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Culpeper Co. VA Deed Indexes 1749-1913 (FHL film 30,939 and FHL film 30,941)
GRANTEE INDEX, pg. 423-424, Book A to D (FHL film 30,941)
      A-1,2: Duncan, Wm. from Kinkead, Dana & wife, B&S, 4/15&17/1749
      C-494: Duncan, Chas. Jr. from Grant, Trustees, Sublease, 5/21/1761
      D-18: Duncan, Jno. from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 4/7/1762
      D-180: Duncan, Wm. Jr. from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 2/17/1763
      D-584: Duncan, Chas. from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 3/21/1765
      E-547: Duncan, Rawley from Duncan, Wm. & wife, Gift, 7/21/1768
      F-415: Duncan, Rice from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 3/16/1772
      F-417: Duncan, Jos. from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 3/16/1772
      G-318: Duncan, Jos. from Browning, Chas. & Frances Admx(?), B&S, 8/15/1774
      G-455: Duncan, Jos. from Washborn, Jno. & wife, B&S, 8/18/1774
      G-492: Duncan, Jas. from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 12/13/1774
      K-173: Duncan, Saml from Dillard, Wm., Agreement, 5/1/1780
      K-331: Duncan, Jas/Jos from Duncan, Wm., Gift, 5/1/1781
      M-320: Duncan, Chas. from Dillard, Geo., Gift, 8/17/1784
      O-510: Duncan, Jos. from Browning, Frances & (faint) Exrs., B&S, 2/14/1789
      P-492: Duncan, Jno. from Duncan, Jos., Agreement, 5/21/1790
      P-554: Duncan, Jas. from Duncan, Wm. Sr., Gift, 5/15/1790
      Q-405: Duncan, Frances from Strother, Frances, P/Atty, 11/26/1791
      R-104: Duncan, Jas. from Roberts, Jno. Sr., B&S, 9/17/1792
      R-212: Duncan, Jos., from Pendleton, Jas. & wife, B&S, 1/27/1793
      R-238: Duncan, Jas. Jr., from Philips, Philip, B&S, 12/31/1792
      R-362: Duncan, Nimrod from Covington, Robt. & wife, B&S, 9/16/1793
      R-558: Duncan, Geo, from Duncan, Jos & Frances heir at law, P/Atty, 1/4/1794
      S-73: Duncan, Reuben, Wm., Jas., Willis, Frances, Mary Ann & Sarah, from Duncan, Jas., Gift, 9/10/1794
      S-212: Duncan, Chas. Hume from Covington, Robt & wife, B&S, 7/16/1792
      T-32: Duncan, Jas. from Strother, Jos. & wife, B&S, 10/17/1796
      T-230: Duncan, Geo. from Duncan, Jos., Gift, 9/18/1797
      T-255: Duncan, Frederick from Slaughter, Frances by Atty, B&S, 1/15/1798
      T-293: Duncan, Nimrod from Covington, Robt., Bill of Sale, 10/27/1793
      T-337: Duncan, Frederick from Slaughter, Frances Atty, B&S, 4/16/1798
      U-195: Duncan, Frederick from Duncan, Wm. Sr., P/Atty, 11/12/1798
      U-415: Duncan, Wm. Jr. from Roberts, Wm. & Duncan, Wm. Sr. wife & als, B&S, 10/19/1799
      U-478: Duncan, Frederick from Duncan, Wm. Sr. wife &als, P/Atty, 12/10/1799
      X-12: Duncan, Gollop from Mathews, Elisha & wife, B&S, 6/8/1802
      X-307: Duncan, Geo. from Threlkeld, Danl., Bill of Sale, 5/10/1802
      Y-145: Duncan, Geo. from Threlkeld, Danl. & wife, B&S, 3/4/1803
      Y-295: Duncan, Jas. from Payton, Isaiah, Mortgage, 10/1/1803
      AA-111: Duncan, Jas. from Little, Sarah G.., B&S, 9/14/1805
      AA-294: Duncan, Jas. from Cannon, Jno. & wife, B&S, 1/20/1806
      BB-171: Duncan, Jas. from Dannon, Jno. & wife, B&S, 2/14/1807
      EE-486 & 489: Duncan, Frederick from Duncan, Wm. & wife, Jno. & wife, Jas?. Atty for Elizabeth widow & Extr of Benj. Duncan Decd, B&S, 9/21/1811, 9/2/1811
      EE-499: Duncan, Jas. from Duncan, Elizabeth widow & Extr of Benj. Duncan, Decd, P/Atty, 6/-/1811 (no day)
      GG-28: Duncan, Jas. from White, Presley J. Jno. & wifes & als, and from Allen, Nusman? & wife, Elizabeth C & c?, B&S, 6/7/1813
      GG-241: Duncan, Jas. from Butler, Spencer & wife, B&S, 12/10/1814
      GG-275: Duncan, Jas. Trus. for Danl Brown, from Menefee, Henry, DT, 12/1/1814
      GG-416: Duncan, Frederick from Gaunt, Jos. & wife, B&S, 8/21/1805
      HH-106: Duncan, Jas. Admrs. from Miller, Wm. wife & als, and from Little, Abraham, Isaac & als (2 deed?), B&S, 4/7/1817
      HH-266: Duncan, Darcus from Browning, Jans? Heirs?, B&S, 3/22/1816
      II-3: Duncan, Jas. Admx from Embrey, Jas. & wife, B&S, 4/7/1817
      II-12: Duncan, Jas. Heirs, from Duncan, Jas. Admx, B&S, 5/17/1817
      II-221: Duncan, Jas. Heirs & ch. from Browning, Wm. W., B&S, 11/21/1817
      II-239: Duncan, Jas. Admrs from Miller, Wm. & wife, Relinquish., 12/2/1817
      KK-183: Duncan, Jas. Heirs from Browning, Jno. D. wife & Chas. D., B&S, 5/18/1818
      MM-197: Duncan, Dorcas & als, from Browning, Oliver W. & wife, B&S, 4//1820 (day blank)
      MM-237: Duncan, Jas. Admx from Browning, Jno. D., Release, 4/6/1821
      NN-276: Duncan, Marshall's Trustee from Conan?, Reuben, DT, 3/5/1822
      PP-197: Duncan, Frederick from Browning, Lloyd D. & wife, B&S, 3/12/1823
      QQ-419: Duncan, Frederick from Browning, Frances R., B&S, 4/6/1824
      SS-122: Duncan, Jno. from Dorris, Wm. J. & Sally, B&S, 7/19/1825
      SS-487: Duncan, Jas. & als from Browning, Frances S., B&S, 4/13/1826
      TT-274: Duncan, Jno. H. from Cannon, Reuben & wife, B&S, 5/19/1827
      TT-435: Duncan, Lewis from Duncan, Dorcus, B&S, 8/27/1827
      UU-252: Duncan, Jno. H. from Duncan, Lewis & wife, B&S, 4/22/1828
      UU-278: Duncan, Jno. H. from Henson, Tho.? & wife, B&S, 5/16/1828
      UU-423: Duncan, Jno. H. from Fletcher, Wm., Release, 3/31/1827
      UU-474: Duncan, Dorcas from Duncan, Lewis & wife, B&S, 10/16/1828
      VV-402: Duncan, Jno.? H. Trustee from Payton, Isaiah, DT, 5/18/1829
      WW-364: Duncan, Edw. P. from Duncan, Frederick & wife, Gift, 1/25/1830
      XX-171: Duncan, Hiram from Duncan, Jno. H., B&S, 7/27/1830
      XX-417: Duncan, Jno. from Spilman, Meriwether's Atty, and from McDonald, Edwin Atty, B&S (2 deeds?), 3/17/1831
      YY-23: Duncan, Edward from Turner, Zephaniah wife & Jno., B&S, 5/24/1831
      YY-69: Duncan, Edward P. from Triplett, Wm. H., B&S, 7/25/1831
      2-244: Duncan, Wm. & c from Duncan, Robt B., Edy & Lucy, P/Atty, 8/25/1834
      4-363: Duncan, Eldridge from Browning, Wm. & wife, B&S, 8/16/1839
      6-164: Duncan, E.Y. from Browning, Wm. H. & wife, B&S, 1/22/1842
      6-289: Duncan, Jas. M. & als trustee from Smith, Thos., DT, 4/11/1843 (indexed; not found in deed book)
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GRANTOR INDEX, pg. ?, Book A to D (FHL film 30,939)
      See Grantee Index for Duncan to Duncan deeds
      A-484: Duncan, Wm. to Browning, Frances, B&S, 1/27/1753
      C-245: Duncan, Wm. & wife to Browning, Frances, B&S, 12/20/1759
      G-91: Duncan, Chas. to Boyle, Samsonville? & Co., mortgage, 9/15/1773
      G-92: Duncan, Rawley & wife to Strother, Jno., B&S, 9/20/1773
      G-284: Duncan, Wm. & Jno. & wife to Check?, Elijah, B&S, 6/20/1774
      H-301: Duncan, Wm. to Kinniard, Wm., Lease, 10/18/1776
      I-268: Duncan, Wm. & wife & als to Weaver, Philip, B&S, 5/17/1779
      K-284: Duncan, Jos. & als to Cannaday, Wm., Cont. Substitute, 8/23/1780
      M-73: Duncan, Jas. & wife to Roberts, Wm., B&S, 11/17/1783
      M-449: Duncan, Wm. Sr. & wife to Bywaters, Robt., B&S, 8/15/1785
      Q-1: Duncan, Jos. to Thompson, Philip R., B&S, 2/18/1780
      Q-351: Duncan, Wm. & wife to Black, Eleanor, B&S, 8/12/1791
      R-119: Duncan, Nimrod, Wm. & Chas. to Covington, Robt., Exchange, 5/30/1792
      R-241: Duncan, Jas. Jr. & wife to Walters, Geo., B&S, 4/11/1793
      R-445: Duncan, Js. with Browning, Isaac & als, and with Ferguson, Saml. & als (2 documents?), Agreement, 3/11/1793
      R-568: Duncan, Wm. & wife to Kinnard, David, B&S, 2/17/1794
      S-64, 66: Duncan, Jas. Jr. & wife to Wiley, Edward, B&S, 8/25/1798
      S-256: Duncan, James to Roberts, Jno. Jr., B&S, 4/1/1795
      V-400: Duncan, Joseph & wife to Virecarver?, Harman, B&S, 10/15/1800
      W-150: Duncan, William to Gordon, Peter, Mortgage, 12/1/1800
      EE-32: Duncan, Jos. to Yancey, Zacharas?, B&S, 3/17/1800
      FF-350: Duncan, Robt. to Colling, Andrew Trustee for Darnal Wood, Trust, 8/18/1812
      GG-199: Duncan, Taliaferro .... to Arnold, Elijah, B&S, 9/24/1811
      GG-473: Duncan, Chas. Exor to Coons, Wm., B&S, 10/21/1815
      GG-477: Duncan, Chas. Exor to Starke, Jas. T., B&S, 10/21/1815
      HH-305: Duncan, Darcus, to Browning, Jno. D trustee for Chas. H. Browning, Trust, 3/22/1816
      II-252: Duncan, Wm. & wife to Moffitt, Danl., B&S, 5/27/1817
      MM-212: Duncan, Wm. B. to Browning, Jno. D., B&S, 4/18/1821
      NN-14: Duncan, Wm. B. to Settle, Elijah, B&S, 4/27/1820
      NN-152: Duncan, Wm. B. to Roberts, Jno., B&S, 6/18/1821
      PP-51: Duncan, Jas. & als to Browning, Nicholas, B&S, 12/21/1822
      PP-134: Duncan, Jas. M. & als to Browning, Sarah, B&S, 12/21/1822
      PP-135: Duncan, Jas. M. & als to Morris, Jacob, B&S, 12/21/1822
      PP-150: Duncan, Marshall & als to Williams, Wm., Release, 10/28/1822
      QQ-455: Duncan, Susanna to House?, Aaron, B&S, 1/31/1824
      QQ-456: Duncan, Susanna to Hawkins, Saml, P/Atty, 11/13/1822
      RR-422: Duncan, Geo. & wife to Kemper, Jas., B&S, 1/19/1825
      SS-356: Duncan, Geo. & wife to Corbin?, Mitchison, B&S, 2/19/1826
      TT-291: Duncan, Jno. H. to Fletcher, Wm. Trustee, Trust, 3/31/1827
      UU-88: Duncan, Jno. H. to Peyton, John, B&S, 11/26/1829
      UU-284: Duncan, Lewis & wife to O'Bannon, Bryant, B&S, 4/22/1828
      UU-341: Duncan, Wm. C. to Smith, Presley N/A Trustee, Trust, 5/21/1828
      VV-285: Duncan, Hiram to Payton, Isaiah, B&S, 5/18/1829
      YY-311: Duncan, Enoch to Ficklen, Geo. Trustee, Trust, 2/21/1832
      YY-417: Duncan, Enoch to Mauzy, Fayette Trustee, Trust 4/28/1832
      ZZ-53: Duncan, John to Caynor?, John, B&S, 6/15/1832
      2-244: Duncan, Robt. B., Edy & Lucy to Duncan, Wm. & als, P/Atty, 8/25/1834
      2-244: Duncan, Robt. B., Edy & Lucy to Oldham, Jesse &als, P/Atty, 8/25/1834
      5-472: Duncan, John to Wood, Jno's Trustee, Trust, 6/22/1833
      7-70: Duncan, John to Jeffries, George Trustee, Mortgage, 5/9/1844
      10-290: Duncan, John J. & wife to Stout, Abel J., Deed, 1/27/1851
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