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Last revised November 2, 2007

Formed 1701-2 from King & Queen
Spotsylvania formed 1720-1 from Essex, King & Queen, King William
Caroline formed 1727-8 from Essex, King & Queen, King William


1830 King William Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 King William Co. VA Census
Pg.66  Sarah Duncan      121    - 0101,011

1850 King William Co. VA Census
Pg.249, #9, Susanna H. DUNCAN 24 Dist. of Columbia $570
                  Edward A. 20, Constantine 18 D.C.
                  Martha H. 16 D.C.
                  Joseph P. 14 VA
                  (MAD: Constantine Duncan in 1860 Dallas Co. AL)

1860 King William Co. VA Census
Ayletts P.O.
Pg.573, #375-319, Ed. DUNCAN 29 VA (blank)
                  Mary 20 VA
                  Flora 5, Constantine (m) 3 VA
                  Wm. 1 VA

1870 King William Co. VA Census (filmed by VA State Library, "2nd copy", stamped page numbers added from index because not on this copy of census)
Mangohick Twp. pg.25
Pg.127, #198-198, DUNCAN, James 33 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Agness 30 VA BLACK keeping house
                  (no children)
Mangohick Twp. pg.52
Pg.140, #405-405, NOEL, Mary F. 48 VA keeping house $1200-$250
                  James L. 24 VA farmer
                  Hellis (m) 20 VA farm laborer
                  Susan 18, Rosa 16 VA
                  DUNKIN, Edward 6 VA
Acquiston Twp. pg.18
Pg.85, #138-138, HAWS, Mary E. 37 VA keeping house $18,000-$1600
                  TIMBERLAKE, Mollie 7 VA $8,000-$0
                  Emma J. 6 VA $8,000-$0
                  HAWS, Richard 2 VA $8,000-$0
                  DUNKIN, Mollie A. 29 VA seamstress
                  William G. 10 VA at home
                  JOHNSON, Samuel 15 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  COLEMAN, Lucy 54 VA BLACK domestic servant


King William Co. VA Records Book 1, 1702-1707 (FHL film 32,092; from Evelyn Sigler 1986 with permission to share with others)
      Film poor, not indexed, scanned.
      Pg.40. Deeds. J.R(ichard) Little of New Kent Co. to John Williams of King William Co., 20 June 1702.
      20 May 1704, Rice Williams a witness.
      1704, Thos. Burke witnessed deed.
      1704, John Marr witnessed deed.
      Other names: 1703 William Aylett, Wm. Baker, Thos. Starke, John West; 1721-22 Thos. Carr; 1722 George Musick.
      No Duncan spotted.

King William Co. VA Archives List to all records (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      1835 Deed re Sally (Sarah) Duncan
      1840 deed, Silas Duncan
      1853 & 1859 deeds, E.A. Duncan

King William Co. VA General Index to Old Photostat Copies of Records 1701-1885 (FHL film 32,109)
      Bad fire ca 1885, remaining partial records microfilmed; films are negative; part of pages burned
      9-335: William Duncan deed 1835, to/from Philip Aylett
      9-338: William and Sally Duncan deed 1835 to/from John Qualles
      9-352: William Duncan, 1835 to/from Thomas Jordan
      9-353: William Duncan to/from Walker Hobbs
      9-358, 417: William Duncan deeds, 1835
      14-424: E.A. Duncan deed 1853
      15-223: E.A. Duncan et al to Alvey L. Atkins, deed 1859
      9-335: 20 day (missing month) 1836, William Duncan, admr. of will of Silas Duncan; deed of trust to convey to Jno. Can--- for my benefit (P. Aylett) one undivided moiety, lands, 200 acres, release of P. Aylett. (FHL film 32,099)
      9-336: William Duncan to Pollard & Dabney; Philip Aylett quit claim.
      9-337: 27 Aug. 1836, assigned by Wm. Duncan; Thomas Jordan; trust deed.
      9-338: 1836, Wm. Duncan and wife Sarah to Benjamin F. Dabney & Walker -- (MAD: William m. Sarah McEvoy in Washington, D.C.)
      9-3x8: 24 Oct. 1836?, Wm. Duncan and wife Sally to John Quarles
      14-424: Lot #13, bounded by Lot #2, the --- possession of John F. Wormley, Ayletts Mill. /s/ E.A. Duncan. Recorded 23 May 1853. Wit. Jas. Martin, David Ritter?, L.W. John Quarles. (FHL film 32,104)
      14-424: 18 May 1853, Thomas M. Duncan of City of Richmond [Henrico Co.] to James W. Chappell, $285, right to 2 lots in King William, Lot #1 and #14, includes survey on Matopany? river.
      15-223: Nov. ... public auction to E.A. Duncan; not copied. (FHL film 32,105)


"Old New Kent Co. - Some Account of the Planters, Plantations and Places in New Kent Co. [VA]" by Malcolm Hart Harris, Vol.1 and 2, 1977 (TN Gen. Society Library #2726, #2727, from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984; FHL book 975.5 H2har)
      MAD: Pg.831 refers to the Aylett Family, and Martha Dandridge Aylett, dau. of P.& E. Aylett, who mar. Silas Duncan, Capt. in the U.S. Navy, on 3 Feb. 1831.
      MAD: Pg.836 refers to Silas Duncan and wife Martha, who lived at the Tavern at Aylett [King William Co. VA], that Martha died on 11/26/1833 at the residence of her husband Capt. Silas Duncan of the US Navy (Richmond Whig 11/26/1833) and that Capt. Silas Duncan [b.1788] died 9/14/1834 at Dixon's Tavern, he a native of Morris Co. NJ. After his death, the tavern became the home of Capt. William Duncan, formerly of Washington, D.C., who died 10/11/1836, age 47, leaving a wife and 9 children, former publisher of the National Journal.


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