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Formed 1856 from Travis, Comanche
Coleman formed 1858 from Travis, Brown
Mills formed 1887 from Comanche, Brown, Hamilton, Lampasas


1860-1870 Brown Co. TX Census
      No Duncan indexed

1880 Census, Byrds Store Precinct, Brown County, Texas (partial; from Kathy D. Cawley 11/2006)
S.D.# 5, E.D.# 24, Page# 404, Image 5 of 16
w/m, age 74, Head, w'd., KY./KY./KY.
C.R., w/m, age 22, Son, single, farmer, MO./KY./TN.
T.J., w/f, age 21, Daughter, single, keeping house, MO./KY./TN.
      KDC: Duncan, T.J. (bride), mar. Johnson, W.S., 28 July 1881, A-54
      KDC: Duncan, C.R. (groom), mar. Tyson, M.E., 12 Nov. 1880, A-19
w/m, age 47, Head, farmer, TN./KY./TN.
M.A., w/f, age 38, Wife, keeping house, TN./TN./TN.
O.W., w/m, age 13, single, at home, TX./TN./TN.
      (KDC: W.B. & M.A. Duncan in 1870 Lavaca Co. TX census and 1900 Brown Co. TX census; O.W. or W.O. Duncan not found 1900, but see 1910 McCulloch Co. TX census)

1900 Census, Justice Precinct 2, Brown County, Texas (from Kathy D. Cawley 11/2006)
S.D.# 4, E.D.# 6, Page# 109A, Image 3 of 51
Wm. B.,
Head, w/m, Oct 1831, age 68, m'd 33 yrs., TN./MS./MS.
Malinda A., Wife, w/f, Oct 1841, age 58, 2 chi. born, 2 living, TN./MS./TN.
Lillie M., G-daughter, w/f, Aug 1889, age 10, TX./TX./TX.


Brown Co. TX Marriages Records (from Lucille Mehrkam 11/1985)
      Duncan, A.G., to Lane, Deloras, 1 Sept. 1898, 4-90
      Duncan, C.R. (groom), to Tyson, M.E., 12 Nov. 1880, A-19
      Duncan, C.S., to Tyre, Mary, 6 May 1920, 9-77
      Duncan, Ed, to Miller, Mary, 2 March 1901, 4-312
      Duncan, F.A., to Cornelius, Carrie B., 24 Oct, 1903, 5-147
      Duncan, J.R., to James, Mrs. Emma, 11 Apr. 1887, A-303
      Duncan, Roy Hampton, to McCartney, Mary Eliz., 17 May 1916, 8-154
      Duncan, W.B., to Thompson, Ada, 20 Sept. 1895, B-320
      Dungan, E.L., to Davis, Elizabeth, 12 May 1907, 6-244
      Dunkin, A.O., to Ringo, Ethel, 22 Nov. 1908, 6-414
      Dunkin, J.H. (groom), to Rigby, E.E., 29 Apr. 1915, 8-4
      Duncan, Betsey Ann, to Palmer, J.T., 15 Nov. 1896, B-412
      Duncan, J.L. (bride), to Wilson, N.H., 9 March 1882, A-73
      Duncan, Lucy, to Young, Hollie, 15 July 1906, 6-130
      Duncan, Lucy, to Young, William, 13 Aug. 1916, 8-185
      Duncan, Mary Jane, to Keller, Walter, 1 Jan. 1896, B-353
      Duncan, T.J. (bride), to Johnson, W.S., 28 July 1881, A-54


Brown Co. TX Land Records, Court House (from Lucille Mehrkam 11/1985)
      Vol.-Page, Year, Given Name, to/from, Given Name, Inst., Notes
      H-340, 1881, C.L. Cleveland to Wm. E. Duncan, 1862
      M-376, 1884, C.L. Cleveland to Wm. E. Duncan, 1889 Rel
      M-226, 1884, B.A. Duncan to G.H. Howard, 1882 -
      W-39, 1887, B.A. Duncan to G.S/T Howard, 1885 Sub. Deed
      W-39, 1887, B.A. Duncan to W.H & D.W. Howard, 1885 Sub. Deed
      A-137, 1880, E.D. Duncan by Trustee to W.J. Montgomery, 1880 Deed
      F-622, 1881, James L. Duncan, to H.K. Hutcheson, 1878 Deed
      S-185, 1886, Jimmie Duncan by Gdn to M.J. & S.R. Coggin, 1886 Deed
      Y-68, 1888, J.W.G?. Duncan to Dan G?. Munn, 1888 Release - Survey Name: J.W. Daniels
      A-193, 1880, M. Duncan by Cal? to M. Byrd, 1878 Tax Deed
      D-143, 1881, L. Duncan & wife to Sam McCollock, 1879 Deed
      I-203, 1882, Lacy Duncan et al to J.W. Morgan & J.F. Jackson, 1882 Deed
      E-282, 1885, M. Sur? Duncan by Cal to Charles Davis, 1880 Tax Deed.
      T-486, 1886, Mahalla Duncan to Charles Davis, 1886 Decree
      S-185, 1886, Perry Duncan Heirs of to M.J. & S.R. Coggin, 1886 Deed
      A-130, 1880, Robert P. Duncan et al to W.J. Montgomery, 1879 Decree
      T-366, 1886, S.A. Duncan to King & Fordtran, 1886 Sheriff Decree
      T-366, 1886, S.A. Duncan to W.B. King, 1886 Sh.Deed
      T-366, 1886, S.A. Duncan to E.A. Fortran, 1886 Sh.D
      T-366, 1886, S.A. Duncan to W.N. Adams, Shf., 1886 Sh.D
      I-627, 1882, W.E. Duncan to Geo. M. Royalty, 1882 Deed
      K-422, 1882, W.E. Duncan to G. P. Holcomb, 1882 Deed
      K-422, 1882, W.E. Duncan to ???, 1883 Release
      L-563, 1882?, W.E. Duncan to M.E. Motley, 1883? Deed
      Y-597, 1889, Wylie Hill Duncan to W.J. Montgomery, 1878 Deed: Survey Name R. Nixon et al
      L-563, 1883, W.E. Duncan to M.E. Motley, 1883 Deed-Suvey: Woodward
      Y-68, 1888, John T. Duncan to Dan T. Miller, Rel John Daniels S.
      Y-597, 1878, Wyle H. Duncan to W.J. Montgomery, Deed R. Nixon Et Al. Suv.
      Y-594, 1878, Geo. W. Duncan to W.J. Montgomery, Deed R. Nixon Et Al. S.
      35-382, 1893, John T. Duncan from Sheriff Sale, Deed Oscar Robinson S.

HISTORIES before 1923

1914 "History of TX and Texans" by Frank W. Johnson, Vol.1-5 (SUTRO book F386 J66 1914, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and FHL book 976.4 H2j and film 547,564)
      Vol.5 pg.2613: WILLIAM THOMAS DUNCAN of Reeves Co. TX, born Ellis Co. TX 17 March 1869, son of James and Elizabeth Jane (Thomas) Duncan, both born TN, pioneers to TX in the 1840's, located in Kaufman Co., there James Duncan became a rancher, lived in Kaufman Co. 15 years, then moved to Brown Co. and later to Kimball Co., in 1882 moved to Jeff Davis Co. where he spent the last 16 years of his life, dying in 1898; was in Confederate service. Children of James (& Elizabeth Jane): William Thomas; George D. is a merchant in Toyah; James Lafayette, ranching in Jeff Davis Co.; Joseph D. a stockman near Toyah; Lela now Mrs. Frank Billingslea of Toyah. William Thomas Duncan married 29 July 1889 to Miss Annie L. Chalk, a native of TX; they have 4 children: Alice Zillah, now Mrs. Albert Tinnin of Culberson Co.; James C. in business with his father; William K. and Aubrey who live at home.


Some early Duncans in Brown Co. TX:
      T. Duncan, 1863, on tax list ("Frontier Generation, The Pioneer History of Brown Co." by Smith; Houston, TX, library book 976.44S662, from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984)
      T.C. Duncan, 3 Dec. 1893, died age 88y 5m 18d, born 15 March 1805, and Tersee Duncan, wife of T.C., died 29 April 1870 age 62y 11m 7d, born 20 June 1815; buried Lost Creek (or Hogg Creek) Cemetery, north Brown Co. (pg.151, "Rural Cemetery Inscription - Brown Co. TX" by Hazel Ellis Wetzel, 1980; Houston, TX, library book 976.4W544, from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984; and FHL book 976.4548 V3w; book contains other Duncans born later) (MAD: ? Thomas Duncan in 1850 Barry Co. MO census, wife Tennessee?)


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