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Last revised September 18, 2003

Formed 1752 from Prince George
Independent City
(See Chesterfield & Prince George Cos.)  


1810 Petersburg Town, [Dinwiddie Co.] VA Census
Pg.122b Thos. Duncan            00010 - 00000

1830 Dinwiddie Co. VA Census
Pg.368  Mary Duncan             Free colored

1840 Dinwiddie Co. VA Census
Pg. 68  Georgiana Duncan        Free colored
    89  Saml. Duncan            Free colored

1850 Dinwiddie Co. VA Census
City of Petersburg
Pg.328, #67-67, P. DUNKIN (f) 31 VA BLACK
Pg.332, #130-142, M. DUNKIN (m) 8 VA MULATTO in another household
Pg.334, #169-188, Sam DUNKIN 70 VA BLACK waitman $350
                  P. (f) 50 VA BLACK
                  S. (m) 14, J. (m) 12 VA BLACKS
                  R. (f) 10 VA BLACK
                  M. TINSLEY (f) 20 VA BLACK
Pg.384, #1017-1116, James McCOLLOCK 37 SCT tobacconist $2000
                  Eliza 31 VA
                  James 12, Pat (m) 10 VA
                  Patrick DURKIN? 74 IRE
                  (MAD: indexed Patrick Denkin)
Pg.421, #501-592, John W. DUNCAN 20 IRE clerk
                  Robert R. BOUDEN 19 VA clerk
Pg.432, #671-774, John SAMPSON 28 VA MULATTO Waterman
                  George DUNKIN 17 VA MULATTO Waterman
                  Robt. SAMBACK 18 VA BLACK Waterman
                  Thos. PERRY 23 VA MULATTO Waterman
                  (MAD: indexed George Denkin)

1860 Dinwiddie Co. VA Census
San Marino P.O.
Pg.15, #105-105, Charles YOUNG 61 VA farmer $1000-$23,083
                  Lucy J. 49 VA
                  James A. 16, Henry E.B. 14 VA
                  Richard E.D. 13, Charles 10 VA
                  Ann E. GRIGG 45 VA housekeeper
                  John CHILDRY 21 VA overseer
                  Rev. Thos. DIGGS 42 VA Meth. Traveling Minister $0-$3538
                  Mary A. 26 NY school teaching
                  William 12, John S. 10 VA
                  Virginia 8, Edward E. 1 VA
                  Lucy DUNCAN 30 VA MULATTO servant
                  & others
East W. Petersburg
Pg.187, #1213-1191, Martha REID 36 VA BLACK (blank) $0-$50
                  William 18 VA BLACK twister tobacco
                  Amelia 9 VA BLACK
                  Mary L. DUNCAN 6 VA BLACK
                  James 3, Martha A. 1 BLACK
                  Mary NASH 15 VA BLACK
Pg.228, #1563-1527, Saml. DUNCAN 80 VA BLACK (blank) $950-$100
                  Mary 59 VA BLACK
                  John GRAVES 28 VA BLACK fuseman?
                  Rosalia 19 VA BLACK seamstress
Pg.235, #1641-1606, Lavinia SAMPSON 51 VA (blank) #3400-$100
                  Elizabeth GRAVES 13 VA
                  Major T. DUNCAN 17 VA tailor
                  John O'TEJRU? 53 VA master of schooner $0-$2250
                  Edmd. STEVENS 45 VA BLACK tailor
South W. Petersb.
Pg.244, #25-25, M. ANDUS 45 VA merchant $2000-$1200
                  Frances (f) 50 VA
                  Martha Jane 22 VA
                  Thomas RICHARDSON 18 VA clerk
                  Saml. DUNCAN 45 VA MULATTO waggoner
                  & blacks

1870 Dinwiddie Co. VA Census
City of Petersburg, Ward 1
Pg.194, #271-305, DUNCAN, Thos. 26 VA BLACK fisherman $0-$0
                  Orpavius (f) 24 VA MULATTO keeps house
                  John W. 9 VA MULATTO
Pg.198, #358-400, DUNCAN, Polly 69 VA MULATTO keeps house $600-$0
                  CHEEVES, Jno. H. 30 VA MULATTO tailor
                  ANDERSON, Robt. 100 VA MULATTO labourer
                  Winnie 67 VA MULATTO washes
                  GRAVES, Sarah 19 VA BLACK house servant
Pg.205, #467-522, HASTY, James 75 VA MULATTO works tob. fac. $0-$0
                  Amelia 17 VA MULATTO keeps house
                  DUNCAN, Martha 37 VA MULATTO at home
                  Mary L. 16 VA MULATTO works tob. fac.
                  James 12 VA MULATTO works tob. fac.
                  Martha 11 VA MULATTO works tob. fac.
                  DUNCAN, Samuel 8 VA MULATTO
                  CLAIBORNE, Dolly 80 VA BLACK at home
City of Petersburg, Ward 5
Pg.340, #114-114, ANDREWS, Nelson N. 53 VA (white) shoe maker $0-$0
                  Martha 32 VA keeping house
                  Maggie 15, Minnie 9, Perlennie (f) 1 VA
                  LUFREY, Emma 5, Charles 9 VA (white)
                  DUNKIN, Emoline (f) 42 VA (white) (blank)


Amelia Co. VA Deeds
      36-353: 18 Sept. 1844 Francis Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to John S. Hawks of Nottoway Co., for $1261, 65 acres adj. Robert Coleman, James Allen, dower land of Elizabeth Crandon?, Francis Waddell, Burnet Sanshall. (FHL film 30,446)
      36-441: 17 March 1845, Francis Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to John Q. Eahals of Amelia Co., for $400, 102 acres adj. estate of J.H. Breson?. No wit. (FHL film 30,446)
      37-577: 20 April 1849, Francis (X) Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to Mrs. Sarah Brossan of Amelia Co., for $100, 74 acres adj. John W. Linthall, Burnett Linthall and said Sarah Brown? (Brower?) (or the lands of John H. Brown? estate). Francis & Nancy appeared in City of Richmond to ack. deed. (FHL film 30,447)

Mecklenburg Co. VA Deeds
      6-81: 2 Sept. 1776, David Dortch of Mecklenburg Co. to Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. and Robert Turnbull of Dinwiddie Co., for £246, 82 acres on Dockry's (?Dockny's) Creek, Insels corner, granted to David Dortch by patent 10 Nov. 1757, reserving to David Dortch 5 acres which was leased to Messers Dinwiddie Crawford & Co. for 21 yrs. Wit. William Turnbull, Alexander Schw.. (?Schvir?), John Cook, John Cook (twice), Noah Dortch, David Dorlelys?. (FHL film 32,534)
      8-237: 13 June 1792?, Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. and Robert Turnbull of Prince George Co. to Joseph Speed? of Mecklenburg Co., refer deed from David Dortch, 5 acres, lease, for £400, the whole of the tract, 82 acres by estimation, including the 5 acres leased to William Park, Lucases corner, Insels corner, Dockins? Creek. Wit. Jono. Speer, William Smith, Edward Bignale, William Cole, Saml. Holmes Junr., Jas. Byene? Jr. (FHL film 32,535)
      12-334: 9 Sept. 1805, Thomas Griffin Peachy of City of Williamsburg and Charles Duncan of County of Chesterfield, to William Coleman of Co. of Mecklenburg, similar to earlier; land; at court in town of Petersburg, 16 Sept. 1805, acknowledged by Charles Duncan. (FHL film 32,537)

Franklin Co. NC Deed (FHL film 427,051)
      11-39: 1 April 1797, Charles Duncan of Petersburg to William Brickell of Franklin Co. NC, for 66 lbs 9 shillings 5 pence, negro slave; apparently a mortgage or similar ... Brickell owes Duncan (indexed as Charles Duncan grantor)

Rockingham Co. NC Deed (FHL film 19,708)
      M-487: 29 May 1807, Elizabeth Morson of England by Charles Duncan of Petersburg, her attorney ... (not copied further).


Information from Charles Gordon 1983, with permission to share with others, source not given:
      Prince George Co. VA: 1716 - William and Robert Duncan, two Jacobite prisoners sent to VA in 1716, settled near Petersburg.


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