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Formed 1748-9 from Goochland
Powhatan formed 1777 from Cumberland, Chesterfield


1810 Cumberland Co. VA Census
Pg.137a  Benjn. Dumkins     01010       - 40110
   143   John Dumkin        00401       - 00101
   144   David Dunkin       00010       - 00000

1820 Cumberland Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.100a  Dunkum, Moses      300110      - 20200
         Dunkum, Sabrey     100000      - 20010
   101   Dunkum, David      100010      - 20010
         Dunkum, Phebe      200100      - 11210
         Dunkum, John       000101      - 10020
   107   Edward Scruggs     000001      - 01000
   107a  Edward Scruggs     000001      - 00002
      (MAD: Edward L. Scruggs mar. Jane Dunkum
      dau. of Phebe 5/13/1818; see 1820 Buckingham
      Co. VA; see ?? 1850 Rockingham Co. NC)

1830 Cumberland Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.188   Thomas Duncan      0100,01     - 1200,2
         Moses Dunkan       2210,002    - 1011,01
   189   Sabra Dunkun       2001        - 0011,01
            (MAD: widow of David)
   205   Edward L. Scruggs  0000,01     - 0001
   206   Edward Scruggs     1010,1      - 1100,1

1840 Cumberland Co. VA Census
Pg.282   Wm. Duncan         0100,01     - 0000,1

1850 Cumberland Co. VA Census
Pg.292, #147, John DUNKUM 30 VA carpenter
                  Betsey 22 VA
                  Mollie 8, Jinney (f) 6 VA
                  Burleigh (m) 4, John 2 VA
Pg.292, #152, Moses DUNKUM 28 VA wheelwright
                  Mary 24 VA
                  Virginia WHEELER (f) 26 VA
Pg.295, #193, Sabres DUNKUM (f) 50 VA $180
                  Lucy 16, Stephan 14 VA
                  (MAD: Sabres the widow of David)
Pg.299, #251, Everet? CARTER 24 VA farmer $300
                  Sarah 40 VA
                  Elizabeth DUNKIOM 40 VA
                  Carter GILLIAM (m) 24 VA none
Pg.312, #443, Nancy DUNKUM 50 VA $1120
                  Willis 26, Benjamin 22 VA
                  Mary 17, Lucy 15 VA
                  (MAD: Nancy the widow of ? Moses; Willis in 1860 Amelia Co. VA census)
Pg.321, #601, John DUNKUM 28 VA overseer
                  Mahala 26 VA
                  Lewis REYNOLDS 60 VA MULATTO cooper
                  (MAD: mar. 1846 Powhattan Co. VA; 1860 Nottoway Co. VA census)

1860 Cumberland Co. VA Census
Oak Forest P.O.
Pg.922, #28-28, John DUNKUM 47 VA laborer $0-$100
                  Elizabeth J. 30 VA
                  John F. 8, Susan 7 VA
                  Bettie (f) 5, Levi 3 VA
Pg.926, #56-56, B.C. DUNKUM (m) 24 VA farmer $1800-$2600
                  Nancy 60 VA domestic
                  Mary J. 18 VA domestic
Columbia P.O.
Pg.957, #290-293, George NEWTON 40 VA farmer $0-$250
                  Elizabeth 40 VA
                  George H. 6 VA
                  Michael TUCKER 50 VA laborer
                  Elizabeth DUNKUM 40 VA
                  F.M. FLANNAGAN (m) 68 VA laborer
                  Charles MEREWETHER 13, Sarah E. 15 VA
                  James M. DUNCAN 21 VA laborer
Cartersville P.O.
Pg.962, #335-338, Mat. ANDERSEN (m) 60 VA Oreslin? $0-$0
                  John E. DUNCAN 21 VA steer keeper?
                  Tho. O. SANDAGE 17 VA steer keeper?
                  Henry BAGBY 66 VA laborer

1870 Cumberland Co. VA Census
Hamilton Twp.
Pg.3, #28-30, DUNKUM, Benjamin 46 VA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Ann 28 VA keeping house
                  Calvin 4, Lina (f) 2 VA
                  [DUNKUM,] Albert 16 VA BLACK laborer
Pg.7-8, #93-97, FLEMING, Andrew 46 VA (white) farmer
                  Lisebeth 28 VA keeping house
                  Luola (f) 14 VA at home
                  Nannie 12 VA at home
                  William 3, Sally 2 VA
                  FLEMING, Samuel 5/12 VA b.Feby.
                  DUNCUAN?, Bitsey 56 VA (white) at home
                  CREEK, Mary 20 VA BLACK cook
                  Lottey (f) 2 VA BLACK
                  (MAD: indexed Betsy DUNCUM)
Pg.13, #164-170, PENDLETON, Elijah 38 VA (white) farmer
                  Lucy 27 VA keeping house
                  Louisa 3/12 VA b.May
                  [PENDLETON,] Namie (f) 20 VA BLACK cook
                  CRUMP, John 50 VA BLACK farm laborer
                  Sally 65 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Edie (m) 8/12 VA BLACK b.Feb.
                  DUNCAN, Bettsey (sic) (f) 60 VA BLACK at home
                  Mary 18 VA BLACK cook
                  Charlotte 2 VA BLACK
Pg.18, #226-236, DUNCUM, Willis 52 VA (white) farmer $120-$200
                  Mary 35 VA keeping house
                  Ella 7, William 3 VA
                  ANDERSON, Lucy 33 VA (white) at home
                  Ann 10, Walter 9 VA
                  FORTER, Elira (f) 56 VA (white) at home
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Amelia Co. VA census)
Madison Twp.
Pg.71, #423-475, DUNKUM, Joseph 36 VA BLACK farmer $72-$150
                  Ann 36 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Octavia 14, George 11 VA BLACK at work
                  BOOKER, Major? (m) 20 VA BLACK farm laborer
Pg.72, #430-482, DUNKUM, John H. 53 VA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Lisebeth 45 VA keeping house
                  Mary 26 VA at work
                  John 21 VA farmer
                  Susan 14 VA at work
                  Lisebeth 16 VA at work
                  Levy 12 VA at home
                  GUENT? (GRENT?), Richard 11 VA (white) at home


Cumberland Co. VA Wills Index 1749-1949 (FHL film 30,737)
      Benja. Dunkum, Inv. 7-87 rec. 5/27/1822; Est. settle 8-13 rec. 9/27/1824
      John Dunkum, will 8-333 rec. 9/24/1827; est. settle. 8-630 1/25/1830; 9-221 4/27/1835
      Moses Dunkum, Inv. 10-77 rec. 7/1838; est. settle. 10-173 rec. 11/25/1839
      No John H. or Jenny Parker (MAD: Jenny the widow of John Duncan d. 1824, William d. 1846 & John d.1855 of Albemarle still due a small inheritance from father's estate, mention of step-mother.)

Cumberland Co. VA Will Books With Inventories and Accounts (FHL film 30,738)
      Will Book 1, 1749-1769 - no Duncan
      Will Book 2, 1769-1792, Restored by DAR 1937 - no Duncan, no Phelps indexed; pgs.482-483 are very faint in areas, spelling is eratic.
            Book 2, Pg.482: Will of Samuel Phelps of Cumberland Co., dated 5 Aug. 1790; to my grandson William Jones? Watkins (Wm. James? Watkins), my Baker barrell gun; to my dau. Pegge Wattkins (Peggeth? Watkins), 50 acres of land where she now lives to be laid of jyning Witbons & Henry Perkins line, and lend her one Negro girl Leucy, after her deceast the sd. gall & her increase to be equally devided amon her livin chirdren begot of her body; to my dau. Elizabeth dunkin 84 acres of land to be laid of jineing Charles Conners? (Consars?) (Cannons?) land, and I lend her one Negro garl naimed Judah in trust not to be sod nor hired, and after the deceast of Elibeth dunkin to her liveing children begot of her body; to my dau. Sarah Conor 50 acres in Macklinburgh Co. to be laid of jineing John Chamberlains land & the Sottre? lands and lend her one Negro boy named David ... then to her children; lend my dau. Patty Phelps one Negro boy named Isaac ... then to her children; lend Nancy Phelps (no relationship given) one Negro garl named Dilcey then to her children; lend Polly Phelps (no relationship given) one Negro girl Agga then to her living children; lend my granddau. Masey Burros one Negro boy Jefrey and if she dies without living children, then to her mother Elizabeth dunkin; lend my wife Elizabeth (blotted) of the land and plantation, stocks, cattle, (etc.) and lend her 5 Negroes named Lonon?, old hannar, young Hannar, Fanney, Napper, ... after her decease the land and plantation equally divided among my three daus. Patty Phelps, Nancy Phelps, and Polly Phelps, and I lend Patty Phelps, Polly Phelps and Nancy Phelps four negros named Loun?, old hanar, young hannar and Napper and their increase (and farm tools, etc.); and to my dau. Maryann Peck 50 acres in Macklenburgh Co. that her grandmother Mary Chamberlin lives on after her death; after my wife Elizabeth Phelps decease I lend her one negro named Nancy?? (faint) then to her children (faint) in Mechlinburgh Co. [land over that given is to be sold and money used to pay accounts]. (faint) Appoint John Phelps of Charles Co. and ??? execs. (MAD: second executor said to be Elizabeth Phelps by another source). Wit. John Raine Junr (Reynolds: Rains), Francis Hurt, Richard Dagnell (Reynolds: Dagnall). Proved 26 Oct. 1870. Bondsmen Samuel Williams, Jehill?? Conan?? (faint), Milles Woodson.

Cumberland Co. VA Wills
      5-198: Will of George (X) Anderson of Cumberland Co., 12 Aug. 1816; to wife Jenney the land and plantation (cannot read interline) which I bought of Jeffrey Ghaton? etc. and all my negroes, cattle, etc, and all household furniture, crops. My wife at any time when she may see fit may move down to the lands I bought of Mr. Robertson & Wilson, and may sell the lands and plantation on which I now reside which I suppose may contain 180 acres more or less and the proceeds of the sale divide, giving to her one third part and the balance to be equally divided among all my children or their representatives, that is, the child or children of my deceased child stand in the place of his father or mother; also that my executors at that time or any other time when required by my wife, divide such part of the slaves or the goods & chattels as she may require among all of my children and their representatives as above stated. The tract of land I bought of Edward Bot?tson? (Robertson?) which may contain about 30 acres my executors should sell and divide the money amongst all of my children & their representatives. That all of my estate left to my wife except my negroe boy Sam be equally divided amongst all of my children & their representatives at the death of my wife. The negroe boy Sam I give to my wife Jenney to be disposed of as she may see fit to any one or more of my child or children. The negroe boy Daniel which I gave to my son David to be taken into account with his children and they be charged with $500 to come out of their part of my estate at the division thereof. Appoint my son Levin Anderson and my son in law William Dunkum my execs. Wit. William Wilson, John Anderson. Court Oct. 1816, will of George Anderson proved by subscribing witnesses and Wm. Duncan, one of the executors named, made oath and certified to obtain probate. (FHL film 30,739) (MAD: Estate of George Anderson, bef. 8/1825; estate division incl. 112a to children of Wm. Dunken & to Lewis Anderson, which Duncan of Albemarle Co. & Lewis Anderson of Nelson Co. deeded (Cumberland Co. Deed 18-62) to Chesley Anderson of Cumberland Co.; Wm. Dunkum mar. Phebe Anderson 1805, surety George Anderson.)
      7-87: Court 27 May 1822; 19 Feb. 1822, inv. of estate of Benj. Dunkum included one bedstead, etc. (FHL film 30,740)
      8-13: Court 27 Sept. 1824; Settlement of Benj. Dunkum by Saml. Wilson, admr; no distribution shown. (FHL film 30,740)
      8-280: Estate of George Anderson settled by William Dunkin, 1826 court, 1827 settlement (FHL film 30,740)
      8-333: 2 Nov 1824, will of John Dunkum of Cumberland Co. VA, in common health; wife Jenny Dunkum land I now live on, 250 acres during life, and a field adj. lands of Jenny Anderson, Moses Dunkum, John Wilson and estate of Jeffery Robertson decd; to wife negroes then to my children Francis W. Dunkum and James B. Dunkum or survivor if they die with no heirs; wife to have 1/3 of stock; other 2/3 sold and proceeds divided; wife to have half the personal estate; the other half sold; lend to dau. Betsey Dunkam negro girl Nancy and bed, then to son-in-law Joseph Jenkins; to my two grandchildren Mary Dunkam and John Dunkam children of my son Jonas Dunkam, $450, when 21 or marry; to son Jonas $10; to son-in-law John Blanton $1; to six grandchildren $300, children of my son Ben Dunkam: Jenny Dunkum $50, Joannah Dunkum $50, Polly Dunkum $50, Betsey Dunkum $50, John Dunkum $50, Sally Dunkum $50; to son William Dunkum $500; to son James Burley Dunkum $500; to son Moses Dunkam the land adj. him after death of my wife; at her death, the land I now live on to be sold and money divided as hereafter named. Rest to be divided into 6 equal parts. One part to Sally Jenkins, one to William Dunkum, one to John Dunkum, one to David Dunkum, one to Moses Dunkum, one to be divided between Francis W. and James B. Dunkum. Appoint son William Dunkum, John Dunkum and Joseph Jenkins executors. Wit. John Hatcher, Sarah Hobson Hill, Mary M. Hatcher. Proved 24 Sept. 1827. Joseph Jenkins appointed executor, securities Saml. Hatcher, Thomas H. Walton, John Blanton, William A. Miller. (FHL film 30,740)
      8-630, Court 25 Jan. 1830, settlement of John Duncan's estate; settled payment 25 May 1827; settled 17 June 1829; settlement continues to page 633 (not copied) (FHL film 30,740)
      9-221: Court 27 April 1835, John Duncan's estate in account with Joseph Jenkins. Includes: to cash paid Geo. McDaniel, Jonas A?utright, William ?. Miller, Moses Dunkum, Edward Teniggs?, Randolph Baugham, Sheriff land tax, Ticketts, Edward S. Scruggs, George Mathews; July 5 1833 Wm. Anderson for Robinson $10, Oct. 24 1833 Joseph Fugua $90, Oct. 1 1830 Elizabeth Dunkum $50, Oct. 1 1830 Sally Dunkum $50, Feb. 18 1833 John Dunkum $50; Feb. 19 1833 to cash paid Mary Dunkum part of her legacy, $213.60; ditto to John Dunkum, $26.92; to John H. Parker guardian for Jas. B?. Dunkum, $293.40. To commisions allowed on above accounts and on sale of land $88.15; March 29, 1932, Executor to pay Jane (Jame?) B. Dunkum $281.01; ditto to Mary Dunkum dau. of James Dunkum $95.06; executor to [pay] John Dunkum son of James Dunkum $281.70; executor to pay Jonas Dunkum $13.60, total $671.37. Jan. 1, 1830, land sold to ...; executor to pay to Sally Jenkins $70.76, William Dunkum, John Dunkum, David Dunkum, Moses Dunkum, John H. Tra?? guardian for Francis W. & James J?. Dunkum, $70.96, total $494.45? Settlement 25 March 1835, account of Joseph Jenkins exec. of Jno. Dunkum decd, with Thomas M. Powers?, Thomas D??, James ? Feg????; presented to court 27 April 1835, ordered recorded. (FHL film 30,741) (MAD: John and Mary were children of James Dunkum, not Jonas Dunkum.)
      10-77: Court July 1838; Inv. of Moses Dunkum taken 4 March 1835, included 5 beds & other items, total $447. (FHL film 30,741)
      10-173: Court 25 Nov. 1839; Settlement of Moses Dunkum; no purchasers shown; no distribution. (FHL film 30,741)

Cumberland Co. VA Circuit Court will book 1820-1887; Will Book 12-13 1852-1884 (FHL film 30,742)
      Circuit Court Will Book, 1820-1887 - No Duncan
      Will Book 12-13, 1852-1884 - No pertinent deeds for heirs of Sabra Dunkum


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Cumberland Co. VA County Court Orders
   Vol. 1749-51, 1752-58, 1758-62 - no Duncan (FHL film 30,759)
   Vol. 1762-64 (FHL film 30,760)
      Pg.452: May, 1764, David Duncan vs. James Davis, In Trespass, Assault and Battery; Imparlance (granted).
      Pg.511: June, 1764, David Duncan vs. James Davis, In Trespass, Assault and Battery; Not guilty, and a fine.
   Vol. 1764-67 - no Duncan (FHL film 30,760)
   Vol. 1767-70 (FHL film 30,761)
      Pg.323: 24 April 1769, Charles Duncan vs. Thomas Moore, In Case. Jesse Moore posted bond for Thomas Moore, who cannot deny pltf's (Duncan's) action for £7.19.9-1/2; plaintiff to recover.
   Vol. 1770-72, 1772-74 - no Duncan (FHL film 30,761)
   Vol. 1774-78 - no Duncan (FHL film 30,762)
   Vol. 1779-84 (FHL film 30,762)
      Pg.6: 22 Feb. 1778, Deed from John Duncomb and wife Mary to Thomas Holland ack.
      Pg.102: 23 Nov. 1779, Jacob Duncan witness for Joseph Clark in suit of George Webb exec. &c of Col. Bowles Cocke, decd, vs. Joseph Clarke, in debt. Pltf (Webb) failed to prosecute. Duncan paid 196 lbs tobacco for 2 days attendance and once coming and returning 24 miles.
   Vol. 1784-86 (FHL film 30,762)
      Pg.93: 27 July 1784, John Duncomb pltf vs. James Austin, In Case. Non assumpset & issue.
      Pg.266: 30 March 1785, John Duncomb pltf vs. James Austin, In Case. Continued per pltf.
      Pg.329: 26 April 1785, John Duncomb pltf vs. James Austin, In Case. Referred to determination of Samuel Ayres and John Montague Gent. to decide.
      Pg.437: 24 Oct. 1785, John Duncomb pltf vs. James Austin, In Case. Pltf. (Duncomb) recover costs; suit dismissed.
      Pg.490: 26 Oct. 1785, James Dunkin a witness for Seth Cason vs. Benajah Thompson, In Case; paid 390 lbs. tobacco for 6 days attendance and twice coming and return 30 miles.
   Vol. 1786-88 (FHL film 30,763)
      Pg.109: 29 Aug. 1786, John Duncombe vs. Harrison Jones; Walter Keeble posted bond for Jones; former judgment set aside, asks for trial.
      Pg.182: 28 Nov. 1786, John Duncombe vs. Harrison Jones; referred to Henry Daniel and William Clark to settle.
      Pg.220: 26 March 1787, John Duncombe vs. Harrison Jones; previous order set aside, case continued.
      Pg.329: 30 May 1787, John Duncombe vs. Harrison Jones; jury trial; jury found the deft. (Jones) at fault, assessed damages £6.8.2. and costs.
   Vol. 1788-92 (FHL film 30,763)
      Pg.6: 25 Aug. 1788, John Dunkum vs. Jones Robinson, In Debt; Edward Robinson posted bond; previous office judgement set aside, deft. (Robinson) said he paid the debt.
      Pg.112: 28 May 1789, John Dunkum vs. Jones Robinson, In Debt; Pltf (Dunkum) recover £14.10.7 and interest from 23 April 1788.
      Pg.198: 28 Dec. 1789, John Dunkum vs. Jones Robinson, In Debt; Sheriff per writ of firie facias had taken negro girl Fan, the bond forfeits 7 Aug. 1789, the deft. was given notice, plaintiff is to have execution (sheriff to sell slave to pay debt).
      Pg.392: May 1791, George Duncan vs. William Barksdale, In Debt; debt of £36, pltf. (Duncan) to recover £18 with interest from 21 Feb. 1791.
   Vol. 1792-97 (FHL film 30,764)
      Pg.104: July 1793, that George Duncan, Jesse Bolling, John Starkey and Jesse Anderson were summoned as jurors but failed to appear, each fined 400 lbs tobacco & costs.
   Vol. 1797-1801 (FHL film 30,764) (MAD: Duncan & Turnbull matters not copied; see Chesterfield & Prince George Co. VA)
      Pg.167: 25 Oct.1798, Charles Duncan a witness for Cheatham Puckett in case of Southall vs. Puckett, allowed $2.98 for 2 days attendance and twice coming and returning 12 miles.
      Pg.216: 23 April 1799, Charles Duncan a witness for Cheatham Puckett in case of Southall vs. Puckett, allowed $1.70 for 1 days attendance and coming and returning 15 miles.
      Pg.285: 29 Oct. 1799, Charles Duncan a witness for Cheatham Puckett in case of Southall vs. Puckett, allowed $1.73 for 1 days attendance and coming and returning 15 miles.
      Pg.350: 30 April 1800, Charles Duncan a witness for Cheatham Puckett in case of Southall vs. Puckett, allowed $4.47 for 3 days attendance and three times coming and returning 12 miles.
   Vol. 1801-03 (FHL film 30,765)
      Pg.130: Feb. 1802, Edward Scruggs to pay Jacob Duncan $1.97 for one day attendance and traveling 36 miles in suit of John and Edward Cunningham.
      Pg.167: May 1802, Duncan vs. Richardson; abates by the pltf's death.
            Armistead vs. Scruggs; abates by the deft's death.
            Scruggs vs. Saunderson; abates by pltf's death.
            (other Scruggs cases did not abate; first names not given)
      Pg.286: 26 Oct. 1802, Edward Scruggs to pay Jacob Duncan $1.81 for 1 days attendance and travel of 32 miles in the suit of Cunningham & Greenant.
   Vol. 1803-07 (FHL film 30,765)
      Pg.199: 26 April 1805, deed from John Duncome to Joseph Jenkins ack.
            Jacob Duncan a witness for Edward Scruggs, paid one day and 32 miles.
      Pg.296: 27 Feb. 1806, Jacob Duncan, for Wm. Daniel, vs. George Southall, debt; $120 judgement, Southall to pay $60.
      Pg.467: 23 Feb. 1807, Duncan vs. Lockland &c, dismissed at cost of plaintiff.


Cumberland and Buckingham Co. VA Information (from Ruby Talley Smith 7/1985 with permission to share with others)
   Oakwood Methodist Church, Cumberland Co. VA Cemetery:
      John Richard Duncan, Sept. 12, 1908 - Dec. 15, 1971
         Ida Pearl Duncan, Jan. 12, 1913 - blank
      Minnie G. Duncan, Oct. 18, 1875 - Apr. 4, 1920
      Robert M. Duncan, Nov. 21, 1874 - Jun 22, 1950
      James Henry Duncan, Dec. 12, 1871 - Nov. 25, 1919
   Fork of Willis Church, Cumberland Co. VA Cemetery:
      ----? Allen Garret Duncan, Aug. 8, 1858 - Oct. 14, 1921 (RTS: can't read first name)
      Andrew Jackson Duncan, 1853 - 1906


Rockbridge Co. VA General Index to Marriage & Birth Registers A-K, 1778-1918 (index on FHL film 33,795; Register on FHL film 33,797)
      1A-337: Chas. E. Dunkum, age 23, single, b. Cumberland Co. MD (sic; see VA), father A. Dunkum, mother S. Dunkum, married Rebecca E. Cook, age 15, b. Rockbridge Co., father Geo. Cook, mother M?. Cook; married 22 April 1877

Albemarle Co. VA Deeds (Duncan/Hall/Scruggs notes of Sue Harris, included with permission)
      2-90: 8 March 1759, Geo. Duncan and wife Anne to Richard Perkins of Cumberland Co., for 150 lbs, 200 acres both sides Hardware adj. Jno. Stevens. Pat. to Hugh Morris 13 June 1743. Wit. Jacob Oglesby, Wm. Oglesby, Jesse Attkisson.

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of Hamilton, Knox and Shelby Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.3)
      Pg.950: Knox Co.: J.C. Duncan, manager of the Western Union Telegraph Co., and also manager of the E. TN Telephone Co. of Knoxville, was born in Cumberland Co. VA in 1840. When 18 years of age he began to learn telegraphy. During the war he was with the Army of TN as an operator. In the year 1866 he came to Knoxville and took charge of the Western Union Telegraph office, which position he has held ever since. He has been a student and experimenter of electrical and phonetic science, and since 1880 Mr. Duncan has been manager for the East TN Telephone Co. of Knoxville. For a companion through life he chose Miss Fannie J., daughter of Gen. Joseph A. Brooks, and this union was blessed by the birth of two sons. Mr. Duncan is an honest, straightforward business man, and as such is appreciated by his many friends. He has been in the telegraph service 29 years.

1913 "A History of TN and Tennesseans" 7 vol., by Hale (from Evelyn Sigler 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Pg.1332: Josiah C. Duncan, d. Knoxville [Knox Co. TN] Aug. 1, 1911, b. Cumberland Co. VA 1840. Was a telegrapher, served in the War Between the States, organized and established the East Tennessee Telephone Co. at Knoxville. Married Mrs. Fannie J. Brooks, dau. of Gen. Joseph A. Brooks. Had 4 sons. (MAD: b. Goochland Co. VA per 1850 census, 1850 Campbell Co. VA, 1860 Washington Co. TN)


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