West Bridgeport

West Bridgeport Cemetery
"Old Town" or "West Side"

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West Bport Cemetery Entrance.jpg (104112 bytes)     The 1362 headstones at this cemetery were last updated in November of 1999.

    West Bridgeport or Old Town Cemetery is located to the West of Bridgeport out hwy 920 past the Acme Brick Plant. It's at the end of CR 3410 right next to the Bridgeport Riding Club Arena.

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    The text of the Historical Marker for Old Town Bridgeport follows:



Toll Bridge


Old Bridgeport

     When Butterfield overland mail traversed this area (1858-61) on St. Louis to San Francisco route, a crossing over West Fork of the Trinity was a necessity. Col. W.H. Hunt on Feb 11, 1860, obtained a charter and built a toll bridge here (50 yds. w). The overland mail ceased operating as Civil War began. The bridge soon collapsed. However, a settlement had begun here, and in 1873 Charles Cates, a Decatur merchant, spanned the river with an iron bridge.
     When the Rock Island Railroad built to this point in 1893, town moved but retained historic name.