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Formed 1799 from Sumner
Cannon formed 1836 from Coffee, Warren, Wilson
Trousdale formed 1870 from Macon, Smith, Wilson


1830 Wilson Co. TN Census
Pg.136  G.A. Duncan           1211,01       - 1100,11

1840 Wilson Co. TN Census
Pg.217  William ? Duncan      1111,001      - 2230,01
        Ann ?Drinnon?         0000,1        - 1001,0000,01
   229  Evret Duncan          1210,001      - 1000,001
   259  W. Duncan             0210,201      - 0021,101
        Joel Duncan           0010,101      - 0011,11
   260  Edward Duncan         1010,01       - 3300,01
   281  William Duncan        2210,001      - 1200,01

1850 Wilson Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 6
Pg.387 (773), #988, Charles HARRISS 38 TN farmer $0
                  Margaret 41 TN
                  Henry A. 15, Anvaline 12 TN
                  William L. 9, Susan B. 7 TN
                  Hugh H. 5, Samuel A. 6/12 TN
                  (MAD: Margaret Caruth, widow of Henry Addison Duncan, mar. 12/10/1833; mar. Charles Harris 12/25/1837; ?? son Henry Addison Duncan b.1835 in ?? 1860 Collin Co. TX census)
Pg.393 (786), #1087, Louis CHAMBERS 70 NC farmer $1160
                  William S. DUNCAN 30 TN farmer
                  Eliza 24 TN
                  (MAD: no children in household or nearby)
District 7
Pg.404 (807), #1234, William DUNCAN 56 VA farmer $1000
                  Nancy 56 VA
                  Robert 18, Thomas 14 TN
                  Sarah BELL 24
                  William J. 2 TN
                  Susan PAGE 9, America 7 TN
                  Lavisa 6, Ann S. 4 TN
                  (MAD: William S., son of Fleming Sr.; Martha Ann Duncan mar. John S. Page 11/10/1840, Martha S. Duncan mar. John G. Bell 7/10/1845; Sarah & William J. surname BELL, Susan, America, "Lavisa" and Ann S. surname PAGE)
                  (Per David R. Duncan: Sarah J. Duncan, dau of Wm. Spencer Duncan Sr. and Nancy Scott (Skot), mar. 1st Robt. D. Bell, 1/19/1847; mar. 2nd William T. Powell, 12/23/1851)
Pg.404 (807), #1235, Edwin DUNCAN 32 VA carpenter $3000
                  Alley (f) 33 TN
                  Andrew 21, Mary J. 20 TN
                  Caroline 18, Evaline 16 TN
                  Edwin 12, Martha 10 TN
                  Elizabeth 8, Amanda 7 TN
                  Packetter (f) 5, Alice 2 TN
                  Manerva 4 TN
                  (MAD: ?? son of Edwin M. & Alley Cooper mar. 4/16/1828; ages plainly written, not ages 52 and 53)
Pg.404 (807), #1236, George A. DUNCAN 58 VA farmer $800
                  Mary 48 TN
                  Martha 22 TN
                  Mary 9 TN
                  (MAD: son of Fleming W. Sr.; George A. Duncan mar. Mary Poe 7/9/1838; 1860 Henry Co. TN census)
Pg.404 (808), #1245, William VANTRICE 30 TN merchant $0
                  Isabella 20 TN
                  William 1 TN
District 12
Pg.426 (852), #1565, James BURCHETT 71 NC farmer $800
                  Mary 61 MA
                  Jonathan DUNCAN 9 MA
District 17
Pg.525 (1051), #1284, Averet DUNKIN 55 NC farmer $600
                  Patience 44 NC
                  Henry 22, Ransom 17 NC
                  James (m) 10, Mary 8 NC
                  Wm. 5, Nancy 3 NC
                  (MAD: from Johnston Co. NC; compare Ransom S. 1835-1908 buried Pulaski Co. VA; Henry ?? 1860 Dallas Co. AL census; Avrit & Ranson to Johnston Co. NC; ? James to Lenoir Co. NC; see "Family Bible Records of Johnston Co. NC" by Elizabeth Ross, Vol.1, pg.30-32, Bible of Henry Daniel Duncan, in FHL book 975.641 D2r)

1860 Wilson Co. TN Census
District 1
Pg.256 (49), #331-316, William S. SCRUGGS 40 TN farmer $860-$1500
                  Lucinda 38 TN
                  James E. 14 TN
District 6
Pg.305 (114), #784-758, Lewis CHAMBERS 82 NC farmer $4500-$1000
                  Jane 55 NC
                  Alexander DUNCAN 15 TN
                  Isabella 11 TN
District 7
Pg.307 (118), #816-788, Jesse A. DUNCAN 40 TN overseer $0-$300
                  Alena 39 TN
                  Francis M. 10, Sarah S. 8 TN
                  William H. 6, Mary E. 4 TN
                  Jesse P. 1 TN
Pg.311 (126), #870-843, Aly DUNCAN (f) 50 TN farmer $4725-$750
                  Edwin 24 TN carpenter
                  Elizabeth 21, Amanda 18 TN
                  Polketta 15, Alice 11 TN
                  Thomas HANLY 21 TN farm laborer
                  (MAD: Edwin M. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Kilzer 3/20/1862; E.M. Duncan in 1870 Fulton Co. KY census; Ala Duncan 60 TN in 1870 Fulton Co. KY census)
Pg.311 (126), #876-846, And. J. DUNCAN 30 TN carpenter $0-$400
                  Martha 33 TN
                  Mary 7, Jane 5 TN
                  Malvina 4, Medora 2 TN
Pg.311 (126), #877-847, Thos. S. KINDRED 42 TN carpenter $0-$500
                  Sarah Y. 36 TN
                  Elizabeth J. 13, Martha A. 11 TN
                  Frances (f) 9, Georgianna (f) 7 TN
                  Sarah Y. 3, Ida T. (f) 3/12 TN
                  (MAD: Thomas S. Kindred mar. Sarah Y. Duncan 6 Oct. 1840, license dated 28 Sept. 1840, from the county records, from Sharon Dortch and Kathy Curtis to Robert Hays to MAD 8/2002; MAD: this marriage has been erroneously indexed as "Mary Y. Duncan" by many others)
Pg.311 (126), #878-848, William A. DUNCAN 66 VA farmer $2820-$12394
                  Nancy 66 VA
                  Thomas 23 TN teacher $0-$0
                  W.B. (m) 17, America 16 TN
                  Louisa 15, Ann S. 14 TN
                  Louisa PAGE 18 TN
                  (MAD: ? W.B. 17 should be William BELL, America & Louisa & Ann S. should be surname PAGE)

1870 Wilson Co. TN Census
1st Civil District, P.O. Green Hill
Pg.349, #150-150, DUNCAN, James 54 TN farmer $2500-$400
                  Louisa 38 TN keeping house
                  BUCHANAN, Cora (f) 22 TN at home
                  Beulah (f) 5, Lizie (f) 9 TN at home
                  (MAD: Cora Duncan mar. James R. Buchanan 3/14/1864; 1850-1860 Davidson Co. TN census)
7th Civil District
Pg.434, #90-100, DUNCAN, Nancy 75 VA (white) keeping house $2500-$500
                  PAGE, Louiza (f) 23 TN at home
                  (MAD: widow of William A. Duncan)
Pg.434, #90-101, COLLEY, Braxton (m) 52 TN MULATTO farmer $0-$400
                  Mariah 40 TN MULATTO keeping house
                  Susan 15 TN MULATTO at home
                  John 13, Wm. H. 10 TN MULATTO farm laborers
                  Josephine (f) 8, Catharine 6 TN MULATTOS
                  Fredonia (f) 3, Mittie (f) 1 TN MULATTOS
                  DUNCAN, Tenn. (m) 77 VA BLACK "no employ" blind
Pg.435, #103-115, DUNKIN, Andrew 42 TN farmer $265-$500
                  Martha 43 TN keeping house
                  Mary 17, Jane 15 TN at home
                  Melvina (f) 13, Medora (f) 11 TN at home
                  James 9, Anvaline (f) 7, Tobitha (f) 3 TN


Wilson Co. TN Marriage Bond (from Robert Hays 9/2002)
      Bond of Edwin Duncan and John Coe of Wilson Co. TN, 16 April 1828, for marriage of Edwin Duncan to Aley Cooper. /s/ Edwin Duncan, John Coe.

Wilson Co. TN records [marriage license and bond] (from Robert Hays 8/2002; to him from Sharon Dortch and Kathy Curtis; MAD's extract)
      Wilson Co. TN Marriage license: To Thomas S? Kindred and Sary Y. Duncan, provided said Sarah Y. Duncan is an actual resident, ... 29? Sept. 1840. (Back of license) The within license was executed by me on the 6 Oct. 1840, /s/ Robt. D. Bell M.G. (Below the fold on back) No.130? Thomas Kindred to Sarah Y. Duncan, Issd. 29 Sept. 1840 McClaw Cash.
      Wilson Co. TN Marriage Bond: Thomas Kindred and James M. Horsey of Wilson Co. TN, 28 Sept. 1840, bond for marriage of Thomas Kindred to Sarah Y. Duncan; /s/ Thomas S. Kindred, James M. Horsley.


Wilson Co. TN Wills (FHL film 430,846)
      4-5: Will of William Duncan of Wilson Co., 19? June 1863; wife Nancy Duncan all my real and personal property during her natural life; then equally divided between my three daughters Sarah J. Powell and Harriet A? Hagan? and Isabella Hagan; property willed to dau. Isabella Hagan to be put into the hands of my son-in-law William Powell for her use. After death of wife Nancy, land and all other property be sold and proceeds equally divided between my son George M.B. Duncan, he having 1/3, and the heirs of my son William S? Duncan deceased they having 1/3, and my daughter Martha Ann Page? decd 1/3. My 3 orphan grandaughters Monica? Page and Lavisa Page and Ann Page continue to live with my wife their grand mother as they now do except they should marry. If any children or grandchildren attempt to void the will, they forfeit all their interest. Appoint son-in-law William Powell executor. /s/ William L? (S?) Duncan. Wit. B.T. Ball, A.C. Terry. Prob. Sept. 1863. (MAD: John J. Hagar mar. Harriet A. Duncan 12/21/1839)
      4-57: List of property belonging to estate of Wm. S? Duncan, decd, includes note on F.W. Duncan, notes in favor of John P. Page's heirs, doubtful note on A.J. Duncan; sale on 29 Oct. 1863; filed Feb. 1864, recorded May 7, 1864.
      4-125: Jan. 1865, list of articles sold of the estate of William S? Duncan 1 April 1864, filed Jan. 1865 by W.L. Powell, exr.


Wilson Co. TN Chancery Court Suit (from Sue Harris 4/2000; her extract)
      In Feb. 1867, according to a chancery court suit filed in Wilson Co. TN, Edwin M. Duncan, Jr. (mar. Elizabeth Kilger 20 March 1862, Wilson Co. TN), Martha Duncan (mar. James J. Lawrence 18 Jan. 1858, Wilson Co. TN), and Polk Etta Duncan (mar. Richard Frank Brown 11 March 1862, Wilson Co. TN) all lived in Lawrence Co. TN, and R.F. Brown went by the name Frank.

"Tennessee Reports - Report of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Tennessee" by William G. Swan, Vol.II; a New Edition with notes and references, by William Frierson Cooper, pgs.207 to 209 (spine title: Tennessee Reports Cooper's Edition 32 - Swan Vol.2); Vol.32, pgs.351 to 353 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004)
      DUNCAN, ex'r. &c., vs. DUNCAN et als; Supreme Court of Tennessee, Nashville; 32 Tenn. 351; 2 Swan 351; December, 1852, Decided.
      Upon the hearing of the bill filed in this case in the chancery court at Lebanon, chancellor RIDLEY, at the January Term, 1853, decreed as stated in the opinion; whereupon, the respondent appealed. (MAD: Lebanon, Wilson Co. TN)
      (MAD: citations by counsel omitted here)
      TOTTEN, J., delivered the opinion of the court.
      The plaintiff, executor of Edwin Duncan's will, who died in 1852, brought his bill in chancery for the construction of said will, and also for an order directing a sale of the personal estate of the testator.
      The defendant, Alcy Duncan, the widow of the testator, and who dissented from his will, answers the bill; and in reference to the sale of the personal property, she claims as widow of the deceased, all his personal property exempt from execution under the poor laws of the State. The chancellor decreed that, as widow, she was entitled to the property exempt from execution by the Act of 1842, ch. 42, Sec. 2, and no more. We concur in the chancellor's opinion.
      Several statutes, commencing with 1820, ch. 11, exempt from execution certain articles in the possession of poor persons deemed necessary for their ordinary subsistence and convenience. By the Act of 1833, ch. 80, they are so exempted from execution in the hands of the widow of the deceased debtor. The policy of these acts is obvious and humane. The creditor is not permitted to take from his indigent debtor, or if he be dead, from his widow, such articles enumerated in the acts as were deemed necessary to the subsistence of the debtor or his widow; and therefore, these articles are expressly exempted from execution. These persons may hold the exempted articles against the execution of the creditor; that is all, and no right is conferred upon the widow by these acts, except as against the creditor who seeks to levy his execution upon the property of his deceased debtor. The widow takes no right in this respect as against legatees and distributees of the deceased. These stand in equal right, so far as the poor laws here relied upon are concerned.
      It is true that the Act 1842, ch. 42, Sec. 2, forms an exception to the rule here stated, but it is limited and confined in its operation to articles specially named and exempted in that act. It was construed in Curd vs. Curd, 9 Humph. R., 179, not as being in pari materia with the other acts referred to, but as containing a novel and peculiar provision for the benefit of the widow, unlike the provision made for her in the former acts on the same subject. The case of Curd vs. Curd rests upon the plain and imperative words of the statute. Let the chancellor's decree be affirmed.


Wilson Co. TN Deed Index 1793-1880 (FHL film 427,157)
      Z-233: John B. Arnold to "Avvett" Duncan (Book Z, "1854-1852")
      B2-72: George A. Duncan to William Sweeney? (Book B2, 1855-1857)
      F2-524: A.J. Duncan to B.O. Terry (Book F2, 1866-1868)
      F2-538: Richard M. Norton to Martha S. Duncan
      G2-145: William A. Duncan to Jonathan White (Book G2, 1868-1869)
      G2-241: Charles G. Carter to Mrs. Louisa Duncan
      G2-265: George M. Duncan to William T. Powell
      H2-392: William A. Duncan to America Hager et al (Book H2, 1869-1871)
      J2-91: James H. Duncan to Milton Taylor, deed (Book J2, 1871-1873)

Wilson Co. TN Deeds
      E-91: 15 Sept. 1787, NC Grant #458; reference to Act to Offer Relief to Officers and Enlisted Men of the Continental Line; William Duncan was a private in the Continental Line; grant John Marshall, assignee of Duncan, 228 acres in Davidson Co. on Many Fork Creek, a branch of Stone River, per plat. (FHL film 427,168)
      Q-602: 26 Nov. 1836, William Algood to George Duncan, both Wilson Co. TN, $400, 50 acres on a branch in Briant Wards line (no watercourse). Wit. Ennis Douglas, John B. Dupriest. (FHL film 427,173)
      R-530: 29 Aug. 1838, Martin Furlong of Wilson Co. TN to William Duncan of Sumner Co. TN, $920, 100 acres on Briant Ward's corner, William Allgoods corner. Wit. Fleming W. Duncan, George A. Duncan. (FHL film 427,174)
      T-273: 9 Jan. 1841, George A. Duncan and Mary (+) his wife to William S. Duncan and his heirs, $500, 55 acres 3 roods & 7-3/4 poles in Wilson Co. and dist number (tight binding), by deed from Samuel Browning to James Browning 3/5 Oct. 1839 rec. Book B?, pg.21. No wit. (FHL film 427,175)
      T-274: 16 Jan. 1841, William S. Duncan (no wife mentioned) to George A. Duncan, $500, land in Wilson Co., Dist. No. 7, 55 acres etc. (land in T-273 deed) Wit. James D. White, Henry D. Carter?. (FHL film 427,175)
      X-337: 24 April 1856?, Burchett Douglass of Fayette Co. TN to Edwin M. Duncan of Wilson Co., $200, 32 acres on Algoods east boundary, corner Lot 7 in division of heirs of E. Douglas decd, H. Barksdale's west boundary, Providence Meeting House, lot assigned Edward Douglas. Rec. 18 May 1846?. (FHL film 427,178)
      Y-10: 30 Jan. 1849, H. Barksdale to William S. Duncan, $56, 8 acres and 14 poles in Dist. 1, orig. SE corner of tract purchased by Hickerson Barksdale of Ila Douglass 1847. Wit. William H. Vantrease. Rec. 2 July 1850. (FHL film 427,178)
      Y-124: 4 Jan. 1857, George A. Duncan to Elisha H. Paine, $600, $200 now payed, the rest due, 50 acres, Bryant Ward's west boundary. Wit. Joel Algood, J.C. Terry?. (FHL film 427,178)

Wilson Co. TN Deeds (Notes of Sue Harris to Mary Louise Craven to MAD)
      Q-331: 12 Jan. 1836, Asa B. Douglass of Wilson Co. TN to E.M. Duncan of same, $719, a tract on bank of Cumberland River adj. B. Ward's corner, then up the river, to Barksdale's corner, then south, to NE corner of lot in "sd" Division assigned to Sally Hooks, then West, D. Ward's line, containing 70-1/2 acres; also a tract originally a part of above, adj. Barksdales, W. boundary corner of J. Page, Allgood's line, containing 53 acres; wit. B. Douglass, Clinton Hooks. (extract from Sue Harris: land in Smith & Wilson Cos.) (FHL film 427,173)
      V-209: 16 Nov. 1844, Whereas I have a fee simple interest in remainder to take effect after the death of Elizabeth Algood who has a life estate in land in Dist.7, 19 acres 2 roods 28 poles by estimation, adj. William S. Duncan's W. & S. boundary, adj. George A. Duncan's N. boundary; now for $117.75 for which I hold the notes of said William S. Duncan, I convey to said Duncan in fee simple my interest in remainder in said tract, /s/ Joel Algood. (FHL film 427,176)
      Y-106: 30 Nov. 1850, Thomas P. Browning trustee for John L. Dillard by deed of trust made some time in the spring of 1850, have this day sold to Edwin M. Duncan, for $282.85, land on Cumberland River in Wilson and Smith Cos., 35 acres 57 poles, adj. said Duncan's NW corner of tract on which he now lives, supposed to be formerly Elmira? Douglass NW corner, then running down the River; wit. Joel Algood, P.A. Baird. (extract from Sue Harris: land in both Wilson & Smith Cos.) (FHL film 427,178 item 1)
      B2-72: 30 Sept. 1851, Geo. A. Duncan to William Swinney, $300, land in Wilson Co. TN, Dist.7, 55 acres adj. near SE corner of the orig. tract of which this is the W. half (no neighbors); /s/ Geo. A. Duncan, Mary (X) Duncan; wit. Benjamin T. Bell, Thos. D. Moore. Rec. on oath of Thos. Moore who appeared 15 Sept. 1853 and Benjamin Bell who appeared 8 Jan. 1856. (FHL film 427,180)


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, George A., widow Mary; WO 30399, WC 25533; BL 79678-40-50, 58517-120-55; Capt. Booker's Co. VA Mil. 12/30/1812 to 4/11/1813; sol. res. 1852, 1855, Henry Co. TN; wid. res. 1878 Conyersville, Henry Co. TN; maiden name Mary Poe m. July 10, 1838, Wilson Co. TN; soldier d. July 6, 1866, Conyersville, TN; widow d. Aug. 23, 1878, Conyersville, TN.

War of 1812 Bounty Land Application of George A. Duncan; and Pension Application of his widow Mary Duncan; W.O. 20399, W.C. 25533 (extract of about 20 pages from Sue Harris 8/2002, comments hers; also indexed as Bounty Land 79678-40-50, 58517-120-55)
      On 18 Aug 1852, George A. Duncan, aged 59 years, of Henry Co. TN, applied for bounty land on service in War of 1812; was a Pvt in company commanded by Capt. George Booker, 4th Regt of VA Volunteers commanded by Col. Counts (?). Enlisted for 6 months in Dec. 1812, discharged at Norfolk, VA, 10 April 1813. Received 40 acres bounty land. On 21 May 1855, George A. Duncan, aged 62, of Henry Co., TN, applied for more bounty land under act of March 3, 1855. He had legally transferred his previously awarded 40-acre bounty land. He seems to have been given 120 acres #20756. These papers are confusing! His enlistment & discharge dates don't agree on all the papers, and Capt. Booker's first name is also given as Marshall on some.
      On 8 Aug 1878, Mary Duncan, maiden name Mary Poe, aged 76, of Conyersville, Henry Co., TN, widow of George A. Duncan, filed for bounty land under revised statute of 9 March 1878. She married him on 10 July 1838 in Wilson Co., TN, service performed by John L. Dillard, minister D.D. States her husband died at Conyersville on 6 July 1866. She gives power of attorney to R.P. Cole of Paris, Henry Co. Robert Corley, aged 75, and R.K. Ward, aged 36, of Henry Co. swear for her. They had known George A. Duncan & Mary for 50 years or more, since before their marriage. Proof of marriage license had to be obtained from Wilson Co. and it was part of the papers. Mary (Poe) and George had two children, Elizabeth, who would have been 39 if living, but was deceased before 12 Apr 1879, according to Mary; and Mary F. Ward, wife of Capt. R.K. Ward. On 5 May 1879, R.K. Ward testified that he is 37 years old, son-in-law of George & Mary, & has known them since 1861. His wife Mary is 36 years old. Mary received $8 month on 12 June 1879, dating from March 9, 1878, date of act. Mary died Aug. 23, 1883, at Conyersville. No further information about Elizabeth & Mary Duncan Ward.

"Diary and History of 2nd TN Cavalry" by P.R. Hancock; CSA Pub. 1887 (from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 5/1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
      Capt. James Harvey Duncan, b. March 10, 1817, Pulaski Co. KY, m. (1) 1843 Mrs. Fannie Dawson who d. 1847 s.p.; m. (2) 1848 Louisa B. Hudson, b. Gerrard Co. KY. They left KY in 1849 and went to Davidson Co. TN. He engaged in Farming and livestock trade. July 1, 1861, he enlisted in Co. D under Genl. Zollicoffer. He d. Oct. 15, 1873, near Sandersville, TN, a member of the Christian Church, buried McLean Graveyard in Sumner Co. TN in 1st District of Wilson Co. TN. He died from overdose of morphine, thought to be quinine. Issue: James McAfee Duncan, Mongola Duncan, Cora Duncan m. Birthright, Eudora Duncan m. Buchanan, Lizzie Duncan d. 1880. (MAD: KDH has as son of Alexander Crockett Duncan) (MAD: James Harvey Duncan mar. both times in Garrard Co. KY)

TN Civil War Questionnaire, Confederate (FHL film 975,594)
      These questionnaires were sent by TN Historical Committee to all living Civil War Veterans about 1914-1915, and vary a little in format. Not all were returned by the veterans. They are about four pages long, a printed form to fill in the blanks. A name index was printed in Ansearchin News, Vol. 25, sent by Evelyn Sigler; the TN State Library & Archives has either the originals or a copy.
      This questionnaire contains 46 questions, many about his parents' home and work, many about his own home and work as a boy, some about servants and the feeling in his area about slaves and slave-holders, his schools, and his service in the War, such as experiences in battles, and the names and addresses of other men in his company.
      TN Historical Committee Questionnaire, Recd. 14 Sept. 1922, filled in by W.A. Duncan, of Martin, TN, age 75, born Wilson Co. TN. Confederate Soldier in Company G.
      7. Father: a farmer, William Spencer Duncan, born at Carthage, Smith Co., TN; lived in Wilson Co. when he died but he did not live but a few years after he married.
      8. Mother: Eliza Chambers, she did not live long, she was the daughter of Lewis Chambers and his wife Ann Chambers, who lived in Wilson Co.
      9. Remarks on Ancestry: My Father and Mother died when I was a small child don't remember nothing about them more than I have given. My grandfather Chambers father came Ireland to North Calina (sic) and moved Tennesse Wilson County and settled and lived at the same place as long as he lived. This is all I know on that line, he was a little boy during the revolutionary war. What little I know I heard him tell.
      Value of property owned by your parents: My parents both died many years before the one war and my Grandfather Chambers taken me and took care of me and I went to the War. (answer to earlier question: I was about 14 years old when the war begun.)
      Other comments later on questionnaire: I did not have time enough to finish telling you in No. 9. My Grandfather Duncan father came from Scotland so was Scottz & Irish. I spent (Depend?) they settled in Virginia and my Grandfather came to Tenness he was in the war of 1812 he was a farmer. His full name was William Spencer Duncan his wife name was Nancy Skott which was her maiden name and married my grandfather.

TN Confederate Pension Applications from index
      Indexed: 11780 Duncan, William A., Weakley, 9th Cav.
      #11780, Wm. A. Duncan, filed Jan. 29, 1910, accepted; applicant Wm. A. Duncan, native of TN, res. Martin, Weakley Co. TN; member of Capt. John Wiseman's Co., Co.G, 9th Regt. TN Cav. in command of Gen. John H. Morgan; born Wilson Co. TN Dec. 12, 1846; enlisted summer of '63 in Co.G at Knoxville, TN; wounded in right side at Battle of Mount Sterling, KY, in 1864; paroled in May 1865 near Woodstock, GA; took oath of allegiance in Wilson Co. TN so I could vote; have been married twice; family living together consists of wife, 5 children of my own and my wife has 3 by her former husband; ages 43, 28, 19, 17, 14, 6, and her children are 15, 13, 9; children all female; continuously in TN ever since 1870; /s/ 29 Nov. 1909; wit. J.H. Frudle, Joshua Carney. (FHL film 969,683)

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "History of Southeast MO ... Counties of Ste. Genevieve, St. Francois, Perry, Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, Madison, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Dunklin, Scott, Mississippi, Stoddard, Butler, Wayne and Iron" by Goodspeed (from Sue Monaghan 2/1988)
      Pg.1070, Butler Co. Byrd Duncan, of the firm of B. Duncan & Co., is a native of Wilson Co. TN, born July 20, 1846. His father, Richard M. Duncan, also a native of TN, was of NC ancestry, while his wife, Miss Alapher Breece, was a native of the same State but of British stock. Father was a stonecutter by trade, about 1859 engaged in the business near Bowling Green [Warren Co.], KY. With the opening of the war he moved to Shawneetown [Gallatin Co.], IL, where the mother died in 1870 at age 62. He still lives there at age 76. Now a Republican, earlier a Whig. Both parents Baptist. Byrd, youngest of seven children, common school education, age 16 began brick-layer's trade, for about 7 years. To Wayne Co. MO 1873, clerk, until to Poplar Bluff [Butler Co.] in 1878; then he became a member of the firm of B. Duncan & Co. with Pat Harmon. ... In 1879 he married Miss Mollie Spence, native of Butler Co. Have two sons and two daus. (not named). (MAD: Richard M. in DeKalb Co. TN 1850; son of John d. Smith Co. TN.)

"Hancock's diary, or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry : with sketches of First and Seventh battalions, also, portraits and biographical sketches." by R.R. Hancock; pub. Nashville, Tenn.: Brandon Print. Co., 1887, 663 pgs. (LH12688, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL fiche 6,082,669)
      Pg.33: June 1861. ... Muster roll of Captain E.D. Payne's Company (D): Duncan, J.H., d.
      Pg.38: September, 1861. ... Monday, 9th ... It was about this time that Captain Payne left the battalion, and Duncan was made Captain of Company D.
      Pg.176: Seventh Battalion, Company A., ... Duncan (MAD: no first name), Fourth Sergeant. Captured at Medon, West Tennessee, and mortally wounded July 15, 1864.
      Pg.584: E.O. Elliott served as quartermaster of the Second Tennessee until it and Wilson's Regiment were consolidated, about February, 1865. He was then sent into West Tennessee with a detachment under Captain William Duncan, in search of absentees from Forrest's command. ...
      Pg.599-601: CAPTAIN JAMES HARVEY DUNCAN. J.H. DUNCAN, second son of Alexander C. and Hannah Duncan, was born March 10th, 1817, in Pulaski County, Kentucky. His grandfather, James Duncan, who was born at Culpepper Court House, in Culpepper County, Virginia, July 18th, 1764, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was at the siege and capture of Yorktown, Virginia, when Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington on the 18th of October, 1781; and in 1790 he settled in Kentucky, where he was killed the next year by the Indians, leaving a widow and three small children. The oldest was the Captain's father, who was born in Russell County, Virginia, June 30th, 1788; the other two, William and Sallie (the latter became Mrs. McGee), were twins, and born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1790. After the war of 1812, William settled in Hickman County, Tennessee, where, after raising a large family, he died in 1869.
            The Honorable Ralph Williams, the captain's grandfather on his mother's side, also served in the Revolutionary War under General Greene and the famous Marion.
            The subject of this sketch, who was educated in the common country schools, learned the carpenter's trade when a young man, and was a very successful contractor for ten or twelve years in Lancaster, the county seat of Garrard County, Kentucky.
            In 1843 he married Mrs. Fannie Dawson, who died in 1847, leaving no children. He was married again in 1848 to Miss Louisa B. Hudson, who was born in Garrard County, Kentucky, in 1830. He left Kentucky in 1849, and settled in Davidson County, Tennessee, where he was engaged in farming and trading in horses, mules, and cattle when the war broke out.
            J.H. Duncan enlisted in the Confederate service as a private in Captain E.D. Payne's company, which, about the first week in July, 1861, became Company D of the First Battalion of Tennessee Cavalry. About September following he was, much against his own will, unanimously elected captain of Company D, Captain Payne having resigned. Captain Duncan served at the head of his company with the First Battallion during the two campaigns into Kentucky under General Zollicoffer, who was warmly attached to the captain. It has been said that the latter was the only man who could make the former laugh.
      Pg.600. R.R. Hancock's Diary.
            After the action and defeat at Fishing Creek, Kentucky, the captain fell back with the Confederate army through Middle Tennessee to North Mississippi, where, in May, 1862, the First Battalion re-enlisted and reorganized and Companies B and D were consolidated, and Captain William Parrish commanded the consolidated company.
            Captain Duncan now returned to Middle Tennessee, and soon after joined Wheeler's Cavalry,* (*He raised and commanded an independent company of scouts, but reported to Wheeler.) with which he did valiant service until wounded in the foot at Chickamauga September 20th, 1863, where he was captured and sent to prison on Johnson's Island. He was exchanged in time to take part in General Hood's campaign against Nashville on the staff of General Granberry. He served on faithfullly to the close of the war; surrendered to General James Wilson near Selma, Alabama, and was soon after with loved ones at home in the northern portion of Wilson County, Tennessee, to which place his family had removed in 1863. His occupation after the war was farming and trading in stock.
            Captain Duncan was very lively - always had an anecdote to suit the occasion, and was a favorite with all soldiers. He was a warm partisan in all elections, and was always a States' Rights Democrat. He was a devoted husband and a kind and affectionate father. His last wife bore him three daughters - Cora (now Mrs. Birthright), Eudora (now Mrs. Buchanan, of Nashville, Tennessee), and Lizzie (who died in 1880), and two sons - James McAfee, of Saundersville, Sumner County, Tennessee, and Mongolia (of Texas).
            In reference to her father's death Eudora says, in a letter to her uncle, S.M. Duncan:
            "Pa's death was caused by taking an overdose of morphine through mistake. He was in wretched health, and went himself to Starkes' store in Saundersville, Sumner County,* (*The captain lived in Wilson County and had crossed the Cumberland River to attend church as above named.) and purchased a bottle of morphine, THINKING it was quinine. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) He took it at ten o'clock A.M. and lived until ten at night, October 15th, 1873. Everthing that could be done was administered for his recovery, but all of no avail. Brother Jesse Sewell was carrying on a protracted meeting at Saundersville at the time. Pa was so anxious to hear the discourse through, as he was a strict member of the Christian Church, and had been one year previous to his death, he took the quinine, as he thought, as a stimulant. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) We never knew until after services that he had taken anything, as ma did not attend church that day. Brother Sewell assisted him home. He never spoke but once after returning. He said: 'Ma, I cannot be with you long; I am almost gone,' then fell asleep in Jesus, never to wake with us in this old, unreligious world."
            The remains of the gallant captain were interred at the McLean graveyard, in the first district of Wilson County. The captain's widow is still (1887) living.

1906 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Edited by John W. Leonard, Pub. St.Louis, The St.Louis Republic, 1906; Copyright, 1906, by Albert Nelson Marquis (Google Books 8/6/2009, Harvard College Library book, US 25460. 20)
      Pg.469: POWELL, German Green, vice-president F.A. Steer Furnishing Goods Co.; born on farm near Lebanon, Tenn., July 13, 1859; son of William T. and Sarah J. (Duncan) Powell; educated in country schools, Lebanon, Tenn.; married, St.Louis, Nov. 25, 1887, May Berry; one daughter, Marguerite. Lived on farm until 19 years old. Came to St.Louis in 1881, and in 1882 entered employ of Mr. F.A. Steer in furnishing goods business; became partner in 1884 in one of the branch stores, since consolidated at the present address, and since incorporation of the business has been vice-president and manager of the company. Office: 213-215 N. Broadway. Residence: 4576 W. Pine St. (MAD: Lebanon, Wilson Co. TN)

1912 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Second Edition, 1912. Revised, Enlarged and Brought Down to date. Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis. Pub. Chicago, A.N. Marquis & Company, 1912. (Google Books 8/6/2009; from New York Public Library book)
      Pg.481: POWELL, German Green, vice-president F.A. Steer Furnishing Goods Co.; born on farm near Lebanon, Tenn., July 13, 1859; son of William T. and Sarah J. (Duncan) Powell; educated in country schools, Lebanon, Tenn.; married, St.Louis, Nov. 25, 1887, May Berry; one daughter, Marguerite. Lived on farm until nineteen; came to St.Louis in 1881, and in 1882 entered employ of Mr. F.A. Steer in furnishing goods business; admitted as partner in 1884 in one of the branch stores, since consolidated at the present address, and since incorporation of the business has been vice-president and manager of the company. Office: 213-215 N. Broadway. Residence: 4576 W. Pine St. (MAD: Lebanon, Wilson Co. TN)


Smith Co. TN Deed Book (from Mary Louise Craven; from Robert Hays 9/2002; extract by MAD)
      Deed Book O, pg.5. Fleming W. Duncan to Marshall Duncan (written sideways in margin). State of TN, Smith Co. 1 June 1837, Fleming W. Duncan Sr. of county and state afsd to Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin M. Duncan of County of Smith and William S. Duncan and Fleming W. Duncan Jr. of County of Sumner and George A. Duncan of County of Wilson, all State of TN; that said Fleming W. Duncan Sr. being old and infirm and desirous that above named five sons should have my property, now for love and affection transfer and convey to them ... all my title to following: Three women slaves, one named Allis of dark color and one named Nancy of black color and one named Tener of black color and two men slaves one named Daniel of yellow color and one named Isaac of black color and one boy named Patrick of yellow color. ... /s/ F.W. Duncan, wit. Daniel Kerssey, George D. Shiram?.

Smith Co. TN Deed (FHL film 319,085; SLC 5/8/2013)
      O-5/6: 1 June 1837, Fleming W. Duncan Sr. of Smith Co. TN to Marshall B. Duncan and Edwin H. Duncan of Smith Co. and William S. Duncan and Fleming W. Duncan Jr. of Sumner Co. and George A. Duncan of Wilson Co., all TN, that Fleming W. Duncan Sr. being old and infirm, the above five sons should have my property, in consideration of love and affection, convey to them all my title to property, 3 women slaves, one named Allis of dark colour and one named Nancy of black color and one named Tiner of black color and two more slaves, one named Daniel of yellow color and one named Isaac of black color, and one boy named Patrick of yellow color, warrant title. /s/ F.W. Duncan. Wit. Daniel Kerley, George D. Shoham?. Fleming W. Duncan ack. deed of gift dated 1 June 1837, on 22 Sept. 1837. Registered Sept. 22, 1837. (FHL film 319,085)


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