Roth Cemetery

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 Information and history follow on this page:


   Roth Cemetery is located out west of Boonsville on land now owned by Ron & Teresa Ray of Arkansas.
It's a small, (9 headstones) over-grown cemetery, but there's lots of history in the area. It's the site where the original town of Boonsville was located on Boons Creek. The town moved to its present location and took its name with it.



    To get there, you go west out of Boonsville on CR 3840 and then turn right on CR 3737. At a "T" turn left on CR 3838. You will see the gray, pipe pasture gate straight ahead as the road makes a turn north. The gate is kept locked and you will need to contact someone to enter. Thank you to Brad & RayAnn Gentry for showing us around.
    You go about a half mile west on the pasture road and then turn to the right. On the left you will see a rock chimney. This is what remains of old Boonsville. 



    Below is an old newspaper picture of the cabin that was the Boonsville Post Office. Joseph Roth was the first postmaster (see his family history in the data table below). The building was finished in the summer of 1876 and became a post office and stage coach stop in 1878. The "stage coach roads" are still visible a little ways to the north and south in the woods.


    The cemetery is about a quarter mile to the north of the cabin. It is fenced and brushy. 
    We didn't find one of the 9 headstones, but did find the footstone with initials on it. It is suppose to be one of the Roth children.

    The added information in the table below came from a newspaper article interview with Mrs. R.P. Hardy of Missouri, a granddaughter of Joseph Roth. This information, not on the headstones, is in parenthesis ( ).




# Last Name First Name Born Date of Death Information






Stone was missing from its base - Footstone with C.N.R. initials



Joseph (Henry Joseph, Sr.)

Feb 8, 1835 (Born in Germany)

Feb 2, 1913

(Finished cabin on Boons Creek in 1876 that became Post Office in 1878 - Stayed when town moved - Owned 1850 acres)



Melina C. (Bogy)

Aug 19, 1838

Sept 26, 1901

Wife of Joseph - Requiescat in Pace




Aug 17, 1878


Aged 7 yrs, 8 mos, 2 dys - Daughter Joseph & Melanie C. Roth (There were 6 children. 5 lived to adulthood - Josephine Roth married Dr. Claude N. Workman of Miss. He practiced medicine in Willow Point for many years - Their daughter married Roy P. Hardy June 26, 1919)




May 31, 1858

Oct 29, 1882

Brother of Creed Taylor (One of the 3 children of Melina Roth by 1st marriage - She was widowed before the Civil War)




Aug 18, 1897

Nov 19, 1909

Daughter of August & Mary




Dec 23, 1888

Jan 9, 1890





Jan 3, 1884

June 27, 1884




Mary K.

Aug 29, 1866

Dec 21, 1898

Wife of A. (August - From Germany) (Sister of Melina Roth)