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Last revised August 1, 2013

Formed 1843 from Nacogdoches
Gregg formed 1873 from Rusk, Upshur


1850 Rusk Co. TX Census (Duncans also from Lucille Mehrkam 1983; #521 Moore also from Anita McMurtrie 7/2002; other Moore families indexed in Rusk Co. TX too young)
Pg.246, #138, William MOORE 50 TN farmer $0
                  Catherine 49 TN
                  Julia 28 AL
                  Martha 16, Mary 14, Thomas 10 AL
                  James 8, J.W. (m) 6 AL
Pg.271-272, #521, William MOORE 50 TN farmer $800 (birthplaces used ditto marks) ("4" in column for "attended school during year")
                  Sarah 45 TN
                  William Jr. 19 TN farmer
                  Thomas 18, James H. 16 TN farmers ("do")
                  Sam Houston 15 TN farmer ("do")
                  George W. 13, Robert C. 8 TN
                  Thompson A. 6 TN (bottom of page)
                  John 27 AL laborer (top of page)
                  Henry 25 AL farmer
                  Thomas M. 22 AL laborer
                  James M. 19 AL farmer
                  Calvin 7 AL
                  Polly Ann 11 AL
                  (MAD: per Anita McMurtrie 4/2002, John Alexander Duncan, b.1844 NC per census, came to TX age 4 or 5 riding horseback behind his father, spent his first night in Texas at his Grandmother Moore's, from info of his son Oscar Duncan; Moore family not positively identified)
Pg.272, #522, Edward HARGRAVE 24 TN laborer $0
                  Geo. W. DUNCAN 38 NC farmer $0
                  Angelina 25 TN
                  Elizabeth 15 TN
                  George H. 14, James A. 9 TN
                  Mary Ann 9 TN
                  William T. 7, Sarah C. 4 MS
                  Joseph 1 MS
                  (MAD: 1860 Ellis Co. TX census; ? 1840 Gibson Co. TN census)
Pg.297, #868, David H. DUNCAN 25 TN blacksmith $320
                  John T. 27 TN farmer
                  (MAD: names and ages as written)

1860 Rusk Co. TX Census (no other William Moore in county)
Beat 14, P.O. New London
Pg.223, #393-405, Jordan SPENCE 68 NC farmer $2775-$1300
                  Delila 64 VA
                  Parthena 42, Margaret 34 TN
                  Abner 28, Iry? (Ivy?) (m) 22 TN farm laborers
                  Wm. M. DUNCAN 28 KY farmer $138-$200
                  Elizabeth 22 GA
                  Harriet I. 1, Margaret C. 1/12 TX
Pg.223, #395-407, D.C. DUNCAN (m) 59 KY farmer $486-570
                  Margaret 47 VA?
                  John 24 KY farm laborer
                  Green (m) 22, Jas. H. 19 KY
                  Daniel P. 17, G.W. (m) 14 KY
                  Margaret C. 12 KY
                  C.M. (m) 6, Charles T. 5 TX
                  A.J. (m) 1 TX
                  Eliza J. SYLAS 20 KY
                  James B. 6 TX
                  (MAD: Daniel Duncan, 1850 Mercer Co. KY census)
Beat 9, P.O. New Danville
Pg.282, #802-820, Jas. S. DUNCAN 38 NC farmer $1000-$500
                  Zenany (f) 22 AR
                  C.C. (m) 5, Laura M. 3 TX
                  F.M. (m) 6/12 TX
                  John A. 15 NC f.laborer
                  (MAD: John A. Duncan in 1870 Henderson Co. TX census)
Pg.284, #828-846, Jerry DUNCAN (m) 50 TN farmer $800-$250
                  John F. 16, Joseph D. 12 TN
                  Sam A. 7 TX
                  Wm. ADKINS 65 NC blind
                  Susan 71 GA
                  (MAD: 1850 Maury Co. TN census; 1870 Scott Co. AR census; his son William Duncan in 1860 Trinity Co. TX census)
P.O. New Danville, Beat #9
Pg.290, #901-919, Wm. MOORE 60 TN farmer $500-$1000
                  Sarah 56 TN
                  Thomas 27, G.W. (m) 21 TN F.laborers
                  R.C. (m) 18, Thompson (m) 15 TN F.laborers
                  Julia 12 TX

1870 Rusk Co. TX Census
Henderson (town)
Pg.336, #116-119, HOWARD, James L. 53 VA carpenter $0-$0
                  Dave P. 49 VA lather $3000-$300
                  Martha A. 31 TN keeping house
                  John P. 13 TX at home
                  William R. 12, Benj. M. (m) 8, Joe 7 TX at home
                  George 6, Sarah V. 2 TX at home
                  STEWART, William 25 TN farmer
                  DUNCAN, John 21 MS (white) farm laborer
Precinct 2, P.O. Henderson
Pg.374, #483-492, OBRIANT, Louisa (f) 40 MS BLACK cook $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, John 28 TN (white) works a steam mill
                  DUNCAN, Joe 25 TN (white) works a steam mill
Pg.374, #486-498, DUNCAN, William 34 TN works at steam mill $0-$200
                  Susan 27 TN keeping house
                  Nancy E. 11, Sarah E. 9, Alanedia (f) 5 TX at home
                  (MAD: 1860 Trinity Co. TX census)
Precinct 5, P.O. Henderson
Pg.469, #67-69, DUNCAN, D.C. (m) 58 KY farmer $600-$300
                  Margaret 57 VA keeping house
                  Chaunset? M. (m) 17 TX works on farm
                  Charles T. 16 TX works on farm
                  Andrew J. (m) 12 TX works on farm
Pg.482, #250-256, DUNCAN, George W. 24 KY farm laborer $0-$0
                  Nancy 21 MS keeping house
                  Margaret F. 8/12 TX b.Sept.
Pg.482, #251-257, DUNCAN, William M. 35 KY farmer $180-$115
                  Elizabeth 31 GA keeping house
                  Harriett J. 10, Margaret C. 9 TX at home
                  Sarah E. 7, William H. 5 TX at home
                  Victoria (f) 1 TX at home


Rusk Co. TX Probate records, 1847-1922
      Index to estates, Probate record v. D-E 1853-1857 (FHL film 1,020,929)
            Vol.P, #1397, Duncan, Margarette, pg.167
            (no William Moore)
            Vol.N, #1223, Moore, Simpson M. et al, pg.299
            (next Moore in Vol.R, not copied)
      Probate minutes v. 1-3 1847-1867 - no index (FHL film 1,020,938)


Rusk Co. TX General index to District court minutes, 1847-1930, A-M (FHL film 1,020,949 item 2)
      Headings: "primitive no.", parties, return term, judgement date
      #1695, Duncan, James A., the state against, F(eb.) T(erm) 1863, no judgement date, Minute Book Vol.8 pg.322
      #3698, Duncan, W.M., the state against, for tax, May T(erm) 1874
      #3832, Duncan, John A. vs. John C. Green, Supb. Docket Vol.2, 86
      #3750, Duncan, J.A. vs. the State of Texas, Jan. 23, 1882?, 13-550?
      #3774, Duncan, J.A. et al vs. State of Texas, Judgement, July 5, 1881
      #3909, Duncan, Flem, alias George Duncan, alias George Fisher, the State of Texas (no date, ca 1880?)
      #4405, Duncan, C.G. vs. E.A. White, July 6, 1885, Final #5039, Minute Book 14-631
      #4425, Duncan, Margarett, estate of, July 24, 1885, Final #5034, Minute Book 15-53
      #8553, Duncan, Frank vs. State of Texas, return Jan. 1896, judgement Jan. 27, 1897, Book 7, minute book (page?) 601
      #5486, Duncan, Tully vs. Lizzie Duncan, judgement July 10, 1908, printed divorce M-1 (in Subp. docket), 1-58

Rusk Co. TX County Court Minutes, 1859-1870, 1878-1885 (FHL film 1,020,941)
      No index; did not look page by page
      Pg.324, Feb.17, 1863, not court suits; road orders, support payments; quit.


Rusk Co. TX Index to Deeds of Trust, 1843-1928 (FHL film 1,020,928)
      C-550: April 5, 1892, Duncan, C.T. et. ux, grantor, to John T. McCord, grantee, trustee for W.H. Compton, deed of trust.
      (no others)

Rusk Co. TX Deed Indexes, 1844-1915 (Direct, FHL film 1,020,671; Reverse, FHL film 1,020,672)
      H-453: Duncan, John to Jesse Walling, Nov. 17, 1853
      K-308: Duncan, Samie & wife to A. Ames, Nov. 10, 1856
      L-160: Duncan, J.M. to John F. Arnett, Aug. 12, 1857
      M-205: Dunkin, J.G. et ux to Williamson Todd, Jan. 14, 1858
      M-616: Duncan, Zenanah, schedule of property, Sept. 7, 1859
      N-217: Duncan, F.W. to Jesse Wilbanks, Nov. 15, 1860
      N-639: Duncan, F.H. to Jesse Wilbanks, Nov. 15, 1860
      O-161: Duncan, Preston to W.H. Estill, Feb. 15, 1861 (MAD: Preston is last name, not first name)
      S-64: Duncan, Jeremiah to Hicks & Bradshaw, April 5, 1870
      T-98: Dunkin, J.D. & D.H. to John Hicks, July 18, 1870
      T-371: Duncan, W.M. et ux to Geo. D. Boatright (ca 1871)
      31-213: Duncan, C.T. et ux to Duncan Preston, June 25, 1883
      34-437: Duncan, G.W. to H.T. Whitehead, Nov. 1, 1886
      35-324: Duncan, C.T. to James H. Lyles, Sept. 5, 1887
      38-129: Duncan, C.T. et ux to Mrs. M.S. Gaston, Nov. 27, 1889
      41-613: Duncan, C.T. et ux to W.H. Compton, Aug. 24, 1894
      41-632: Duncan, D.H. et ux to Henry Holleman, Sept. 11, 1893
      47-95: Duncan, J.H. et ux to R.A. Marhews, Jan. 12, 1899
      Reverse (grantee)
      D-168: Duncan, D.H. & J.D. from A.G. Dupuy, Dec. 27, 1849
      F-429: Duncan, Jas. G. from Jno. H. Lindsy & wife, Nov. 5, 1851
      F-560: Dunkin, Jeremiah from A. Flannery (Flamery?) & wife, Dec. 31, 1851
      G-339: Duncan, Foster H. from Parmelia Reed adm., Aug. 19, 1852
      H-453: Duncan, John from Jesse Walling, Nov. 17, 1853
      K-303: Duncan, Saml. from John Chisum & wife, Nov. 8, 1856
      M-266: Duncan, D.C. from Hollingsworth & Miller, Feb. 9, 1859
      T-152: Duncan, Geo. W. from M.M. Boggess, July 31, 1871
      T-349: Duncan, W.C. from Simpson Moore, Oct. 31, 1871
      Z-361: Duncan, J.A. from J.L. Cunningham, agreement, Nov. 21, 1878
      34-132: Duncan, C.T. from Margaret Duncan by Shff, March 6, 1886
      34-132: Duncan, G.T. from J.T. Rogers, March 6, 1886
      38-494: Duncan, G.W. from E. Eubanks et al, April 8, 1890
      38-496: Duncan, G.W. from J.D. Stone, April 8, 1890
      41-561: Duncan, D.H. from Elbert Gaston et ux, June 28, 1893
      42-171: Duncan, J.G. from G.H. Crow et ux, Dec. 11, 1893
      45-222: Duncan, S.S. from A.C. Kinnebrew, Oct. 1, 1897
      46-91: Duncan, Dee from Henderson Circuit M.E. Church, Jan. 12, 1899
      46-93: Duncan, D.H. from Mose, Arnold, Jan. 12, 1899

Rusk Co. TX Deeds
      No Book D
      F-429: 5 Nov. 1851, John H. Lindsay and wife Lucy Ann of Rusk Co. TX to Joseph G. Dunkin, for $720, land on waters of Sabine River about 13 miles north of Henderson, being S 1/2 of 320 acres granted A.G. Duprey, assignee of Skelton Bradley, patented 9 Nov. 1848, incl. residence and farm where said Lindsey now lives, containing 160 acres; wit. John D. Duncan, J.C. Miller. (FHL film 1,020,673)
      F-560: 10 Nov. 1851, Abraham Flannery and wife Louisa M., for $650, to Jeremiah Dunkin, (no localities given), land S. of Sabine River and W. of Rabbit Creek, part of headright survey of Margaret Tennison, including 160 acres to be laid off in SE corner; wit. George W. Pinser??, John Derryberry. (FHL film 1,020,673)
      G-339: 28 July 1852, Parmelia (X) Rul? (Reed?), admx. of Alfred Rul (Reed?) decd, to F.M. Dunkin, for $175 paid Alfred Rul and balance paid me, and per order of County Court Aug. 29, 1849, convey to F.M. Dunkin title to land on waters of Sabine River on E.bank of branch of Rabbit Creek called Peavine Creek, containing 100 acres; wit. J.A. Duncan, William A. Powel?; certification, Parmelia Rul admix. to Foster H. Duncan. (FHL film 1,020,673)
      H-453: 20 July 1853, Jesse Walling of Rusk Co. TX to John Duncan, Horeson (Harrison? Honeson? Houeson?) Co. TX, 100 acres for $50, on N. boundary line of Wm. Frisby's leag(ue) and at SE corner of Jacob Talyes survey, on Taylor's boundary line; 100 acres part of "hedrite" of Francisco Sole Manskack now the property of Walling; wit. Thomas J. Roberts, James M. Cooper. (FHL film 1,020,674)
      K-303: 18 Oct. 1856, John (X) Chissum and wife Mary (X) for $200 to Samuel Dunkin, land S. of Sabine River and W. of Rabbit Creek, a part of the headright survey of Mary Vanwinkle, incl. 100 acres surveyed, beg. on Rabbit Creek on W. boundary line of survey, then N to NW corner, then E to Rabbit Creek, then up the creek, containing 100 acres; no wit. (FHL film 1,020,675)
      K-308: 14 Oct. 1856, Saml. Duncan and wife Lavisa (X) of Rusk Co. TX for $400 to Alford Ames, 100 acres beg. on Rabbit Creek, the W. boundary of Mary Vanwinkle survey, (etc.); no wit. (FHL film 1,020,675) (MAD: 1850 Maury Co. TN census, 1860 Trinity Co. TX census)
      L-160: 4 Aug. 1857, John Duncan of Harrison Co. TX for $100 to John F. Arnote of same, 100 acres on N.boundary of Wm. Frisby's league and SE corner of Jacob Taylors survey, part of headright of Francisco Soto Manshack, which was conveyed to me by Jesse Walling of Rusk Co.; /s/ J.M. Duncan; wit. C.W. Steele, John Let. (FHL film 1,020,675)
      M-205: 6 Jan. 1859, Joseph G. Dunkin and wife Parthena for $660 to Williamson Todd, land on waters of Sabine River about 13 miles N. of town of Henderson, being S 1/2 of 320 acre grant to A.G. DuPry, assignee of Skelton Bradley, on 9 March 1848, including residence and farm where said J.G. Dunkin now lives; no wit. (FHL film 1,020,676) (MAD: 1850 Maury Co. TN census, 1870 Scott Co. AR census)
      M-266: 1 Feb. 1859, Stephen P. Hollingsworth and J.C. Miller for $485 and per our bond 26 June 1852, to Daniel C. Duncan, land on SW corner of Chany Couches 320 acres, 243 acres part of E.S. Vansickle's survey; no wit; reference to John C. Miller. (FHL film 1,020,676)
      M-616: A list of the separate property of Mrs. Zenanah Duncan owned by her free from the control of her husband James A. Duncan, made this 20 June 1859. One yoke oxen, 15 head cattle marked with a crop off and underbit out of each ear, 15 head of hogs same mark, 10 head of sheep same do. In testimony that the above contains a correct list of my personal separate property, I have signed, and affixed my seal using a scroll for seal on date above, /s/ Zenanah (X) Duncan. Signed before S. Slade Barnet, N.P. Rusk Co., 20 June 1859. Filed for record 29 Aug. 1859. (FHL film 1,020,676)
      N-217: 21 Jan. 1860, Stephen Crow sold F.W. Duncan a lot of turning tools and turning lathe and all other tools necessary to carry on the business of turning; said Duncan agrees to pay Crow $250.78, and Crow to have the proceeds of the labor of said Duncan and a lien on the tools and lathe until the money is paid. /s/ F.W. (X) Duncan; wit. W.D. Hoard, James M. Hoard. (FHL film 1,020,676)
      N-639: 9 Nov. 1860, Foster H. (X) Dunkin of Wood Co. for $400 to Jesse Wilbanks, land on waters of Rabbit Creek, Peavine Creek, 100 acres; no wit. (FHL film 1,020,676) (MAD: 1830 Lowndes Co. AL census, 1840 Union Par. LA census, 1860 Wood Co. TX census)
      O-161: By virtue of an execution issued from the District Court of Rusk Co. 26 May 1859 in favor of H.M. Wright and against S.G. Swan, D. Preston, Wm. Bromley, F.H. Harrall and James McBride issued on a judgement 26 May 1859 for $156.22 and costs, J.A.J. Smith, Sheriff of Rusk Co., on 4 Oct. 1860, levied on land about 6 miles W. from town of Henderson, Block #31, containing 490 acres (more description not copied) all right of Duncan Preston to the land; W.H. Estile was highest bidder for $116. (FHL film 1,020,677)
      S-64: 1 Jan. 1870, Jeremiah Duncan of Rusk Co. TX for $900 to John W. Hicks and James K.P. Bradshaw, one half mile square in SE corner of Margaret Tennison's survey of 640 acres, being my homestead and containing 160 acres, conveyed to me by Abraham Flannery and Louisa M. Flannery on 10 Nov. 1851, rec. Book L, pg.560 and 561; /s/ J.M. Duncan; wit. J.W. Bradshaw and S. Slade Barnett. (FHL film 1,020,679)
      T-98: 9 Feb. 1861, J.D. Dunkin and D.H. Dunkin of Trinity Co. TX for $500 to John Hicks, 160 acres, being N 1/2 of 1/2 Section or 320 acres on Sabine River about 13 miles N of Town of Henderson, per conditional certificate #232 issued to Skelton Bradley 6 June 1842, upon which an unconditional cert. #122 was issued 7 July 1845, on NE corner of survey for John B. Barton. Both signed, no wit. Appeared John D. Dunkin and David H. Dunkin. (FHL film 1,020,679)
      T-152: 22 March 1871, Milton M. Boggess to George W. Duncan for $388, land beg. at SW corner of Jesse Crawford's survey, containing 197 acres less 3 acres I donated for school purposes but if it is appropriated for other purposes it reverts to George W. Duncan. Wit. J.M. Blair, Samuel J. Ramey. (FHL film 1,020,679)
      T-349: 3 May 1869, Simpson Moore of Rusk Co. TX for $120 to Wm. M. Duncan of same, land on waters of Striker Creek, corner N.B.L. Josiah Days. (MAD: acres not given). (FHL film 1,020,679)
      T-371: 29 Aug. 1871, Wm. M. Duncan and wife Elizabeth for $300 to Geo. D. Boatright, both Rusk Co. TX, (land in T-349). (FHL film 1,020,679)
      Z-361: 17 Nov. 1877, J.L. Cunningham and J.A. Duncan, both Rusk Co., enter into a partnership to erect a steam saw mill about 1-1/2 miles from town of Overton in Rusk Co. on the line of the H & O Railroad; J.A. Duncan to furnish steam engine and boiler he is now using in County of Cherokee, together with (other items) estimated at $1500, and Cunningham to furnish $685 or equivalent in fixtures; after all expenses, within 6 months, J.L. Cunningham will pay Duncan $315 and 12%, then all to be equal shares (more not copied); wit. B.S. Wathen, H.P. Henry. (FHL film 1,020,682)


Index to TX Confederate Pension Records (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
      Application, Name, County, Book
      20255, Duncan, G.W., Rusk, 2
      16386, Dunkin, J.T., Rusk, 2
      43856, Duncan, Mrs. Mollie L., Rusk, 5
      03520, Duncan, S.S., Sr., Rusk, 1

Texas Confederate Pension Files
      #3520; indexed Simon S. Duncan. S.S. Duncan, Rusk Co. TX; application approved 4 Oct. 1899. Application 31 July 1899 by S.S. Duncan Sr., indigent Soldier of late Confederacy, of Rusk Co. TX, for a pension. Age 71, reside Rusk Co. TX for 16 years, post office Pam (Pann?), Rusk Co. TX; had not applied for a pension before; farmer, bad physical condition, nearly blind; in Co. H, 19 TX Infantry about 3 years; $125 value of 50 acres land, $25 for 17 horses; no income; in indigent circumstances; unable by labor to earn support. Physician's affidavit: S.S. Duncan Sr. suffering from total blindness in left eye ... (FHL film 960,286) (MAD: 1860 Panola Co. TX census; extract on pg.133 in "Rusk County [TX] Rebs" by Kathryn Hooper Davis and Carolyn Reeves Ericson, FHL book 976.4185 M2d, gives birthplace of Simeon Sylvester Duncan as Lexington Co. SC)
      #16386, John T. DINKLIN, Rusk Co. TX, age 66 on Sept. 21, 1908, born AL, resided TX since 1875, resident 30 years, P.O. Henderson, farmer. Served Co.F, 20th AL Regs. Infantry, March 1862 till close of war, /s/ 21 Aug. 1909. Bond surety, M.T. Dunklin, Jule Alexander. Statements that he left the state in 1922 for visiting in the state of AL, returned 25 Dec. 1924, pension reinstated. Letter to "Dear Friend" Dec. 9, 1924, my wife was taken sick and has been in hospital; she would stay with her children and I would come home; in my 83rd year, /s/ Mr. J.T. Dunklin of Selma, AL. (more papers not abstracted.) (indexed J.T. Dunkin; FHL film 963,712)
      #20255, Duncan, G.W., Rusk Co. "file out" (when filmed) (FHL film 963,924) (MAD: extract in "Rusk County [TX] Rebs" by Kathryn Hooper Davis and Carolyn Reeves Ericson, FHL book 976.4185 M2d, pg.133-134: DUNCAN, George Washington, born 13 March 1846 Mercer Co. KY, died 12 Feb. 1919 Henderson, bur. Duncan Cemetery, spouse Nancy West, m. 3 Dec. 1868 Rusk Co., parents Daniel C. & Margaret Duncan, pension 20255, service Co.B 11th TX Infantry, to TX 1851)
      #43856, Mrs. Mollie L. Duncan, 11/21/38 decd, Rusk Co. TX, P.O. Henderson; filed June 28, 1928, approved same. Widow of A.M. Denton who died 12 July 1878, Smith Co. TX; I have remarried Sir Duncan; mar. March 3, 1870, Smith Co. TX, my husband A.M. Denton; age 72, born MS, lived TX 69 years, husband served TX 3 years, enlisted Feb. 10, 1862, discharged close of war, Co.G, 11th TX Inf.; /s/ 27 June 1928; witness J.H. Watson, W.A. Miller. Judgement, divorce, waiver restoring former name, May 28, 1928. Mrs. Mollie Tipps vs. George W. Tipps, marriage annulled, her former name Mollie Duncan restored. Judgement recorded Book 57, pg.294, 44th Judicial Dist. of Dallas, TX, 29 May 1928. A.M. Denton aka Alexander M. Denton. (FHL film 969,286)


Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      Bradley Co. AR ... The undersigned Rufus A. Lees represents that he is a minor aged about eighteen years, is a citizen of Rusk County TX that he is entitled in right of his wife Ann S. Lees, formerly Ann S. Duncan, to a destribution share of one fourth part of the estate of Wm Duncan late of said Bradley Co decd. That your petitioner has no guardian, and hereby applies to the Court to appoint Samuel Halley to be his guardian. Your petitioner further states that he supposes his Estate in Bradley County to be about fifteen Hundred Dollars. 3 January 1855 /s/ Rufus A. Lees
      (MAD: No Rufus Lees or Ann Lees indexed in 1860 TX census, no Lees-Leas family in Rusk Co. TX 1850-1860; see marriage of Ann C. Duncan in 1853 to Rufus A. Tier)

Mercer Co. KY Deed (FHL film 191,825, also from Jean Harper)
      29-139: 24 May 1854, To Abraham M. Vanarsdall, slaves John aged about 13 years, Lewis about 12 years, and Milo about 11 years old, for $2100 paid and secured to be paid by note of same date, and the undersigned Martin C. Duncan and his wife warrant and defend title to the slaves for the lifetime of the wife of said Martin C. Duncan, and the undersigned children of said Martin C. Duncan and wife having each an interest of 1/8 in said slaves subject to the life estate of said Mary B. Duncan do separately warrant their undivided interest of 1/8, to said Abraham M. Vanarsdall and his heirs; and the undersigned Lucy Jane Pritchett and her husband Isaac V. Pritchett, the said Lucy Jane being a granddau. of the said Martin and Mary Duncan and entitled also to an interest of 1/8 in said slaves subject to the life estate afsd, warrant their 1/8 as afsd; /s/ 24 May 1854, Daniel C. Duncan by Mary B. Duncan, Martin C. Duncan, Mary B. (X) Duncan, Mathew T. Duncan, Edward R. Burton, as guardian for A.B. Burton, Martin C. Duncan Jr. by James Tayler his atty in fact, Champness M. Duncan, John R. Duncan, Martin C. Duncan Sr., Isaac V. Pritchett & Lucy Jane Pritchett his wife by James Taylor their attorney in fact, Abner M. Duncan by James Taylor his agent.
            I take the within bill of sale upon my personal examination without any warranty of soundness, May 24, 1854, /s/ A.M. Vanarsdall.
            Mercer Co., May 24, 1854, ack. by Daniel C. Duncan by Mary B. Duncan his attorney in fact, Champness M. Duncan, John R. Duncan, Martin C. Duncan Sr?, Mary B. Duncan, Mathew T. Duncan, and Edward R. Burton as guardian for A.B. Burton, and on 26 of same month and year, ack. by Martin C. Duncan Jr. by James Taylor his attorney in fact, J.B. Pritchett and Lucy Jane Pritchett his wife by James Taylor their attorney in fact and Abner N. Duncan by James Taylor his agent and also the memorandum annexed was ack. by A.M. Vanarsdall, /s/ Tho. Allen, Clk.
            Rusk Co. TX, Daniel C. Duncan, a resident of Co. & state afsd, appoint Mary B. Duncan of Mercer Co. KY my attorney to dispose of at public or private sale a certain undivided interest I have in negroes: Lewis a boy about 12 years of age, John 13, Miles about 11, said negroes now being in the possession of my said attorney in Mercer Co. KY, 1 Feb. 1854, /s/ Daniel C. Duncan, wit. Jno. McClarty, E.H. McClarty, ack. in Rusk Co. TX, rec. Mercer Co. KY May 24, 1854. (MAD: Lucy Jane and Isaac Pritchett m. 1848 Pike Co. MO; dau. of James R. ? d. 1840 Pike Co. MO)

Maury Co. TN Deed (FHL film 549,252; SLC 5/7/2013)
      FF-77/79: 2 June 1850, John D. Dunkin to J.G. Dunkin, for $100 paid, sell my undivided interest to a tract of land in Maury and Marshall Co. TN on either side of Duck River, beg. on north side of Duck river near the mouth of a large branch on the east side of said branch, then up the branch ... Herendon's east boundary line, ... the old marked line, ... crossing Duck River to the divisional line Thomas Pickens land, then ... to the beginning, containing by estimation 190 acres more or less, it being the tract of land where Christinor Dunkin once resided and the one that Amos Dunkin was possessed of at his death and that I have an interest in as his heir at law, warrant title. /s/ John D. Dunkin. Ack. by John D. Dunkin in Rusk Co. TX, 2 July 1851. Filed Aug. 19, 1851. (FHL film 549,252)


Some early Duncans in Rusk Co. TX:
      Walter Duncan, 25 Sept. 1849, mar. Martha J. Bell
      John P. Duncan, 11 Nov. 1850, mar. Mary A. Bennett (MAD: said to be John Argyle Duncan, son of Amos Duncan and Christina Derryberry of Maury Co. TN, 1860 Trinity Co. TX)
      Jas. A. Duncan, 1 Sept. 1852, mar. Zannanah Gabril
      Eliza Jane Duncan, 21 Feb. 1853, mar. J.H. Lyles
      Ann C. Duncan, 10 Dec. 1853, mar. Rufus A. Tier
      Wm. M. Duncan, 17 Dec. 1857, mar. Eliz. Thermond
      Eliza J. Dunkin, 15 Nov. 1857, mar. Jno. Q. Moss
      Thos. A. Duncan, 1 July 1858, mar. Nancy C. Anderson (MAD: she mar. 2nd 3/15/1864 William S. McCuistian in Nacogdoches Co. TX, on 1870 Nacogdoches Co. TX census)
      Nathaniel G. Duncan, 14 April 1861, mar. Mary A. Berry
      Fleming Duncan, 13 Jan. 1864, mar. Talitha Fisher (MAD: 1870 Nacogdoches Co. TX)
      Margaret Duncan, 26 March 1865, mar. Willis S. Curbo
      James H. Duncan, 26 Aug. 1865, mar. Synthiam Thurman
      Geo. Duncan, 3 Dec. 1868, mar. Nancy West (MAD: G.W. Duncan 3/13/1846 - 2/12/1919 and Mrs. Nancy Duncan, 4/10/1849 - 1/8/1915, bur. Duncan Cemetery SW of Henderson; from "52 Cemeteries - Rusk Co. TX" Vol.2, by Mary Franklin (Deason) Dunn, ca 1982; from Lucille Mehrkam 6/1984)

1982 "Rusk Co. History : Texas" by Rusk Co. Historical Commission (from Lucille Mehrkam 6/1984; FHL book 976.4185 H2r and fiche 6,100,619)
      This book contains a biographical sketch of Joseph Franklin Duncan, born July 17, 1860, died May 20 1918, who was the son of Simon Sylvester Duncan and Amy Safronia Ingram. (MAD: mar. Panola Co. TX)


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