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Augusta Co. VA Deed Indexes
   Grantor Index 1745-1930 (FHL film 30,334)
      5-435, 436: 16 Aug. 1753, Andrew and Jane Duncan to John Wilson, B & S, Release
      8-388, 390: 19 Aug. 1760, Andrew and Jean Duncan to Samuel Lindsey, Lease & Release
      21-354, 356: 19 Nov. 1776, Andrew Duncan to John Brown, B & S, release
      32-1: 27 Sept. 1801, heirs of Andrew Duncan to John C. Baskins, B & S
      32-11: 27 Sept. 1802, Heirs of Andrew Duncan Sr. to James Craig, P of A
      46-440: 29 Aug. 1822, George and Peggy Duncan et al to Violetta Mauzey, B & S
      Next deeds 1886
   Grantee index (FHL film 30,338)
      2-173, 175: 18 May 1749, Andrew Duncan from William Syers, B&S, Release
      7-373, 374: 18 Nov. 1756, Andrew Duncan from John and Ann Walker, B & S, release
      7-482, 484: 16 Nov. 1757, Andrew Duncan from Francis McCown, B&S, release
      Next deed 1868

Augusta Co. VA Deeds
      2-173: 24 Oct. 1748, William Taylor to Andrew Duncan, lease and release, 232 acres Beverly Manor, part of 1546 acres bought of Patt? Campbell from Wm. Beverly, 1738 (year), etc. Wit. James Mitchell, John Patterson. Pg.176, release of 200 acres. (FHL film 30,342; did not copy amount of money)
      5-435: 15 May 1753, Andrew Duncan and Jane (X) his wife to John Wilson, cordwainer, 232 acres (above land), s.e. side of (?) commonly called the South Rivers?. Pg.436, release for £110. No Wit. (FHL film 30,344)
      7-373, 374: 18 Nov. 1756, John Walker and wife Ann (X) to Andrew Duncan, lease of 190 acres (release for £100), part of estate of Benjamin Borden decd, west side of Walkers Creek, James Mores' corner. Wit. Robert Patrick, James Trimble. (FHL film 30,344)
      7-482: 15 Nov. 1757, Frances (F) McCown and Margret his wife (no sig.) to Andrew Duncan, lease of 317 acres (release for £140), land conveyed to McCown from Benjamin Borden Jur. decd, south side Moffets Creek, Joseph Kennedy's and Samuel Steel's land. Wit. Saml. Huston, Robt. Brown, Petteer Wallace. (FHL film 30,344)
      8-388, 390: 18 Aug. 1760, Andrew Duncan (and Jean (X) Duncan) to Samuel Lindsey, lease (release for £100.10), 190 acres west side Walkers Creek, corner Alexander Walker, Js. Moores corner. No wit. (FHL film 30,345)
      21-354, 356: 25 March 1776, Andrew Duncan (no wife) to John Brown, lease (release for £500), 317 acres on south side Moffetts Creek, corner Andrew Kenedy's land, Samuel Steeles line. Wit. Charles Campbell, John Marshall, Robert Wardlow, John Brown, Alexander Wilson. (FHL film 30,350)
      32-1: 25 Sept. 1802 from Samuel Buchanan and wife Elizabeth, John Edmondson and wife Jennet, of Davidson County, David Craig and wife Mary of Blount County, John McKinney and wife Jane of Williamson County and state of TN by James Craig their attorney in fact duly appointed and James Brownlee and wife Florence of Augusta Co. and State of Virginia, heirs and legatees of Andrew Duncan decd, to John Craig Baskins of Augusta Co., VA, for $450, 165 acres by estimation, beg. side of hill Hugh Torbets corner, John Hawess (Hawps?) corner. No Wit. (FHL film 30,354)
      32-11: 15 July 1802, power of attorney from Samuel & Elizabeth Buchanan, John and Jennet Edmondson, and John and Jane McKinney to James Craig to sell land. Ack. in Davidson Co. by Buchanans, Edmondsons, and McKinneys. (FHL film 30,354)
      46-440: 6 March 1822, Charles Kemper and wife Susannah, George Duncan and wife Peggy, Michael Mauzy and Joseph Mauzy, heirs of Thomas Mauzy, to Violetta Mauzy, for $800, sell right, title, etc., which they inherited from said Thomas Mauzy, decd, land in Augusta Co. on waters of Long Meadows, 12 acres, land which Thomas Mauzy purchased from Jacob Crous and Rosannah his wife (no day) March 1820. All signed, no witnesses. Reg. in Fauquier Co., VA, for Kempers, Culpeper Co. for Duncans, Augusta Co. for Mauzys. (FHL film 30,359)

Augusta Co. VA Deeds
      MAD: Deed 10/16/1746, Alexander Douglas to Andrew Duncan conveys a tract in Beverly Manor, 233 acres joining Patrick Campbell's and Charles Campbell's and Brownlee's land, and a tract known as the Pine Run where Francis Beatty once lived, 230 acres. Witnesses: Robert and John Cunningham. (referred to in court suit). Wanted book and page where deed recorded.
      1-534: 21 May 1748, Alexander Douglas to Alex. Ritchey ... (FHL film 30,341; no earlier deed from Alexander Douglas to Andrew Duncan)
      (MAD: This 1746 deed perhaps not recorded in deed book series)
      MAD: wanted deeds for Hugh Torbet, John Haws, neighbors to 165 acres in grantor deed 32-1, Andrew Duncan's heirs in 1802, land adj. Torbet & Haws.
      10-444, 447: Phillip Haws -- no Duncan neighbor mentioned (FHL film 30,346)
      28-335, 443: 1795, no Duncan neighbor mentioned (FHL film 30,353)
      31-444: 1802, no Duncan neighbor mentioned (FHL film 30,354)
      33-156: No Duncan neighbor mentioned (FHL film 30,355)
      33-540: 1806 Hugh Torbett grantor, on South River by Greenville (FHL film 30,355)

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