Dunn-Comstock Cemetery

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3 headstones - all information below:

    Dunn-Comstock Cemetery is located to the west of Chico and south of Crafton.

    From Chico go west on Fm Rd 1810 about 5 miles. The gate to the pasture is on the left (south side) past the turn to the Dynegy Gas Plant and before you get to the road to Crafton (Fm Rd 2127). The land is owned by Brett A. Jones of Grapevine. There’s a lock on the gate and you will need permission to enter.

    From the gate on Fm Rd 1810 go out in the pasture behind the old barn and follow a fence on your right. You will go about a half of a mile and pass a small tank (pond) near the fence. The cemetery is past that and straight ahead in the woods.

    Thank you to Butch and Beverly Sims who helped us find this site in August 2001. We found one crypt type grave with a headstone and one double headstone (pictures below).



Last Name

First Name


Date of Death

Information Notes




June 17, 1828

Oct 27, 1885

Headstone by Wolcott & Bro., McKinney, Tex.




Mar 29, 1856

July 19, 1879

Son of J.G. & E.R. - Headstone with Luell




June 27, 1861

Apr 8, 1884

Son of J.G. & E.R. - Headstone with O.B.