Triennial Family Reunions

Every three years, the Hite Family Association holds a Hite family reunion at Belle Grove Plantation located near Middletown, Virginia. Belle Grove Plantation was the home of Major Isaac Hite (1758-1836), planter and Revolutionary War officer of Frederick County, Virginia and grandson of Jost Hite, the prominent pioneer settler of the Shenandoah Valley. Belle Grove Plantation is now a property of the National Historic Trust.

The Triennial Family Reunion is organized by the Hite Family Association in conjunction with Belle Grove Plantation and is open to members of many Hite families, not just the descendants of Jost Hite. The reunion features tours of family homes in the area, genealogy workshops, an evening reception, a picnic, and a Hite Family Association business meeting.

The next reunion will be held Friday - Sunday in July , 2018. Visit Belle Grove Plantation to learn more. Thereafter the following one will be in summer of 2018. Hite Family Association members will receive notification in the mail.

NOTE: Belle Grove Plantation membership does not include membership in the Hite Family Association, nor does membership in the Hite Family Association include Belle Grove Plantation membership.

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