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Formed 1776-7 from Pittsylvania, Patrick
Franklin formed 1785 from Bedford, Henry, Patrick
Patrick formed 1790-1 from Henry


1830-1870 Henry Co. VA census
      No Duncan indexed


VA State Land Office Surveys, Book 36, 1798-1799 (FHL film 29,578)
      36-457: June 28, 1788, surveyed for Martin Dunkin, 50 acres by virtue of part of a Land Office Treasury [Warrant] issued to Peter Saunders 28 June 1782 #12640 on both sides of Little Dan River, on E. side of (too faint) Creek. No neighbors. Henry Co. Rec. 23 Jan. 1798, Grant issd. 18 March 1799.

VA State Land Grants, Upper Valley (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      March 18, 1799, Martin Dunkin, Henry Co., on Little Dan River.

VA State Land Grants (Index on FHL film 29,311)
      42-297: 18 March 1799, to Martin Dunkin, 50 acres by survey 28 June 1788 in Henry Co. on both sides of Little Dan River, east side of the creek, crossing W. fork of said creek. (no neighbors given) (FHL film 29,426)

Henry Co. VA Deed Index 1777-1949 (FHL film 31,959)
      No Duncan deeds from Book 7 until 1942


Henry Co. VA Will Indexes
      Devisors, 1777-1949 - no Duncan (FHL film 31,954)
      Devisees, no Duncan until 1928 (FHL film 31,955)

Henry Co. VA Will Books 1-3, 1777-1831 (FHL film 31,956; SLC 12/10/2013 for image of pages, and copy of pages from Pam Duncan 10/25/2013)
      1-170/171: Last Will & Testament of Ralph Shelton, Deceased. In the Name of God Amen. The 23 April 1787, I, Ralph Shelton Senr, of Henry Co., being of perfect mind & memory and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die do make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following. (Viz) First and principally I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty god who gave it and as Touching that worldly estate it have pleased him to bestow on me I dispose of them as follows. I give and divise to my son John Shelton five pounds sterling current money of Virginia. The intent of my willing my son John Shelton five pounds sterling is to cut him from his heirship. And also my will and desire is that my four last children namely Easop Shelton, Abbigail Shelton, Mary Shelton, Liberty Shelton, shall be rased of my estate. And the remainder part of my estate - lands and moveables to be equally divided between Ralph Shelton, Palitick Shelton, Eliphaz Shelton, James Shelton, Ezekiah Shelton, Josimiah Shelton, Azariah Shelton, Rogert Shelton, Easop Shelton, Abbigal Shelton, Mary Shelton, Liberty Shelton, Kathern Rutherford, Sarah Robertson, Elizabeth Arnolds, Rina McGehe, Susanah Jones, they or their heirs. I also appoint my sons Ralph Shelton and Eliphaz Shelton executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above written. Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared to be my last will and testament. /s/ Ralph Shelton, S.S. Wit. John Fletcher, Henry Holt, John Branham. At a court held for Henry County on 30 March 1789, the within last will & testament of Ralph Shelton deceased was exhibited in court by Eliphaz Shelton one of the executors therein named who took the oath of an executor & the same was proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto to be the last will & testament of the said Ralph Shelton deceased & the said Eliphaz Shelton with Stephen Lyon & John Paragt? his securities entered into bond & acknowledged the same & was ordered to be recorded by the Court the said Eliphaz Shelton having obtained probate thereof in due form agreeable to law. Teste, John Cox, C.H.C. (FHL film 31,956)
      1-174: Inventory of the Estate of Ralph Shelton deceased. May 30, 1789, In obedience to the worshipful Court of Henry County we have appraised the estate of Ralph Shelton deceased as follows: 14 head of cattle, L20. Money Scales .5.0. Tea Kettle, nails, old knives & forks candle sticks and shares, old dutch oven, one old bed and blanket (2.15.0), ... One bed at 5 of (2.10.0), one old trunk, 14 head of hogs, one still, some old tools, (& more), L51.10.6. The above articles appraised by us, Willm. Carter, Geo. Carter. The court held for Henry Co. on 29 June 1789, the within inventory of the estate of Ralph Shelton deceased was returned and ordered to be recorded by the court. Teste, John Cox, C.H.C. (FHL film 31,956)
      1-217/219: Account Current of Eliphaz Shelton, executor of Ralph Shelton decd, July 23, 1789. Eliphaz Shelton ?? Do. to Ralph Shelton decd. estate. To (kitchen utensils, farm utensils, to cash of Warden by Wm. Hooker 2.9.0, to 1 year's rent of the plantation 4.3.6). To balance of the Est. sold to sundry persons L48.7.3. Contra, Cr. 40.1.0. 1780, August, by 1 bond, L33.0.0. By interest on said bond 11 year & 4 months. By land tax for the years 87, also property tax. Balance of 85 tax paid Saml. Staples. ... By paid Clk's ticket from Pittsylvania, 50 lb. tobo, 6.3. ... By paid Clk's office for setting Ralph Shelton decd. levy free, 4.4. By 1 winding sheet, 15. By boarding the widow & 5 children 5 months, 15. By bread corn for the widow & 3 children 1 year 9-3/5 Ban?G., 4.16. By Do. Do. for widow & 4 children 5 months 5 Ban G., 2.10. By 9 months board for 2 children furnished with course? clothes, 9.0.0. (& more items) total L116.5.6. By ballance, 67.18.3. In obedience to the worshipfull court of Henry Co. we the subscribers have settled the account current of Ralph Shelton decd. /s/ James Lyon, Edisd?. Tatum, Wm. Carter. (FHL film 31,956)
      2-226/228: The estate of Ralph Shelton Decd. In Act. current with Eliphaz Shelton the executor, 1789. July 23, to 1 bond, L33.0.0. To interest on the same 9 years, 15.3?.0. Land tax for the year 1787 & property tax same year, 3.5.0. Bal. of 1785 tax paid Saml. Staples, .17.0. ... paid Clerk's tickets from Pitsylvania, 50 lb. tobo., .6.3. Paid Ina? Redd? certificate tax for 1786, 1.5.3. ... boarding the widow and 5 children 5 months, 13.0.0. ... boarding & schooling & clothing one of the boys a legatee 5 years & 6 months, 27.10.2. ... Winding sheet for Mrs. Shelton, .9.0. ... L207.17.11-1/2. Ca (against): Sales from the estate, rent of the plantation in 1791, 1794, 1792, 1793, total L141.4.6. Balance L66.13.5-1/2. In obedience to an order of the worshipful Court of Henry Co. we have proceded to state and settle the account current of Ralph Shelton deceased and find a balance of sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and five pence half penny due to Eliphaz Shelton the executor. 24 Nov. 1814, /s/ William Carter, Jno. Tatum, M?. Sandefer, H?. Fitzgerald. Henry August County Court 1815, the within account current of the estate of Ralph Shelton decd. was exhibited in court by the commissioners, examined and admitted to record. Teste. W. Redd, C.C. (FHL film 31,956)


Henry Co. VA Court Records 1777-1904 (FHL film 31,974, index pg.23; from Louis Boone 1988 with permission to share with others)
   Order Books 1-6 (FHL film 31,979)
      2-36: 26 March 1779, Dunkin vs. Birch, case dismissed at plaintiff's costs.
      2-62: 29 Oct. 1779, Robert Duncan, payment as witness for Waller agt. Gardner, 2 days.
      2-63: 29 Oct. 1779, Martin Duncan, payment as witness for John Williams vs. Williams, 5 days.
      5-95: 29 March 1790, John Duncan deed to Samuel Voss ack., wife Jean examined privily, relinquished dower.
      5-98: 26 April 1790, John Duncan and wife deed to John Nunn, proved by witnesses and O.R. (ordered recorded).
      6-222: 26 Oct. 1795, John and Milly Duncan deed to John Nunn, deed proved by one wit. and O.R.
   Order Books 7-10 (FHL film 31,980)
      7-293: 25 July 1803, Duncan vs. Arnold; Henry Clark and Ambrose Stults, special bail.
      7-315: 1 Nov. 1803, Dunkin vs. Lanier; official judgement set aside, confessed to specialty.
      7-315: 1 Nov. 1803, Dunkin vs. Hairston; official judgement set aside, confessed to specialty.


JAMES AYRES, "son of Daniel Ayers", Rev. Pension Application R334, SC-VA (FHL film 970,098) (MAD: see Pickens Co. SC for more)
      Declaration, Pickens Dist. SC, 6 Oct. 1834, of James Ayres, aged 73; that when he was age 20 as well as he recollects?, his father entered him in what was called the minute service called to guard the frontier of Georgia, his enlistment was as he believes for 18 months; he served out his tour of 18 months under Capt. William Ayres, Col. John Stewart and ... (in crease of page) ... most of the time on the frontier of Georgia and South Carolina against the Indians? and was discharged in Augusta Georgia in the year 1775 as well as he recollects. Soon after his arival? home to Kershaw, he turned out volunteer under Capt. William Nettler? under Col. John Marshall, was marched toward Savannah in the lower part of SC and discharged at Granby? at the end of his tour, he is positive he served at this time not less than two months. Afterwards in the year 1778 he went from Kershaw Co. SC where he then lived into Henry Co. VA where he had moved from and on Smiths River, said county, he enlisted with James Kelly and was taken to Brunswick C.H. NC, there the recruits were formed into companies. He was under Capt. James Dunkin of the 4th VA (he believes) Regiment commanded by William Drennon, from there went to headquarters at Hico where we joined the main army under the command of Gen. Nathaniel Green, marched to Petersburg and to Norfolk River? ... under General Green to the south and under Col. Drennan at the Battle at Eutaw the town of his enlistment ... he was discharged at Cheraw SC about the time of the Battle at the Cowpens by Col. Drennan and Genl. Green; he then returned home to Kershaw Co. and afterward turned out volunteer in Kershaw Co. under Capt. G?? Col. John Marshall and Gen. Marion? and was with those officers at the Battle of Orangeburg SC ... Interrogatories from War Department: He was born in Cumberland Co. VA on 6 Jan. 1761. He has a record in his Bible at home taken from his father's Family Bible. He was living in Kershaw Co. SC when he entered the service; when he was very young his father moved to Henry Co. VA; he was about 4 years old when his father moved into Kershaw Co. SC where he lived at the time he entered the service; when he enlisted in VA he was on a visit to see his friends there; he lived in Kershaw till 1792; he moved into Greenville SC, lived there 6 years, moved to Buncomb NC, lived there 6 years, moved to Greenville, lived there one year in 1805 and he moved to Pendleton now Pickens and has lived in the same district ever since; he enlisted twice in volunteer army; he recollects Gen. Green, Col. Drennan and Capt. James Dunkin; he got only two discharges, by Capt. Ayres and Col. Stewart, and one by Col. Drennan and Genl. Greene, he lost the other? discharges; he believes all who knew him would testify to his veracity ...
      Declaration 21 Feb. 1835 by Robert Ashley of Macon Co. NC, that he knew James Ayres now of Pickens Dist. SC, applicant for a pension, enlisting as a Regular Soldier under Capt. Wm. Ayres all under the command of Col. John Steward?, to guard the frontiers of Georgia in a tower (sic) of one year and six months; he personally knew the applicant was a regular soldier in Gen. Greens Army Landcaster Co. SC in another 18 month tower under Capt. Wm. Dunkin and Colo. Wm. Drennon and after his tower with Gen. Green he knew the applicant volunteered his service in the militia under Capt. Wm. Greson.


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