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Court orders, 1662-1873; Westmoreland Co. VA County Court; Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery; Circuit Court; Superior Court of Law
      County Court orders 1662-1689 (FHL film 34,264 Items 1-3)
      County Court orders 1690-1698 (FHL film 34,291)
      County Court orders 1698-1705 (FHL film 34,292)
      County Court orders 1705-1721 (FHL film 34,293)
      County Court orders 1721-1731 (JSMB Film 34,294)
      County Court orders 1731-1739 (FHL film 34,295)
      County Court orders 1739-1743 (FHL film 34,264 Item 4)
      County Court orders 1743-1752 (FHL film 34,265)
      County Court orders 1752-1758 (FHL film 34,266)
      County Court orders 1758-1764 (FHL film 34,296)
      County Court orders 1776-1790 (FHL film 34,297)
      County Court orders 1790-1795 (FHL film 34,298)
      County Court orders 1797-1801 (FHL film 34,299)
      & later not copied here

Westmoreland Co. VA Order Books (FHL film 34,264)
      1662-1664 - no index
      1675-1689 - pages half missing, no index
      1739-1743 - no index

Westmoreland Co. VA Order Book 1662-1689 (FHL film 34,264 item 1-3; SLC 2/2009)
      Pg.335, 25 June 1684, Complaint is made to this Court that Rebecca Duncan the daughter of Peeter Duncan who is now livinge at her brother's house is noe way kept either in cloaths or brought up to anny knowledge that concerns a woman. The Court order that Mrs. Ann Gaylard shal have the tuition and care of Rebecca for three yeares, Gaylard giving her sufficient diett, lodging and apparell and teachinge her to soe and doe those things necessary for a younge woman, her brother first cloathing her sufficiently and decently.
      Pg.391, 25 March 1685, Anne Gaylard informed this Court that the Court had bound unto her Rebecca Dunkin for three years and that shee was about to marry and had scarce clothes to her back and that shee could not provide any till shee had the Court's opinion whether shee should serve out her time. The Court order that shee doe serve till the three years be expired.
      Pg.419, 28 May 1685. Geo. Harrison as marrying Eliz. Dunkin brought his action against John Dunkin executor of Peter Dunkin for his share and proportion of the estate of Mathew and Ellianor Dunkin, two of the children of Peter Dunkin, belonging to him in right of his wife by vertue of Peter Dunkin's will. The Court order that John Dunkin doe pay unto George Harrison such share of the estate belonging to him by the death of Mathew and Ellenor.
      Pg.664, 25 July 1688, Thomas Butler petitions this Court to prove the nuncupative will of Wm. Dunkin which is granted and proved by Thomas Mardar and Mary Price. Thomas Butler with Daniel White and Thomas Marder doe assume in 30,000 pounds of tobacco for the true performance of the contents of the nuncupative will. The Court order that he bring in a true inventory.

Westmoreland Co. VA Court Orders, 1691-1695 (FHL film 34,291)
      Pg.38a: 29 Sept. 1691, The court unanimously declare it their opinion that the indenture made between Dorothy Brown (crossed out) Eliza. Brown and Dorothy Macklanacan and by her assigned to Wm. Carr is a good indenture to whom it was made and is ordered to be recorded.
      Pg.187-188a: 9 (29?) Aug. 1695 (MAD: The McClanahan genealogy says that pg.188 shows John's wife Eliza. as Eliza "Brown"; that "Brown" is scratched out. The court order book does not show anything scratched out after "Eliza.")
      Henry Dunkan was summoned to answer John Dunkan in an action of debt that he render unto him 3000 pounds of tobacco. John by Simon Robins his attorney saith that by a bill under the hand of Henry 3 Sept. 1694 hee obliged himself to pay 3000 pounds of tobacco if Henry should perform what Mr. Benjamin Blanchflower and Mr. Wm. Paine should think fitt to be done about their plantation affaires and fully compleat the same by the last of March following. Benjamin Blanchflower and Wm. Paine did make a writeing awarding for the end of their difference what was to bee done by John and Henry.
      Henry by Arthur Spicer his attorney saith that hee hath fully performed the award. Because the plaintiff could not make out his declaration but failed to prosecute the same, dismist.
      Henry Dunkan and Dorothy his wife were summoned to answer John Dunkan and Eliza. his wife in an action of defamation. John and Eliza. by Simon Robins their attorney say that John and Eliza. were both born and bred in this county and ever since have lived in this county. Henry and Dorothy damnably plotting a most wicked contriveing utterly to ruine the good names, fames and reputation of John and Eliza., their children, Dorothy about the beginning of July last at the house cow penn of the plantation of Henry in the presence and heareing of severall of his Majesty's liege subjects did declare of Elizabeth these words: Eliza., John Dunkan's wife, is a witch and has bewitched her cow and that she stink of hell fire and brimstone and that shee made the birds of the air to fall by her witchcraft and said to her husband Henry, be ruled by mee and draw some of the blood of that witch (meaning Eliza) who had bewitched her cow. And some time after at the same cow penn did utter to Elizabeth damnable, wicked and scandalous words ... and bade her goe down to Yeocomoco to the witch her mother ... which most horrible and damnable facts and crimes, were the said Eliza really guilty of as they are charged upon her by Dorothy, should make her liable to no lesse punishment than burning to death by the laws of England.
      And some short time after Henry went up to John's house and abused Eliza with greivous and scurrillous names and terms, calling her severall tymes witch and saying that hee defyed all her witchcraft and witches workes and further declared that hee valued not what shee could doe so long as hee did not say hee would prove her a witch, and at severall other tymes and places Henry and Dorothy (as apt instruments of the Devill) have horribly defamed and malitiously scandalized Eliza., calling her a witch and her children witches imps, seldom or never calling them by any other names, whenever they spoke about them. Dorothy severall tymes declared shee would burn John's house and fire his plantation and ruine all that he had, saying (glorying and vaunting in her villany and wickedness) for shee helped George Hanks to burn a house in Coane and nine or ten hogsheads of tobacco in it.
      And John saith that in his dealeings hee hath already felt some of the sad effects of the scandalous and slanderous words of Henry and Dorothy. John and Eliza. say that such wicked doeings is contrary to the peace of our Sovereign Lord the King and to their damage 40,000 pounds of tobacco.
      The defendants by their attorneys demurred in law for that the plaintiffs declaration above consisting of severall causes of action rendered the same so uncertaine that they could not plead to the same.
      The demurrer was overruled and the defendants by their attorneys said they were not guilty. The Sheriff returned Samll. Thomson, William Paine, John Trammell, Thomas Chancellor, Jacob Lucas, James Hardwick, Robert Stanford, Thomas Pennell, William Paine, Abraham Smith, John Higgins and John Tucker, being sworne doe say Wee find for the plaintiff damages ten pounds of tobacco.
      Jacob Lucas being sumoned to give his evidence in a suite between John Dunkan and Henry Dunkan on behalf of the plaintiff and haveing attended six days, ordered John Dunkan pay Jacob Lucas 240 pounds of tobacco.
      James Lucas being sumoned as above and having attended as above, order as above per 240 pounds of tobacco.
      John Pentergrasse being summoned to give his evidence in a suite depending between John Dunkan and Eliza. his wife and Henry Dunkan and Dorothy his wife on behalf of the plaintiffs and haveing attended five days, ordered John Dunkan doe pay him 200 pounds of tobacco.
      Charles Dunkan haveing attended as above, order per 200 pounds of tobacco as above.
      Peter Hipsley being sumoned as above and haveing attended three dayes, order John Dunkan doe pay him 120 pounds of tobacco.
      William Eales and (blank) his wife being sumoned to give their evidence in a suite between John Dunkan and his wife and Henry Dunkan and his wife on behalf of the defendants four days, ordered Henry Dunkan doe pay 160 pounds of tobacco.
      Charles Lucas being summoned as above and haveing attended as above, order for 160 pounds of tobacco.
      James Lucas being summoned as above and haveing attended as above, order for 160 pounds of tobacco.
      John Magqaire being sumoned as above and haveing attended as above, order per 160 pounds of tobacco.

Westmoreland Co. VA Court Order Book, 1698-1705 (FHL film 34,292)
      No court held July 17, 1700 (looking for reference in McClanahan gen. pg.285 to pg.58, James Rogers v. Henry Dunkan who married Dorothy McClanahan.)

Westmoreland Co. VA Court Orders 1705-1721
   1705-21 (FHL film 34,293)
      Pg.16: 24 Feb. 1706, Judgment granted Henry Dunkan vs. Doctor Alon and or Sponce. (??)
      Pg.20: March 1706, James Wastcomb? was attached (by) Henry Dunkan; Dunkan ordered to pay Wastcomb.
      Pg.84: 9 April 1708, Charles and Henry Dunkan ack. sale from them to Robert Smith; wives Frances and Dorothy Dunkan examined.
      Pg.84a: 9 April 1708, Henry Dunkan ack. deed to John Jenkins, Dorothy Dunkan examined.
            Henry Dunkan ack. deed to Charles Dunkan, Dorothy Dunkan examined.
      Pg.135: 1 Dec. 1709, William Garland and John Dunkan each being fined 200 lbs. tobacco in May court for their non-appearance on Grand Jury, appeared and showed good reasons ... discharged.
      Pg.152: 25 April 1711, Henry Dunkan decd, will proved by his relict and executrix Dorothy Dunkan, on oath of Thomas Lowell. Appraisers John Jenkins, John Moon, Daniel Occany of St.? Russ?, and John Ausbrey or any 4 of them.
      Pg.160: 27 June 1711, John Dunkan being summoned as an evidence to prove the last will of Henry Dunkan, came into court and subscribed as an evidence.
      Pg.209: 26 March 1713, The ejectment firmd. brought by Thomas Ray? (Thay?) against Lt. John Day for land in Cople Parish in Westm. Co. of the demise of John Dunkan (oath being made to the serving the tennant in possession with a copy of the pltf's declaration and endorfemont? (known) being now called William Remy appeared, confessed lease, entry &c other &c prayed to be admitted in the place of the late John Day; pleads not guilty; suit continued.

Westmoreland Co. VA Order Book 1705-1721 (FHL film 34,293; SLC 12/2008 to 6/2009; right margin faint on pg.128a, did not copy paragraph headings)
      Pg.128a, 26 Oct. 1709. Bayley &c vs. Hammock. Stephen Bayley by his petition setting forth that he had two of the orphants of Peter Dunkan bound apprentices to him and that they had some estate in the hands of Richd. Hanmcock [Hammock?] who intermarryed the relict of Peter Dunkan and praying [the] said Richard Hammock might be ordered to deliver the same to him in right of the orphants. Upon consideration thereof and reasons shown by the [said] Richard against the same, the Court are of opinion that they may not remove the estate detained by the aforesaid Richard Hamnock in right of his wife who was extrx of Peter Dunkan and thereupon dismiss the petition. (FHL film 34,293) (MAD: see Order Book 1731-1739, pg.148a)
      Pg.129, 26 Oct. 1709. Daniel Dunkam and Mary Wythy, both prisoners in the common goale of this County by vertue of a mittimus from Lewis Markham and Andrew Munroe, Gent., 18 October 1709, there comitted upon suspicion of their being guilty of the murther of a child born on the body of Mary Wythy, upon examination of the evidence produced against them (to witt) Matthew Sanders, Ellenor Sanders and Joan Dunkam, as alsoe the evidence for behalfe of the prisoners, it did not appeare to the Court that Danll: Dunkam and Mary Wythy were guilty of the death of the child but by the evidence of Joan Dunkam and Katherine Collins it plainly appeared the child was still born. It was commanded the Sheriff should make proclamation that the prisoners stood upon their acquittance and for more evidence in behalfe of the Queen against them, but for that none appeared they are by this Court acquitted and discharged from the accusation. Butt for that the Court were fully inform'd that Danll. Dunkam and Mary Wythy were (pg.129a) persons of a very ill report and lived a wicked and lewd life and failed not to perfitt in the same, it is ordered they be by the Sheriff remanded to the common goale of this County, there to remaine till they shall find good and sufficient security for their good behaviour for the future.
            Mary Wythy being convicted of fornication in the Parish of Washington, County aforesaid, it is ordered the Sheriff of the sd county to cause her to be bound to the common whipping post of the County aforesaid and give her twenty five lashes on her bare back well laid on for her offence & according to law. (FHL film 34,293)
      Pg.130a, 27 Oct. 1709. Danll. Dunkam being yesterday remanded by goale till he should produce security for his good behaviour, upon the motion of Mr. Nathaniel Pope on behalfe of the said Danll:, it is ordered the Sheriff release him out of goale till the next Court to be held for the county in order to him the said Dunkam's provideing security for his good behaviour as aforesd, the said Nathll. Pope assumeing to pay all costs and charges both to the Sheriff and Clerk grown due by the prosecution and comittment at this Court had against Daniel Dunkam on any account whatever.
            Mary Wythy being yesterday remanded to goale till she should produce security for her good behaviour, upon consideration of the impossibility of performing the same whilst she remained in prison, the Court doe order she be sett at liberty till the next Court to be held for this County to provide security as above said.
            Mary Wythy being examined declared upon the holy Evangelists that Neale Oneale was the father of the last child she was delivered of or came of her body. (FHL film 34,293)

Westmoreland Co. VA Order Book 1705-1721 (FHL film 34,293; SLC 10/2008)
      Pg.254, Westmoreland Co. Court 30th of September 1714. Dunkan &c v. Remy &c. In the Ejectione Firme brought to this Court by Thomas Clay, Lessee of John Dunkan, Pltf. against William Remy admitted Defendant in the stead of John Day for lands and tenements with the appurtenances scituate in the Parish of Cople and County aforesaid in the possession of William Nash. After several continuances of the same, the Pltf. and Defendt. at March Court 1714 agreed on the following facts, vizt, 1st, that Peter Dunkan was possest of the land in dispute in fee; 2ndly that he by his Will in writeing duely proved dated the 9th of September 1676 devised the same to his Son, William, for one hundred acres of land called the Woodyard and willed that if it should please almighty God to take his Sons, Matthew, Wm. and Charles out of this life or either of them without heir that then what he had given them in his sd. Will should fall between his Daughters before in his sd. Will named equally which Daughters were Eliza., Anne, Ellen and Rebecca as by his Will a true copy whereof is hereunto annexed more at large appeares; 3dly that Wm. Dunkan did depart this life without issue; 4thly that Eliza., Anne and Rebecca (Ellen being dead without issue) entered into the said lands by vertue of the said devise and with their Husbands made sale thereof to the Defendt. and are all since dead every one of them leaveing and now haveing issue liveing, 5thly that John Dunkan, Pltf's Lessor is heir at Law to Peter Dunkan the Testator and the point in question is what Estate the Daughters had in the lands in controversie whether an Estate only for life or an Estate of Inheritance in fee, and submitted the same to the Judgment of the Court. Upon consideration whereof the Court are of opinion that the devise of the said Peter Dunkan according to the intent and meaning of his Last Will and Testament creates an Estate in fee taile in his Daughters aforementioned and noe other; whereupon at the instance of the Defendt. the suit is ordered to be dismist with costs &c. (FHL film 34,293)

Westmoreland County, Virginia, County Court Order Books (from microfilm, Library of Virginia, text from Ronald Cornwell 9/2011 with permission to share)
      Westmoreland County, Virginia, Order Book, 29-Sept-1714, Reel 54, Library of Virginia. DOROTHY WATERS BECAME POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR JOHN WATERS
      29-Sept-1714: JOHN WATERS personally acknowledged a power of attorney from him to DOROTHY his wife ordered the same to be recorded. (SOURCE: Westmoreland County, Virginia, Order Book, 29-Sept-1714, Reel 54, Library of Virginia.)
      Westmoreland County, Virginia, Order Book, 24-Sept-1718, Reel 54, Library of Virginia. PETER AND WM DUNKAN PURCHASE LAND FROM COLEMAN READ
      24-Sept-1718: COLEMAN READ acknowledged a deed of land sold to PETER DUNKAN and WILLIAM DUNKAN with livery and seizen and RUTH wife of the sd. COLEMAN personally relinquished her right of dower and third there to all which was ordered to be recorded. (SOURCE: Westmoreland County, Virginia, Order Book, 24-Sept-1718, Reel 54, Library of Virginia.)

Westmoreland Co. VA Order Book 1721-1731 (FHL film 34,294; SLC 12/2008)
      Pg.135, 23 Feb. 1726 (1727). The last will and testament of John Dunkon decd was presented into Court by Peter Dunkon and William Dunkon his executors who made oath thereto, and being proved by the oath of James Scott one of the witnesses thereto is admitted to record. And upon the motion of the sd. Executors and their performing what is usual in such cases certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. It is ordered Geo. Walker, Elias Davis, Robt Tidwell and William Lane or any three of them being first sworn before a majestrate of the sd County do sometime before the next Court to be held for the County aforesaid value and appraise the Estate of the sd. John Dunkon decd in money and make report thereof to ye said next Court. And it is also ordered that the sheriff do sumon Frances Grace to be an appear at the next Court to be held for the said County in order to effectually prove the will of the afforsaid John Dunken decd she being one of the evidences thereto. (FHL film 34,294)

Westmoreland Co. VA Court Orders 1721-1739
   1721-1731 (FHL film 34,294)
      Pg.76: 28 Oct. 1724, George Dunkan was a witness for Owen Brinnon pltf. vs. Gerrard Davies deft., paid witness fees.
      Pg.142: 29 March 1727, petition of Ann Dunkin, relict of James Dunkin decd, no will; she posted bond, surety Peter Dunkan and William Dunkon. Appraisers Richard Meeks, Thomas Asbary, Wm. Harnesson?, and Blanchflower Dunkan or any three of them.
      Pg.144: 29 March 1727, John Dunkin's inventory returned by William Dunken and Peter Dunken, his exors.
      Pg.152: 31 May 1727, Ann Dunkin, admin. of James Dunkin, returned inventory.
      Pg.158: 2 June 1727, Peter Dunkon vs. Wm. Linton, trespass and assault and battery, damages of 200 cur. money.
      Pg.246: 26 Feb. 1728, Blanchflower Dunkon ack. deed to Geo. Turberville; and wife Lettice relinquished right of dower.
      Pg.279: 30 July 1729, summons to Morgan Jonkins to answer petition of Peter Dunkon for counter security; Jenkins? admin. estate of Laurence Poor decd.
      Pg.285: 27 Aug. 1729, summons to Morgan Jonkins dismissed, petitioner not appearing.
      Pg.369: 26 May 1731, Thomas Shonas summoned to answer petition of Blanchflower Dunkin about estate of Morgan Jenkins decd.
      Pg.386: 30 July 1731, Thomas Shonas cont.
   1731-1739 (FHL film 34,295; part of index cut off)
      Pg.29: 28 June 1732, Charles Dunkon, admin. of John Morris, returned account.
      Pg.148: 27 Aug. 1734, Peter Dunkin and William Dunkin ack. deed of partition.
      Pg.288: 31 Aug. 1738, Charles Duncan witness for John Bulger vs. Adam Mitchell; Sarah Dunkin also a witness.
      Pg.293: 31 Oct. 1738, attachment obtained by Peter Dunkin against estate of Richard Hammack for 388 lbs. tobo., items seized and sold from Hammack's estate.
      Pg.304: 27 March 1739, Peter Dunkin ack. deed to Robert Tidwell, release by wife Christian. Article of agreement between Peter Dunkin and John Dunkin ack., both bonds acknowledged.

Westmoreland Co. VA Court Orders 1731-1739, 27 August 1734 (FHL film 34,295, SLC 9/3/1992; recheck SLC 9/27/2011)
      Pg.148: Peter & Willm. Dunkins Deed of Partition &c. Peter Dunkin and William Dunkin came personally into court and presented a deed of partition of land between them made and prayed the said deed might be admitted to record whereupon the same is admitted to record.

Westmoreland Co. VA Order Book 1731-1739, Pg.148a, 24 September, 1734 (image from Edward White 10/9/2011; and FHL film 34,295, recheck SLC 9/27/2011)
      Pg.148a: Bailey & Ux vs Hammock & Ux. It is ordered that the Sherif of this county sumon Richard Hamack and Elizabeth his wife to be and appear at the next court to be held for this county aforesaid to answer the petition of Wm. Bailey & Eliza. his wife concerning certain legacies due to the said petitioners being part of the estate of Peter Dunkin & Charles Dunkin decd. brothers of the said petitioner Elizabeth Bailey as also part of the estate of Richd. West late of this county decd., all which as is suggested is in the hands of the said Richd. Hammack and Elizabeth his wife and ought to be the property of the said petitioners. (MAD: See Order Book 1705-1721, pg.128a)
      Pg.148a: Stephen Bailey administr. with the will annexed of William Walker decd. present unto court an account ("accounpt") of sundry debts by him paid for said decedent's estate as also of payments made to him in his quallification aforesaid with the voucher for the several articles in the said account mentioned which he was allowed to make oath to and the tobacco paid and mentioned in the said account is valued at fifteen shillings & hundred to be allowed the said Bailey the admr. out of the sum of the inventory of the said decedent's estate & the acct.? (amt?) aforesaid admitted to record.

Westmoreland Co. VA Court Orders 1739-1790
   1739-1743 - no index (FHL film 34,264 item 4)
   1743-1747 (FHL film 34,265)
      Pg.96: 28 Aug. 1745, Peter Dunkin a witness for John Freshwater in suit against him by James Smith, exor. of Wm. Linton decd; paid for 5 days attendance.
      Pg.132: 25 March 1846, Peter Dunkin in suit.
      Pg.147: 28 May 1746, action of trespass and assault and battery between Peter Dunkin pltf. vs. John Baker Deft.
      Pg.188: 26 Nov. 1746, Peter Dunkin vs. John Baker, trespass and assault and battery; jury found deft. guilty, he to pay costs and surveyor fees.
   1747-1750 (FHL film 34,265)
      D index missing for pages to 103, and torn otherwise; only the following:
      Pg.170: 30 Nov. 1749, James Baley exor. will of Peter Dunkin decd. vs. George Harrison son of John, petition by account for 267 lbs. tobo; defendant did not appear.
   1750-1752 (FHL film 34,265)
      Pg.7: Aug. 1750, petition professed? by Benj. Duncom against George Trip? (Fry?) continued.
      Pg.22: 22 Nov. 1750, same, dismissed. Petition by John McGivin against Wm. Dunkin; Dunkin to pay (cannot read)
      Pg.24: 22 Nov. 1750, Wm. Dunkin against Eleanor Porter, cont.
      Pg.43: 27 March 1751, Wm. Dunkin against Eleanor Porter, dismissed.
   1752-1755 (FHL film 34,266)
      Pg.2: 29 July 1752, George Duncan and Mary his wife agt. Robert Nowgin? and John Attwell, continued for trial.
      Pg.22: 27 Aug. 1752, same, debt for £12 current money; debt confessed, judgement entered, deft. to pay pltf (Duncan).
   1755-1758 (FHL film 34,266)
      Pg.30: 28 Jan. 1756, Henry Dunkin vs. Wm. OBrian Goff, cont.
      Pg.36: 29 Jan. 1756, Complaint of Henry Dunkin constable against John McCulloch and Peter McMichen, continued
      Pg.73: 29 June 1756, Dunkin vs. Goff, cont.
      Pg.92: 28 Oct. 1756, Dunkin vs. Goff, dismissed.
      Pg.125: 26 Feb. 1757, Complaint of Henry Dunkin vs. Peter McMichen, Charles Yates & William Williams is dismissed.
      Pg.147: 26 April 1757, William Dunkin ack. deed for land to Joseph Simpson, wife Ann examined.
      Pg.172: 26 July 1757, Henry Duncan vs. Ruth Read, Detinue, continued
      Pg.174: 26 July 1757, George Dunkin guardian to Bakers orphans; summons is dismissed. (MAD: Checked Deed&Will Index 1653-1831 (FHL film 34,327), etc. -- too many Bakers, not enough time. 1857, George Duncan was guardian of Baker's orphans. John Baker a neighbor in 1687, bought land from Thomas & Rebecca (Duncan) Kirtley. Richard West's will of 1697/8 named John, Mary & Elizabeth Baker. See D&W 11-106, John Baker 1749; D&W 11-150, Butter Baker 1749; OB 1755-58 p.214a, John Baker's estate divided 1758.)
            (same day) William McClanahan to pay John Duncan 4 days witness fees for him against Gawan (Carvin?) Corbin, and James McCormick 7 days; Gawan Corbin to pay Peter McClanahan 8 days; and other witnesses.
      Pg.194: 28 Feb. 1758, will of George Dunkin proved by Nathaniel Jackson, exor, on oaths of Charles McAuley and Thomas Taylor. Bond security Nathaniel Jackson, Solomon Redman. Appraisers Christopher Bushby, Nathaniel Bushby, Richard Holloway and Bradly? Gawon or any three of them.
      Pg.199: 21 March 1758, indexed: George Duncan inventory returned. Not found.
      Pg.214a: 30 May 1758, on motion of John Baker, ordered that Gerrard Hutt, Thomas Sanford and William Porter or any two of them, divide and allot the estate of John Baker decd. according to will and inventory of that estate, and report to next court. (FHL film 34,265)
   1758-1761 (FHL film 34,296)
      Pg.16: 29 Nov. 1758, Richard Reed to pay George Dunkin for 9 days witness fees in the suit of John Thomas.
      Pg.76: 28 Aug. 1759, George Dunkin, guardian of William Baker, produced account.
      Pg.189: 26 Aug. 1760, George Dunkin, guardian of William Baker, produced account.
   1761-1764 (FHL film 34,296)
      Pg.12: 25 Aug. 1761, George Dunkin, guardian of William Baker, produced account. (no account in Aug. 1762)
   1776-1786 (FHL film 34,297) (no books on film 1764-1776)
      Pg.206: 30 June 1784, Coleman Dunkin exor &c of Henry Dunkin decd, pltf, vs. Thomas Davis & James O'Mohundro, deft, in debt; dismissed.
   1786-1790 - not looked at (FHL film 34,297)

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