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Formed 1744 from Goochland, Louisa
Bedford formed 1753 from Albemarle, Lunenburg
Amherst formed 1758 from Albemarle
Buckingham formed 1758 from Albemarle, Appomattox
Fluvanna formed 1777 from Albemarle


1810 Albemarle Co. VA Census
Pg.4/154  John Danchum       00110        - 10101
   4/155  William Dunckum    10210        - 10100

1820 Albemarle Co. VA Census
Pg. 22  John Dunkham         100010       - 21201
    23  William Dunkham      310011       - 20200

1830 Albemarle Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.145  William Dunkum       1112,1001    - 1001,11
   244  John Dunkum          0000,0001    - 1120,0010,01

1840 Albemarle Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Frederick Twp.
Pg.104  Elijah Dunkum        0000,2       - 0001
        (MAD: Elizah Dunkum mar. Elizabeth Fisklin 12/17/1838)
St. Annes.
Pg.139  John Dunkham         0000,0000,1  - 0002,1001,001
        Wm. Dunkham          0001,1000,1  - 1110,0011
        Wm. S. Dunkham       1001,1       - 2000,1

1850 Albemarle Co. VA Census
Pg.195, #551, John RAYBURN 35 VA pump maker
                  Mary 25
                  Alexander 2 VA
                  Phebe DUNCAN 60 VA
                  Tacy DUNCAN 20 VA
                  (MAD: Mary Jane Duncan mar. John C. Rayburn 2/23/1847, dau. of Phebe; one Tacy Dunkin mar. Robt. S. Comann 12/24/1851)
Pg.195, #552, Mary E. DUNKUM 30 VA
                  Ellen 5, Lucy 3 VA
Pg.225, #1002, Joshua ABELL 48 VA farmer $4500
                  Caroline 44 VA (not Martha)
                  Benjamine 26, Martin 20 VA
Pg.227, #1036, William DUNCAN 45 VA (farm) manager
                  Mary 40 VA
                  Edwin 15, Thomas 14 VA
Pg.292, #1938, Frances DUNKUM (f) 55 VA -- $8,000
                  Elizabeth 60 VA
                  James 26 VA farmer
                  Julia 23, Fanny 19 VA
                  Martha 15 VA
                  (MAD: William Dunkum mar. Frances Gentry Dec. 1823, from Cumberland Co. VA)
                  (MAD: one Martha C. Dunkum mar. John H. Barksdale 11/17/1856)
Pg.293, #1943, John DUNKUM 72 VA farmer $14,000
                  Margaret 60 VA
                  Elizabeth 30, Jane 20 VA
                  (MAD: Margaret in 1860 Rockingham Co. VA census)
Pg.300, #---, Hotel, Scottsville
                  Andrew DUNCAN 30 VA (none)
Pg.302, #2079, William MOON 63 VA farmer $1200
                  Maria 56 VA
                  Martha GOOLSBY 32 VA
                  William F. 13, James 11 VA
                  Isham 9 VA
                  William MOON 26
                  Mary 24 VA
                  Sarah DUNCAN 22
                  Fleming 23, Sarah 17 VA
                  Albert DAVIS 13 VA
                  Emily 11, Charles 9 VA
                  Wm. Y. 4, Mary 2 VA
Pg.304, #2007, Marcus DARNETT 45 VA, ch. 18-8
                  Sarah E. DUNKUM 12 VA
Pg.304, #2009, Ann D. RODES 48 VA $1800
                  William MORRIS 19 VA
                  Dorothy DARRETT? (f) 20 VA
                  Elizabeth A. 18 VA
                  Ann E. DUNKIN 10 VA
                  Price 8 VA
                  (MAD: James Price b. 1842 to CA, buried El Dorado Co. CA)

1860 Albemarle Co. VA Census
Pg.394, #260-264, M.C. DUNKUM (f) 35 VA boarding house $10,000-$1,000
                  Ellen 13, L.J. (f) 11 VA
                  Ann SMITH 20 VA domestic
                  Ellen FICKLEN 30 VA (blank) $0-$2000
St. Annes Par.
Pg.531, #101-107, Jno. H. DUNCAN 33 NC farmer $3600-$3724
                  Mary N. 32 Albemarle VA
                  Sally B. 6 Amherst VA
                  Garrett C. TREVILIAN 39 Albemarle VA Bapt. Minister $0-2800
                  (MAD: John H. Duncan mar. Mary A. Travillian 6/11/1850; 1870 Amherst Co. VA census)
Pg.595, Wm. Pitt age 7; no other Pitt family indexed

1870 Albemarle Co. VA Census
Sam Miller Twp.
Pg.501, #864-872, DURRETT, M. (m) 64 VA (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Henry C. 32 VA farmer
                  Helen 23 VA keeping house
                  George 3 VA
                  DUNKUM, Ann E. 27 VA (white) at home
St. Ann's Parish
Pg.538, #566-566, DUNCAN, A.G. (m) 21 VA (white) merchant $500-$200 (alone)
Pg.554, #818-849, ABELL, J.R. (m) 49 VA (white) farmer $10,000-$5,000
                  Susan W. 44 VA keeping house
                  Fannie 23 VA governes (sic)
                  Mary 20 VA tutoress (sic)
                  Wm. W. 16, John 14 VA at school
                  Julia (f) 10, Charles 6 VA at school
                  Susan 3 VA at home
                  Lidia (f) 91 VA no occupation
                  HIRARD?, Mary 86 VA (white) no occupation
                  DUMKUM, Fannie 76 VA (white) no occupation


Albemarle Co. VA Wills (from Index to 1930 on FHL film 30,210)
      1-22: 26 Feb. 1750, by virtue of order of Albemarle Court, appraisal of estate of Martin Duncan decd, incl. leather wallet, tools, one feather bed bolster rug & blanket, 2 small skins, bed sted, old linnen wheel, old gun barrel & boring rod, carpenters tools, old shoemakers tools, looking glass, animals, bed bolster rug blanket & hide, old horse, 4 yds German serge, 3 yds Brown Holland, 2 yds Buckram, 3 box of buttons, ... total 42.5.0. /s/ Simon (SW) Ward, John (J) Dunkan, Drury (O) Sprulock; wit. Matthewe Jordan; returned to court 14 Aug. 1751. (FHL film 30,211)
      2-73: Richard Hall, pro. 8 May 1760. of St. Ann Parish, Albemarle. Wife Ann, dau. Elizabeth Hall, Mary Trent, Ann Duncan wife of George, Jane Duncan wife of John, sons John Hall, Richard Hall. Grandson John Hall Trent. Exec. wife Ann, dau. Elizabeth, Benjamin Tindall & Thomas Tindall. Henry Trent gave bond. (Notes of Sue Harris, from Louise Craven, included by permission)
      7-235: 2 Nov. 1821, inventory of estate of James Duncan, decd, included 26 lots of carpenter tools. Returned by Wilson Roberts, Nicholas Bumbey, Abraham Weine?; filed 2 Sept. 1822. (FHL film 30,214)
      8-41: 7 Dec. 1824, estate of James R. Dunking, decd, by James Jarman, admr., settlement at court. $88.32 assets turned over to court. Settlement filed 17 Feb. 1825. Name listed in heading as James R. Dunking; at bottom of list as James B. Dunking. (FHL film 30,214)
      17-351: 24 July 1845, will of William Dunkum of Albemarle Co. VA; wife and children remain in possession of estate; land leased from university of Virginia; children's support and school; wife Francis Dunkum plantation, servants; all my children now living with her that is to say Frances and Martha until of age or marry; have given son John A. Dunkum all I intend; already given daus. Polly Ann Lowell (Sowell), Mary Jane Durett, sons William L. Dunkun, Chesley Dunkun, Elijah Dunkun; son James T. Dunkun shall receive equal; dau. Susan Ann who married J.P. Abell receive her equal portion unless she has no heirs; younger daus. Frances Elizabeth and Martha Catherine Dunkun equal to their sister Susan; support of my sister Elizabeth Dunkin; land purchased of Martin Dunson?; all my children made equal except J.A. Dunkun; the small legacy coming to me from my father's estate; my interest in land my step mother lives on; to "Brother James Fife pastor of Pine Grove Church" (until 1849). Exec. son in law Lewis Lowell and friend William P. Farish?. Proved 6 July 1846; no wit. Proved on oaths of Jeremiah A. Goodman, William P. Farish, John Dunkim, William L. Dunkim that they knew handwriting. (FHL film 30,217)
      18-445: 25 Sept. 1848, appraisal of Elijah Dunkum decd. (FHL film 30,218)
      23-257: 15 Dec. 1851, proved 2 July 1855, will of John (X) Dunkum; wife Margaret Dunkum; 2 youngest daus. Elizabeth B. and Jane R.; sell estate and divide to children and grandchild (singular); son James Dunkum; dau. Martha Pitt wife of William Pitt; dau. Mary S. Bullard wife of Chester Bullard; Elizabeth B. Dunkum, Jane R. Dunkum; granddau. Emma Edge not 21. Exec. son James and son-in-law Phillip Edge. Codicil 15 Dec. 1854 (1854 written on top of 1855), by will of my father John Dumkum decd I am entitled to tract of land in County of Cumberland (no state) at the death of his widow, to be sold ... Wit. Pleasant Lowell (Sowell?), James T. Dunkum, Frederick Roberts. (FHL film 30,220)


Albemarle Co. VA Guardian Bonds 1783-1852
      Oct. 5, 1829. Orphan: Parmelia E. Gentry; Parent: David Gentry; Security: John Dunkum, Thomas Ammonet; Guardian: Charles W. Hamner; Amount: $1500. (from county records; from Charles Gordon with permission to share with others)

Albemarle Co. VA Order Book 1744-1748 (FHL film 30,255)
      Pg.9: 28 March 1745, ordered that Church Wardens of Parish of Saint Anns in this county do bind out George Duncomb an orphan child of about 17 years of age to Thomas Marmaduck according to law to learn the trade of a carpenter. (MAD: Thomas Marmaduck has also been extracted as Thomas Macdaniel)
      Pg.19: 23 May 1745, On petition of John Patrick Burke agst Martin Dunkin for 3 franks, 10 shillings, due by account, plt to recover for debt due & costs.
      Pg.54: 23 Aug. 1745, Petition of Arthur Hopkins, Gent. agst John Dunkin cont. till next court.
      Pg.73: 27 Sept. 1745, On petition of Arthur Hopkins, Gent. agst John Dunkin for F4/11/7 due by note, plt to recover plus costs.
      Pg.92: 23 Jan. 1746, "Orpns. Bound" Ordered that the children of Elizabeth Mathews and John Burks and Dunkins be respective bound out by the Church Wardens of the Parish according to law. (MAD: Indexed as Dunckins child to be bound)


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Cumberland Co. VA Deed (FHL film 30,753)
      18-62: 27 Aug. 1825, Wm. Dunken as guardian of his children, of Albemarle Co. VA, and Lewis Anderson of Nelson Co., to Chesley Anderson of Cumberland Co., for $1,008, 112 acres, part of lands of estate of George Anderson which fell to said Dunkum's children and to the said Lewis Anderson in division of estate. Wit. Thomas Booker, Jno. Baughan, Joseph Jenkins.

Goochland Co. VA Deed (FHL film 31,654)
      5-52: 19 Nov. 1745, Martin (MD) Duncan and wife Mary of Albemarle Co. VA to James Gresham and wife Elizabeth of King & Queen Co., for £50, land in Goochland Co. on branches of Licking Hole Creek, 210 acres adj. James Hoppers line, Thos. Samons line, William Spurlocks corner, being land said Martin lately dwelt on. Wit. Arthur Hopkins, John Smith.

Big Creek Baptist Church minutes, near Carrollton, Pickens Co. AL (from Gene Harper 10/2002)
      GH: The original transcription was made by Mr. J.T. Turnipseed of Lindale, Texas from the original church records. At that time, the records were in the possession of Mrs. J.H. (Lola) Curry of Carrollton. Mr. Turnipseed gave permission (to MAD through Gene Harper's conversation with him) to use the record.
      Page 219 of the July 1873 Church Conference: Received Brother Dabney Duncan and wife Sister Delilah S. Duncan by letter.
      Pages 243. 244 and 245 from the July 1879 Conference: Whereas God has been pleased to remove from us, our esteemed brother and father in Israel Elder Dabney Duncan, we as a church feel called upon to express our regard as to the worth of our esteemed and venerable brother, a tribute to his memory.
            Therefore be it resolved that in the death of Eld. Dabney Duncan, Big Creek Church has lost one whose place can never be filled. One who was ever conspicuous in advocating what he believed to be right. His life was a long and useful one in the service of his master. Very soon after professing a hope in Jesus Christ he was impressed with the onerous duty of preaching the gospel and consulted not the flesh, but took up his cross and ever after, amidst all the vicissitudes of life, he was zealous and faithful in warning sinners to flee the wrath to come and accept mercy. And when age produced such infirmities of the body as to make it obligatory to cease serving the church as Pastor. Yet he upon every opportunity failed not to preach Christ and the riches of His grace. In truth his zeal seemed to increase with age, for some of his last appeals were the most earnest of his life. We deem it expedient to add the following short biography of his life.
            Eld. Dabney Duncan was born in Albemarl County, Va. March 15, 1796. When quite young he with his parents removed to Fairfield County, S.C., and here in 1824 he professed faith in Jesus Christ and was received into the fellowship of Rock Creek Baptist Church and buried with Christ in baptism by Eld. Abner Fant in Rock Creek. Very soon Bro. Duncan was impressed with the duty of preaching the gospel, and it appears he removed his membership from Rock Creek to Beaver Creek, and that he was by the latter called to the full work of the gospel ministry in 1827. The Presbytery consisted of Elders Wm. McCrary, Wm. Joiner and Nicolas Roberts.
            He sent 18 years in proclaiming the "good news" of salvation in the "Palmetto" State and through his labors many were enabled to believe unto righteousness. He removed to Pickens Co., Ala. in 1845 and joined the South Carolina Baptist Church. Eld. Duncan served various churches in Pickens Co., Al., and Lowndes Co., Miss., as pastor. He was for some years a member of Cross Roads Baptist Church, but finally joined Big Creek Baptist Church where he continued till his death, which occurred March 14, 1879. Thus has passed away a veteran of the Corp. His work is ended-yet his works remain as a memorial of his perseverance. He had not the advantages of an early education yet he was a close observor of men and things, and was preeminently what may be called a practical man. As Christians let us emulate his worth that we may like him be present with the Lord. Let us pray the Lord to send more laborers into the harvest, and that his mantle rest on some modern Elisha to the honor of and glory of God the Father.
            Done by order of the church at Big Creek in conference, Saturday before the second Sabbath in July, 1879. G.M. Lyles, Moderator. I.M. Noland, Clerk.


GEORGE DUNCAN, widow Elizabeth, Rev. Pension Application W-9845, VA, KY, IN (FHL film 970,863; from National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832, age 75 on 8 March 1833, in Orange Co. IN; had family record kept by his father John Duncan; served 2-3 months in 1778 as substitute for his father drafted in Amherst Co. VA to guard prisoners in Albemarle Co. VA; drafted in 1779 in Amherst Co. VA for a month; drafted for 4 months in May 1780 in Amherst Co. VA under Capt. Pauplin, Col. Lunday, Gen. Gowan/Lawson; served in Lincoln Co. KY 2 months under Capt. Robert Barnett; visited his father in Amherst Co. VA about 20 years later; b. Albemarle Co. VA; soon after was moved by his father to Amherst Co. VA; moved to Lincoln Co. KY fall 1781-82 until about 1 April 1818 when moved to Orange Co. IN; witnesses James Lynd, Jacob Moulder, Alexander Wallace, Edward Moore, Wm. Brooks.
      Application by Elizabeth Duncan, age 73 on 14 Oct. 1843, in Orange Co. IN; Elizabeth Phillips m. George Duncan 25 April 1790 in Lincoln Co. KY by Rev. John Bouly, bond by George Duncan and Manuel Brown on 6 April 1790; had ten children: John b. 15 June 1791, George b. 23 Dec. 1792, Fleming Hall b. 2 Sept. 1794, Luvinia "Lieu Vina" b. 10 Sept. 1796, Lieurina "Luvina" Lent b. 22 June 1799, Sally b. 10 Sept. 1801, Jane "Jenny" b. 25 April 1803, Elizabeth b. 11 March 1806, Polly b. 29 Sept. 1807 "D&C", Polly b. 13 June 1810; family record written by son Fleming H.; husband d. 2 Nov. 1838 Orange Co. IN.
      Affidavit of Fleming H. Duncan, age 50 on 2 Sept. 1844, third child; Family record: George Duncan b. 8 March 1758, Elizabeth b. 14 Oct. 1770, and above children. Elizabeth still living 24 May 1850.
      Letter Sept. 28, 1921, from Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, to Mrs. Alice V.D. Pierrepont, Violet Bank, Petersburg, VA. Madam: In reply to your letter dated 30 August and received 3rd Sept., you are advised that the Revolutionary War records of this Bureau fail to afford any information in regard to Webb Kidd. In order to identify the record of any particular George Duncan, you are requested to furnish as much of the following data as possible: places of residence at enlistment and after service; approximate dates of birth and death; given names of widow; names of any Officers under whom he served.
      Handwritten at bottom of letter: Webb Kidd mar. Elizabeth White, daughter of Jeremiah White. Over.
      Handwritten on back of letter: Oct. 1, 1921, Violet Bank Studio, Petersburg, VA. I wish I could give you the information desired as to George Duncan. This is all I know. My grandfather Marcus Monroe Duncan was the son of George Duncan. He was born in Buckingham Co. VA. He & his brother George & sister Eliza were left orphans at an early age, Mr. Janius Clay being guardian. The Buckingham records were destroyed & our family Bible burned. I think my gr.gr.grandfather was also George Duncan of Albemarle or Fluvanna Co. -- his wife Ann & his lands on both sides of the river -- Hardware, I think. The family tradition is that he was a Rev. soldier. So he would probably be listed from one of those 3 counties as a soldier. Thanking you for any trouble, Sincerely yours, Alice V.D. Pierrepont.
      (MAD: "VA/WV Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records" by Wardell, Vol.II, p.56, for this George Duncan, lists "QLF 1921 from Mrs Alice V.D. PIERREPONT of Petersburg, VA, gddau of a VA RW sol George DUNCAN (& wife Ann) of Albemarle Co or Fluvanna Co, VA, whose gdf Marcus Monroe DUNCAN (also bro George & sis Eliza) b. Buckingham Co. VA, & left orphans at early age, their guardian being Junius CLAY. F-W9845 R863.")
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, William T., widow Louisa Amanda Duncan, Madison Co. AL, Capt. Co.G Tucker's Regt. Application 19 Nov. 1923 by Mrs. Louisa Amanda Duncan, P.O. Huntsville, age 77 years 9 mos. 15 days, lived this state 50 years, also lived Albemarle Co. VA; her husband enlisted 1864, student in VA Military Institute and enlisted the last of the war with other Cadets and was Captain of his Company; in Engineering Co., Capt. Co.G, Tucker's Regt., served 6 months, released at close of war; full name: William Tandy Duncan, married Feb. 22, 1869, he died Huntsville, AL, Aug. 28, 1896, she now living at her home. Witnesses 19 Nov. 1923: S.M. Stewart and F.H. Gillian, who knew her 40 years and 40 years.


Cumberland and Buckingham Co. VA Information (from Ruby Talley Smith with permission to share with others)
      Record of Cemetery Register, Alderman Library, U. of VA. May be "Brookhill", may be "Edgemont" North Garden-Red Hill neighborhood, on Scottsville Road. This place was resold to Dunlop in 1948:
      William Dunkum, b. Mar 23, 1777, d. May 31, 1846
      Dunkum: Elijah, born Jan 31 1817, died Jun 30 1848
            Frances, died Jun 18, 1882 in her 88th year
      Sowell: Lewis, born Dec 29, 1803, died Sep 27, 1873
            Elizabeth, born Feb 8, 1825, died Jun 11, 1866
            (Ruby Talley Smith info, included with permission: William Dunkum is buried at Brookhill. He built this home and it is still occupied. I was there in the past few years and saw the graves. William Dunkum was married twice, first to Phoebe Anderson d/o George Anderson & Jenny Bradley on 16 Oct 1805 in Cumberland Co. VA. He married second Frances Gentry d/o Benajah Gentry & Annie Jones on 18 Dec 1823 in Albemarle Co, VA. I do not know where the first wife is buried but Frances is buried there at Brookhill. Elijah Dunkum is a son by Phoebe Anderson and is also buried at Brookhill. Elijah Dunkum married Mary Elizabeth Ficklin d/o Rev. Benjamin Ficklin & Ellen Slaughter on 17 Dec 1838 in Albemarle Co, VA. Lewis Sowell married Paulina Ann Dunkum on 4 Feb 1828 in Albemarle Co, VA. She was a daughter of William Dunkum. William refers to his daughter, Polly Ann Sowell in his will. I do not know who the Elizabeth Sowell b 8 Feb 1825 d 11 Jun 1866 is who is buried at Brookville. She has been my mystery lady.)

HISTORIES before 1923

1894 "History of the Baptists in VA" by Robert B. Semple, Revised and expanded by G.W. Beale; originally published 1810 (FHL book 975.5 K2s, and TN Gen. Society Library #826 from Evelyn Sigler with permission to share with others)
      Pg.226: Ebenezer Church, S.E. of Amherst Court House, Albemarle Assn.
      Pg.226: Albemarle Association Buffaloe Church. Mr. William Duncan, a preacher of useful gifts, is a member of this church and has been ordained to the ministry. (Buffaloe church stood in the vicinity of Amherst courthouse.) Footnote: William Duncan served various churches in the Albemarle Assn. as pastor until 1830, when he removed to Calaway Co., MO. He subsequently located in Boone Co., where he acted as a domestic missionary. He died in 1846.

1901 "History of Albemarle Co. in VA" by Edgar Woods (FHL book 975.548 H2w)
      Pg.182: DUNKUM. Two brothers named Dunkum lived on the Carter's Bridge Road south of Charlottesville, in the early part of the century, and both were efficient and prosperous farmers. William, who resided nearer town at a place lately occupied by Lord Pelham-Clinton, and now by Mr. Harbottle, began his purchases of land in 1803, and continued it until his plantation comprised nearly a thousand acres. In 1837 he conveyed to Lewis Teel, Robert Gentry and Jeremiah A. Goodman the land on which stood the Piney Grove Baptist Church. He died in 1846. His wife was Frances Gentry, and his children were Mary Ann, the wife of Lewis Sowell, William L., Chesley, James T., Frances, the wife of Jesse L. Fry, Elizabeth, the wife of Philip Edge, Martha, the wife of John H. Barksdale, Susan, the wife of J. Ralls Abell, and Elijah, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Ficklin, and built the large brick house on Ridge Street long occupied by the late Dr. R.B. Dice.
      John Dumkum lived about a mile south of his brother, where he settled in 1807. His lands were in extent but little short of those of William. He died in 1855. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Marshall Durrett, and his children were James, Martha, the wife of William Pitts, Mary, the wife of Chester Ballard, Elizabeth, Jane, and Sarah Ann, the first wife of Philip Edge. (MAD Note: One Martha Duncan m. William Pitts in 1838 in Smith Co. TN)


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