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Formed 1836; ?Territorial County


1840 Rock Co. WI Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Rock Co. WI Census
Pg.298, #1000, Henry DUNCAN 43 VT blind
                  Caroline 42 VT
                  Francis (f) 18, Mortimer 16 VT
                  Ellen A. 16, Adelia 7 VT
                  (MAD: Henry Duncan b. 1/1807, son of Nathan Duncan and Betsey Graves of Windsor Co. VT, mar. Caroline Boynton 1831, to Rock Co. WI 1849, later to Mitchell Co. IA; from biography of Samuel W. Melendy in Vol.20, 1924, pg.212, "American Biography, a New Cyclopedia;" spine title: "Encyclopedia of American Biography;" Old Series, pub. by American Historical Society; FHL book 973 D36e)

1860 Rock Co. WI Census
Beloit City
Pg.62-63, #867-833, Anson M. DUNCAN 49 NY retired M. $3000-$2000
                  Angeline L. 42 NY
                  Mary E. 13, Eunice R. (f) 11 NY
                  Ellen B. 4 WI
                  Fanny M. LLOYD 28 NY domestic
                  William H. MAY 27 ENG laborer $500-$300
                  (MAD: 1850 Oswego Co. NY census; Eunice R. Duncan in 1870 Boone Co. IL census)
Clinton Town
Pg.226, #108-106, Samuel MOORE 54 NH farmer $3600-$795
                  Mary H. 50 NY
                  Lewis F. 17 NY farm hand
                  Albert DUNCAN 11 WI
Porter Twp.
Pg.590, #501-482, Henry DUNCAN 53 VT private gentleman $6500-$500 blind - disease nerve
                  Caroline 53 VT
                  Frances J. (f) 27 VT school teacher
                  M.M. (m) 25 VT (blank)
                  Ellen A. 23, Adella C. 16 VT
Janesville Ward 1
Pg.765, #178-158, Oliver Van KIRK 73 NJ carpenter $200-$500
                  Jane 64 NY
                  Mary J. DUNCAN 21 MASS seamstress
Janesville Ward 4
Pg.876, #1030-1009?, L. FOORD (m) 30 NY merchant $2,000-$500
                  Lucy 39 VT
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 73 CT

1870 Rock Co. WI Census
Beloit, Ward 1
Pg.27, #13-(blank), City Hotel
                  WOOD, L.F. (m) 52 St.New York runs hotel $10,000-$1,000
                  & family & others, including
                  DUNCAN, John 25 NY work at all work $0-$0
Beloit, Ward 2
Pg.48, #114-121, DUNCAN, A.M. (m) 59 NY carpenter $3000-$400
                  Mary H. 48 ENG keeps house, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary E. 23 NY teaching school, mother of foreign birth
                  Eunice (f) 20 NY teaching school, mother of foreign birth
                  Ellen E. 14 WI attends school, mother of foreign birth
                  OLIVER, S.H. (m) 24 ENG attends school, parents of foreign birth
                  Julia G. 15 ENG works out, parents of foreign birth
                  FASENN, Ellen 15 WI domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed as G.M. Duncan, but definitely A.M.)
Pg.169, #93-90, DUNCAN, David 24 SCT farmer $0-$150, mar. in Sept., parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 20 WI keeping house, mar. in Sept., parents of foreign birth
Pg.309, #74-72, DUNCAN, Thomas 54 SCT farmer $4000-$1000, parents of foreign birth
                  Eliza 53 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 28 SCT works on farm $0-$600, parents of foreign birth
                  James 19 WI works on farm, parents of foreign birth
                  George 15 WI, parents of foreign birth
                  Eliza 11 WI, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: 1860 Waukesha Co. WI census)
Pg.429, #116-117, DUNCAN, Henry 63 VT farming $1500-$3000
                  Caroline 62 VT keep house
Pg.481, #232-226, NOBLE, George W. 31 NY farmer $6000-$1075
                  Mary E. 28 NY keeping house
                  Eddie (m) 2, Fred 2 WI, twins
                  GETCHEL, Mary 13 WI
                  DUNCAN, Julius (m) 15 ENG (blank), parents of foreign birth
Pg.489, #66-68, RING, John E. 47 MA farming $8800-$2225
                  J.M. (f) 37 CT keeping house
                  Alice 13 WI attending school
                  DUNCAN, Charles 15 WI working on farm

HISTORIES before 1923

1880 "Memorial record of the fathers of Wisconsin : containing sketches of the lives and career of the members of the constitutional conventions of 1846 and 1847-8 : with a history of early settlement in Wisconsin" by Horace A. Tenney, pub. Madison, Wis.: D. Atwood, 1880 (part from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2006 and part from images on HeritageQuest 1/2007)
      Pg.122-123. HON. DAVID NOGGLE. DAVID NOGGLE was born in Franklin county, Pennsylvania, October 9, 1809. His father, JOSEPH NOGGLE, was of Dutch descent, and his mother, whose maiden name was MARY DUNCAN, of Scotch-Irish ancestry. School and academies were rare at the period in most parts of the country, so that he had no opportunities for education beyond what were furnished by common schools, and his time spent in even these rudimentary institutions was very limited; notwithstanding which, by almost unaided efforts and tireless perseverance, he overcame the difficulties of his surroundings sufficiently to fit himself as a teacher. His general occupation prior to 1838 was that of farming, but, diligent use of his time, he fitted himself for the bar, to which he was admitted by the supreme court of Illinois, and took at once a high and commanding position in the profession.
            In 1846, he was elected a member of the first Constitutional Convention, from the county of Rock, in which he was selected as chairman of the committee on corporations other than banking and municipal, the duties of which position were admirably and acceptably discharged, and he (pg.123) became prominent as one of the leading men of the body.
            In 1854, he was elected a member of the assembly from the city of Janesville, to which place he had removed in 1850, and was re-elected to the same position in 1857. He was subsequently elected judge of the first judicial district to fill the unexpired term of Judge KEEP, who died in office, and was re-elected to the same position for a full term. In 1869 he was appointed chief justice of Idaho, but after five years of active service was compelled to resign on account of failing health and growing infirmity that incapacitated him from further active life.
            Mr. NOGGLE possessed strong mental power and decided ability. Had he enjoyed the benefits of a classical training in his youth, his energy and push would have insured him a national reputation among the greatest men of the land. Yet with but slight educational opportunities added to extraordinary difficulties at the beginning of his career, he nevertheless reached positions which many of higher culture would have attained with difficulty. In all positions of trust, it is but just to say, he ever acquitted himself with credit and honor. As a jurist he had few superiors, as a statesman he was far-seeing and sagacious, and as a citizen he was above reproach. While the rivalry of political contests made him, possibly, a few enemies, yet his friends were ever a multitude, warmly attached, sincere, and lasting. He died in Janesville in 1879.


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