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Formed 1692 from old Rappahannock
King George formed 1720-1 from Richmond, Westmoreland
See also Fairfax & Loudoun Cos. VA


1820-1860 Richmond Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Richmond Co. VA Census
Farnham Twp.
Pg.196, #6-6, MASON, Oscar 26 VA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Susan 25 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Roxey A. (f) 9/12 VA b.Sept. BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Delila (f) 63 VA BLACK domestic
                  MASON, Julia 11 VA BLACK domestic
Pg.212, #230-233, DUNCAN, Ora M. (m) 40 NY farming $2000-$700
                  Maria 35 NY keeping house
                  (no children)


Richmond Co. VA Deed Book (FHL film 33,689)
      Book 6, page 275: "The above is a just & true account of what marryage lycenses have issued out of my office since the 19th day of Jany. 1709; a list whereof according to custom I annually in October gave to the Sheriff of the County to collect, but by whom or to whom or in what manner they have been discharged I cannot corlifie? (certifie?) and as to the above lycenses not yet deliver'd to the sheriff I have ..." Dated 7 May 1716. ...
      1710, July - Thomas Hoopor of Lancaster Co. & Sarah Price, widow
      1711, July - Antho. Morgan & Ann Dunkin
      (MAD: list starts Feby. 1709 to July 1715. No other Duncan)

Northern Neck (VA) Land Grants, Richmond Co. (FHL film 29,509)
      2-159: 15 May 1695, Grant to Richard Duncan, of 150 acres corner to the lands of William Baltrop, Francis Grege.
      5-81: 27 July 1715, Grant to Robert Duncan ... "whereas Robert Duncan of Stafford County upon his suggestion of a certain quantity of land belonging to me (Catherine Lady Fairfax) in Richmond County which is not yet granted did on the twenty-sixth day of April 1715 obtain a warrt. from my office for laying out the same and having now returned a survey thereof under the hand of Capt. Edward Barrow, Surveyr.," in consideration of the composition to me paid and the annual rent hereafter received ... 258 acres of land ... in Hannover parish in the County of Richmond bounded upon Rappahannock river and some low grounds surveyd. for the Honble. Robert Carter Esqr. ... beginning at two red oaks standing by Summerduck run, thence over sd. run south 45 degrees west 4 poles to a red oak saplin, thence south 10 degrees east 31 poles to a red oak, thence south 42 degrees west 78 poles to a stake near a white oak stump, thence south 8 degrees east 278 poles to a stake by a white oak, thence south 42 degrees west 72 poles to two white oak saplins, thence south 16 degrees west 58 poles to a live oak on Rappahannock river side, thence north 86 degrees east 64 poles to a Spanish oak on Rappahanock river corner to Col? Carters land, thence along his line north 22 degrees east 20 poles to a red oak, north 87 degrees east 86 poles, thence north 60 degrees east 94 poles to a white oak by the lower side of Summerduck run, thence north 45 degrees west 52 poles to a red oak, thence north 7 degrees east 17-1/2 poles, thence north 35? degrees east 52 poles to a white oak, thence north 13 degrees east 44 poles to a white oak, thence north 76 degrees west 76 poles to two red oak saplins, thence north 40 poles to a red oak, thence north 50 degrees west 16 poles to a white oak in the low grounds by Summerduck run, thence north 4 degrees west 70 poles to a red oak on a steep point by an elbow of Summerduck run, thence up the sd. run its several courses to the beginning .... Given at my office in Westmorland County within my sd. proprietary ....

Richmond Co. VA Deed Books
      Book 1, 1692-1693 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,688)
      Book 2, 1693-1697 - no Duncan
      Book 3, 1697-1704 - no Duncan
      Book 4, 1705-1708 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,689)
      Book 5, 1708-1711 - no Duncan
      Book 6, 1711-1714 - no Duncan
      Book 8, 1720-1733 - no Duncan; no Book 7 (FHL film 33,690)
      Book 9, 1734-1741 - no Duncan, no Brissee (FHL film 33,691)
      Book 14, 1772-1779 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,688)

Richmond Co. VA Deeds (Index 1692-1860 on FHL film 33,738)
      No Richmond Co. deed for Francis Gregg, Grey, etc. grantor
      Richmond Co. VA Deed 4-52: 27 May 1706, William (W) Wood of Stafford Co. VA to Thomas Gregg of same, for 694 lbs tobacco, 168 acres in Richmond Co. adj. a branch of poplar swamp, adj. 160 acres formerly Evan Williams, being part of 400 acre grant to said William Wood by an Excheat 23 Nov? 1705?. Wit. William Herbit (Honbit?), William Rowley? (Roiley?), Anne (A) Bryan. (FHL film 33,689) Deed 4-53, same date, power of attorney from William Wood to Nathn. Pope? to make deed 4-52.

Richmond Co. VA General index to Deeds (FHL film 33,738)
      No other Duncan to ca 1858
      12-476: 4 July 1763, Patience Jenkins (X) widow and John Jenkins of Richmond Co., planter, and Mary (X) his wife, to Charity Mitchell of Lancaster Co., widow, for £118, land in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond Co., adj. the main branch of Rappahanock Creek, the lands of William Pierce?, Thomas Lyre (not "Lyn"), John Turberville, John Gordon, Zachariah White and lands sold by said John Jenkins to William Connelly, est. 189 acres, which by will of Harrofield? Jenkins was given to the said Patience his wife for her life and then to his ?son (blot) the said John Jenkins and Mansfield Jenkins and the said Mansfield? the son dying without issue, the right of his part descended to the said John Jenkins; wit. John (J) Welch, William Jenkins, William Connolly. Release by Mary of her dower. (FHL film 33,693)
      12-477: 4 July 1763, John Jenkins and wife Mary of Richmond Co. VA to William Connolly of Lancastor Co. VA, for £100, 160 acres by est. adj. lands of John Gordon and Charity Mitchell and Thomas Lyre; wit. John (J) Welch, William Jenkins, William Connolly. Release by Mary of her dower. (FHL film 33,693)
      12-783: 3 Aug. 1767, Henry Dunkin and wife Charity of Copol Parish, Westmoreland Co. (sic), for love and affection to James Mitchell, son of the said Charity, "immediately after the death of me the said Henry Dunkin and the death of Charity my said wife," land in Parish of Lunenburgh, Richmond Co., 189 acres, on main branch of Rappahannock Creek, lands of William Peirce, Thomas Lyne, John Turberville, John Gordon, Zechariah White and William Conolly, which said land the said Charity in the living (?) of her widowhood and then by the name of Charity Mitchell purchased of John Jinkens and Patience Jinkins by their deed ... 4 July 1764, which said deed remaining now among the records of Richmond County ... (both signed) Wit. William Connolly, Richard Mitchell. Rec. 3 Aug. 1767. (FHL film 33,693)


Richmond Co. VA Wills (index on FHL film 33,737)
      4-161: "Monday, May 23, 1720 - On this day Henry Gallop aged sixty seven, Richard Elkins aged fifty one & Wm. Brown aged fifty six years at the request of Elanor Gallop widdw. & relict of Robert Gallop deceasd. came personally before me & made oath that on ffs? day last the twentieth instant they heard Robert Gallop declare as his last will that his two daughters by staind? Elanor & tolis? should have all his land at Deep Run in this County to be eaqually devided to them & their heirs forever & soon after on the same day departed this life & further saith not." (FHL film 33,733)
      4-167: Inventory of Robert Gallop presented by Elinor Gallop 20 Jan. 1720. (FHL film 33,733)
      (Book 7 not on film)
      9-19: 24 Jan. 1793, Charity Duncan of Richmond Co., Colony of Virginia, being sick and weak; grandson John Mitchell my plantation land ... whereon I now live; in case he has no heirs, land to be sold and money divided between "my three children Thomas Coelman, Richard Mitchell and Hannah Luttrell"; my granddau. Sarah Walker £3, my son Thomas Coelman keep in his hands such goods as he shall think most benevolent for her; granddau. Sarah Coelman feather bed; granddau. Frances Kirk 1 shilling sterling and no more; remainder equally divided between my three children Thomas Coelman, Richard Mitchell and my daughter Hannah Luttrell; appt. 2 sons Thomas Coelman and Richard Mitchell execs. /s/ Charity ("D" her mark) Duncan. Wit. George Connolley, George Walker, Betty (C) Connolley. Proved 5 Jan. 1795. (FHL film 33,734) (MAD: Frances Mitchell m. 1788 William Kirk, consent Charity Mitchell)

Richmond Co. VA Will Books (copy of pages from Jeannine Wright 1/1992 with permission to share with others)
      7-105: Will of Henry Dunkin of Parish of Lunenburg, Richmond Co., perfect health; dated 21 Jan. 1771, prob. 2 March 1772; to loving wife Charity Dunkin all her whole estate that I had with her to do as thinks proper with; to my wife three negroes, Carter, Tean, Sarah, one choice feather bed & furniture, one desk & glass & table, two choice cows & calves & 400 wt. live hogs for her life, and then equally divided between my three sons Charles, George & Henry Dunkin; to my wife Charity Dunkin the choice of two beds & buffett; to my son Coleman Dunkin one desk a table & gun after my decease & one looking glass after my wife's decease. To my son Henry the choice of my riding beats? & saddle & bridle & one negroe girl named Judy & her increase & if he should die withouth heirs, to be equally divided between my two sons Charles & George Dunkin; my son Henry Duncan should be schoold out of my estate; all my estate not mentioned be equally divided between my three sons Charles, George & Henry Dunkin; if either of them should die without heir lawfully begotten, be returned to either of the three (sic) living. To my daughter Frances Tarrent £5 for six years for the use & schooling of her children if she remains without husband; appoint my son Coleman Dunkin, John McClanaham & Thomas Write execs, revoking all other wills. Wit. William Conolly, James McClanaham, Frances Tarrant; proved on oaths of witnesses.
      (Book not given) pg. 113: Pursuant to Court order 2 March 1772, George Newman, Mohon Wilson and James McClanaham appraised estate of Henry Dunkin decd on 9 March; incl. negroes Carter, Will, James, Stephen, Sen?, Jenny, Sarah, Judy; farming utensils, foodstuffs, animals, household furniture, etc., £557.12.7. Recorded 8 May 1772.

Richmond Co. VA Wills
   Book 4, 1717- No Chowning, McLane, Lane (FHL film 33,733)
   Looked at:
      4-104: Frances Armisted will, 8 April 1719
      4-97: Bryan
      4-216: Bluford - inventory 3 April 1723
      4-267: Bayliss
      4-223, 234: Davis
      4-22: Peter Evans decd., inv. 5 March 1717
      4-119: Tate? Evans, 3 June 1719
      4-78: Hartley - will to parents living in England
      4-77, 112 (inv.), 175: Frances Slaughter
      4-53: Taliafero
      4-69?, 103 (inv.), 74: James Toons - parish of ffarnham, will 6 Dec. 1718, prob. 4 Feb. 1718 (1719), to brother Henry, James son of John Toons
   Book 6, 1753-1767 - no Chowning, Lane, McLane; looked at pg.386, Thomas Lyne; pg.386 John Russell; pg.74 William Toone (FHL film 33,733)
   Book 9, 1794-1822 - no Chowning, Lane, McLane (FHL film 33,734)
   Book 10, 1822-1846 - No Duncan, Chowning, Lane, McLane (FHL film 33,735)

Richmond Co. VA Will Book (FHL film 33,677)
      Book 5, pg. 598: Order of court 5 March 1749; inventory of William Morgan recorded 2 April 1750.
       Order of court 5 March 1749: inventory of Anthony Morgan by John Reynolds, John Landman, William Garland.

Richmond Co. VA Will Index 1699-1950 (FHL film 33,737)
      No Melvin
      (See Westmoreland Co. VA)


Richmond Co. VA Order Books (VA Archives) (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Aug. session, 1694; Ref. granted between Edward Dunkan, plaintiff, and John Scott, defendant. (Order Book)
      March 30, 1702; jury: Robert Gollop, John Rowley. (Order Book)
      July 24, 1716, bond from John Hooper to John Marr; wit. Wm. Russell, Alex S. Beach, M. Beckwith. (Order book)
      July 2, 1718, Inv. of estate of George Gayden lists Peter Duncan's bill, 450. (Order book)
      1734 session; John Duncan, servant, stealing. (Order book)
      1737 session; Peter Dunkins of Westmoreland Co. as witness for Berhard Hoamork vs. John Bowyer. (Order Book #11) (CJG: We seem to be making a link between Westmoreland, Richmond, Fauquier.)

Richmond Co. VA Order Book (FHL film 33,709)
      Book 10, 1732-1739, pg. 394: James Fallont, servant to Anthony Morgan, is misused by his said master ... said Morgan is a molato which by law is disbarred from (purchasing/having) a Christian white servant ... James Fallont acquitted of service. 3 May MCDCCIIIVJ

Richmond Co. VA Chancery Court Records (MAD: see Fluvanna Co. VA 1856 deed for Howell L. Duncan, reference to suit by the admr. of John Peyton Decd)
      1850-1858 Order Book 30, Misc. County court records - no Peyton indexed (FHL film 33,722)
      1856 Chancery Court - no Peyton indexed (FHL film 33,686)
      1831-1861 Chancery (Circuit) Court Orders - no Peyton indexed (FHL film 33,723 pt. 2)
      1841-1857 County (Circuit) Court Order Book - no Peyton indexed (FHL film 33,724)


King George Co. VA Deed (FHL film 32,062)
      2-2: 4 May 1735, James Brissee and wife Elinor (x), Richard (RE) Elkins and wife Mary (x), and Robert (RD) Duncan and wife Ann (x), daughters and heirs of Robert Gallop late of King George Co., decd, to George Famos, for 5 shillings (sic), part of a certain tract of land 250 acres on Deep Run joining out of Rappahannock River including the fork of the sd. run in the County of Richmond formerly but now King George County, ... (blotted) father of the sd. Elinor, Mary and Ann, grant 24? Feb. 1714/5?. Wit. H.C.? Battaley, Anth. Hayney, John Ambros. Rec. 6 Feb. 1735; all grantors in court.

Westmoreland Co. VA Deed and Order books to 1750 (from Charles Gordon 1983)
      March 31, 1772; I, Henry Dunkin of Richmond Co., deliver unto Richard Neale, Westmoreland Co., 3 negroes ... Wit. Richard Mitchell, John Gordon.

1921 "History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography" by Thomas M. Owen, Vol.III (Pgs.516-519 from Donna Little 1982; 4 vols. on FHL fiche 6,048,243 to 6,048,246)
      DUNCAN, JAMES ARMSTRONG, Methodist minister, was born March 8, ----, in Richmond, Va.; son of James Armstrong and Sallie Duke (Twitty) Duncan, the former editor of the Christian Advocate, Richmond, during the War of Secession, and president of Randolph-Macon college, Ashland, Va., 1868-77, at which date he died; grandson of David and Alice (Piedmont) Duncan, the former a native of Ireland, educated at Glasgow, and came to America in 1816 to take charge of Norfolk academy, professor of Greek at Wofford college, Spartanburg, S.C.., and of Thomas and Evelyn (Fitts) Twitty of Warren County, N.C. Dr. Duncan received his early education in a school for boys at Ashland, Va., .... (MAD: Ashland, Hanover Co. VA)

Philadelphia Co. PA Deed (FHL film 21,913; SLC 9/17/2012)
      D#14-526/527: 19 Nov. 1785, Robert Duncan the younger late of City of Philadelphia now of Richmond &c merchant, to Joseph Riband of City of Philadelphia merchant, for 1,000 pounds PA money paid, sell lot of ground on west side of Second Street in Philadelphia 27 feet by 60 feet, bounded by lot of Widow Cummings?, and by Vidells Alley, which Thomas Affleck of city of Philadelphia cabinet maker on 6 April 1884 recorded Philadelphia Book 9 pg.526 conveyed to said Robert Duncan, together with appurtenances. /s/ Robert Duncan Junr. Wit. Saml. McCran, Chas. Lewis. Certification by John Hewis??, Mayor of City of Richmond, Virginia, for appearance of Robert Duncan Junr., 19 Nov. 1785. Recorded 24 Jan. 1786.


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