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Last revised September 18, 2003

Formed 1720 from Prince George, Isle of Wight, Surry
Amelia formed 1734 from Brunswick, Prince George
Lunenburg formed 1746 from Brunswick
Greensville formed 1780 from Sussex, Brunswick


1810 Brunswick Co. VA Census (very faint)
Pg.747  Nancy Dunkin           00000 - 00001

1820-1870 Brunswick Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Brunswick Co VA Wills (index 1732-1948 on FHL film 30,632)
      No Duncan estate indexed to at least 1880

Brunswick Co. VA Will (FHL film 30,633)
      3-483/5: 24 April 1767, will of Samuel Harwell (X) of St.Andrews Parish, Brunswick Co. (VA), sick and weak; to my wife Mary for life the land I now live on only to let my son Frederick have the liberty of working part of the land, likewise my household furniture and stocks of all kinds, likewise I lend my wife Mary the use of ... Negroes for life, namely Betty, Moll, Jenney, Sall, Fanny, Daniel; to my son James Harwell half the entry of land adj. land he now lives on to him & his heirs forever, likewise a negro woman Jean & her son? Staffon? with her future increase; to my son Samuel Harwell the other half of the entry of land adj. my son James to him & his heirs forever, likewise a negro girl Sall with her future increase after my wife's decease; to my dau. Mary a negro boy Daniel after my wife's decease; to my dau. Margaret after my wife's decease a negro woman Moll with her increase; to my dau. Catherine after my wife's decease a negro girl Fanney with her increase; to my dau. Drucilla a negro girl Hanna with her increase; to my son Frederick Harwell the plantation I now live on of 384 acres more or less, likewise 61 acres adj. Silvester Brenan? more or less & his lawful heirs forever, and for want of such heirs I give my son Samuel & heirs of his body; likewise I give to my son Frederick a negro boy Solomon, to my son Frederick after my wife's decease negro Betty & Faney? & their increase, likewise my household furniture & tools after my wife's decease and paying to my dau. Honora £20 cash. My intent that the legacies given my wife for life or widowhood and then descend to my chidren as their legacies, likewise the entry of land that I gave my son James as in lieu of some land I intended for him some time but likewise I give all the remaining part of my estate to my son Frederick; appoint my sons Samuel and Frederick executors. Wit. Isaac (+) Howze, John (+) Avery, William Edwards, Thomas Firth. Proved 25 May 1767 on oaths of Isaac Howze, William Edwards and Thomas Firth. (MAD: see Iredell Co. NC Deed for Harwell, C-274 & E-504, and Estate of Frederick Harwell, 1804, Jackson Harwell, admr. Heirs: Nancy Harwell, Joshua Gamlin, John Duncan, Rowell Honeycutt.)


Brunswick Co. VA Deeds (indexes 1732-1881 on FHL film 30,632)
      7-421: 22 Oct. 1763, James Parham of Brunswick Co. VA to Charles Duncan of Prince George Co., merchant, 160 lbs, mortgage of negroes. Wit. Robert Hicks, Robert Hicks Jr., Zachariah Sims. (FHL film 30,643)
      10-294: Duncan, Charles & Co. mortgage from William Smith, 1771 (not copied)
      17-302: Duncan, Charles from Benjamin Inry/Ivy & wife, 1798 (not copied)
      17-311: Duncan & Turnbull to Gray, Edwards, receipt, 1798 (not copied)
      17-444: 29 April 1799, Weatherington Preston to Nancy Duncan, both Brunswick Co. VA, for $20, negro girl Justiss? & all stock, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, beds, furniture. Wit. Daniel Brown, Charlotte Brown. (FHL film 30,648)
      Copied to 1856


Brunswick Co. VA Order Books
      Book 1, 1732-1741 (civil suits) - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 30,662)
      Book 20, 1803-1805 - Duncan & Turnbull, not copied (FHL film 30,670)
      Book 21, 1805-1806 - Duncan & Turnbull, not copied (FHL film 30,670)
      Book 22, 1806-1808 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 30,671)
      Book 23, 1809-1810 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 30,671)

Brunswick Co. VA Order Book 15, 1784-1792 (FHL film 30,667)
      OB 15, pg.432: 25 Oct. 1790, Absolem Bennett vs. Benjamin Phipps, Robert Westmoreland & Joseph Phipps, in case. On motion of Pltf (Bennett), commission awarded him to take depositions of Martha Duncan of State of NC and Mary Wright of same state and Co. of Wake, on giving 10 days legal notice of time and place of taking same. (pg.419, 8/25/1790, was first mention of this case)
      15-454: 25 Nov. 1790, Absolem Bennett vs. Benjamin Phipps, Robert Westmoreland & Joseph Phipps, in case. By consent of parties, all matters referred to determination of Thomas Edmunds and Joseph Mason and their umpire.
      15-585: 24 Aug. 1791, Absolem Bennett vs. Benjamin Phipps, Robert Westmoreland & Joseph Phipps, in case. Former order of court set aside, referred to Joseph Mason and Thomas Claiberne for judgment.
      No later mention of deposition of Martha Duncan.


Iredell Co. NC Deed (FHL film 19,178)
      E-504: 19 Nov. 1804, Jackson Harwell of Lincoln Co. NC, heir at law of Frederick Harwell decd. formerly of Brunswick Co. VA, for £1000, to James Houston, two tracts devised by Samuel Harwell of Brunswick Co. VA to my father Frederick Harwell, one tract of 484 acres, the other of 61 acres in "Granville" [Greensville] Co. formerly part of Brunswick (no states), see will of Samuel Harwell decd proven in Brunswick Co. court, for $500, transfer my right to a negro wench named Hannah in possession of John Moraldy? (Broreldy?) of Chatham Co. and her increase, and authorize James Huston to do all necessary to take land and negro into his possession; wit. A. Henderson jurat; proven by Archibald Henderson, Nov. 1804.


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