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Formed 1831 from Montgomery, Franklin
See also Montgomery & Carroll Cos.


1840 Floyd Co. VA Census
Pg.168  John R. Duncan          1121,01       - 0210,001
        Abel W. Duncan          1100,1        - 2000,1
          (MAD: Wyoming Co. WV 1850)
        Peter Duncan            2200,01       - 0000,1000,1
          (MAD: Carroll Co. VA 1850)
          (MAD: female 60-70 ? Nancy, with Squire B. 1850 ?)
        Squire B. Duncan        0000,1        - 1000,1
   169  Henry Duncan            0021,001      - 2201,001
          (MAD: Carroll Co. VA 1850)
   177  Thomas Duncan           1221,0001     - 0000,0001
          (MAD: wife ? Sarah w/Peter in Carroll Co. VA 1850)
   178  Reed Duncan             1100,1        - 2100,1
          (MAD: Carroll Co. VA 1850)
   179  George Duncan           1110,01       - 1200,01
   180  Lewis Duncan            0000,1        - 0001
   182  Blanch Duncan           1100,01       - 2100,1
        Spencer Duncan          0010,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: Montgomery Co. VA 1850)
        John S/L. Duncan        0001,2001     - 0002,0001
        Henry Duncan            2000,1        - 1000,01

1850 Floyd Co. VA Census
Pg.421, #624, Peter DUNKIN 45 Floyd [Co.] VA farmer $1000
                  Vela (f) 40 Floyd VA
                  Luke 19, Lawyer 15 Floyd VA
                  Jack 12, Abel 10 Floyd VA
                  Mahala 7, Anna 5 Floyd VA
                  Nancy 3, Peter 1/12 Floyd VA
                  Nancy 22 Floyd VA
Pg.429, #730, Henry DUNKIN 37 Floyd VA farmer $0
                  Mary 37 Carroll VA
                  Jacob 14, Irene 12 Floyd VA
                  Benjamin 9, Joshua 5 Floyd VA
                  Cela 3 Floyd VA
Pg.430, #746, Blanch DUNKIN (m) 41 Floyd VA farmer $700
                  Catherine 37 Floyd VA
                  James C. 16, Mary S. 14 Floyd VA
                  Martha 12, Solomon 11 Floyd VA
                  Susan 10, Jacob 9 Floyd VA
                  Blanch (m) 7, Reed 6 Floyd VA
                  Andrew 4, Greenbury 2 Floyd VA
                  Robert 4/12 Floyd VA
Pg.439, #856, Willis DUNKIN 21 Floyd VA farmer $0
                  Aramanda 20 Floyd VA m/in/yr
Pg.439, #857, Hiram DUNKIN 24 Floyd VA farmer $0
                  Vila 23 Floyd VA m/in/yr
Pg.439, #858, Elijah HILL 52 Franklin VA farmer $0
                  Sarah 25 Floyd VA
                  John H. 8, Nancy 7, Arend (f) 3 Floyd VA
                  Susan 2, Enoch 3/12 Floyd VA
Pg.439, #860, John DUNKIN 48 Floyd VA (blank) $0
                  Anne 53 Floyd VA
                  Susannah 19, Amos 17 Floyd VA
                  Milly 16, Burwell 14 Floyd VA
W. Dist.
Pg.440, #884, Ephraim DINKINS 24 Carroll VA farmer $0
                  Deannah 23 Floyd VA
                  Fela A. (f) 2, Tildan (m) 8/12 Floyd VA
Pg.442, #906, John T. DUNKIN 64 Floyd VA farmer $250
                  Rody (f) 64 Floyd VA
                  Elijah 26 Floyd VA
                  Sally 26 Floyd VA
                  Cealy (f) 6, Jacob 4 Floyd VA
                  Peter 1 Floyd VA
                  (MAD: from other sources: John S.)
Pg.442, #907, Benjamin DUNKIN 33 Floyd VA farmer $100
                  Nancy 23 Floyd VA
                  Julia 6, Ananias (m) 5 Floyd VA
                  Minerva 4, Asa 2 Floyd VA
                  Eliza 2/12 Floyd VA
Pg.442, #908, Thos. DUNKIN 34 Floyd VA farmer $100
                  Patsy 25 Floyd VA
                  Joel 7, Joseph 6 Floyd VA
                  Lucinda 4, Octavia (f) 2 Floyd VA
                  John 4/12 Floyd VA
Pg.443, #923, Sally DUNKIN 62 Floyd VA $400
                  Crockett (m) 21, Thomas (m) 19 Floyd VA farmers
                  Lynch (m) 14 Floyd VA
Pg.443, #924, George DUNKIN 49 Floyd VA farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 43 Floyd VA
                  Fleming (m) 23, Timanda (f) 22 Floyd VA
                  Bluford (m) 18, Rody (f) 13 Floyd VA
                  Chrisly (m) 11, Samuel 9 Floyd VA
                  Nancy 6, Elizabeth 4 Floyd VA
                  Margaret 2/12 Floyd VA
Pg.444, #934, Thomas WILLIAMSON 33 Franklin VA merchant $900
                  Nancy 33 Floyd VA
                  Mary 9, Elizabeth 7 Floyd VA
                  Walker (m) 5, Julie Ann (f) 1 Floyd VA
                  Joshua JONES 20 Floyd VA laborer
                  Eliza DUNKIN (f) 18 Floyd VA
Pg.445, #944, Andrew AKERS 31 Montgomery VA farmer $600
                  Susannah 33 Floyd VA
                  Lears (m) 11 Montgomery VA
                  Julia 9, Bluford 7 Floyd VA
                  Archa. (m) 4, Eliza E. 3/12 b. Floyd VA
                  Andrew DUNKIN 24 Floyd VA farmer $50
                  (MAD: definitely Andrew, not Anderson)
Pg.445, #945, Squire DUNKIN 39 Floyd VA farmer $0
                  Sarah H. 38 Bedford VA
                  Nancy D. 14 Floyd VA
                  Nancy DUNKIN 72 Franklin VA
                  (MAD: Nancy the widow of Blanch)

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Floyd Co. VA Wills (index 1831-1953, pg.132, FHL film 31,334)
   Books E & later, after 1873, not on film
      E-612: Luiza Duncan
      F-195: Crockett Duncan
      F-300: Able C. Duncan
      4-259: Emery Duncan
      5-177: A.J. Duncan
      5-218: Rebecca Duncan
      5-422: G.T. Duncan
   Vol.A, 1831-1847 (FHL film 31,335)
      A-7: Pursuant to Court Order 16 Jan. 1832, estate of Blanch Duncan decd appraised, $226.24, by Luke (X) Cox, Ambros (X) Cox, Humphrey Reed, John Wilson, 9 Feb. 1832; returned 20 Feb. 1832. (MAD: "KY Ancestors" by Lester quotes from "Over the Mountain Men" by Worrell, that the appraisal was returned Jan. 1831, book A, pg.7.)
      A-32: Appraisal of estate of John Duncan, pursuant to court order, $12.35 total, /s/ John W. Headen, Humphrey Reed, John W. Helms; recorded May 1834.
      A-32: Abel W. Duncan, admin. of John Duncan; settlement of estate incl. 1/20/1834, $54.82 received from Henry Deskins being part of the decd's pension; 3/22 sale of property $7.44; total income $62.26, paid out to Henry Duncan his account $40, other small sums, total $51.36, balance $10.90; recorded June court 1834.
      A-43: Sept. 1833, Henry Duncan and George Duncan, admins. of Blanch Duncan decd, accounting; paid debts to Spencer Reed, Henry Duncan (shoe leather), George Duncan, Blanch Duncan Jr., John Duncan, and many others, total $30-$35; settled 7 Sept. 1833.
   Vol.B, 1847-1854 (FHL film 31,335)
      B-34: Thomas Duncan decd, appraisement of estate "A list of Mrs. Duncan's thirds" ... many items; January 28, 1848, added ... (many items). /s/ Andrew A. Reed, Riley Duncan, admin. Recorded Feb. court 1848. (MAD: per Virginia Barker's FGS, the estate appraisal was returned Sept. 1847.)
      B-37: Thomas Duncan decd sale bill; sales to Sarah Duncan, Lewis Duncan, many others. Recorded Feb. 1848. (very faint)
   Vol.C-D, 1852-1873 (FHL film 31,336)
      Not looked at


VA State Land Office Surveys
   Book R, (no dates, 1833-35) (FHL film 29,608)
      R-161: Surveyed for Curtis (Custis?) Cox Sr., 50 acres by virtue of entry made 20 Dec. 1832 on Land Office Treasury Warrant #10830 issued 23 Nov. 1832, lying in Floyd Co. on drains of W.fork of Little River waters of New River, adj. a survey made for John Duncan, 12 April 1833. Plat assigned by Custis Cox Sr. to Henry Duncan, 19 Nov. 1833. Rec. 18 Feb. 1834, Grant issd. 1 Sept. 1834.
   Book T, 1836-1837 (FHL film 29,610)
      T-531: Surveyed for John Duncan, 260 acres by virtue of an entry made 23 Feb. 1835 on Land Office Treasury Warrant #11074? (faint) assee to John Board and William McCabe 27 Nov. 1833 in Floyd Co. on S.side of Wills ridge and on the drains of the W.fork of Little River, corner his own land, line of Martins beg. survey, branch of Indian Creek. 25 March 1836. Grant issd. 30 Oct. 1837.
      T-534: Surveyed for Henry Duncan, 195 acres by virtue of an entry made 16 Nov. 1835 on Land Office Exchange Treasury Warrant #2655 issued to John L. Crockett assee of James Taylor 18 Feb. 1834, in Floyd Co. on Indian Creek waters of Little River, adj. line of Beldens big survey, crossing Indian Creek, line of land of Nathan Wade, top of Wills ridge. 20 July 1836. Grant issd. 30 Oct. 1837.

VA State Land Grants
      82-40: July 29, 1833, John Duncan, Floyd Co., 170 acres on Jones Branch of Little River. (FHL film 29,317)
      83-349: Sept. 5, 1834, Henry Duncan, assignee, Floyd Co., 50 acres on drains of W.fork Little River. (FHL film 29,317)

Floyd Co. VA Deed (copy from Mary Frances Bridges 1994 with permission to share with others)
      M-402: 13 April 1872, Henry Dunkin (X) and Elijah Dunkin (X) of Carroll Co. VA and Steven Hewett & wife Rody Hewett (/s/ Hughett X) and Thomas Dunkin of Floyd Co. VA; that for $25 paid said Henry Dunkin & $25 paid said Elijah Dunkin and $25 paid said Steven Hewett and Rody Hewett his wife and $25 paid Thomas Duncan (sic) and $50 paid to William A. Hylton (did not sign), deed to said Benjamin Dunkin all their right etc. to all the entire interest of the estate of John Dunkin decd. both real and personal to the said Benjamin Dunkin & his heirs; it is understood that said Benjamin Dunkin is to provide and maintain his mother Rody Dunkin her natcheral lifetime a lean is hereby retained until the purchase money is paid. All appeared before Henry C. Hall and Samuel McDaniel JPs.


Floyd Co. VA Chancery Order Books, Vol.1, 1831 to 1866 (FHL film 31,344)
      Pg.308: April 1857, F.M. Duncan vs. H. Lane & J.L. Tompkins committee for T. Headen; due Duncan from Tazewell Headen $227.20 and interest from 25 Dec. 1854 and $18.26 costs; defendants to pay plaintiff out of costs of estate.

Floyd Co. VA County Court Order Books 1831-54 (FHL film 31,342)
      Pg.16: July 1831, Blanch Duncan surveyor of road from Peter Reeds to intersection of Indian Creek Road. (MAD: road hands not copied)
      Pg.37: Jan. 1832, Henry Duncan and George Duncan to admin. estate of Blanch Duncan decd; appraisers Luke Cox, Ambrose Cox Jr., Humphrey Reed & John Wilson or any three.
      Pg.107: June 1833, John Duncan made declaration for pension; ordered sent to War Department.
      Pg.114: Sept. 1833, Blanche Duncan appointed Justice of Peace.
      Pg.121: 20 Jan. 1834, John Duncan decd, administration granted to Abel W. Duncan, bondsman Greenberry Duncan.
      Pg.124: Feb. 1834, Henry Duncan road surveyor from widow Duncan's to John Wilsons.
      Pg.124: Feb. 1834, John Duncan's appraisers to be John W. Headen, Humphrey Reed and John W. Helms??.
      Pg.125: 17 March 1834, John Duncan road surveyor in place of Henry Duncan resigned.
      Pg.130: 19 May 1834, Peter Duncan road surveyor of road #15 in place of John Bishop resigned.
      Pg. 250: Nov. 1837, Duncan et als vs. Beldon; also pg. 271, 275, 290, 301, 305, 391?, 520? (page numbers not visible after pg.346)
      Pg.286: 18 Feb. 1839, Reed Duncan vs. Elijah & Nancy Rigney, complaint dismissed.
      Pg.286: 18 Feb. 1839, Henry Duncan made motion for road from his mill ...
      Pg.397: 17 Jan. 1848, Thomas Duncan decd; administrators Sarah Duncan, Riley Duncan and Andrew A. Reed, bondsmen Lewis Duncan and Emery Reed; appraisers George Booth, Spencer Reed and George Duncan.
      Pg.407; March 1848, John Duncan appointed road surveyor in precinct #61 in place of Nathan Wade resigned.


JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-8373 (FHL film 970,864)
      Applied 15 Oct. 1832, age 91, in Floyd Co. VA; drafted in 1778? in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Chinn, Maj. Edmundson, Col. Chas. Edmunds or Edmundson, for one year; moved to Montgomery Co. now Floyd Co. VA next year; enlisted under Col. Wm. Preston and Capt. Brigg/Trigg and Capt./Maj. Cloyd of Montgomery Co. VA; witnesses Henry Bishop and Andrew Reed of Floyd Co. VA.
      Click here for a more extensive extract from the pension file.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Luke; E 56 PA Inf.; 1882 April 15, Invalid Appl. #446491, no cert., VA. (MAD: ?? 1880 Floyd Co. VA b.1831, b.1831 VA, but no indication he in PA)


"Pennsylvania Archives" Series Three, Vol.XXIII, ed. by W.H. Egle; pub. 1897 (Google book, 4/22/2010)
      Muster rolls of the Navy and Line, Militia and Rangers, 1775-1783, with list of pensioners 1818-1832
   Pg.553, Statement Showing names of Pennsylvanians residing in the State of Virginia Who Have Been Inscribed on the Pension List Under Act of June 7, 1832.
      Floyd County (MAD: Virginia), Duncan, John, pr. P.M., Aug. 31, 1833; 93; d. time unknown

Carroll Co. VA Register of Deaths 1853-1870 (FHL film 31,087)
      Pg.12, Line #5, Reed Duncan, male, d. Dec. 1862, fever, age 49 years 9 months, parents (blank), b. Floyd Co., farmer, married, informant Marah Duncan, wife.

Carroll Co. VA Register of Marriages 1854-1913 (FHL film 31,087)
      Page, Line #, Date, names of groom and bride, groom's age, place of birth, widowed or single, parents, residence, occupation; bride's age, place of birth, widowed or single, parents, residence; County where marriage took place, married by whom. MAD: I have rearranged the columns; the original sequence had the ages of each, parents of each, places of birth of each, etc.
      Pg.3, #21, Feb. 7, 1855, W.L. Carter to Mahala Duncan; W.L. age 26, single, b. Wythe Co. VA, parents Geo. & Elizabeth Carter, res. Carroll Co. VA, farmer; Mahala age 21, single, b. Floyd Co. VA, parents Reed and Polly Duncan, res. Carroll Co. VA; mar. Carroll Co. VA by W. Thompson.
      Pg.5, #36, March 2, 1857, Lawzer C. Duncan to Emelinda J. Howel (MAD: sic); Lawzer age 24, single, b. Floyd Co. VA, parents Peter and Viley Duncan, res. Carroll Co. VA, farmer; Emelinda age 22, single, b. Floyd Co. VA, parents D.A. and Charlotte Howell, res. Carroll Co. VA; mar. Carroll Co. VA by David A. Howell.
      Pg.6, #18, Dec. 25, 1858, Peter A. Jennings to Eliza J. Duncan; Peter age 21, single, b. Carroll Co. VA, parents Johnathan and Clara Jennings, res. Carroll Co. VA, farmer; Eliza age 21, single, b. Floyd Co. VA, parents Reed and Mary Duncan, res. Carroll Co. VA; mar. Carroll Co. VA by H.P. F?l?itton? (H?l?itton).
      Pg.7, #2, Jan. 13, 1859, John Duncan Jr. to Millia Duncan; John age 32, widowed, b. Floyd Co. VA, parents Henry and Mary Duncan, res. Carroll Co. VA, farmer; Millia age 16, single, b. Carroll Co. VA, parents John and Lucy Duncan, res. Carroll Co. VA; mar. Carroll Co. VA by Henry Lindsey.

Carroll Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 31,079)
      2-199: 26 Sept. 1846, Reed Duncan mortgage to William R. Babbitt, both of Carroll Co.; Reed owes one Jacob Mangul by note dated Feb. 1844; George Duncan, Blanch Duncan, John R. Duncan and Luke Cox all of Floyd Co. VA are sureties for Reed Duncan; mortgage horses, cattle, grain, furniture, etc. No wit.
      2-210 & 2-216: 19 Oct. 1846; Amos Morrell Jr. and Reed Duncan of 1st part to Eli Phlizar of 2nd part; Luke (X) Cox, Blanch (X) Duncan, George Duncan and John R. Duncan of 3rd part; Reed Duncan executed his bond to Jacob Mangus 24 Feb. 1844, with parties of 3rd part as sureties; said Jacob Mangus has caused suit to be brought on the said land and has obtained a judgement thereon in the current Superior Court of Floyd Co., and said Amos Worrell having purchased of said Reed Duncan his land in Carroll Co. and not having paid thereon, and the said Reed Duncan being anxious to secure his sureties; 2 tracts of land in trust to Eli Phlizar adj. each other in Carroll Co. on Big Reed Island River, containing about 395 or 400 acres.

Giles Co. VA Index to Register of Births 1855-1896, Marriages 1806-1896, Deaths 1855-1896 (FHL film 31,740)
Duncan Deaths:
      Peter E., 1883, Apr. 7, d. Pulaski Co. VA of bronchitis, 7y 4m 7d par. A. & Eustins Duncan, b. Floyd Co. VA (pg.30)

Montgomery Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 32,614)
      M-660: 19 Sept. 1840, William Akers and wife Lydia of Montgomery Co. VA to Lewis Duncan of Floyd Co. VA, for $50, 20 acres on Little River. Wit. Joshua Thompson, Thomas (x) Duncan.


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