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VA State Land Office Surveys
            Book 2, 1779-1782 (FHL film 29,545)
      2-268: Amherst Co., surveyed for John Duncan, 12 March 1767, 265 acres on branches of Cornfield Branch, adj. his own, John Bryan. Grant issued 20 July 1780.
      2-346: Amherst Co., John Duncan, 15 Dec. 1769, 126 acres on branches of Pedlar River adj. David Burk, Robert Johnston. Grant issued 21 July 1780.
            Book 23, 1789-1791 (FHL film 29,566)
      23-615: Amherst Co., surveyed by virtue of an old entry for John Duncan, 14 Dec. 1787, 140 acres on N.branches of Pedlar River and N.side Tobacco Row Mountain adj. Charles Ellis corner, Caleb Watts line, Ballenger Wade's line. Rec. 21 June 1788, Grant issd. 16 March 1789.
            Book 47, 1804-1805 (FHL film 29,589)
      47-270: Amherst Co., surveyed 23 March 1803 for William Duncan, 2 acres on both sides Buffaloe River by virtue of Treasury Warrant for 400 acres issued to John Duncan 9 Sept. 1795, #1574, the 2 acres being entered by said John Duncan with said warrant and transferred by said John to said William, and adj. corner to Len Henry and William Duncan, Duncan's line, Aaron Higginbotham's corner and line, the river, Henry Camden's corner and line. /s/ Charles Christian Asst. Surv., James Higginbotham Surveyor. Recd. 9 Dec. 1803, Grant issd. 23 Aug. 1804.

VA State Land Office, land patents & grants, general index by counties: Amherst Co. (index on FHL film 29,309)
      36-517: 23 Aug. 1797, Daniel Donakin, Amherst Co., 161a S.side Marrowbone Mountain (from index only)
      35-339: 30 Aug. 1763, Grant to John Dunkin for 30 sh., 265 acres in Amherst Co. on N.branch Cedar Creek, beg. locust in Joel Watkins line and on new line. (FHL film 29,353)
      36-727: 5 June 1765, Grant to John Duncan for 25 sh., 235 acres in Amherst Co. S.side Pedlar River beg. elm on River bank, John Shanes? (Stones?) corner and line, and new lines. (FHL film 29,354)
      D-50: 20 July 1780, Patent to John Duncan, for 15 sh., 126 acres by survey 15 Dec. 1769 in Amherst Co. on branches of Pedlar River, beg. Chestnut corner to David Burks. (FHL film 29,363)
      E-228: 20 July 1780, Patent to John Duncan, for 30 sh., 265 acres by survey 12 March 1767 in Amherst Co. on branches of Cornfield branch, beg. corner white oak of his own. (FHL film 29,364)
      20-197: 16 March 1789, Patent to John Duncan, for 15 sh., 140 acres by survey 14 Dec. 1787 in Amherst Co. on N.branch Pedlar River and on N.side of Tobacco Row Mountain, adj. Charles Ellis corner, Caleb Watts line, Ballenger Wades line. (FHL film 29,404)
      52-343: 23 Aug. 1804, William Duncan, Amherst Co., 2a on both sides Buffalo River. (from index only)

Amherst Co. VA Deeds (Index v.1-2 1761-1843 on FHL film 30,283; v.3 1843-1885 on FHL film 30,284; not all deeds copied)
            Deed Book D, 1773-1778 (FHL film 30,286)
      D-100: 12 Oct. 1773, David Duncan to Gabriel Penn, for £105, trust deed of 4 slaves; Duncan owes James and Robert Donalds, merchants of Glasgow. Wit. Ben Taliaferro, Jo. Tucker. Note says he gave peaceable possession.
      D-291: 20 Aug. 1774, David (X) Duncan to Thomas Lumpkin, factor for William Cunningham & c., trust deed of slave.
            Deed Books F and G, 1785-1796 (FHL film 30,287)
      F-139: 2 April 1787, John Duncan of Parish of Lexington, County of Amherst, to Philip Stott?, for £78, 265 acres on north branch of Cedar Creek, Joel Wattkins line. /s/ John Duncan, Sally Talbert Duncan.
      G-88: 29 Nov. 1791, Mathew Tucker and wife Easter to John Duncan, for £300, 697 acres in Amherst Co. on Buffaloe River and Beaver Creek and on the east side and adj. Tobaccow Ton? Mountain. Wit. James Franklin, Henry Camden, William Camden. G-240: Exam. of Easter Tucker.
      G-107: 27 Dec. 1791, John Duncan and wife Sarah to John F.P. Lewis, for £200, land on branches of Pedlar River bounded ... near Maple Creek on Nathaniel Davis decd line, line of John Burks, David Burks, water grist mill. Wit. Isham Davis, Benjamin Hensley, Jess? Davis, John Burks.
      G-244: 17 June 1793, Sarah Duncan, wife to John Duncan, examined re deed for 200 acres sold to John F.P. Lewis 27 Dec. 1791.
      G-305: 21 Oct. 1793, John Duncan (also signed by Sarah Duncan) of Parish of Lexington, Amherst Co., to Josiah Ellis, for £75, 126 acres on Pedlar River, corner David Burk. No wit.
      G-306: 21 Oct. 1793, John Duncan (also signed by Sarah Duncan) of Parish of Lexington, Amherst Co., to Josiah Ellis, for £240, 308 acres on Pedlar River opposite John Frances, Reny? Lewis Mill. No wit.
      G-603: 19 Oct. 1795, Samuel Franklin and wife Rachel to John Duncan, for £120, 156 acres, 2 parcels on George Sealou's line, corner William Oglesby, now in possession of said John Duncan. Memo: that the grave yard on the within tract of land is excepted - remain with Samuel Franklin.
            Deed Books H and I, 1796-1802 (FHL film 30,288)
      H-224: 17 July 1797, Richard Oglesby and wife Nancy to John Duncan, for £270, 279 acres on Carter's line, Leonard Henly corner, corner Richard Oglesby, Aaron Higginbotham, Jacob Smith, Henry Franklin decd. No wit.
      H-290: 16 Oct. 1797, Daniel Duncan and Elizabeth his wife to Pleasant Dawson, for £65, 2 parcels, 224 acres, on south side Marrowbone Mountain adj. each other, corner John Mathews, William Bowman, John Sanders, Mathew Philyis decd. Wit. Francis West, Nicholas West, Peggy West.
      H-370: 12 Sept. 1798, John Duncan and wife Sally to Fleming H. Duncan, for £1, 265 acres on branches of Cornfield Branch, corner of his own land, corner John Bryan. No wit.
      H-372: 12 Sept. 1798, Jno. Duncan and wife Sally to Wm. Duncan, £1, 250 acres on S. branches of Buffalo, adj. Leonard Henley, Carter, Rich. Oglesby, Aaron Higginbotham decd, Jacob Smith, schoolhouse.
            Deed Books K and L, 1803-1811 (FHL film 30,289)
      L-439: 24 Dec. 1810, Henry Camden and wife Lucy to William Duncan, for £12 12s 6d, 86 acres on waters of Stone House and Buffaloe Creek, corner Frances Hixes line. No wit.
            Deed Books M and N, 1811-1818 (FHL film 30,290)
      M-364: 10 March 1813, Wm. Duncan and wife Sally to Martin Parks, for £36, 140 acres on branches of Pedler River and north side of Tobacco Row Mountain, corner Charles Ellis, Ballinger Wade. No wit. (MAD: William Duncan mar. Sally Henly 3/26/1798, bondsmen Leonard Henly, John Duncan)
      N-178: No month, day, 1816, William Duncan and wife Sally to James Hix, for £250, 86 acres on north side of Buffalo River, both sides Stone House Creek, Thomas Hix line, corner Edmund T. Coleman. Wit. Wilkins Watson, Jas. W. Smith, Richard Henley. Recorded 18 Dec. 1816.
      N-208: 21 June 1816, Westly L. Duncan to Charles Perron, trust deed for 66 acres, division of estate of John Duncan. Wit. Jeremiah Wilson, Peachey Franklin, David G. Duncan.
      N-432: 1 Nov. 1816, Wiatt Duncan and wife Polly, Willis Duncan and wife Jane, Polly Duncan, and John Duncan, and Washington (X) Camden and wife Nancy (X) Camden, formerly Nancy Duncan of Rockbridge Co. [VA], to Jacob Tyree of Amherst Co., for $1100, sell 246 acres on the south bondary of Buffaloe River, the land we, Wiatt Duncan, Willis Duncan, Polly Duncan, John Duncan and Nancy Camden formerly Nancy Duncan, the heirs of John Duncan decd, recd of our father's estate by a division, adj. lands of James Garland decd, Charles Duncan, Charles Burris?, Patsy Duncan and others. Wit. ? Elij.. Slalin?, James Wood, Nancy Wood, Samuel Wood; John Duncan appeared in court, Wiatt Duncan appeared in court; proved on oaths of James Wood and Samuel Wood for the others. (FHL film 30,290 and copy sent by Margo Thiel) (MAD: Nancy Duncan mar. Washington Camden 11/4/1807, consent by Sally Duncan; Polly Duncan mar. Wm. H. Camden 3/11/1819; Elizabeth Duncan dau. of John & Sally Duncan mar. 8/31/1809 James Wood Jr. of Nelson Co.)
      N-513: 10 April 1818, Henry Camden of Amherst Co. to William H. Camden, Sally W. Duncan wife of Westley Duncan, Mary C. Camden and Henry L.W. Camden, for love of Henry for them as his children, and $1, 260 acres where Henry lives and bought from Jabez Camden; also 170 acres known as Rowsey tract; 580 acres in Greensville Co. (no state); 327 acres adj. 170 acres; also 307 acres; also 55-1/2 acres in Green Co. KY on Parish Creek; branch of Green; also slaves and other property. Wit. Benjamin Norvell, Reuben T. Nevil, Joseph C. Lee. To William H. Camden 15 May 1819.
      N-541: 4 Aug. 1818, Westley L. Duncan, Amherst Co., to James Wood, Amherst Co., for $150, 66 acres south border Buffaloe, lines: Spicey Duncan, Sarah Duncan widow of Jonathan Duncan, James Wood, Patsy Duncan.
            Deed Books O and P, 1818-1824 (FHL film 30,291)
      O-131: 17 May 1819, Henry Camden, William H. Camden and Wesley L. Duncan and Sally W. Duncan his wife to Arthur W?. Davis, Sterling Claiborne and James Powell, trade 327 acres (deed from Henry Camden to Wm. H. Camden & others).
      O-181: Certifications 12 July 1819, Rockbridge Co., by Nancy Camden, wife of Washington Camden, re deed N-432. Certifications 13 July 1819 by Jane Duncan, wife of Willis Duncan, Rockbridge Co. Certification 19 July 1819 Amherst Co. by Polly Camden formerly Polly Duncan. Certification Rockbridge Co. by Nancy Camden and Jane Duncan.
      O-194: 22 May 1819, Charles Duncan to Cornelius Powell & David L. Garland, trust deed of slaves.
      O-337: 2 Dec. 1819, William H. Camden and wife Polly, Amherst Co., to James W. Smith, Amherst Co., deed of trust; debt to Tandy Rutherford; interest in estate of Sally Duncan's dower; Polly is due child's part at Sally's death. Wit. Jac Tyree, James Wood, Charles Duncan. To Tandy Rutherford, Nov., 1827.
      O-622: 10 Feb. 1821, Cammel Goode and wife Susannah, Adair Co. KY, to Jonathan B. Duncan, Amherst Co., for $130, all interest in estate of Jonathan Duncan at death of widow, Sarah Duncan, 1/13th. Wit. Leonard Henley, James Wood, William Henley.
      P-355: 9 Nov. 1822, Thomas Goodrich and wife Elizabeth, John Damron and wife Phebe, John B. Goodrich and wife Rebecca, Wiat Duncan and wife Mary, Edmund Goodrich and wife Elizabeth, Gideon C. Goodrich and wife Elizabeth, John Haas (did not sign) and wife Susan, Bennet? G. Bates and wife Catherine, William Sledd (Hedd?) (did not sign) and wife Abigail, to William Mitchell, for $757.75, 180-3/4 acres west side Tobacco Row, on lines of Wiatt Duncan, the road. Margin: R-182 for relinquishment of dower of wife of Jonathan Haas. Jonathan Ellis and William Jopling as to wives of Thomas Goodrich, Wiatt Duncan, Edmond Goodrich, Gideon C. Goodrich, Bennett G. Bates. To Gideon G. (C) Goodrich (signed Gideon C. Goodrich, 20 Oct. 1825), per order of William Mitchell.
      P-360; 9 Nov. 1822, same grantors as P-355 to Wiatt Duncan, for $1254, 209 acres west side Tobacco Row Mountain, lines of William Mitchell, Roderick McCulloch, Charles Ellis, Thurmond, Hardin Haynes, deceased, Jonathan Eubank, deceased, James Ware. Same note on margin as P-355. To Wiatt Duncan, 29 Oct. 1825.
            Deed Books Q to S, 1824-1829 (FHL film 30,292)
      Q-168: 17 Aug. 1824, Wiatt Duncan and wife Mary, Amherst Co., to James D. Higginbotham and William Duncan, Amherst Co.; to L.P. Thompson, attorney for D. and D. Higginbotham and Company, 17 Jan. 1826; for $1 to secure company; 209 acres Horsley Creek, lines Thomas N. Eubank, William Mitchell; where Wiatt Duncan lives.
      Q-199: 19 Aug. 1824, Charles Duncan trust deed, land adj. lands of Henry Camden, Preston Garland, Tandy Rutherford and Micajah Camden, 155-3/4 acres, same land purchased by said Duncan of George Duncan and others. Land sold.
      Q-241: 10 Oct. 1824, William Stinnett of Amherst Co. owes Daniel Higginbotham & Co. (later: D. & D. Higginbotham & Company) for $572 due 30 April last; in trust to Samuel W. Christian, 170 or 180 acres on both sides Huff Creek adj. lines Peter G. Camden, Jabez Camden, where William Stinnett lives; Daniel Higginbotham may rent out from year to year, commencing 1 Jan. next, to discharge the debt.. Wit. Willis Duncan, Jonathan Pryor, Micajah and Peter G. Camden. Proven on oath of wit. Duncan, Pryor and Peter G. Camden, 18 Oct. 1824. Note in margin: 1829, Nov. 30, original delivered to S. Christian.
      R-158: 2 Jan. 1826, John B. Duncan, trustee, sold land of Phillip Sevely to Hiram Young.
      R-450: 19 June 1827, Charles Duncan trust deed 155 acres (see Q-199).
      S-158: 9 Dec. 1827, John R. (signed John A.) Duncan and wife Rachell, to Elisha Rucker, right to estate of Fleming Duncan. Wit. Charles S. Barret, Fleming H. Duncan, Benjamin Bibb.
      S-325: 19 Aug. 1828, John B. Duncan and wife Mildred to Daniel L. Coleman, for $900, 310 acres on Buffalo River, parcel assigned to said Mildred late widow of Edmund T. Coleman and now held by said John B. Duncan and Mildred his wife in right of the dowry of the said Mildred. Wit. Chs. P. Taliafero, Lyne T. Taliaferro, George Myers.
      S-449: 30 April 1829, Wesley L. Duncan to John Penn etc., trust deed, 317-1/2 acres.
      S-352: 1 April 1818, Cammil Goode & wife Susannah, Addar Co. KY, to Charles Duncan, Amherst Co.; to George W. Brailey 10 Nov. 1828 for Cammil Goode, for £80 and reference to plat, not herein; tract of Jonathan Duncan deceased, and Goode is legatee, on lines of George, Wiatt, Willis and Polly Duncan, legatees. Wit. William Duncan, Wiatt Duncan, Elijah Staten, James Wood. Proved 31 Aug. 1828 in Amherst Co. by William Duncan and James Wood. 22 Oct. 1828 by Wiatt Duncan. (MAD: Goode, Campbell, mar. Susannah Bondurant, wit. George W. Damron, 13 Aug. or Sept. 1813 by James Jones; per "Marriage Records of Adair Co. KY 1802-1840" by Ruth Paul Burdette, 1975; 976.9675 V25b)
      S-357: 12 Nov. 1828, Charles Duncan and wife Susan to James Wood, both Amherst Co., for $139, 39-1/2 acres Beaver Creek, lines of Jonathan Young decd, Tandy Rutherford, grantee.
      S-449: 30 April 1829, Wesley L. Duncan to John Penn etc., trust deed, 317-1/2 acres.
            Deed Books T to V, 1829-1836 (FHL film 30,293)
      T-155: 1 May 1830, James W. Smith to William Duncan; William H. Camden and wife Polly formerly Duncan, 2 Dec. 1819; deed of trust to James W. Smith; interest in estate held by Sally Duncan, widow of Jonathan Duncan; real and personal; bought by William Duncan at $100. William M. Waller & Charles P. Taliaferro, JP. (MAD: Mary Duncan mar. Edward Smith 11/11/1825, consent by James W. Smith and Wm. Duncan; Louisa Duncan mar. John Smith Jr. 11/30/1819, consent by William Duncan)
      T-352: 21 March 1831, Benjamin B. Bibb and wife Elizabeth to Fleming H. Duncan; to Benjamin B. Bibb 23 Jan. 1833; for $95, 265 acres, slaves, furniture; lines of Peter P. Thornton Jr., George W. Morris 1/11 part as heirs of Fleming H. Duncan decd. Wit. Richard J. Pryor and Robert C. Bibb.
      U-325: 26 Oct. 1833, from comissioners appointed to divide estate of Fleming H. Duncan, decd, to Peter P. Thornton, for $237, 265 acres where Fleming resided.
      U-400: 2 March 1834, William P. Muse and wife Permelia (1), Jonathan H. Goodwin (2), Reuben Cox (3); Reuben Cox on bond to Willis M. Reynolds, exec. of Rachel Norcutt; also Muse plans to become guardian of his infants James, Louisa and Francis Muse; for $1, four tracts on Harris: (1) 17-1/2 acre lot of Polly Norcutt from estate of father Daniel Norcutt; (2) 21-1/2 acre share of Nancy Duncan from estate of father Daniel Norcutt; (3) 17-1/2 acre share of Daniel Norcutt; (4) about 7 acres which William P. Muse bought from Reuben Norvell and where he lives; also life estate of wife in slaves.
            MAD: see Adair Co. KY marriages on 12/24/1813 of James Duncan to Fanny Northcutt, dau. of Daneil & Sally Northcutt, and 11/24/1813 John Duncan to Betsey Northcutt, witness Peter Duncan. See Cumberland Co. KY Deed D-126, 2/17/1819, from Hannah Norcutt, Anthony Norcutt, James Hall and James Duncan to Joseph Bledsoe, for $300, 150 acres on south side of Cumberland River on both sides of Turkey Creek, wit. Benjamin Bledsoe, Ivarson? Warriner, Adison W. Bledsoe; registered 10/7/1819 on oaths of witnesses to "deed from Norcuth heirs". See Montgomery Co. KY Will C-106, 7/23/1825, Andrew Duncan to wife Frances, at her death be equally divided between lawful heirs of Polly Northcutt wife of William Northcut, mention herself (Polly) and children; wit. Richard Colliver?, Hosea Northcut, Saml? L. Williams; proved Oct. 1825. 1860 Montgomery Co. KY census, pg.283, #617, Wm. NORTHCUT 74 VA farmer $2520-970, Mary 66 KY, Wm. H?. 28 KY farmer $0-$300, Frances DUNCAN (f) 84 VA. No relationship proven.
      V-59: 10 Oct. 1834, William Duncan & wife Sally of Callaway Co. MO to Richardson Henley, for $1470, 410 acres on south side Buffaloe on lines of Leond. Henley, Wesley L. Duncan, Dudley Sandidge, William Smith decd, Jonathan Young decd. Wit. William H. Duncan, Jonathan Smith, William Miller and James Smith, JP. Rec. Amherst Co. 19 Nov. 1834. (see FHL film 30,293 for more)
            Deed Books W and X, 1837-1841 (FHL film 30,294)
      X-257: 19 Oct. 1839, Jonathan B. Duncan and wife Mildred to Lewis B. Emmitt, Jonathan Whitehead, Joel Bethel, Lewis S. Campbell, Wiley Campbell, Barnet Cash, Richard Landrum, William L. Watts, Edwin S. Rucker, trustees; for $325; all interest in lot in Town of New Glasgow for Methodist parsonage on Amherst Circuit.
            Deed Books Y and Z, 1841-1846 (FHL film 30,295)
      Y-102: 21 Aug. 1841, Leonard H. Childress and wife Caroline of 1st part, Jonathan B. Duncan of 2nd part, and Jonathan W. Broaddus and Richardson Henley of the third part; that Jonathan W. Broaddus was security for Childress for several bonds, ... Childress mortgage to Duncan to secure payment of bonds, 400 acres on lines of Sally W. Davies, Phillip Webber, James W. Taliaferro, Jonathan W. Broaddus, being land now occupied by Leonard H. Childress; all signed; wit. James F. Taliaferro, Cyrus T. Bourne, Benjamin Taliaferro.
      Y-140: 21 March 1842, Benjamin Hartless Jr. of first part, Jonathan B. Duncan of second part, and the firm of Charles A. Penn and Charles Massie of the third part; that Hartless owes the firm of Charles A. Penn and Charles Massie $50, he to pay within 18 months, to secure payment, mortgage to Jonathan B. Duncan 258 acres bought from James F. Taliaferro under power of attorney for Charles P. Taliaferro and heirs, on the lines of Peter Rucker, Jonathan Burks, and Jonathan Flood.
      Y-312: (blank) Nov. 1842, Charles A. Stinnett of first part, Lawson G. Wilsher of second part, and Spicey Duncan, Edmund C. Moore and John B. Duncan merchants and partners as the firm of Moore and Duncan, and Penn and Massie, all of the third part; that Stinnett owes Spicey Duncan $15 for rent due 1 Jan. last and also $75 which will be due 1 Jan. next per bond for a 3 year lease, date not recollected, and Stinnett owes Moore & Duncan $69, part due by bond now in suit and the balance $10.94 due by open account on 1 Oct. last, and Stinnett owes Penn & Massie about $22 or $23 by bond; to secure these debts, Stinnett mortgages to Wilsher his crop of tobacco including that share bought of William Wright, farm animals, etc.; signed Chs. A. (X) Stinnett, D.G. Wilsher, Spicey H. Duncan, Moore & Duncan, Penn & Massie. Ack. 8 Nov. 1842 by Charles A. Stinnett. Note in margin: To Lawson G. Wilshire 15 Aug. 1843.
      Z-16: 29 Aug. 1843, Spicey H. Duncan to Tandy Rutherford, for $200, land adj. land of late Richardson Henley, Winston Woodroof and said Rutherford, which was allotted to her at the division of the estate of the late John Duncan decd, 78 acres by survey then made; ack. before John Coleman and Daniel L. Coleman, J.P.'s of Amherst Co. VA.
      Z-136: 19 Nov. 1833, Wesley L. Duncan and wife Sally to Richardson Henley, for $1000, land on both sides of the road from Amherst Courthouse to Buffaloe Springs, 317-1/2 acres, being the dower land of Sally Duncan decd, adj. lands of said Richardson Henley, William Duncan, Dudley Sandidge and others; signed by W.L. Duncan, Sally W. Duncan; wit. John W. Broaddus and Wm. H. Garland, J.P.'s; recorded 15 April 1844. (MAD: the 1833 date was given several places in the deed)
      Z-142: 8 Oct. 1831, J.A. Lewis and Polly Duncan of Mercer Co. KY appoint Lindsey Duncan of Orange Co. IN their attorney to receive from William Duncan, exec. of John or Sarah Duncan decd, or from Wesley Duncan or any other person in whose hands said William may have left them, debts due said J.A. Lewis and Polly Duncan out of the estate of John Duncan decd. of Amherst Co. VA, and from the said William Duncan exec., and in default, to recover the same, which is coming to the heirs of Cl___ (long blank) Duncan decd. and from his father John Duncan decd.; they appeared before George G. Kirkland and Wm. Wood, J.P.'s of Mercer Co. KY, 8 Oct. 1831; recorded Amherst Co. VA 15 April 1844. (MAD: ? should have been ? Claiborne Duncan?)
      Z-143: 17 Sept. 1831, George Duncan of Orange Co. IN appoint Lindsey Duncan of said county his attorney to receive from William Duncan, exec. of John or Sarah Duncan decd, or from Wesley Duncan or any other person in whose hands said William may have left them, debts due me out of the estate of my said father John Duncan decd. of Amherst Co. VA, and from the said William Duncan exec., and in default, to recover the same; appeared before Samuel Webb, J.P. of Orange Co. IN, 17 Sept. 1831; recorded Amherst Co. VA 15 April 1844.

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