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Formed 1734 from Brunswick, Prince George
Prince Edward formed 1753-4 from Amelia
Nottoway formed 1788-9 from Amelia



1820-1850 Amelia Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Amelia Co. VA Census
Stoney Point Mills
Pg.158, #80-79, William GREEN 76 VA farmer $2605-$18,595
                  Willis W. DUNKUM 37 VA (blank) $0-$1,000
                  Eliza J. 20 VA (not mar. in year)
                  (MAD: Willis W. Dunkum in 1850 and 1870 Cumberland Co. VA census; Willis W. Dunkum mar. Eliz. J. Dearen on 29 Dec. 1859 per "Inventory of Church Archives of VA" by VA Conservation Com., sent by Brenda Furches)

1870 Amelia Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Amelia Co. VA Wills (index 1734-1926 on FHL film 30,449)
      3-101: Inventory filed 23 May 1782 of Josiah Duncan; included 1 bed and bedding; 1 bible; a spelling book & history, bond on Phill Good, note on Wm. Osborne Junr, bounty note on VA for 1000 lbs. tobacco; filed by Batt Jones, George Cabanys, Andrew Redford. (FHL film 30,450) (MAD: Order Book 15, pg.98: John Duncan granted admr. estate of Josiah Duncan decd, 26 April 1782.)
      8-427: 22 Jan. 1818, William C. Anderson, admr. of Thomas Duncan. "No estate whatsoever belonging to my intestate has ever come into my hands. A bond due from Ebenezer Coleman to the said Duncan in his lifetime was in my hands which belonged to me individually on which I commenced out? & have received the money for my own benefit. 1818 Jan. 6. Note my right to the bond may be seen by the transfer on the back thereof." (FHL film 30,453)


Amelia Co. VA Deeds (indexes, grantor on FHL film 30,422; grantee on FHL film 30,427; "W" grantor index on FHL film 30,426)
      12-174: 25 Nov. 1773, John Cousins/Couzins of Amelia Co. to John Dunkin (no locality), for £100, 200 acres on north side Seller Creek, adj. Peter Jones line, Josiah Griggs line, George Cabiness line. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 30,436)
      14-208: 25 Nov. 1777, George Long to John Durane (later called Duncan), both Amelia Co., for £290, plantation called Martens Spring, 400 acres, adj. Frances Why and Francis Eapps, William Black and Richard Suffse. No wife; no wit. (FHL film 30,436)
      14-209: 26 Nov. 1777, John Duncan to George Long, both Amelia Co., for £140, 400 acres adj. Frances Eaps, Richard Lufse? and Frances Why and William Black, mortgage, £50 payable Jan. 1, 1778, and £90 due 26 Nov. 1780?. No wife or wit., no signature shown; indexed as incomplete mortgage. (FHL film 30,436)
      15-188: 27 Jan. 1779, John (X) Dunkin to Peter Jones Senr, both Amelia Co., for £200, 200 acres on west side Seller Creek adj. Shells line, Caboness line, being a grant to John Ragsdale by patent July 1738. No wife. Wit. Henry Dennis. (FHL film 30,436)
      15-211: 28 Oct. 1779, John (X) Duncan of Amelia Co. to Mathew Harable of Mecklenburg Co., for £1500, plantation called Martin's Spring, 400 acres, joining Francis White & Francis Eppes, Wm. Black & Richard Lufsey. No wit, no wife. (FHL film 30,436) (Pat Clare info 3/7/2006: name was Mathew Marable)
      16-58: 16 Sept. 1780, Abner Osborne to Josiah Duncan, both Amelia Co., for £4000, estimated 200 acres at corner white oak on John Tucker's land line, along Lew Clark's line straight to corner red oak on lower side of Peter Randolph Bland's land line, along his line to corner white oak & hycory, eastwardly along said line straight to corner red oak on Frederick Leonard's land line, straight along said line to afsd. Tucker's line, along said line to begin. Wit. Andrew Radford, Ball Jones, Robert Jones, William Parham, George Cabaniss, Lew Clark. Delivery given Josiah Duncan 16 Sept. 1780. (FHL film 30,437) (MAD: definitely "Josiah" Duncan; same land as John Duncan in 1782)
      20-443: 25 April 1782, John Duncan of Amelia Co. to William Cabaness of same, for £100, estimated 200 acres, in Parish of Nottoway, on John Tucker's line, Lew Clark, Peter Randolph Bland (identical description to 16-58). Wit. John Townes Junr, Richd. Townes, Milburton Roach. Recd. of Wm. Cabiness the sum of £100, /s/ John Duncan Junr; wit. George Cabiness. Rec. on oath of John Townes Junr. & Richard Townes, 23 May 1782. Millinton Roach died, his handwriting testified to by John Wily & Joshua Chaffin, 26 July 1798. (FHL film 30,438) (MAD: definitely "John" Duncan; same land as Josiah Duncan in 1780; no explanation of how he got land.)
      23-637: 2 Aug. 1813, Soloman (+) Coleman to Sally Duncan, both Amelia Co., for £80, 40 acres, part of the tract whereon said Solomon Coleman now lives, join Matthew Roach and Frances Tabb. Wit. George Pollard, James? Pollard, Nancy Pollard?. No wife. (FHL film 30,440) (MAD: possibly Sarah (Drake) Duncan widow of Robert mar. 8 Aug. 1790)
      26-158: 24 Aug. 1822, Frs. Waddill for love to Nancy Duncan, both Amelia Co., with whom I expect to intermarry, for her lifetime, 40 acres adj. Frs. Tabb & others, reserving life estate; for love I have for Robert Osborne Duncan and Mariah C. Duncan infant devisees of said Nancy Duncan; all property to Robert and Mariah infant children aforesaid, at the death of Nancy Duncan. Wit. Thomas Woodward, W. Leigh, Michl. Norris, David Dounan/Donnan. (FHL film 30,441) (MAD: 1850 Richmond, Henrico Co. VA census)
      36-353: 18 Sept. 1844 Francis Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to John S. Hawks of Nottoway Co., for $1261, 65 acres adj. Robert Coleman, James Allen, dower land of Elizabeth Crandon?, Francis Waddell, Burnet Sanshall. (FHL film 30,446)
      36-441: 17 March 1845, Francis Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to John Q. Eahals of Amelia Co., for $400, 102 acres adj. estate of J.H. Breson?. No wit. (FHL film 30,446)
      37-577: 20 April 1849, Francis (X) Waddill and wife Nancy W. (X) of Dinwiddie Co. VA to Mrs. Sarah Brossan of Amelia Co., for $100, 74 acres adj. John W. Linthall, Burnett Linthall and said Sarah Brown? (Brower?) (or the lands of John H. Brown? estate). Francis & Nancy appeared in City of Richmond to ack. deed. (FHL film 30,447)
      MAD: Wanted deed after 1822 from Duncan or Waddill (Waddel, Wadle, etc.) for 40a adj. Frs. Tabb, Matthew Roach, etc. (Francis Waddill deeded to Nancy Duncan whom he married, & then her children Robert Osborne Duncan and Mariah C. Duncan; probably 40a deeded from Soloman Coleman to Sally Duncan, possibly Sarah (Drake) Duncan widow of Robert mar. 1790; not found 1850 census
      (next deeds 1911)


Amelia Co. VA Lists of Tithables, 1736-1771 (FHL film 1,902,616; SLC 5/3/2013; MAD: commas frequently not given between names, I have sometimes guessed, and had difficulty reading the names)
      Indexed in "Amelia County, Virginia, Tax Lists, 1736-1764: An Every-Name Index" copyright 1993 by T.L.C. Genealogy. Microfilmed 6 June 94, G.S. Call # 1,750,744. (TN-649921.pdf in FHL catalog for tax record indexes, Amelia Co. VA, 3/25/2013) (also FHL book 975.5634 R42t and film 1,750,744 item 5) (from information from Janet Martin 3/25/2013)
      Janet Martin comments 3/25/2013: her family story is that John Gibson, who lived with Edward Nix in Amelia Co. VA in 1744 below Flat Creek, had married a Mary Ann Duncan; and Edward Nix and John Gibson were also on the Granville Co. NC tax list on Dan River in 1751 along with Marshall Duncan.
      FHL catalog: Microfilm of original records and photostat copies at the Amelia County Courthouse in Amelia, Virginia. A listing of what is in the boxes is found at the beginning of each film. Tithables contain lists of persons paying tithes (or taxes) and are divided into two to five districts in the county for each year.
      MAD: Looked at 1744h (not copied), 1744n, 1745g, 1746 (not copied, no Duncan spotted), 1747g, 1750e, 1751e (not copied, no Duncan spotted), 1751w, 1753e
   1744h - Charles Irby's List, below Deep Creek and above Cellar Creek [Box 1, folder 13, Acc.# 20919]
      (indexed as Duncan, James, 44h) [MAD: James Denman, 1 tithable, listed at bottom of page 1, column 2, at start of "D" surnames]
   1744n - Geo. Walker's List, upper part of county (from Namozine to Cellar Creek) [folder 13]
      A List of Tithables for the Year 1744.
      (Column 1, head of column: Capt. John Nash, 1)
      (Column 2)
      William Cole, 1
      Robert Barker, 1
      Thomas Reed, 1
      David Alves?, Jack, 2
      William Cannon, Richd. Morton?, William Chambers, 3
      John Davison, William Duman?, 2
      Charles Sprawling, Charles Carlton?, 2
      Douglas Pucket, 1
      William Brown, 1
      Robert Bowman, Phillis, 2
      Richard Rutlidg, 1
      James Forsirth?, 1
      Henry Ligon, Casar, Hannah, Lewis, 4
      Darby Calaham, 1
      William Hopper, 1
      Marshial Dunkin, 1
      Edward Briffet?, Dick, Sarah, 3
      John Gossling?, 1
      Hugh Nixon, 1
      William Burk, 1
      Samuel Coving, Michl. Holland, 2
      Francis Rice, 1
      John Hudson Buffaloe, 1
   1745g - Jno. Nash's List, (in the upper part of the county) (above Saylor's?) Creek [folder 14]
      List of Tithables taken by order of Court, June 10th, 1745
      (Column 3)
      Capt. Charles Anderson, Bob & Jenny Negros, 3
      Edward Bradford, Dick & Sarah Negros, 3
      Duglass Baker, George Moore, John Knox? & Negro Dick, 4
      Franc. Rice & Wm. Rice, 2
      Saml. Baker, 1
      James Parke, 1
      James Alexander, 1
      Thos. Baldwin, Willm. Baldwin, Negro Hager?, 3
      Thos. Baldwin Junr., 1
      Jno?. F?. Rice, Thos.? James Daniel Wil. Peter & Nancy Negros, 4
      Saml. Wallace, 1
      Samuel Ewing, Wtuck? Holland, 2
      Thos. Morton, 1
      Wm. Watson & ? Rickher, 2
      John Anderson, 1
      Charles Hudson, 1
      George More, 1
      George Howard, 1
      Thos. Culwell?, 1
      Rob. Martin, 1
      Manafer McBride, 1
      Zephin? Collins, Negro Jack, 2
      Wm.? Ritchie & Sam? Wilson, 2
      John Glowelling, 1
      Wm. Carnse?, 1
      Jno. Howell, 1
      Hugh Aitchie, 1
      Clarion Ritchie, 1
      Robert Hannah, 1
      Robert Wilson, 1
      Asa Ellott?, 1
      Thos. Bryant, 1
      Jno. B. John, Arthur W. M.. Hendercan Neg., 3
      Arthur Orsal, 1
      Jno. Littlejohn, 1
      Marshail Dunkin, 1
      Frank. Baldwin, 1
   1747g - Jno Nash's List, (all the upper part of this county), above Saylor's Creek [Box 46, folder 15; folder 17]
      A List of Tithables taken by order of Amelia Court June 10, 1747.
      (Column 4)
      The Estate of Flournoy & Tihe? Grims J?. Limb?, Charles, Suckey, Sarah & Luckey, 5
      Chs. Anderson, Chs. Waddil, Bob, Sammy & Marry, 5
      Saml. Cunningham, Chs?. Cunningham Junr, & Jno. Cunningham, 3
      James Parks, 1
      Jos. Littlejohn, 1
      Can. Nix, Geo. Nix , Jno. Gibso, Valentine Gibson, Dick & Juda, 6
      James Nix, & Negro Han, 2
      James Doss, 1
      Jno. May & Jno. Robard, 2
      Elisha Lyon & Wm. Roberts, 2
      George More, 1
      Saml. Sutherland, Constable, Saml. & Sarah Negroes, 2
      Thos. Marken, 1
      Jno. Chilanss?, 1
      Ann Childs, Sally, John Ward, James Fsrancis, Edw. Robinson, Daniel, Jack Quillin, Thamer, & Jenny, 7
      Jon? Pannick, 1
      James Gravillott, 1
      Jno. Gonky, 1
      Jno. Rain, 1
      Xipher Certain, 1
      Wm. Womack, 1
      John Ritchie, 1
      Isaac Robin Jun & Isaac Ad??, 2
      Marshall Duncan, 1
      John Robertson & Tho. Davis, 2
      Rob. Atkins & Negro Dick, 2
      Jesse Johnson & Negro Sam, 2
      John Caldwell, 1
      Wm. Crockett, 1
      Arthur Oneal, 1
      Patrick Read, 1
      Robt. Wilson, 1
      Robart Hannah, 1
      Robt. Elliott, 1
      Robt. Cambell, 1
      Henry Baker, 1
      George Davis, 1
      Alexr. Ritchie, 1
      Hugh Ritchie, 1
   1750e - Saml Tarry's List, below Flatt and Nibbs Creeks [folder 26]
      A List of Tithables taken below Flatt and Nibbs Creek June 10th 1750 by Saml. Tarry
      (Column 1)
      Wm. Dunnifont, 1 and 6 Negroes
      Thos. Dunnifont & Negroes, Dunnifont & Lucey, 3 and 16 negroes
      Phill. Dunnifont, David Langsdale, 2 and 12 negroes
      Jno. Deeds?, Peter Jemmy, Ind. ??, 6 and 36 negroes
      Richd. Booker, Jno. Dunkin, Tom. Gulh?, Jack Malb Farrow, 7 and 42 negroes
      (more names not copied)
   1751e - Saml Tarry's List, below Flatt and Nibbs Creeks [folder 27]
      No Duncan spotted, not copied
   1751w - Saml Tarry's List(2), Raleigh Parish between Flatt and Deep Creeks. "2. Yes, there are 2 different lists attributed to Saml Tarry in 1751." [folder 32, June 10, 1751]
      A List of Taxables taken Below Flatt and Nibbs Creeks June 10th, 1750, by Saml. Tarry
      (Column 2)
      Edwd. Booker, Phil. Jobson, Swan? Frank Harwood, Grace, Belinda Nanny, 6
      Richd. Booker, Jno. Dunkin, Tom, Jenny, Isaac, Jull?, Motha?, Fanys?, 6
      Rich. Clarks, James Bowles, Harry, Phill, Job, Wondor, Mob?, Milla, Beek, Jenny, 10
      (more names not copied)
   1753e - Saml Tarry's List, below Flatt and Nibbs Creeks (faded) [Box 2, folder 12, June 10, 1752]
      List of Tithables taken Below Flat and Nibbs
      (column 3)
      Wm. Finney, Jno. Blackbourn, Jno. Goff, Borsted Primus, Pompoy, Tharper, Will Fam.., Sue, Fanney, Dey, Cff?, Ame.., Temp, Nan, Ponder, Sarah, Jenny, Torry, 20
      Edw. Booker, John Hunter, Yorm. Bowles, Ivan Frank Harnosad?, Ben, Joe, Jenny, Pompey, Grace, Belinda, Nancy, Muriah, 14
      Rich. Baker Junr, Phill. Beck. Lucy Ana, Luccy, 5
      Rich. Booker, Jno. Dunkin, Frank Jones, Tem. Gulb?, Johnny Orinney, Sharper, Pecker, Molly, Hannah, Sally, Jno., Rice, Edw. Booker Junr, 14
      (more names not copied)


Granville Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 19,028)
      O-5: 1 Nov. 1779, Sherwood Harris of Granville Co. to John Duncan in Amelia Co. VA, for £2000, 160 acres, land where Henry White formerly lived. (MAD: See Albemarle Co. VA)


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