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Alexandria City Formed 1801 from Fairfax Co.
Became part of District of Columbia
Alexandria Co. Formed 1847 from Fairfax Co.
Name changed to Arlington Co. in 1920
See also Richmond Co. VA


1830 and 1840 Alexandria City, VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Alexandria City & Co. VA Census
Pg.348, #664, John HOWELL 33 VA hatter
                  Elizabeth 32 VA, ch. 12-1
                  James A. DUNCAN 35 VA hatter
                  Mary E. 27 MD
                  Helen V. 8 MD
                  (MAD: 1860 Frederick Co. VA census)
Pg.396, #---, boarding house in Alexandria town
                  William A. DUNKAN 23 Ireland clerk
                  (MAD: 1860 Prince William Co. VA census)

1860 Alexandria City & Co. VA Census
Pg.702, #152-143, John H. LOPER 27 MD shoemaker $0-$50
                  Matilda 24 VA
                  William 6 VA
                  Ed. DUNCAN (m) 4 VA
                  Mary 2, Infant (f) 3/12 VA
                  Elizabeth HUNTINGDON 18 VA domestic
Pg.771, #674-674, Edward PATTERSON 30 IRE soapmaker $0-$40 ($60?)
                  Ann 26 IRE
                  Mary 12, James 2 IRE
                  Catharine 3/12 IRE
Pg.771, #674-675, John DUNCAN 29 IRE laborer $0-$25
                  Martha 23 IRE
                  Harriet 2/12 VA
Pg.772, #663-685, Jas. DUNCAN 35 IRE laborer $500-$50
                  Ann 31 IRE
                  Elizabeth 5, William 3 VA
                  James 10/12 VA
                  Elizabeth WILKINS 70 IRE
                  William DUNCAN 38 IRE laborer
Pg.842, #1113-1222, Paytin C. BARTLETT 45 VA laborer $0-$20
                  Isabella 28 VA
                  John 7, Fanny 5 VA
                  William 4 VA
                  Diana DUNCAN (f) 47 VA
Pg.842, #1115-1224, Thos. WILLIAMS 65 VA house painter ($300?) $800-$50
                  John H. RESTIN 43 VA house painter $0-$30
                  Rahael (f) 37 VA
                  Virginia 17, Denis? (m) 15 VA
                  Aurelia (f) 12, Amia (f) 9 VA
                  Ella 10/12 VA
                  Jas. DUNCAN 4 VA

1870 Alexandria Co. VA Census
Alexandria City, Ward 3
Pg.118, #778-909, DUNKEN, Wm. 35 IRE (white) laborer $250-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Isabellia (f) 36 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  W.B. (m) 11/12 VA b.Nov. parents of foreign birth
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.195, #49-51, DUNKEN, James 45 IRE (white) coal yard hand $1100-$900, parents of foreign birth
                  Ann 45 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Libby (f) 12 VA at home/at school, parents of foreign birth
                  William 10 VA at home/at school, parents of foreign birth
                  James 8 VA at home/at school VA, parents of foreign birth
                  John 6 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary R. 4 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas 2 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Joseph 1 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
Pg.195, #50-52, DUNKEN, John 43 IRE (white) coal yard hand $1500-$150, parents of foreign birth
                  Martha 31? (30? 36?) IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Harriet (f) 10 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  William 6 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Edward 4 VA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Jane 2 VA, parents of foreign birth
Pg.200, #124-133, HONNER, Dennis (m) 60 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$150
                  Sopha (f) 40 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Coleman (m) 14, Dennis (m) 18 VA BLACK at home
Pg.200, #124-134, DUNKEN, Cain (m) 40 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Isabella (f) 18 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Annie 6, M. Sarah 1 VA BLACK
                  COLEMAN, Thos. 16 VA BLACK labourer
                  Alfred 18 VA BLACK labourer
                  Harriet 13 VA BLACK labourer


"Register of Presbyterian Church of Alexandria" founded 1774 (sent by Charles Gordon with permission to share with others)
      Sept. 24, 1789: John Mutton marriage to Catherine Dunkin.

Alexandria, VA, Register of Baptisms, Marriages & Funerals During Ministry of The Rev. Doc. James Muir; Presbyterian Church Built 1774 ("VA County Records" filmed at India ...; from microfilm, sent by Nancy Bobal with permission to share with others)
      Alexandria Presbyterian Church, Marriages:
       Sept. 9, 1797, Andrew Duncan and Ann Bellona.


Alexandria Co. VA Deeds (index 1800-1869 on FHL film 30,476; indexed under Arlington, VA)
      X-263: Jno. Duncan from James Mercher et ux, B&S, 11/5/1867
      X-264: James Duncan from Wm. Gregory et ux, B&S, 11/5/1867

Alexandria (city) and Arlington Co. VA Deeds (from indexes vol.1-2 1783-1815 on FHL film 30,168; vol.3-5 1815-1870 on FHL film 30,169)
            Vol.1, 1783-1800; Vol.2, 1800-1815 (FHL film 30,168)
            Vol.3, 1815-1839; Vol.4, 1839-1853 (FHL film 30,169)
      A-483: 20 Nov. 1801, Robert Duncan of Co. & town of Alexandria, D.C., being son of George Duncan late of town of Alexandria, decd, to Thomas Reston of said town & Co. of Alexandria, D.C.; that George Duncan owned a lot on W.side of Royal Street to southward of Cameron Street, adj. a lot at that time owned by Adam Lynn but now vested in Francis Peyton, and adj. a lot then owned by Richard Clark now J.M. Perrin, and adj. Royall and Pitt Street; George Duncan willed it to his son George Duncan who died intestate, then it descended to said Robert Duncan and Rebecca Duncan, only children, since which (time) Rebecca died without issue and intestate, title vested solely in Robert Duncan; now for $1550, deed to Thomas Preston the above lot. Wit. Richard Hunter, William Hunter, Lewis Weston. Rec. 14 Jan. 1802. (FHL film 30,174) (MAD: see 1782 will of George Duncan in Fairfax Co. VA Will Book E, pg.3, naming sons George and Robert and dau. Rebecca; Robert Duncan mar. Hannah Bennett, Dec. 17, 1801 in Alexandria Presbyterian Church)
      L3-218: 5 March 1850, John Powell to Ferdinand Knight, James W. Ford, Thos. Warren Jr., Lemuel Robey, John S. Shields, James D. Duncan, Wm. H. McDaniel, Harrison Javins, John Travis, John Gunny, John T. Taylor, Wm. A. Jones, Benoni W. Loper, James Buchannon, George Hutchins, John Bontz, Thos. Fagan, and Rolet Johnson, for $200 secured, lot at Commerce & Payne up to but not including his warehouse. No wit. (FHL film 30,198)

Fairfax Co. VA deeds (FHL film 31,299)
      S-100: 25 July 1787, John Short and Ann his wife of Town of Alexandria, Fairfax Co. VA, to William Hartshorne and Peter Wise, execs of will of George Duncan, money due and 5 shillings to secure payment of £86 and 8 shillings, land in Alexandria, lot #81 on Duke St., mortgage. Wit. William McWhir, John B. Dabney, Peter Tartspaugh. Rec. on oath of Peter Tartspaugh 16 Feb. 1790.
      S-311: (no day) Feb. 1790, William Hartshorne and Peter Wise, exors. of will of George Duncan late of Alexandria, to John Murray, same land in Deed S-100, for £96. Wit. Wm. Paton, Gurden Chapin, John McIver. Deed of assignment.


Arlington, VA, Index to wills 1800-1951 (FHL film 30,475)
      No Duncan indexed to 1896


Hustings Court, Alexandria, VA
            1780-1787: Pgs. 143, 171, 233, 258, 276, 337, 394, 457 (FHL film 30,505)
      Pg.143: William Hartshorne & Peter Wise, Exrs of George Duncan, vs. Joseph Taylor, in Detenue, suit agree, def. pay costs.
      Pg.171: Same vs. James Holaday, 18 Aug. 1785, & other defendants on other pages - not copied
            1787-1791 (order book)
      No Duncan in index, did not check direct index for X-index references; no X-index
            Dec. 1791 - June 1796 (FHL film 30,506)
      Pg.140: Ordered that the overseer of the poor for the town of Alexandria, Robert Duncan sixteen years next April apprentice to Peter Toffler to learn trade of hatter. Court 21 Nov. 1793.
            1796-1797 - no index
      No Duncan in direct index; no X-index; no Duncan spotted in scan of direct index.

Arlington Co. VA Circuit Court, Complete Records; District of Columbia Circuit Court; Probate, suits, etc.
      Vol.A-B 1786-1800, 1801 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 30,525)
      Vol.C-E 1801-02, 1801-03, 1805-08 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 30,526)
      Vol.F-G 1804-11, 1808-09 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 30,527)

HISTORIES before 1923

"History of Truro Parish (Fairfax Co.) in Virginia" by Rev. Philip Slaughter, with notes and addenda by Rev. Edward L. Goodwin, 1907 (Los Angeles Public Library book 975.51 T775l; from bibliography from "The Venturers" from Evelyn Sigler)
      Pg.30: Alexandria. 1753, June 4th ... mention of the Town of Alexandria for first time in this record. It is not generally known that the site of Alexandria was included in a grant of land, (6,000 acres) extending from Hunting Creek to the Little Falls, from Sir William Berkeley to Robert Howson. In October, 1669, Howson, for 6 hogsheads of tobacco, conveyed these lands to John Alexander, who, with his brothers Robert and Gerard, had emigrated from Scotland. (See Dinwiddie Papers, Vol.I, pg.89.) There had been for some years warehouses at Pohick, Hunting Creek, and at Thomas Lee's land at the Falls, when, in 1748, a town named Alexandria was established by Act of Assembly at Hunting Creek Warehouse, sometimes called Belle-Haven. In 1754 there is mention of the payment of 100 pounds of tobacco to Capt. John West for 'part of building the desk at Alexandria.'


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