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Formed 1836 from Iowa Co. MI
Dane formed 1836 from Iowa Co. MI and Brown Co.
Grant, Green formed 1836 from Iowa Co. MI
Richland formed 1842 from Crawford and ?Iowa
Lafayette formed 1846 from Iowa


1830 Iowa Co. MI [WI] Census
Pg.237  Asa Duncan         0000,21   - 0
          (MAD: A. Duncan in 1836 Dubuque Co. IA)

1840 Iowa Co. WI Census
Western Dist.
Pg. 60  David Duncan       0000,2 - 0

1850 Iowa Co. WI Census
Mineral Point
Pg.334&335, #442, Wesley HODGE 23 MD BLACK
                  Mary A. 24 IL BLACK
                  W.H. (m) 2, Ralph 6 WI BLACK
                  Walter 4/12 WI BLACK
                  David DUNCAN 70 MD BLACK
Town of Dodgeville
Pg.396, #1403, Patrick GORMLEY 50 IRE none
                  Terrence BRADY 33 IRE miner
                  Thomas DUNCAN 22 IRE miner
Pg.403, #1501, George DUNCAN 53 SCT farmer $700
                  Elizabeth 52 SCT
                  Grace 22, Alexander 19 SCT
                  John 16 SCT
                  James 9 IL
                  Mary 8 WI
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan in Grant Co. WI 1860-1880 census)

1860 Iowa Co. WI Census
Dodgeville P.O.
Pg.572, #28-26, Thomas DANCEN 31 IRE farmer $1500-$100
                  Margaret 28 IRE
                  Edward 9, Rose Ann 7 WI
                  Mary 5, James 3 WI
                  John 1 WI
Pg.623, #397-397, George DUNCAN 62 SCT farmer $1700-$300
                  Elizabeth 61 SCT
                  Grace 31 SCT
                  James 20 IL
                  Mary 19 WI
                  Edward FERN? 37 IRE farmer $0-$12
                  Catherine 35 SCT
                  Mary 9, Alice 7 IA ("Iowa")
                  Caroline 5 IA
                  Emma 3 WI
                  Charlotte 1 IA
Town of Dodgeville, taken 6/30/1860
Pg.639, #516-516, Charles DUNCAN 60 PA farmer $100-$250
                  Elizabeth 35 IL ("Illi")
                  Francis ("m") 7, Delmer (m) 6 WI ("Wis")
                  Rachel 4, Henry 4/12 MN ("Minnesota")
                  (MAD: Charles Duncan mar. 1st Charity Gard 1/20/1820 Washington Co. OH; mar. Rachel Williams 6/25/1839 Hamilton Co. IN; 1850 Hamilton Co. IN census; mar. 3rd Elizabeth Perry; 1870 LeSueur Co. MN census; Delamore Duncan in 1870 Ramsey Co. MN)

1870 Iowa Co. WI Census
Pg.12a, #170-170, DUNCEN, Patrick 50 IRE farmer $2000-$550, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 44 IRE keepg. house, parents of foreign birth
                  Jerry (m) 17 MA farmer, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 14 MA, parents of foreign birth
Pg.12b, DUNNUN, Mary A. 12 MA, parents of foreign birth
                  Ann 8, David 5, Patrick H. 2 WI, parents of foreign birth
                  AMES, Charles 15 MA servant, parents of foreign birth
Pg.62, #267-259, DUNCAN, James 30 IL farmer $1000-4510, parents of foreign birth
                  Emma 31 WI keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  William 2 WI, parents of foreign birth
                  George 1 WI, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: all marked parents of foreign birth)
Pg.62, #268-260, DUNCAN, George 73 SCT farmer $1500-$400, parents of foreign birth
                  Grace 40 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 28 WI domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  FARON, George 9 WI, parents of foreign birth
                  Aleck 7, Ann 5 WI, parents of foreign birth


Iowa Co. WI Marriage Indexes 1837-1907, A-H, grooms (FHL film 1,275,661; no bride index)
      Duncan, Robert, to Rachel Gard, Oct. 18, 1846, 1-89
      Duncan, Chs., to Elizabeth A. Perry, Sept. 15, 1851, 1-190
      No other Duncan groom to at least ca 1880

Iowa Co. WI Marriage Registration (from The Wisconsin Historical Society to Helen Cook, from Helen Cook 6/2006)
      Arena, Iowa [Co.], Wisconsin
      Vol.1, page 190
      Charles Duncan, of Wingville, and Elizabeth Ann Perry [no residence given], Sept. 15, 1851, in Arena, Iowa [Co.], Wisconsin, performed by Isaac Farwell of Arena

HISTORIES before 1923

"History of the Territory of Wisconsin, from 1836 to 1848 : preceded by an account of some events during the period in which it was under the dominion of kings, states or other territories, previous to the year 1836" by Moses McCure Strong; pub. Madison, Wis.: Democrat Print. Co., state printers, 1885, 638 pgs. (LH10735, HeritageQuest images 2/2007 & 5/2007)
      Pg.142-143: Black Hawk War ... 1832 ... Col. Henry Dodge commanding, ... Privates ... Asa Duncan. (MAD: Iowa Co. WI)

1881 "History of Iowa County, Wisconsin : containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources, biographical sketches" pub. by Western Historical Co. (FHL film 1,036,214 item 4; the "Lead Region" includes adjoining states)
      Pg.364: History of the Lead Region ... Platteville District, near the village of Platteville [Grant Co. WI], ... the Duncan Range, a little way south of the Gillis [Range], has given forth 1,500,000 pounds.
      Pg.426: History of the Lead Region ... Voter list of Peoria Co. [IL], 7 Aug. 1826, included James Duncan.
      Pg.486: History of Iowa Co. WI ... Battle of the Pecatonica, with the Indians, between June 11 and June 18, 1832, participants included Asa Duncan.
      Pg.658: History of Iowa Co. WI, Mineral Point Township, First Settlers. ... First mechanics were two blacksmiths named Duncan & Parker, who had a blacksmith shop certainly as early as 1830 and very likely as early as 1829.
      Pg.775: History of Iowa Co. WI, Town of Dodgeville. The first Scotch families to locate here were James Sillers, who came in 1844, George and William Duncan, Peter Smith, Joseph Turston, William McIntosh, Robert Kinnear and David Shand.
      Pg.775-6: The Murder of F.S. Clopton. In the early mining days, when the lead mines were overrun with a desperate and devil-may-care class of adventurers, life was a source of much anxiety to the more peaceable and well-behaved miners. Crime was rampant, as, owing to the cumbersome nature of the laws, criminals could easily flee the country before the intricate machinery of justice could be brought into action.
            The proximity of claims and diggings were, in many instances, fraught with peril, as the turbulent classes never hesitated for a moment to forsake a barren lead, and, by force of intimidation, dispossess the claimants of more profitable land. In 1829, a case of this nature occurred, resulting in the murder of a miner and the subsequent conviction of his assassin. Two brothers, named James and Robert Duncan, were working a lead on the road running from Galena to Mineral Point, near the State line. Their labors did not prove prosperous, in strong contradistinction with the efforts of a neighbor, F.S. Clopton, whose contiguous claim afforded a reasonable return for the toil expended. He daily waxed more indignant at his own impoverishment and he began to covet the adjacent lead. This covetous spirit led to the exchange of angry words and the creation of a bitter enmity between the rival miners. James Duncan called in the aid of two fellow spirits, called Wells and Richardson, who agreed to provoke a quarrel. Their plan of action was not divulged, nor was any one apprised of the brewing storm until the morning of April 6, 1829. Then Wells and Richardson, accompanied by James Duncan and J. Scott, appeared in the vicinity where Clopton and J. Van Matre were industriously plying the pick and spade. Wells and Richardson were armed with rifles, and approaching the laborers, entered into conversation.
            Van Matre inquired what was the unusual circumstance that caused them to be armed.
            "To defend our property and our lives," was the lightning response, and suiting their actions they both drew a bead and fired. At the first discharge, Van Matre exclaimed "I am shot!" and on the second fire Clopton fell to the ground. Robert Larance and James Duncan carried the wounded man into his humble cabin, and placed him on his rough bed of boughs and straw. He expired in a few minutes, his last words, addressed to a cluster of sympathizing miners, being, "I forgive Wells for killing me, he was instigated to it; I blame James Duncan and McKnight for my death." With these words of fortitude, his soul took its flight. In the meantime, the murderers hastened home, and mounting two trusty horses, fled toward the river. Prior to their departure, they hastily concluded a sale of their claim to James Duncan, for $200. Getting wind of their precipitous flight, J.B. Estes followed in pursuit, but did not succeed in capturing the desperadoes.
            James Duncan was arraigned before John Marsh, Justice of Peace of Crawford County, charged with being an accessory to the murder. He was indicted for the crime, and, on furnishing bonds of $2,000 to appear at the ensuing term of the District Court, at Prairie du Chien, he was admitted to bail. His subsequent career is unknown.

1888 "Portrait and biographical album of Sedgwick County, Kansas : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent... citizens of the county ..." pub. by Chapman Bros. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 978.186 D3p and film 1,000,039 item 2)
      Pg.819-820: CHARLES A. DUNCAN, one of Co. Commissioners; boyhood spent in Iowa Co. WI, where he was born 10 June 1847; his parents Robert and Rachel (Gard) Duncan were natives of IN & IL, the former a resident of Wichita and the latter deceased. Charles A. age 8 when family moved to Sibley Co. MN; in 1868 Robert Duncan to KS, first to Pottawatomie Co., then Feb. 1870 to this Co., Park Twp. Charles A. married Miss Kate Ackerman on 30 Oct. 1871; she b. Anamosa, Jones Co. IA, Oct. 17, 1853, dau. of Erastus B. and Annis (Bennett) Ackerman who moved to Sibley Co. MN. Seven children: Estella May, Emma, Clara, Laura, Charles, Robert and Lee, all living. Charles A. enlisted 27 Feb. 1863 in Co. D, Independent Battalion, MN Cavalry, mustered out 11 June 1865. Democrat, Universalist. (MAD: Robert Duncan in 1850 Grant Co. WI census)


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