Rhoads Cemetery

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Rhoads Gate.jpg (82561 bytes)     Rhoads cemetery is located northeast of Alvord in one of the LBJ National Grassland areas. It’s nearly a mile walk from the road and pretty hard to find in the woods.

    Start north out of Alvord on Fm Rd 1655 and turn right just past the railroad tracts in town on E. Pine Street. Turn left on N. Shankle Street and then right on Beyette. After a few blocks take the left fork (CR 2690).

    The "Grasslands" gate is a couple of miles out CR 2690 on the right. It’s a light green double gate with a walk-through side and a drive-through side. There’s a number 21 on it.

    Walk trough the gate and go on the vehicle tracks to the right. Follow this road for about a half of a mile to a tank dam.

    Go across the tank dam but before you get all the way across a trail will fork off to the right (picture in lower left corner). Follow this "cow trail" toward another tank.

    Before you get to this tank the trail will fork to the right. Take this path and if you look straight ahead you will see a grove of tall oak trees. Head for these oak trees.

Rhoads Headstone.jpg (123648 bytes)    Follow the trail toward the oak trees and go into the woods. You will not be able to see the headstones until you are pretty close in the woods.

    The cemetery is fenced off with wire, and iris plants cover the area so there’s not much brush or weeds around the headstones.

    Thank you to Homer Hodges for locating this cemetery and giving such good directions, and also to Sonny Keith for walking in there with me.

    There were 13 headstones in October 2000.


Last Name

First Name


Date of Death

Information Notes


Johnson Infant

Jan 6, 1885

Jan 6, 1885

Son of J.T. & M.C.


Johnson Thomas Lester

July 18, 1887

Aug 6, 1888

Son of J.T. & M.C.


Mitcham Infant

Aug 14, 1895

Aug 17, 1895

Son of M.A. & P.


Rhoads A.E.

Feb 9, 1820

May 13, 1910



Rhoads Chloe

Aug 10, 1824

July 18, 1886

Wife of A.E.


Rhoads Eugenia S.

Mar 9, 1845

Mar 11, 1924

(Mother) Headstone with Moses B.


Rhoads J.A.

Nov 28, 1873

Feb 27, 1898



Rhoads Moses B.

June 16, 1845

Mar 29, 1916

(Father) Headstone with Eugenia S.


Rhoads Pearl

June 20, 1883

Aug 4, 1884

Daughter of J.A. & A.J.


Rhodes Albert L.

Feb 19, 1878

Dec 5, 1880

Son of M.B. & E.S.


Rhodes Virgil M.

Dec 14, 1872

Oct 1, 1879

Son of M.B. & E.S.


Woodruff F.A.  

Mar 22, 1882

Aged 13yrs, 8mos, 11dys


Woodruff Jemima

Apr 2, 1833

June 10, 1886

Wife of F.M.