Whitley, Indiana on 29th day

of Nov. 1877. Also listed is the marriage of Mr. E. K. MENGES

and Lucinda C. HENRY on the 12 day of December 1869. Births from

what I can read are: Georgie Gleneva MENGES born May 23, 1884,

Lake Township, Allen County, Indiana. Under Memoranda, Samuel K.

MENGES died on the 24th day of July, 1900; born Aug. 30, 1838.

A loose page placed inside the Bible from "The Voice of the

People and the Press" states under a photo "Our Candidate

Farmer's Son, A Newsboy, The Son of a Veteran, A Shopman, An

Efficient Officer, An Allen County Boy. A Self-Made Man."

[TWO-LINE URL – cut and paste both lines into browser window.]


                              Laura Armstrong  [email protected]


  o O'CONNER Pictures: My friend Charlotte has inherited albums

and pictures of her family. Among these are pictures of her

father's sister's husband's family, the O'CONNERs of Nebraska.

That last relative was Frank O'CONNER. She wishes to place the

pictures where they will be appreciated. If you wish more

information, please contact Char at: [email protected]

                                         Doña  [email protected]


   o Circa 1885 PATTON Family Bible; Item # 1972788796

Auction ends: Dec-01-02 10:15:18 PST; Seller: jdpcoins

Bible with family records that include Walter PATTON married

Mary WERNBAUGH in 1885, Arthur PATTON-son, Edith PATTON-

daughter, Raymond PATTON-son, Clyde PATTON-son, Ruth PATTON-

daughter, Edith BELL, Elsie PATTON, Lee Ronald PATTON, Arthur

PATTON, and Gertrude PATTON. I can't find a publishing date or

company, but the marriage took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

in 1885. The marriage, death, and birth records go from 1856

through 1976.


  o Rescued Family History Items

Some of the names on my pictures are: Hope ADAMS; Fred & Letha

AMES; Laban & Louisa AMES; Grace BAILEY & Florence FERGUSON;

Mr. & Mrs. George BELL (of England); Willis, Robert & Mildred


Morristown, Tennessee; Gertrude & Gladys HOURDE; Archie NILLAD;

Archer Mauross NORTH (1888}; Dean REED Longbottom, Ohio; Delmar


Barbara E. SELF; Sadie VANDERMILLEN; Grandma & Grandpa WALLS;

Arthur WALSH Family; Lynn WHITESIDE Longbottom, Ohio--Frankie

WHITESIDE 5/11/1912--Linnie WHITESIDE. Other items rescued

include a 1900 report card for Flora BRIMBY; a devotional book

of Nancy L. CLARK; McLAUGHLIN family letters (Guysville, Ohio);

1953 scrapbook, Monroe County, Ohio; RICHTER family photo

album; ANDERSON family Bible (St. Marys, West Virginia); MORRIS-

SHIFFLET family Bible (Elkton, Virginia); SUTTON family photo

Christmas card; Booklet Marriage Certificate for George W.

CUNNINGHAM & Lillie Opal CARPENTER (Fairmont, West Virginia).

There is also a message board where visitors can post items.

Some of these are: LONG family Bible; ALDRICH family photos;

Kyle SMITH family photo album; COZINE family photo album;

Elaine POMPANO and Walter wedding album; Will of Elizabeth

SANDERS (England); DOTY family Bible; Harvey D. PRATT travel

Scrapbook; COOK family Bible; GROVER-BATSON family diary;

BAERCHERCK and ANTRIM photo album.

                                Flo Swisher  [email protected]


  o 1858 ROCKEFELLER Family Bible, Greene County, New York

Item # 1972543500; Auction ends: Nov-30-02 19:21:23 PST

Seller: [email protected]

"[S]mall family Bible that I understand comes from the New York

ROCKEFELLER family, as in the John D. ROCKEFELLER family. I am

unsure as to the exact connection, but I believe that the

individuals whose births and deaths are recorded in this Bible

are related to this historical lineage. The Bible comes from an

estate in the Catskill, New York region and the elderly lady to

whom it belonged was allegedly a cousin or other relation to the

famous ROCKEFELLERs,. . . the Bible . . . [was] published in

1858 by the New York Bible Society. Inside the back cover is

written in very faint pencil, Charity ROCKEFELLER's book . . .

There are also three smaller pencil written signatures, in

someone else's hand -- I cannot make out the signatures though.

Reading through the births/deaths, most are in one hand, and I

believe it is Charity's, who herself is listed as being born

Charity McDANIEL on July 9, 1800 with her husband William

ROCKEFELLER born January 28, 1801. The remaining listings are

those of their own children, starting with a John ROCKEFELLER in

1820 and ending with their last child in 1846, 14 children in

total . . ." [Editor's Note: Images of five handwritten pages,

as well as other pages, accompany this listing.]


  o 1926-28 Thelma SCHNEIDER ("Tillie") School Diary, Missouri

Item # 925054083; Action ends: Dec-01-02 18:49:59 PST

Seller: pinkfloyd13

Handwritten diary, journal, and scrapbook (combination of all)

kept by Thelma SCHNEIDER, a  young girl from Eldon, Missouri. It

encompasses her junior and senior years of high school 1926-1927

and some college entries in 1928. She attended high school at

Eldon High in Eldon, Missouri. The diary has all the names of

her friends and their nicknames as well. It seem that Thelma was

a flapper and at the time all went by different names. Thelma`s

Flapper name was "Tillie." The diary is signed by all her

teachers and friends. The diary has 188 pages, all full with

either text or mementoes or photographs. There are many pages

of photos of her and her friends and many newspaper clippings.

It seems that Tillie came from a wealthy family because every

time she gave a party it made THE KANSAS CITY STAR or THE OZARK

MULE. . . She kept menus from every soda fountain and restaurant

she went to on dates to (she went on many dates and kept

something from all). . . She kept cards from every shop she went

to, one from a Gypsy Tea shop in Kansas City, Missouri; programs

from every dance or function she attended; all greeting cards

that were given to her, a Halloween black cat, many Valentine

cards, and much more [Editor's Note: More details are available

on the auction page.] They also went to see a Gypsy queen to

tell their future . . . This is only the tip of the iceberg. . .


  o 1802 SHARPLES Family Bible; Item # 1972929983

Auction ends: Dec-04-02 14:26:22 PST; Seller: ritesale

Bible printed for Mathew Carey, No. 118, Market Street,

Philadelphia, October 27th, 1802. This Bible was in the

possession of a Mr. Thomas WISTAR and was presented to his

nephew, Abram W. SHARPLE, on May 20, 1813. The Family Record

starts in 1696 and goes through 1927. It includes marriages,

births, and deaths.


  o 1883 SMITH-HOLDEN Family Bible, New York; Item # 1972583939

Auction ends: Nov-30-02 20:45:54 PST; Seller: tuckerguinness

1883 Bible given to A. W. and Hariet E. SMITH by Charles HOLDEN

and Ella HOLDEN on October 16, 1883.The inscription says "Mr.

Charles R. HOLDEN and Mrs. Ella J. HOLDEN were presented this

book Oct. 16 1883. To be their guide through life: and that it

may be a comfort in afflictions; or old age, is the wish of your

father and mother Abial W. SMITH, Harriet E. SMITH." Births and

deaths are listed from 1825 to 1961. Family names are SMITH,

HIGLEY, HOLDEN, BROWN, CAREY, and COTA. Included is a prayer

list from Cleveland, Ohio dated 1957, October 20. Names include




DIETZ, NEUWIRTH, OBER, and PARKER. At one time the SMITHs and

HOLDENs lived in Parishville, New York and Cleveland, Ohio.


  o 1869  TOWNSEND Family Bible, New York; Item # 924746789

Auction ends: Nov-30-02 19:10:08 PST; Seller: jem03

TOWNSEND family Bible with additional items inside including an

old black and white picture postcard of a man and woman, a

religious type pamphlet dated November 4, 1916, a typed letter

about someone's trip to Lake George on December 24, 1920, and in

the back of the Bible is a family record with several birth and

death records dating in the 1800s. [Editor's Note: In response

to my request for details, seller J. Morgan  [email protected]

wrote: "The postcard has not been used. They are not identified.

The letter is typed but no closing or signature. The letterhead

states: Walden Public Schools, Walden N.Y., M. Ernest TOWNSEND,

Superintendent. Since most of the names in the back of the Bible

are TOWNSEND, I am assuming that Ernest TOWNSEND is the one who

typed the letter. In the front of the Bible it says, 'This Book

belongs to' (and I can't read the name. It appears to be R.

TOWNSEND with maybe a middle initial of C). I also found a small

letter handwritten to a Mrs. C. TOWNSEND in Hammondsport N.Y.

and it is signed by Carrie. Some of the births are:

Rachel TOWNSEND 4-5-1822 (5 April 1822), Olive TOWNSEND unknown,

Asbery R. TOWNSEND 3-23-1843 (23 March 1843), Esther TOWNSEND

5-16-1847 (16 May 1847). Some of the deaths are:

Colwell TOWNSEND 1-16-1922 (16 January 1922), Levia J. TOWNSEND

2-15-1924 (15 February 1924), Retta D. TOWNSEND 8-4-1933

(4 August 1933), Mattie DEPEW 11-3-1955 (3 November 1955). Some

of the marriages are: Raymond WOOD and Bernice NYE 6-28-1930

(28 June 1930), Theodore R. WOOD and Alice MORSE 5-23-1953

(23 May 1953). I hope I have spelled the names correctly the

writing is hard to identify."]


  o I would like to find homes for the following photographs

that I purchased at an antique store in Stillwater, Minnesota.

  -- Helen Grace WALSH, 19 months, March 12, 1899 --

photographer J. J. Fritz, St. Cloud, Minnesota

  -- Lizzie J. DUNGAN, August 1890 -- photographer Lupton,

Burlington, Iowa

  -- O. J. ROBINSON, husband of Alice FULLER -- photographer

Skutt & Palmer, Painesville, Ohio

  -- Donna LAWTON, age 16 -- E.G. Fellows, Vinton, Iowa

  -- Mr. Harry HUERMANN, St. Louis, Mo. 1903 [about age 18]

The next photos all pertain to the same family of WALLACE and

THEXTON who appear to be from Detroit, Michigan, then North

Dakota, and finally Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a record

for Clara Wallace THEXTON in the Minnesota Death Index and in

the Social Security Death Index. The 1920 census of Minneapolis,

Hennepin County, Minnesota has a household consisting of Henry

A. THEXTON, wife Clara, and son Wallace A., along with parents

in-law Elmer D. WALLACE and Ann L., and sister-in-law Fannie.

  -- Clara WALLACE, age 6 months & 23 days, weight 16-1/2 lbs --

photographer Powelson, Detroit, Michigan.

  -- Clara WALLACE, 1-1/2 years old -- photographer Taylor &

Taylor, Detroit, Michigan

  -- Clara WALLACE, University, North Dakota, March 23, 1896

  -- Clara WALLACE, June 1899 -- photographer Geo. F. Blackburn,

Grand Forks, North Dakota

  -- Wallace A. THEXTON, 1 year 4 months -- photographer Shirley

V. Bacon, Long Beach, California

  -- Wallace A. THEXTON, 8-1/2 years -- photographer Lee Bros.

Studio [possibly in Minneapolis, Minnesota]

  -- Francis Ella WALLACE, 1885 (Ella F. WALLACE), sister of

E. D. WALLACE, died 1919 -- photographer J. E. Watson, Detroit

  -- Mrs. CLOUGH, E. D. WALLACE's older sister -- photographer

Hamilton's Art Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

    If you recognize your family, please e-mail me with the name

of the person you are interested in as the subject line.

                       Lynn Chadek  [email protected]


  o 1704 WESLEY-SEYMOUR Bible; Item # 1973678203

Auction ends: Dec-05-02 21:13:15 PST; Seller: mc-one

1st Edition: Samuel Wesley "The History of the Old Testament in

Verse: with One Hundred and Eighty Sculptures" in two near fine

volumes. Father of John WESLEY. Was a gift from "WESLEY, L. H.

Wellesley, Rev Acceded: Sandroyd House, Cobham, Married 29 Dec

1896 to SEYMOUR, Lilian Octavia" Listed in the Directory of

Royal Genealogical Data. The inside of Volume 2 has dedication

"From L. H. Wellesley WESLEY! Nov 1905."


                    *    *    *    *    *



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