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Formed 1634, original Shire
Goochland formed 1727 from Henrico
Chesterfield formed 1749 from Henrico


1810 Henrico Co. VA census
Pg.115  Dunscombe, Dick      00000 - 00000 - 20

1810 City of Richmond, Henrico Co. VA census
Pg.366  Nancy Dunscomb       00000 - 00000 - 11

1820 City of Richmond and Henrico Co. VA census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Henrico Co. VA Census
Pg.327  William Duncan       Free colored

1830 City of Richmond, Henrico Co. VA Census
Madison Ward
Pg.412  Susanna Dunscomb     Free colored

1840 City of Richmond and Henrico Co. VA census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Henrico Co. VA Census
Pg.368, #430-520, John A. BOLOM 37 VA cabinet maker & family
                  Other cabinet makers
                  Frederick DUNCAN 30 GA cabinet maker
City of Richmond, Henrico Co. VA
Pg.246, #157-178, Francis WADDILL 77 VA wheelright $1000
                  Nancy W. 57 VA
                  Robert O. 30, William L. 27 VA coachmakers
                  Thomas F. 24 VA blacksmith
                  George Henry 22 VA coachmaker
                  John 20 VA, Charles Richard 18 VA blacksmith
                  (other men coachmakers, coach painters, etc.)
                  (MAD: Mrs. Nancy W. Duncan mar. 1822 Francis Waddill in Amelia Co. VA, she the widow of Thomas Duncan d. 1818 Amelia Co. VA, they had ch. Mariah C. and Robert Osborn Duncan)
Pg.357, #290, Polly A. DUNCANS 26 VA BLACK
                  Adelia RUSH 11 VA BLACK (f)
                  Martha A. BURWELL 2 VA MULATTO
Pg.424, #397-444, Cyrus DUNCOME 70 VA BLACK laborer (alone)

1860 Henrico Co. VA Census
Ward 1, W. Richmond
Pg.136, #759-1007, Samuel BROWN 22 VA BLACK works in tobacco factory
                  Mary 20 VA BLACK wash woman
                  James H. SCOTT 2 VA BLACK
                  Polly A. DUNCAN 40 VA WHITE works in tobacco factory
                  Marthay A. 12 VA works in tobacco factory
Pg.137, #764-1013, H.T. COOK (m) 56 NJ boarding house & family
                  James A. DUNCAN 30 SC Minister Methodist E.P.
                  Sally 25 NC
                  Eppy 4, David 2 VA
                  (MAD: 1870 Hanover Co. VA census)
Pg.144, #799-1058, Jane JOHNSON 50 VA MULATTO (blank)
                  Isabella 23 VA MULATTO
                  Allice A. 1 10/12 VA MULATTO
                  Delia A. DUNCAN (f) 20 VA BLACK works in tobacco factory
                  Thomas 1 VA BLACK
Pg.158, #903-1190, J.B. DUNCAN (m) 46 ENG tailor $0-$200
                  Emaline E. 44 VA
                  Elizabeth SHANAN 27 VA
Ward 2 W. Richmond
Pg.246, #212-267, Louisa DUNCAN (f) 39 VA domestic $10,000-$10,000
                  Ellen FRANKLIN 25 NY
                  Molly BRADFORD 22 NY
                  Mary SMITH 30 NY
                  Cecilla SMITH 21 NY
                  Emma CHAFTON? 23 NY
                  Mary ASHBERRY 18 VA
                  Kate JEWELL 17 GA
Pg.264, #388, "State Garr" (Guard?)
                  include many men; "Member State Gard"
                  Thos. T. DUNCAN 28 IREland

1870 Henrico Co. VA Census
City of Richmond, Madison Ward
Pg.11, #138-196, DUNKINS, Frank 45 VA BLACK mastler? $0-$0
                  Caledonia 35 VA BLACK keeping house
Pg.27, #396-398, BRUNING?, Henry 41 HANover (white) works on boat $0-$101, parents of foreign birth
                  Lina (f) 38 HANover keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Davis (m) 7/12 VA b.Dec., at home, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNKIN, George 54 VA BLACK works in rolling mill
                  Adeline 50 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  Sarah 19 VA BLACK at home
City of Richmond, Clay Ward
Pg.357, #473-654, FOCH, George 37 Hesse Darnstadt teamster $1500-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Caroline 31 VA keepng house, parents of foreign birth
                  Josephine 6, Mary M. 3 VA, father of foreign birth
                  Lina (f) 11/12 VA b.July, father of foreign birth
Pg.357, #473-653, DUNCAN, Frank 67 VA BLACK shoemaker $0-$0
Pg.392, #921-1198, FULCE, George 49 VA MULATTO blacksmith $0-$0
                  Mahala 26 VA BLACK keeping house $1200-$0
                  James T. 6, George C. 2 VA BLACKS
                  Henry W. 5/12 VA BLACK b.Jan
                  DUCAN, Marinda 11 VA BLACK at home
Pg.392, #921-1199, JOHNSON, Richard 50 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Catharine 43 VA BLACK wash woman
                  DUNCANS, George 75 VA BLACK at home
                  Judith 60 VA BLACK at home
City of Richmond, Monroe Ward
Pg.394, #2301-2601, Virginia State Penitentiary (starts pg.389)
                  DUNKIN, George 20 VA (white)
City of Richmond, Jefferson Ward
Pg.540, #1714-2054, HEYLEY?, Joseph P. 55 VA (white) teamster $0-$200
                  Mary. F. 45 VA keeping house
                  DUNKIN, Alfred 42 VA (white) carpenter $0-$100
                  Mary C. 22 VA at home
                  Elizabeth 5, Frank 2 VA at home
                  FINSLEY?, Ann 42 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  (MAD: indexed Alfred DUNKUNE; 1860 Prince Edward Co. VA census)


Henrico Co. VA Will (FHL film 31,780)
      1-122: Will of Samuel Duval, 24 Jan. 1783 and codicil, proved 1 March 1784, no Dunscomb mentioned although it mentions daughter Philadelphia (no last name). Not copied. See Dunscomb genealogy.


Richmond City VA Hustings Court, Orders, incl. index, v.1-2 1782-1792 (FHL film 33,600)
      No Duncan (later volumes not checked)

Richmond City VA Hustings Court Minutes
      (MAD: actually needed Circuit Court instead of Hustings Court, but Circuit Court not on film; see Fluvanna Co. VA)
      V.21-22 1854-1856 - no Peyton vs Peyton (FHL film 33,615)
      V.23-24 1857-1858 - no Peyton vs Peyton (FHL film 33,616)
      V.25-26 1850-1860 - no Peyton vs Peyton (FHL film 33,617)
      V.27-28 1860-1863 - no Peyton vs Peyton (FHL film 33,618)
      V.29 1863-1866 - no Peyton vs Peyton (FHL film 33,619)

Richmond City (Henrico Co.) VA Circuit Court, suit of Payton's Exec. vs. Payton's Adm., ca 1858
      MAD: wanted reference to Duncan heirs, committee of Burwell W. Snead for Howell L.L. Duncan & John Duncan's widow Jane; see Fluvanna Co. VA.
      These Circuit Court suits are not on microfilm.
      John Peyton (A.G. 50,131) Capt. 2nd VA State Reg., appt. 1/2/1776, supernumerary 10/1778, served as Com. of Military Stores & Supt. of Pub. Works at Point of Fork from 12/21/1786 to 10/9/1801 when he made will & died; admin. John Duncan, John Peyton & John Quarles of Fluvanna; later Craven Peyton was admin. until died, then John Timberlake; 1/1807 warrant for 4,000a land given soldier for his services. ("Rev. War Rec. VA" by Brumbaugh) Fluvanna Co. VA WB 8-325, 6/2/1858, (indexed H.L. Duncan widow's amount), Committee's Report by Dr. Burwell W. Snead incl. money recd from Circuit Court of Richmond City, VA, from suit Payton's Exec. vs. Payton's Admin; 8-343, 7/13/1858 same, incl. Jane Duncan for bond, German C. Duncan for Jane Duncan; 8-384, 8/25/1856 (1858?), Dr. Burwell W. Snead as committee for Howell L.L. Duncan, sell (to B.C. Flanagan) the interest in money recovered from US by admin. of John Peyton decd for military services in Rev. War, now in Circuit Court suit above. No ref. in Hustings Court orders etc. to 1792, or in minutes 1854-1866 of Peyton vs. Peyton.

"Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia : with select cases relating chiefly to points of practice, decided by the Superior Court of Chancery for the Richmond district" by William W. Hening and William Munford, Vol.II; "Virginia Reports" Vol.12, pgs.11 to 12 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 3/2004)
      DUNSCOMB against DUNSCOMB and Others; Supreme Court of Virginia; 12 Va. 11; 2 Hen. & M. 11; Monday, September 21, 1807.
      [Syllabus:] In this case the only question was, whether the Court could, under the will of Andrew Dunscomb, deceased, appoint another trustee, in the room of the one appointed by the testator, as she was dead; the circumstances being the following:
      The testator in the commencement of his will desired his wife Philadelphia Dunscomb "to be put into possession of all his property both real and personal for her use, in trust," &c. After specifying the various trusts, which were chiefly for the benefit of his children, he concluded with these words: "I constitute my wife sole executrix, leaving it with her and at her pleasure to appoint an agent or agents to assist her. From her well-known attachment to her children, I confide in her care of what may come into her hands, and also of an application according to my will and desire as expressed herein." No provision was made in the will for the appointment of another trustee in case of her death. She intermarried with William Dawson, and afterwards died intestate.
      The bill was filed on behalf of Andrew Bedloe Dunscomb, one of the infant children, by William Dawson, his next friend, praying this court to appoint another trustee in her room, and making the other children defendants, who filed their answer by Philip Duval, their guardian, specially assigned for that purpose; in which they expressed their consent.
      [opinion] PER CURIAM. The only doubt grows out of the will: but it may be done, upon giving bond with approved security to the Judge of this Court and his successors in his office, conditioned to discharge the duties imposed by the testator's will upon the former trustee, which remain unperformed, for the benefit of the testator's children. The penalty of the bond should be equal to double the value of the trust estate.
      Philip Duval was accordingly appointed, and gave bond and security in the form prescribed by the Court.


Amelia Co. VA Deed (FHL film 30,447)
      37-577: 20 April 1849, Francis (X) Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to Mrs. Sarah Brossan of Amelia Co., for $100, 74 acres adj. John W. Linthall, Burnett Linthall and said Sarah Brown? (Brower?) (or the lands of John H. Brown? estate). Francis & Nancy appeared in City of Richmond to ack. deed.

Fluvanna Co. VA Will (extract from David L. Duncan 1987 from personal trip, sent with permission to share with others; also FHL film 31,462)
      8-384: Report 25 Aug. 1856 by Burwell W. Snead, committee of Howell L.L. Duncan; received as committee for the contingent interest of the said Howell L.L. Duncan in a fund now in the hands of the administrator of John Peyton decd, which was recovered from the US for military services of the said John Peyton in the War of the Rev., the right and title to which fund is now involved in a suit in chancery in the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond [Henrico Co.] under the style of Peyton's executor vs Peyton's Administrator, and which contingent interest I was authorized to sell by the County Court of Fluvanna Co.; received from B.C. Flanagan $500.

Louisa Co. VA Deed (FHL film 32,203)
      F-143: 21 Nov. 1786, Thomas Darricott and wife Elizabeth of Parish of St. Martins, Louisa Co., to Robert Duncan of City of Richmond and County of Henrico, for 554 lbs, 665-1/4 acres on south Annus? River in parish of St. Martins, ... Samuel Dabney's line, on Diggs, to the river. Wit. And. Todd, John Todd, Joseph Thomas. Note in margin: Delivered Mr. Hugh Davidson by Mr. Duncan's order. (MAD: Kay D. Hampton files show info from Margaret Sprogis as delivered to "Wm." Duncan; error, definitely "Mr." and not "Wm.")

Pocahontas Co. WV Deed (FHL film 800,746)
      4-306: 27 Oct. 1846, Chesley Dunkum of Pocahontas Co. VA to Wm. L. Dunkum of City of Richmond, VA, for $150, 1 acre adj. William Arbogast, James Wooddell. No wit. Signed in City of Richmond.

King William Co. VA Old Photostat Copies of Records 1701-1885 (FHL film 32,104)
      14-424: 18 May 1853, Thomas M. Duncan of City of Richmond [Henrico Co.] to James W. Chappell, for $285, right to 2 lots in King William, Lot #1 and #14, includes survey on Matopany? river.

Beaufort Co. NC Patent Record, from deed index (FHL film 419,198)
      Vol.2&3 pg.63: 16 April 1796, Saml. Dunscomb of City & State of New York, Gent., and Lucy Clayborne Dunscomb, his wife, appoint Jordan Shepherd of Beaufort Co. NC, Gent., our attorney to make deed to our lands in NC or VA. Wit. William Philip, Edward Dunscomb (Notary Public); ack. in NY before Edward Dunscomb.
      Vol.2&3 pg.221: 30 May 1800, Lucy Claiborn Dunscomb of City and State of New York to Jordan Shepherd of Beaufort Co. NC, for $333-1/3, land, messuage, etc. in Nansemond Co. VA, 25a being 1/6 part of 2 tracts formerly held by Solomon Shepherd Sr., one of 100 acres from Millissent Shepherd and the other of 50 acres from Thomas Jordan to afsd. Solomon Shepherd, the whole of the two tracts adj. James Burton, Christopher Benn and Bennet's pasture (which Solomon Shepherd devised by his will to his son Thomas Shepherd who died intestate). Wit. Wm. Robinson, Edward Dunscomb; proven by oath of Wm. Robinson.

HISTORIES before 1923

1915 "Encyclopedia of VA Biography" or alternate title "Cyclopedia of VA Biography" by Lyon Gardner Tyler, pub. by Lewis Historical Pub. Co., 2 vols. (FHL book 975.5 D3tL v.1;)
      Vol.1 pg.227: Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons. Duvall, Samuel, a merchant of Henrico Co., was burgess for the county from about March 10, 1772 to 1776, and member of the convention of August, 1774, and March 20, 1775; member of the county committee of Henrico; in 1780 one of the committee to locate the capitol square in Richmond; his will was proved in Henrico, March 1, 1784; his daughter, Lucy married Major Andrew Dunscomb, of New York, who settled in Richmond and was mayor of the city in 1780.

1921 "History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owen, Vol.III (pages 516-519 from Donna Little 1982; 4 vols. on FHL fiche 6,048,243 to 6,048,246)
      DUNCAN, JAMES ARMSTRONG, Methodist minister, was born March 8, ----, in Richmond, VA; son of James Armstrong and Sallie Duke (Twitty) Duncan, the former editor of the Christian Advocate, Richmond [Henrico Co.], during the War of Secession, and president of Randolph-Macon college, Ashland, VA, 1868-77, at which date he died; grandson of David and Alice (Piedmont) Duncan, the former a native of Ireland, educated at Glasgow, and came to America in 1816 to take charge of Norfolk academy, professor of Greek at Wofford college, Spartanburg, SC, and of Thomas and Evelyn (Fitts) Twitty of Warren Co. NC. Dr. Duncan received his early education in a school for boys at Ashland, VA, ....


AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, John F., Pension 17507, Pickens Co., Private, Co.H, 11th Reg. AL, enlisted Oct. 1862 at Richmond, VA, discharged April 15, 1865, wounded in leg at Gettysburg, PA, wit. B.F. Ferguson, J.T. Hamiter.
      Duncan, John F., Private, 11th Reg. AL Vols., Co.H. Wounded at "Gettusburg" PA on July 2, "186-", "lef amputated." Application from Pickens Co. Authority: Appl. "for the relief of maimed soldiers" No.114, filed Feb. 13, 1879. See auditors files 1879.
      Duncan, John F., Co.H, 11th AL. Authority: Personal statement, Census Tax Assessor Pickens Co. 1907.
      Duncan, John Francis, Private, Co.H, 11th AL. Enlisted at Carrollton, Pickens Co. AL, 1862 and served until 1863, "Balimore," MD. By parole after loss of leg at Gettysburgh. Born Nov. 25, 1843, Union Dist. SC. Address 1921: McShan, Pickens Co. AL. Authority: 1921 Census of Confederate Soldiers.


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