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                 Atlas Maps
 Now available are professionally
 printed   maps, in color, of the early
 Lee Co. Atlases, which contain
 information about each township
 of Lee Co. The atlases are dated
 1874, 1897 and 1916, and show the
  farms and landholdings by name of
  the owner. These maps are printed
  in color, on heavy paper, suitable
  for framing. The cost is $5.00 each
INDEX  1874 Atlas Names for each Township


What's Happening in the Genealogy Dept?
"The Genealogy Department has a huge amount of information on cemeteries as well as obits from not only Lee County but also the contiguous counties of Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson and Van Buren and local Missouri and Illinois.  In order to research family trees, the department has Ancestry.com at its fingertips, microfilms of newspapers from Keokuk, Ft. Madison, and Donnellson; birth and marriage records; census and ship lists and German and English research aids, and family files and albums.  Volunteer members can assist with research and provide family group sheets to organize the information on each family."  Click on the highlights index for more information

Alma Kay Project

The MAK project is a collection of family trees begun by Mary Alma Powers Kay being kept in Personal Ancestral Files (PAF files.)  Many of the more than 65,000 names found in the files have very little information, while others are quite extensive.  Some of the files date back to pre-Revolutionary War.  It is our intent to build on these family trees with solid information found or provided by family members.  There are three volumes containing 1454 pages of Indexes of the names found in the PAF files accessible to the public.  For inquiries into family members who may be listed see  INQUIRE


Area History
"Volunteer members have done area research on various topics of interest including early settlements in the area as well as historical events.  Historical articles will be added to this site as they become available.  Click on the highlights index for available articles."

Bickel Collection
"The Genealogy Department now has a gold mine of information from old newspapers and photographs in a collection known as the Bickel Collection.  This collection contains 33 volumes and has information from A to Z.  Each volume has its own title and all books are indexed for easy retrieval of specific information.  The entire collection has been a wonderful addition thanks to the Keokuk and Montrose libraries.  Examples of titles are Civil War, Indians, Pioneers, Mormons, just to name a few."

Photo Album and Mystery Photos

Vital Records
"This section is a work in progress transcribing data from old marriage books and court records and lists county marriages from 1837-1921.  The records are listed by groom, bride, and date of marriage.   If a name is not listed, please forward them and they will be added to the list.  Please click on INDEX for available records."



1860 Mortality Schedule
"Iowa mortality schedules were taken in 1860, 1870 and 1880. The household was asked if anyone died the previous year. There are many infant and children's deaths and this is almost the only way to find children at this early date

More Searchable Data

"In addition to the research materials listed above, the Genealogy
Department has volumes of  reference materials such as old business
directories, old telephone books, atlases (1874, 1896 and 1916),  old plat
 books, scrapbooks, town and community files, church records and
information, as well as historical sketches and photographs.  Click on the
index to find some of the information on file.

Abandoned Towns
"According to records on file in the Genealogy Department, there are more than 30 abandoned towns and villages in Lee County.   Please click below for historical articles written by volunteers on those towns.  As more articles are written, they will be added to the list


Lee County Schoolhouses 

"In Lee County there were 125 schoolhouses in 15 townships.  The rural schoolhouse era has long past but there are still many who have fond memories of their time going to school at these small buildings.  Therefore, volunteers of the Genealogy Department have taken on this project to write about as many schools as possible.  Ten of those schools, so far, have had their stories told.   Please click on INDEX to see those stories.  If anyone has any information or photos about a school, please forward that information to , or to the Donnellson Library Genealogy Department, 500 Park St., Donnellson, IA   52625, ATTN:  Diane Kruse. 


Let us do Research for You _ we are unable to research the Keokuk or Ft Madison cities.   

We invite you to E-Mail us with your requests. We will do a quick look-up to see if we can help you. We will then email you with the approximate cost of doing the research.  Contact us if you would like our assistance. Please be specific about the information you are seeking!  Please include all of the information that you have so we don't waste time duplicating your research. You may fill out the
  INFORMATION   sheet and mail it to the above address.

Please be specific about the information you are seeking!  Please include all of the information that you have so we don't waste time duplicating your research.

Research Fee of $6 for the first hour of research and $5 for each additional hour. Copy and Postage fees are extra.


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